Let’s Get Personal in the Netherlands with Sandra from BijzonderMOOI*

Kidsroom4 Sandra Baord Books Dining Kitchen

The home of Dutch online shop founder, BijzonderMOOI*, Sandra Jacobs

Images by Sanne Tulp and Anke Helmich from StyleCookie.

D:: Dutch is …complaining about the rain, curtains open at night, ‘gezellig’ (which is a bit like ‘cozy’ in English but actually more than that ), only one cookie with your coffee (not me) and of course Dutch design, which besides vintage, I am really addicted to!

E:: Entrance, when entering my home you will notice… high ceilings, we live in an old house from the 1920’s with lots of original detailing, lots of space and lots of light streaming in through large windows.


S:: Style means … .being original and staying true to yourself. As a person but also in my work for BijzonderMOOI*. Trust your own instincts, and don’t just copy something someone else does.

I:: Interesting places in my city are… Usine: a very pretty and nice restaurant in the heart of Eindhoven (former factory bulbs factory Phillips) and the Dutch Design Week in October and last but certainly not least the recently openend: Piet Hein Eek City.  


G:: Gardening is something …I don’t do a lot but I like relaxing in my garden with a wonderful ‘wall’ of rustling bamboo and a nice apple tree that delights us every fall with lots of apples.

N:: New in my home is … the print of 'aardvark manifesto 2010', which reminds me of the good things in life that I should not forget to do: “kill your tv, bake cake, drink tea, write letters, love all the people, keep it wonky, life your life, make stuff, be kind!”


H:: Hobby, I always make time for … cooking, watching movies and reading books 

O:: Outfit, my favorite thing to wear is …my new black dress from Filippa K. I almost always wear black even though I very much like having colours in my interior. When I wear jewellery it is almost always my bracelet from ‘bjorke’.


M: Magazines I love to read are… : Elle wonen, vt-wonen, 101 woonideeen, EigenHuis& RED, JAN, LINDA, FLOW. I am a true magazine addict!

E:: Enjoy, I can not live without …the three men in my life (my husband and my 2 sons), white wine, magazines, chocolate and since recently: my iphone.


Sandra Jacobs runs according to me the best online shop selling Dutch Design. All the big names are part of the BijzonderMOOI collection… Ineke Hans, Richard Hutten and Ontwerpduo… to just name a view. I love the layout, the down-to-earth feel and the basic style of the shop. It makes shopping and navigating around very easy. It's even a small library where you can find detailed information about the designers. 

For all these beautiful images we have to thank two very talented ladies, Sanne and Anke, a photographer and stylist who combined their forces online by opening a magazine-like-shop calledStyleCookie.

ps. Some more images from Sandra's sons rooms right here








Bloesem loves comments
  1. Jasmine

    wow, i love everything about this house! 🙂
    My favorite is the coffee table that looks like recycled bits of wood! Lovely.
    And the print that starts with “Kill your TV” – we should all do that 😉

  2. Jurianne

    Sandra, what an awesome pictures Anke & Sanne took, well done! Your house is warm, stylish, creative and Bijzonder MOOI*!!!

  3. KIF

    I saw a bunch of close pics of walls, not much of rooms. How is this supposed to represent a house?

    I wanted to see the entire thing. It was probably nice, but I will never know that now.

  4. Magda

    Can I move in?! Great place!
    And I love the lamp above the dining table.

  5. Mariela

    Great place and interview. Love the floor ,the dinnig room lamp, the colors, well everything : ) .

  6. Decor Girl

    I love the high gloss on the architectural details! Great mix of vintage and contemporary. Ditto on the white wine and chocolate too!

  7. angie

    gorgeous! clean lines, harmonious textures and nice sparks of color! thanks for sharing! *a

  8. Suzanne

    What a gorgeous bright and colourful home. I really like that is looks lived in and not too minimal.

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