A new week…


{all images above are taken by Marjon Hoogervorst aka Vorstin}

I hope you missed me ? I certainly missed you 🙂 but wow have I had a spectecular week last week. Marjon Hoogervorst (Dutch photographer) arrived on Monday exactly one week ago and picking her up from the airport was exciting, because we had actually never met before… sort of a blind-date I guess… and I was chasing the wrong blond in the arrival hall at first…, but found her eventually…:)

It was great having Marjon over and get to know each other but no time to relax…we planned to shoot 7 houses in 6 days…crazy, yes absolutely crazy, but we DID it! And we even had time to visit some remarkable places here in Kuala Lumpur and shot some images too…just some impressions above.

Quite a steep learning curve for me… doing the interior styling for all of these houses… never did this before… having blogged about interior design for almost 5 years this was a welcome and exciting change (and challenge…). Luckily for me Marjon is very experienced and I am so impressed by this photographer's attitude towards work… complete commitment! No complaints at all by her, although it was 30 degrees C, only positive energy, true focus on everything she did and she has an amazing eye for that what needs to be captured. 

Yesterday evening I brought Marjon back to the airport, it was  a bit emotional, because I made a true friend last week, one that I am going to miss having around, she tought me soooo much and I now have even more respect for the hard work by photographers… and stylists…:)

You probably wonder where are the images!!! Well we have made close to 1000 images, we have to filter them first, see where they fit best … we are thinking of a small book or publication in a magazine. Once we know more I will share some images here on Bloesem.

Tomorrow BloesemKids is going to be back to it's normal self, I will start with an amazing new craft project … see you tomorrow xx irene xx

 ps. if you are an editor from a magazine and interested in one of the homes we photographed here in Malaysia, please do shoot us an email!

ps. sorry for using the same text as on my Bloesem post … not sure how to describe it differently.


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  1. Erara


    That’s very exciting news! By the sneak peek, it is looking good 🙂
    I can’t wait to see how your new work as a stylist will develop.


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