Giveaway: Travel suitcase and Musicbox from Esthex


What can you win :: A super cute canvas Travel suitcase + a lovely Canvas Musicbox of choice both from my favorite Dutch children's soft toys label Esthex. 

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which item which you would like to see added to the Esthex Travel collection?

This giveaway runs until Wednesday 2 March and the winner will be announced the following day.



..Esthex online shop..
..I like Esthex' view on the Sartorialist..

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Catherine

    These are great. I love the dolls, too. I think pillows would be fun.

  2. Courtney K

    I would love to see a sleeping bag. This collection is adorable!

  3. katy

    I was going to say a snack bag! But a lunch box would be wonderful too:) These are adorable!

  4. sacha

    I agree that pillows and lunchboxes would be nice additions– I also think that they could come up with some cute baby play mats- a sweet place for a baby to roll around with one of those wonderful rattles!

  5. Marjolein

    Very nice, this give-away! I love the Esthex-products.
    I would love to see a toiletry-bag (? toilettas) added to the travel collection.

  6. meisjesmama

    Wonderful Esthex! Love it! Lunchbox or a little diaper/pyjama/sleeping-bag would be a great match with that cute suitcase!

  7. beatriz

    I would love your Dutch Hose storage bag!!!! My baby’s room has many canal houses!!! But also one of your cool pram accessories would be just perfect! they are so original! or your dummy holders, they are also very nice!

  8. Bea

    yeees! this is such a great giveaway!!!
    how about adding stuff for a great picknick day?
    a blanket, boxes for the salads and fruits, something to put the juice in and so on? that would be amazing!

  9. Madeleine Poulin

    My favorite is the suitcase with diamond design. Mignon comme tout !

  10. Isolde

    I think luggage tags/name labels and a small blanket to crawl under or make a house with would make great additions. Or a mini version of the travel bags for a child’s favourite stuffed animal? The design of the bags is wonderful in any case.


    a sleeping bag
    a little wallet
    I like the bag in diamonds very much!

  12. Blythe Church

    Great giveaway, what beautiful stuff. I think a laundry hamper would be fantastic. They are always on display and always so ugly.

  13. Jenny

    That travel suitcase is darling. A snack bag would come in pretty handy for kids that are on the go.

  14. Min

    I like your diamond design bags.

    How about a mini backpack for carrying stuff around like bottle of water and some snacks. A built-in picnic mat/diaper changing mat would be handy too.

  15. Tina Somers

    I spent an hour in a shop in Antwerp the other week trying to decide which owl hendrik music box to buy my baby (due in july), I couldn’t decide on a colour/music combination so I left empty handed and have been meaning to return ever since!
    I’d love to see some kind of bag with wheels that kids can drag around or ride on.

  16. Becky

    I just flew with my wee daughter for the first time, and I would love some variety of a treasure/toy bag for the plane.

  17. rosemariee

    i love the diamond suitcase! a matching sleeping bag would be cute too.

  18. Veronica

    I think it would be a good idea to add a pink backpack for a girl with cute owl on it!

  19. Catherine

    I love the diamond backpack! I think a snackbag/lunchbag would be perfect.

  20. wendy wheeler

    I would love to see a rolling suitcase for my kids. They love to have everything travel around the house with them.

  21. Dolly

    In serious LOVE with the travel suitcase~!

    Cute little cross-body purse would go lovely
    with it or for everyday use. (Carrying cute
    little things, lip balms, stickers, etc) –
    little girls would love it!!

  22. ira

    love everything but if i have to choose,its the travel suitcase!
    thank you

  23. Bikbik & Roro

    I’d say the travel suitcase! it’s great that it can be flattened for storage, and filled with the right stuff, it could double as a comfy pillow on the train or plane, or a seat in the airport 🙂

  24. Tuija

    I would love to see a sleeping bag with the diamond pattern in the collection. In fact, I would buy it in a nanosecond 🙂

  25. Reagan

    What a sweet idea for little travellers! Other possible pieces for the collection could be a travel ‘neck pillow,’ a travel blanket with a matching fold up bag or travel tags for suticases and bags. Very cute!

  26. anna s

    ..maybe some sketchbook set with crayons, pencils, comfy for drawing during boring journey ? 🙂

  27. emilia

    I love your products. A rolling suitcase would be perfect for my little girl.

  28. Brittany

    A little miniature sleeping bag would be so perfect. My little ones love to feel all cozy in sweet little sleeping bags.

  29. Silja Kristjánsdóttir

    I love the musicbox – but what I would like to see is cool wrist nametag for kids or a crossbody bag.

  30. Lynn

    J’aime tous vos produits! Yes, I think name/address tags for your bags would be perfect! Thank you for this amazing giveaway and bonne chance à tout le monde!

  31. Marieke

    Erg mooi! Ik dacht aan een kleine versie van hetzelfde koffertje, dat kan dan dienen als toilettas of als koffer voor de pop. Of iets met een geheim vakje, voor gevonden schatten onderweg.

  32. debra

    It would be wonderful to see a rolling travel bag in the same color range as the items already in the travel collection since it is perfect for boys and girls (from a mum of boy/girl twins!). A coordinating name tag label would be a great addition to this and anything else in the range. Their sweet little dolls might also like some travel gear as my little ones get to pick something special to come on any trip with them (how cute would a matching travel suitcase be for one of the dolls!).

  33. csilla

    THe dolls are beutiful! It would be fun to have some travel blankets too with the collection!! Good work!!

  34. Bea

    I would like to have blankets. By car, by plane, by train… children always need blankets when travelling so, it would be great to have them from Esthex!

  35. Evi

    I love the suitcase!
    I would also love to see:
    1. A separate bag with a collection of felt tags that stick on the suitcase that can be attached with velcro on the suitcase.
    2. A soft, cozy blanket – for sure.
    3. A suitcase with wheels
    4. A separate outer pocket for the favorite teddy or other kid’s special friend. 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway, groetjes!

  36. Renee

    I think a bag with wheels. It is nice to give the kids something to do to help when travelling, and it could double as a skating bag (to haul their skates/outfits to the rink.

  37. Maryam

    canvas suitcase is very sweet, love that it folds down.
    would be great to have a lunchbox/ snack box that also folded down for storing!

  38. Katheirne

    Hi. I love the travel suitcase, so gorgeous. I would like to see a matching travel pillow/cushion for those sleepy air flights or long car journeys.

  39. Esther

    Such beautiful things. Definitely a small case with wheels. And blankies and small pillows.

  40. Edie Koski

    With 5 kids in our family we never ate in restaurants on our trips across country to my grandma’s…a memorable stop was under a lone tree beside a pasture full of spotted ponies…I remember dad cutting an apple up and letting us feed them…when the basket was emptied of food it was refilled with memories…so I would to love to see a picnic blanket and of course a picnic basket/cooler full of good eats and apples to share!

  41. star

    A small case with wheels for us too! I love the colours and patterns – but wheels are a must. Just large enough for 1) a large format sketch book, 2) a couple sticker books, 3) several crayons or pencils ( a removable pouch for these?) 4) some doll clothes and a 5) few dolls! If it had some simple dividers or pockets that would be really great too!

  42. Katie

    Beautiful collection.
    I would love to see a little travel blanket that comes in a matching sack which could then be used for laundry and spare clothes, plus a bunny packpack, with those adorable long ears.

  43. leah

    A lunch box with separated compartments! love!!! your dolls…

  44. Audrey R

    A sleeping mask would be a perfect travel accessory in addition to the super adorable ones already provided!

  45. pimpelwit

    almost too hard to choose

    for the practicality I would say the suitcase, love to see my little boy when he is going for his first night over at his grannies
    but love the dolls very much aswell 😉

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