Giveaway : ‘Print Workshop’ by Yellow Owl & Workshop


How lucky am I to be able to give TWO BOOKS away today!! When a copy of Print Workshop was send to me by the lovely Kim from Randomhouse I immediately asked her whether I could host a give way, because the book is simply GREAT! I loved reading more about printing in general, but more importantly seeing the nice examples Christine shares with us. I particularly like the 'cityscape pillows' and the 'royal wax ideas' . The book truly inspired and encouraged me to start some projects myself at home. The author of the book Christine Schmidt is also the founder and owner of Yellow Owl Workshop.  You probably have see their great stamp sets somewhere around the web before or even here on Bloesem 🙂

So what do you have to do to win this great crafting book: just leave a comment below and tell us why you would like to win it. 

Giveaway is open until Wednesday next week and the two winners will be announced the following day. 

If you can't wait until next week or would buy a copy as a present for someone then click here to buy it online or simply go to amazon



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  1. Sian Wheatcroft

    I’d love to win the book because i have a thirst for knowledge and always want to learn new skills, printing is something I’m extremely interested in but am perhaps a little scared to try – what a beautiful looking book!

  2. Anneke

    Goodmorning… and yes please!
    I see some great examples in there already made with stuff I have lying around here at home. So easy to get started!
    Hmm I feel a creative tingle already.

  3. Carline

    The book looks great! In short time, I have more time to spend, and I would love to spend this time on print making. It’ll do great in combination with embroidery, what I like to do.

  4. Ilse

    I would love to win ‘print workshop’ because:
    because I like to leave my imprint on things
    because I just moved in with my boyfriend and want to make his house more mine
    because I like to customize things
    because I love stains
    because I love graphic design
    and because I like the smell of ink!!

  5. Ellen

    What a great give away, Irene. This book is on my wish list from the moment I read about it, it’s just my cup of tea. Printing my own cards, fabrics, art work: I have so many ideas already. I’d like to start right away!

  6. Magdalena, The Craft Revival

    I’d love to win this book! I adore all things fabric, sewing and papercraft related and I’m totally into creative and inspiring books. I’m also interested in patterns, print-making and making stamps. This book looks like a winner. Thanks for sharing!

  7. mijk

    I so badly want to print but haven’t got a clue where to start. So please count me in..

  8. Nina Lerche

    Wow it looks amazing. The pictures inspires me so much and i think that i would be great to try some of the projects myself – maybe together with my to children. Thanks for a great blog. Nina from DK

  9. Patsy

    Hi, looks wonderful!
    Just discoverd bloesem and I’ve lost track of time scrolling around your inspiring blog.
    Love to receive a copy, if possible.

  10. Lisette

    What a gorgeous book! I have been meaning to take up printing for a while now, and this inspiring book would just be the thing I need to help kick-start this project… *fingers crossed*

  11. Di

    What a fantastic book! I love the city scape particularly. I’d love to try printing – in fact I have been trying to sign up for the beginner’s screen printing course at our local arts centre since last November – but every weekend it is on between now and June either I or my friend are unable to attend – so perhaps I should just teach myself..and I have a never used sewing machine at home (house warming present from my mum) that could do with some inspiration to encourage an outing!

    Thanks for the give away and the information on the book – if I don’t win – I think I’ll just have to pop over to Amazon as you suggest.

  12. Tina

    I would love to win the book because I LOVE yellow owl and I want to make those cityscape cushions! SO CUTE!

  13. erika

    wow, wat een mooi boek, ik was al een fan van die stempels maar het is natuurlijk nog leuker om ze zelf te maken!!

  14. Herma

    Ik heb net mijn – tamelijk saaie – baan opgezegd om ein-du-luk voor mezelf te gaan beginnen. Ik ben van plan mijn illustraties en grafisch werk aan de man te brengen en hoop in de toekomst te kunnen uitbreiden met de verkoop van “mooie dingen”. Klinkt nog wat vaag, he? Klopt, maar er wordt aan gewerkt. Hoe dan ook, dat boek ziet er uit als een fantastische inspiratiebron, en dat kan ik zeker nu prima gebruiken!
    (Sorry; in het Nederlands. Ben begonnen in Engels, maar dat werd toch een beetje een rommeltje)

  15. Anya adores

    How adorable is this book.
    I am in awe of this type of craft, and would love to win it.
    Just imagine the things I could make.
    So pick me please x x x x

  16. se7en

    Just those few little snippets are so lovely!!! Those feather prints are just to die for!!!!

  17. Tabea

    Oh pleasepleaseplease I need this book because seeing these fotos my hands start to fidget and I have a pack of 1000 envelopes waiting to be printed ….

  18. jojoebi

    wow, it looks like a great book. I love carving stamps is I would love some new inspiration on how to use them. The pillow set is a really cute idea.

  19. Marloes de Vries

    Wat een leuke give away!

    I would love to win this because I would love to learn how to print on fabric and other material. I’m an illustrator and I only work on paper but I would love to take it to another level.
    I miss printing. My dad used to have a printshop where I could screenprint as a kid and I really miss it.

    Thanks for this give away!

  20. Maartje

    Oh I’m so curious about this book! I already saw it a couple of weeks ago, so I would love to have a copy 😀

  21. Lies

    What a beautiful book! Would be perfect to give my hobby (drawing, painting, handcrafting) a new spirit and with this book as inspiration my family must love the result!

  22. kadhy

    oh, what a supergreat book! these pictures animate me to do the same. soon i’ll be mommy (yebeeii) and my son should have a lot of printed clothes and other things! 🙂

  23. calico melton

    i would love to win this book because i miss printing so so much. this book looks so so lovely. I want to enlighten my little four year old brother to the fun of printing.

  24. yyam

    Just brilliant!I love to create my own designs and this book would be the perfect guide! Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  25. Ana

    what a fabulous book!!!!!!!!!!! In the past I made a few experiments 🙂 but this would be a great inspiration to start again and use it on my projects!!

  26. Tone Skramstad

    The book looks wonderful and inspiring! I would really love to win it:)

    All the best

  27. Suz

    HI!!! such a wonderfull book, i would like to have simply because i am a book lover 🙂 love all kinds of books, my boyfriend use to told me that soon we have to buy another house just only for books, like a museum.
    And….because i love desing,and handmade prints 🙂

  28. Lieke van den Berge

    I’m a t-shirtillustrator by day and a crafter at night. I’m always looking for new great ideas and techniques. I definitely need this book for my inspiration-collection! Love it!

  29. Kreetta Järvenpää

    Wonderlful book to me 🙂 It´s so cold here in Finland…-20. You can only stay inside the house and do something like this! I´m trying to start my own way to do handmade art and fun…trying to find the way. Curious about everything!!

    Freezing greetings,

  30. Dee

    i need a sparkplug.
    i have four children and unless you’re talking to me about parenting wins/fails then my brain battery runs a little flat.
    BUT! i felt something (eager but long dormant) spark when i saw the pages of this book.
    this book is my sparkplug.
    thank you 🙂

  31. Franziska

    Wow! I simply love it! It makes me want to shove away all the work piling on my desk to get creative instead. I love small projects like these, with huge effects. It would defenitly not only lighten up these old, grey, dark winterdays, but everyday’s life. Makes my day!

  32. milimelo

    I would love to win a copy…. I wish I could print my own design on fabric, so This book will be usefull for me !

  33. sarah

    What a beautiful book.
    I’m thinking I would use it to make a book with my four year old. He could make up the story and we could all illustrate it using the various printing techniques from the book…Even if it doesn’t get my 4 year old and me printing we could spend hours leafing through the pages and just dreaming. sigh.

  34. Katja

    I love paper and have been printing very simple sttuff. So I’d really like to do some more exciting things from this lovely looking book.

  35. Fran Lin

    Wow, what an inspiration is this book! It can help me to create my own graphics and projects. The showed pages makes me curious about the rest of the book.

  36. Harmke Antonissen


    I would love to win this book because it’s not only looking great, but it’s difficult to find nice, inspiring books about printing. I’m an Art school teacher and at this moment I’m teaching all kinds of graphic printing techniques to psychatric patients. I use all my enthousiasm and knowledge to inspire them and hope to give them a happy day.
    This book may help me do so.

    PS. My compliments for your beautiful blog…it makes me happy to see so many beautiful things!

    Kind regards from Antwerp (Belgium)


  37. Fairuz

    My mom was just telling me about how she used to learn printing techniques in school in the 1960s. And yet there was no printing lessons for us when I was in secondary school. She mentioned that it was a lot of fun and I’m hoping by winning this book, both she and I together with my kids will be inspired to start some projects together. Many thanks for the giveaway, Irene.

  38. Marieke

    I am looking for new projects and this book could give me the inspiration i need…

  39. Dreisena

    I’ll love all books, especially books about all kind of art. 🙂 Sometimes I make some t-shirts with prints on it to my husband and I want to learn more about this technic. I hope I win. 🙂

  40. Karen Fitzherbert

    A beautiful book, I’ve just started screen printing with and would love a little inspiration and tips on technique.

  41. ninocka

    I love how the simplest things can reach straight to your heart.
    With handmade objects, you can still sense the touch of a loving hand that creates what the heart feels. This book is an eye candy and is on my wishlist.

  42. Hanke

    I would love to win the book because…
    or maybe
    tja, why actually
    or just because…

    well, i think what i need is some inspiration.

  43. Gina

    I have always wanted to get into printing like this. What a great looking book!

  44. Vi

    i would like to win, because i want to print, print, print. a shirt for my roommate, a pillow for me, some paperworks, giftcards,… many ideas, less knowledge. ^.^

  45. Tina

    I would like to have this book und learn how to print my own fabrics!
    It looks very interesting!

  46. Wonderland

    …I would just love to have it. Was allways in love with printing, but I never got deeply into it. I feel this book would give me some bigger input to jump into the world of graphics.
    Have a wonderful day!

  47. ana

    The book looks great. I would love to get more ideas on printing to work with my toddler daughter. I loves the rubber stamping classes 🙂

  48. Siobhán

    Such a gorgeous book giveaway, my fingers are itching to start printing! Very inspirational….please please me! Thank you!

  49. Patrice A.

    Wat een fijn boek.
    Ik heb al een reeks print-boeken, maar deze zou een fijne aanvulling zijn.
    Ik ben kunstenaar en interieuradviseur.
    Ik hou van grafiek en maak zelf linosnedes, grote stempels eigenlijk.

    Dus, kies mij, kies mij!….

  50. barbara

    Why I would like to win this book? Because i have got so many arts and craft books, but nothing similar to this one!

  51. Madelon

    I’m full of inspiration, even already have ton of materials, but no clue how… This book would be a great way to finally start making my dreams and more important creative “thoughts” come true!

  52. Donna Sargent

    Wow what a great inspirational book. My friend Karen and I have started a small screen printing business. Love love love to have a read of that book.

  53. judith b

    It’s funny, my sister just sent me a small lino block that I had made prints with at age 13. She discovered it at our family home while trying to help my mother sort out a multitude of accumulated artefacts. This gave me a huge memory rush and made me want to do some kind of handprinting again. A copy of “Print Workshop” would seal the deal!

    Thanks for offering this lovely giveaway, Irene!

  54. Sam Butler

    I’m on maternity leave and need some ideas for creative nesting projects. This book looks great! I’d really love to win it.

  55. Claudia

    I would just love to have this book. I want to start my own line of handmade printed fabrics. And learning yet another technic of doing it is never too much.

  56. Anke Knapen

    Love this style, love the book! Do’nt know much about printing yet,
    but would love to get inspired to make fabulous birth announcements for our baby, decorate our new home, …
    …from a scientist who is really thankfull to discover a world of creativity and (graphic) design on bloesem!

  57. Lulubell

    I have a lovely new house with bare walls and spaces and idle hands for the first time in ages so I am dying for some lovely creative, crafty and best of all homemade projects. This book looks inspirational and exciting. So please pick me!!

  58. emilia

    I’d really like a copy of this book. It looks great and I could use some of these ideas.

  59. Britta

    Wow!!! That ist exactly what I have been looking for! A book full of inspiration and techniques!

  60. Mirthe

    my hands start itching

    my nose already smells the ink

    my fingers start stamping fingerprints

    while my feet start drawing circles on the floor

    bon voyage, book

    i hope you’ll find me

  61. Myfanwy Evans

    I would love to win this very special, inspiring book which I could share with my little daughter to create some wonderful prints.

  62. sanne möricke

    the book looks beautiful!
    i would love to get inspiration from it to open up new horizons within my own four walls, working with different materials and techniques; and sharing these with my two children to show them that fantasy offers endless possibilities to make ones day and create ones world.

  63. Ana Rosa

    I visit your blog everyday and it makes me dream. I´m not an artist and it´s my way of sharing a little bit of that wonderful world.
    Thank you for that!
    Best wishes,
    Ana Rosa

  64. Magdalena

    It is a great book! I would like to learn some printing techniques and use them together with my kids!

  65. Jodie

    I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some printing for ages but never seem to find the time. Winning this book would give me all the motivation I need to make it happen! I’m sure my kids would love to have a go too.

  66. Sheryl

    Hi there! I’d like to make my prints charming – please may I win?!!

  67. Renée

    I definitely can’t beat some of these comments, soon to be mommies and people living in the extreme cold! I can only say.. as a entrepreneur-in-the-works (graphic and stationery designer) this book would be a nice start! 🙂

    Love from the (with blue skies and bright sunshine overloaded) Dutch countryside!

  68. Steph

    Congrats Christine on this wonderful-looking book! Oh Bloesem, do send it my way! Hmm…how can I convince you?..
    Last week I registered my first domain name in order to showcase some design work that I’ve been secretly working on for the past few months after work (prints, stationary and potentially some textiles prints in the future)- a small step but giant leap in getting to where I’d like to see myself in a couple years! I’m currently spending ridiculous amounts of money on amazon, putting more books in my basket than I can afford in the hope of educating and inspiring myself..I would love to get one of my inspiration books for free (& especially this lovely one), so please pick me 🙂

  69. jmds

    How could you not want this book? The pictures of the projects featured just make you want to recreate.

  70. Stephanie

    Great giveaway! Book looks like just the right kick-in-the-butt for someone like me, who always wants to get creative but never quite knows where to start.

  71. Stacey

    I would really love to win these beautiful books. With the weather so poor in our neck of the woods, my kids and I began learning to draw using Mona Brookes’ wonderful book Drawing with Children. The books would provide a great deal of inspiration to us as we learn to draw together.

  72. Sophia Touliatou

    Can’t wait to get my hands dirty,
    my paper smudgy and my room perfumated
    with the addictive aroma of experimenting 🙂

    I admit it,i’m a diy-holic,
    desperate for new “doses” of the drug.

    Good luck to everybody
    & many kisses from sunny Greece!

  73. Adriana Oliveira

    Wow, this is a great giveaway! I’ve been getting more and more interested in printing and this book seems to be sooo inspiring and perfect to learn a little more about it! Thanks Kim and Irene for the opportunity!


  74. allison

    We just had a baby last month and although there are TONS of adorable outfits out there, I like designing some for him too. I think this book would give me a lot of great ideas plus the how-to.

  75. nandini

    I’d love to win this book because it seems full of many inpsiring ideas, its the kind book that would put a smile on my face each time i opened it x

  76. Babi NEVERI

    I’d like to win this print book for my friend who as a creative person back from maternity leave found a new passion in printing which is almost unknown technics here in Hungary. Let me win this book, and we will get acquainted all of you Bloesem readers on her works inspired by this book.

  77. Margarida

    What a gorgeous book! This is a must have on my shelf which is always seeking for inspiration and techniches to achieve some goals, that’s why I want it! 🙂

  78. Tarsila Krüse

    What a great giveaway! I’d love to win the book to make my home a bit more cosy and lovely, all the printing techniques can be applied to my curtains, cushions…I can see almost it already! Thank you!

  79. Marta Sousa

    I want to win this because this book is on my wish list as well as quitting my job!

    Maybe if I win this I can make a nice card for my bosses, saying I’m leaving!

  80. rebecca

    I would love to win this book because it looks simply wonderful – it even gives off a sense of being tactile. Plus, it is my Birthday tomorrow and it would cushion the blow of reaching 30, I’m sure of it 😉

  81. elissa c

    I’d love to win this because I love to craft and I LOVE Yellow Owl Workshop. I have a box of their stamps, a few of their cards framed on the wall and their letter-writing sets.

  82. Veronica

    Hi there,
    Why would I like to win?

    Well, my Grandfather, who died in 1999, was a great crafty person.
    About two months ago I received a late heritage from my aunt:
    an old children sleeping bag that he made, and he used fabric, on which he had silk-screen printed before.
    It is beautiful!
    My son is sleeping in it now.
    I am very sad he died so long ago, I wish he was around to show me more things, and teach me how to do silk-screen prints for example or carve stamps etc.
    Ever since, I want to learn more about the art of printing, and that’s why I hope I can win a copy of this gorgeous book!

    Wish me luck!

  83. louise

    As I am taking my first steps in printing, I would love to win this. Also because squinting up close to the screen to try and make out the instructions on the page shoots is not doing my eyesight any good! I need the real thing!

  84. julie

    I’ve been wanting this book forever! I’d love to win because I love hand-printing and this book looks full of inspiration…

  85. Amy

    Oh wow! I would love a copy of this book. I’ve been wanting to get into custom stamping for awhile, and this book would be the inspiration to make that happen!

  86. Kari Firak

    I just quit my job as a buyer to stay at home with my one year old son and I need some creative inspiration! I’ve started a blog cataloging my DIY projects and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the opportunity to learn a new craft…maybe I will discover a new career path! Fingers crossed, thanks for the opportunity!

  87. shalini

    Oh wow, what a great book this looks like! I’d love to try so many of the crafts for myself and for my daughter, so that she loves creating things just as much as I do.

  88. Gabija

    I studied a little bit of print making, and this is so beautiful visually, seeing it makes me wanna do print making again:))

  89. Katja L

    That striking feeling, that I just had – that’s it! Haven’t done any printing since school and that totally looks manageable – even for an beginner like me. I would invite friends and kids over and try stuff out. Thanks for sharing!

  90. Vita Kucinskiene

    Book is so inspiring, so nicely done. I have never heard about stamping before… what a dark girl am I, huh…. Could help me on making nice presents for my lovelies.

  91. Surya

    Such a beautiful book. I love Christine’s style and would really enjoy making these projects with my kids and on my own as well…

  92. alison

    It looks like a great book, I love to print and would be happy to see inspiration and learn new techniques.

  93. Shannon

    I studied printmaking in college and adored it — I would love some ideas for new printing projects for gifts and around the home!

  94. Dawn

    Gorgeous – Creativity feeds my soul and this book would be a great inspiration!

  95. Sarah Benson

    i have been coveting this book for weeks now! i’d love to win it because i am looking for ways to expand my creative work, and printing is something i could really use some guidance with (but have a million ideas for)!!!

  96. Camille

    Hi dear!
    I was wondering… Can we participate even if we are French livin’in France ?
    This workshop looks awesome. Graphic, surprising, colorful, vibrant, impressive designs and, wow, ways to make it!! I’ve always been dreaming about design, I draw a little bit, but rarely succeed to make the step and create something. I like this kind of creativity…
    Anyway thanks for your amazing blog, inspiring the day!

  97. Carly

    I just revently bought Lena Corwin’s book on stamping, and do a lot of stamping myself. These books would be perfect for new techniques and inspiration!

  98. Saskia

    Hi Irene,

    I really love your blog, I’m checking it a couple of times a day.
    But whatever you do, don’t let me win this book.
    There are a lot of others out there having all good reasons why they should win.
    It’s a beautiful book, don’t get me wrong, but the pictures at your blog gave me inspiration enough to get going 🙂
    My vote goes to Harmke in Antwerpen!

    (originally from Nederland, but nowadays living in Belgium)

  99. Leigh

    I would love this book! I’ve really become interested in print making recently and would love to learn more about making stamps.

  100. Sarah

    I’d love to win this because my boyfriend and I are getting ready to move into our first new-to-both-of-us apartment together and it would give us a lot of good ideas about how to decorate!

  101. Reina Bray

    I am absolutely useless at drawing, but can always make something pretty using stamps. I keep thinking i will carve my own, but then remember to leave it to the professionals!

  102. Carline

    I get really exciting, seeing pics of the book. In march I have more time to spend on my own creativity (because a gap between losing a job and getting a new one), and I really want to try those manual printing techniques!

  103. nanda

    Hi Irene,
    Wat een inspirerend boek. Ik kan niet wachten om met de ideeen een “gewoon” item om te toveren tot iets persoonlijks en speciaals. Ik denk dat mijn kleine boys van bijna 3 en 4 ook graag een handje willen helpen in het maken van een kunststukje.
    Het zou leuk zijn het boek te winnen!

  104. Lala Melanson

    This looks like a truly inspiring book and of course I simply LOVE the title! Bravo for such creative people
    making our place a more interesting and inspiring place to be…..:)

  105. Sarah Stickland

    I have this book and my must have list! It would be even sweeter if I won it! A year ago starting designing and printing my own textiles and can’t get enough of it 🙂

  106. alexandra baião

    Amaizing giveaway! I realy like to have this preciouse book! I’m from Portugal, and I teatch litle kids that have some diferences and problems, so I’m always looking for new things to do whith them… those ideas are fantastics!!! Maybe me and my kids are luky…! Kisses from Portugal, Alexandra

  107. susan

    I would like to win because this books looks like FANTASTIC!
    fingers, toes & paws crossed 😉

  108. Marleen

    O..Dear..so many allready left a comment..
    Well..maybe it’s my lucky day.
    I would start imediatly with reading this book from left to right en back again and start printing!
    Printing on paper, fabric and maybe ceramic and learn the wonderfull way of prnting with different techniques…
    Oh..cross my fingers…fin a rabbitsfoot…search for a 4leaf clover…

  109. Amy Green

    What a great book! I took a printmaking class a couple of years ago and buying a press is out of the question. This book looks wonderful to inspire manageable projects and techniques, one can do at home. Love it!

  110. studiosterk - suzanne

    WOW! I love this one! I’d love to start learning how to print my own designs!! And it’s about time I start just doing it! Winning this book will definitely get me started! Thanks for the tip Bloesem 🙂

  111. Caroline

    Hi ! I am mother of two boys and I love crafting with them, and without them ! I am librarian so I love books, I love letters and stamps of all kinds (potatoes, leaves, erasers…), I love making invitations, announcements, banners for parties…. And I am always trying to find new inspirations, in books or by internet. So I need this crafting book which looks so beautiful and full on ideas !

  112. Heather

    This book looks like a ton of fun. I love to see such simple and inspiring printing ideas. I’m exploring printmaking in my own work and I’m sure this book would inspire me to leap out of my old go-to’s! I need it!

  113. Tieske


    Ziet eruit als een prachtig boek! Ik ben ook illustrator en werk voornamelijk met de computer. Het lijkt me heel leuk om naast mijn digitale werk eindelijk weer eens iets handmatigs te doen.

    Prachtig en inspirerend blog voer je trouwens! Groeten uit Hamburg.

  114. Anne-Lise Remacle

    My boyfriend and I own a record label based on authenticity and personnality…we love DIY, crafts and illustration projects. This book’ll be perfect for me to finally learn printmaking techniques!

    So gorgeous!

  115. Rowena De La Costa

    Thank you for sharing creative ideas and books! I’m so excited! What an awesome giveaway!! Why do I want to win the book? I’m always on the lookout for fun hand made projects I could do with my daughters and toddler son. I’m currently teaching my girls how to sew and I just know they’d love to create prints on the bags they’re sewing.

  116. Marci Moe

    What a gorgeous book. One to read and absorb every detail and then experiment. One to leave on the coffee table to inspire others and yourself. I am a crafter of many different venues but still looking for my great one TRUE love. Maybe this is it!!

  117. Laura

    Yes please! I would love to win it because it will inspire me, I am already excited by the pages I see. what a site!

  118. gracelillian

    I would really like that book because it looks so amazing and I really like to do prints!

  119. Tania

    Thank you so much for this! I’m just learning to blockprint, so this book is published at the perfect time for me!

  120. Rosemariee

    i don’t have much experience with this type of craft, but i love trying new things!

  121. Piritta

    Beautiful! Got to have it, because I definitely need/want/desire this kind of workshop and the book is perfect for sundays’ action.

  122. cait

    ooh, I’d love to win this. I took a silk screening class recently and am feeling inspired!

  123. sloeginfizz

    I have leafed through this book several times now in the book store and it just lovely, lovely, loveliness. The colors are pitch-perfect and the projects so well-explained and delightful… I am coveting this deeply!

  124. Kirsty

    Oh what a beautiful book! Love that the prints are not perfect. I’m a SAHM who is just getting into arts and crafts this year. This looks like something I could get my teeth into right away. Pretty please may I have a copy?

  125. kaitlyn

    this is a great book! i’ve flipped through it a few times at the local art store, but haven’t justified myself into buying yet. (wink). i love the words on canvas project- simple art. this would be a great book to win!

  126. Rebecca A.

    I would love to have a copy of this book. I studied print making in college, and would love to get back into it with these great ideas.


  127. Hermine

    Bonjour, I am working as a primary school teacher, all the new ideas are allways so welcome!! thank you for sharing your work,

  128. Catherine

    I have this on my wishlist at Amazon already. I love Christine’s Yellow Owl stamp sets, and this book would offer loads of inspiration for me and my kids’ art education. Thanks!

  129. Laura

    Wow, really inspiring! It makes me want to start printing on everything!
    Thanks for organizing this giveaway.

  130. Iris Vank

    I would really love to win this book. Because I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head and I think this book will help me create (in stead of think).

  131. Becky

    I have been to every fabric store in driving distance (and have done my fair share of internet searches) and still cannot find a fabric for throw pillows for my daughter’s nursery that I absolutely love. The solution? Make my own fabric, and this book would certainly help.

  132. Athena

    Wow! I would love to win this because I have always wanted to know how to do this beautiful, beautiful art form -how inspiring this would be!

  133. Julie

    I have this book on my wishlist! I love exploring new techniques and printmaking is something I’ve tried over the years. I would love to give it another shot and this book looks like it would really get me moving!

  134. Jesse

    I’d love to have this book, just because I’m interested in printing in any form! But also because her approach to printing and materials looks very inventive, and I’m keen to step outside of my very formal printmaking training.

  135. Alex

    ooo! I would like to win this book, because I really want to get into printmaking, but I have no clue where and how to start. Plus, it’s a very pretty book.

  136. Karen@oldbeginnings

    Would absolutely LOVE this – my twin 4yo boys are loving stamping right now, but with a little better knowledge & inspiration, they could go to the moon!!

    Thank you so much for the chance!

  137. Emmy

    These printing techniques are simple and lovely. It makes me want to dive deep into the world of printing.

  138. Lisa

    Last week my son Siem was born!! I’m so happy sitting on a chair with his sister Lana. I think i have plenty of time to read the first book 🙂
    I’m inspired!!!

  139. Katrin

    I just started getting into printing and this book seems like an awesome source of information and inspiration. thanks for the great giveaway!

  140. Anita_de_tulp

    Wow…what an amazing book. I would love to win so that I can start decorating our baby´s room. We just ( as in just…2 days ago) moved into our new place and that would just help make Frederieke´s room dream worthy.

  141. Sahar

    How exciting! I’ve just gotten into crafting and have about 500 blogs on my rss feed – would love love love this book!

  142. Emily

    This book is on my wishlist! I’ve been looking into trying printmaking, and this looks like the perfect book to use ot start out. Plus, I just love the font!

  143. Noelle

    Now this is exciting! I have this book on my amazon “want” list already, so finding this giveaway is fantastic.

    I was a print major in school–I’m in love with the process, but unfortunately got away from it after school ended and life started. My favorite was etching, but this isn’t something you can do without a good studio with ventilation and chemicals. So I’ve been itching to learn techniques I can do at home. besides that, the photos and artwork in this book are truly inspiring. Thank you!

  144. Vicki K

    This book is so exciting! I was thrilled with the large handwriting prints – recently I embroidered a small bit of my grandmother’s handwriting and loved how it turned out. But to be able to have a larger handwriting sample would be even better.

  145. Ricki

    What a gorgeous book! My son is just starting to become interested in art projects and loves to leaf through magazines to find things to do, this would be a wonderful sources of inspiration for us both.

  146. MzTallulah

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’d love to win the book because I have a whole house to decorate and near-zero budget to do it, and I enjoy doing all kinds of things with my own hands.

  147. Marisa Name

    Such a lovely book! I have a dream of hand-printing tea towels for my kitchen – I think this book would be a push in the right direction!


  148. Jamie

    I am sure this book is great just like all of their stamp sets. I would love to win this book because I am sure there are so many inspiring ideas. Using stamps seems like something that would be good together with my little one and I am always looking for was that we can be creative together 🙂

  149. Cara Gracie Craver

    So inspiring!! I haven’t done any printing since college, and my heart is calling out for me to dive in. What a better way to start than to have a guide book to push me on my way! I love all things creative. Sometime we store up so much information that is just bursting to get out. Your blog inspires me daily! Thank you for sharing.


  150. Ingrid

    What a co-in-key-dink!! I was just sorting through my cupboards and found a screen printing screen i got as a wedding gift 5 years ago, and I’ve AlWAYS wanted to get into it!! These books would be totally awesome to win 😀

  151. Sidney

    Oh this looks fun. I’ve been looking for a new source of inspiration and this just might be it. Pick me!

  152. Petra

    This book is on my wishlist! I order spoonflowerfabric all the time, but it would be so nice to make my own printed fabric at home and make beautiful stuff out of it. If I win the book, I’ll promise to do a series on my blog of what I learned from it. How’s that?

  153. Loes Jongerling


    Dit blog is mijn startpagina zodat ik elke dag weer kan beginnen met nieuwe inspiratie en zodat ik dit soort geweldigheden niet hoef te missen!

    Ik heb een dikke Pretty Please:)

    Zonnige groetjes Loes!

  154. Jil Casey

    I love printmaking. When I was in school for Graphic Design, I taught myself to do woodcuts with the help of a couple good books. I even made myself a couple of boards to hold the blocks in place which I was very proud of. I used cutting boards and parts of picture frames bought at goodwill. As I got nearer to graduating the woodcuts were put aside. I have recently decided to start doing woodcuts again with the thought of selling my work. A book like this would be helpful I’m sure, as it looks practical as well as beautiful and inspirational!

  155. Crista Jaeckel

    I would love to win this amazing book! I am a mother of two and love to craft with them and have just started going to family daycare providers homes to teach an hour long art class for kids. I am always on the look out for interesting and unique art projects.

  156. Sarah

    I adore Yellow Owl and Workshop and have been itching to purchase some of their stamp sets soon – this book would certainly push me over the edge.

  157. Vicki

    “Uneven. Imperfect. Just right.” Sounds like my design process. I would very much enjoy drooling over such work. And thank you for your gorgeous photography! This is where I come for a pick-me-up in my busy day.

  158. eva

    I’m going to judge this book by its cover…it may look terrible what i’m saying,but in fact I’m meaning just the opposite. Things made with love are incredible, and with a book like this you just don’t enjoy the projects and tips which are fantastic for creativity but it also the outside don’t you think? the cover, the pictures… even the typography that is used!
    well, thanks for having this blog… checking it before or after work is one of my favourites things to do! me, my computer and nice nice design!

  159. Meg

    I would love to win! I’ve always been interested in print making, but don’t really know much about it.

  160. Susan Eagle

    I love printmaking and want to start mixing it with the sewing I do not only for me but also my daughter. This book is beautiful and so useful!

  161. Marjon

    I’d love to win this book because I want to decorate things (together with my son) to give something original and special with a lot of love to our best friends and familiy! Can’t wait!!!!

  162. Mo

    I wish i’ll become a winner, because i really need some inspiration to get me of my couch. Spring is coming and it will be a lovely to get me out of my wintersleep!!

  163. Chez Chouke

    Wow, I would love this. I’m living on my own now for about six months and left all furniture over there. So I’m struggling to start over again, but the great advantage is that I can slowly decorate everything in my own delicate way. And I like to really put my own handwriting in my interior. This book would help me out!

  164. sandra s

    What a gorgeous book! Seems like the perfect thing to get me through the winter blues. I would start by printing cheerful little tees for my girlies and me.

  165. Jeanne Chang

    I would really like to make those great pillows. What a lovely book filled with fun projects!

  166. Sarah

    This looks so awesome. I love Yellow Owl, and I’ve been getting into textile printing lately, so I definitely need this book!

  167. hanna

    This book looks so good! I’d like to win because I started teaching myself how to make stamps a little bit ago and it would be great to have more resources.

  168. flora

    I would love to be inspired by this books! Rest assured, they would be highly appreciated and used!

  169. Chrissy

    I would love to win their book – thanks for the opportunity. I would use this to re-kickstart my creative summer – having opened a shop, I find I’ve lost all a sense of what it is I wanna make. I know these guys can set me straight!

  170. Miranda van Dijk

    What a great book. This would inspire me so much in my work. And with my boy of 1,5 years old growing up fast, it will be great to use it with him.

  171. Monica Gava

    I would love to win this book so I can leave my computer for a moment and get dirty with some ink.

  172. kate is greedy

    I would love, love, love to win it because I have been eyeing up this book, desperate to start printing this year. Thanks for the chance, Love Kate xxooxx.

  173. Andrea

    This is a great book, that can provide many ideas to print with my 3 little ones AND on my own

  174. Flora

    wow wow wow! I would LOVE to get this lovely book! Especially because I’m starting a series of creative workshops and I’m sure these would be of great inspiration!

  175. Rena

    I have the same question Camille did, I´m from Brazil and I´d love to have this book. Here in Brazil we don´t have too much resources, especially printed ones, so that´s why I´d like to participate 🙂
    Thanks a lot and sorry about my poor english!

  176. Amy C

    I’m a graphic designer and these books make me drool. Would be so excited to win them!

  177. Lucy A

    I would love to win because it looks like the most beautiful book (and out of such books come beautiful things – I hope!)

  178. sarahjane

    I would love to win a copy of this book! Count me in, please!

  179. carla

    Thanks for this give away!
    I would like to win this book to give it as a present to my twin sister.
    But first I will have to try the feather print myself! I’m so fascinated by feathers!
    Please pick me 😉
    Have a lovely day,

  180. erin fae

    We’re opening a letterpress/zine/art studio/gallery in auckland, new zealand on a budget of NOTHING. Have been thinking of a way to get this book for our library. I currently have it checked out from the public library, and was lying in bed just this morning thinking how great it would be if our community had access to it in our space. it’s a really inspiring and informative work

  181. Linda Hoeser


    oh, das buch ist sooo toll; ich habe gerade ein baby bekommen und würde mich freuen die schlafpausen zu nutzen um in dem buch zu blättern, neue ideen zu sammeln und selbst den stempel in die hand zu nehmen.

    liebe grüße aus hamburg, deutschland

    my english is really bad; so here is the google-translation of my post:


    oh, this book is sooo great, I’ve just had a baby and
    would love to use the breaks to sleep in the book to
    , scroll to collect new ideas and even the stamp in the hand to
    . take

    best wishes from hamburg, germany

  182. Marieke

    pillows in green
    buildings in blue
    I’d like to win this thing
    and that is the tru

  183. Valentina Vovk

    Hi Irene,

    I really like this book and I think it would be fun and a lot of inspiration for me. But the book is only a part of the reason why Im saying hallo. I really admire your taste and your blog, wich i have been following for a year an a half now. It all started when I was decorateing our new family house and “accidentaly” descoverd Style files and trough that i find out about Dekor8 and Bloesem. Bifore I really did not know very much about bloging world, but now I think Im addicted :-).
    I come from Slovenia and Im an art historian by profession, a painter and passionate crafter by heart. A year ago i finally gatherd courage and quit my day job in Marketing wich was killing me. Im stay at home mum right now (I have two boys, just like you) and yes we had to cut our expenses a bit, but we feel much happyer family now.
    I started a small sewing craft business and recently begin with my own blog…There is still a lot to learn wich Im definitely looking forward to.
    So there it goes, I finally broke trough ice! Promise I will be posting briefly next time :-).
    Thanks again for so much inspiration.


  184. Anna

    Oh fun! I’ve been hearing about this one. I would love to have a copy for myself and my daughter to play around with.


  185. Kimi Mischke

    My business partners and I are exploring silk screening in some of our “just for fun” work, and I’d love to get more ideas and learn some other techniques, including stamping. I’m sure this would also be super useful for project with my almost-5-year-old twins!

  186. Joanna

    ooh, wow. Would love this book – I’ve just started getting into doing some home printing so could do with some more guidance and inspiration!

  187. Sharon Vos

    Really nice book!

    Why you would like to win it.?
    Why? Becease I love paper. I have a weakness for beautiful paper things, from old paper till books. And beside the theme of the book, I really like the lay-out, illustrations and the pictures in the book looks really lovely! It also inspires me to be creative! And not only be creative with paper stuff but in the whole creative scene.

    With love,


  188. Stephanie

    Oh, my! I would love to share this book with my budding 11 year old artist- she would adore pouring over and experimenting with all of these techniques! How inspiring- thanks for sharing!

  189. Josie Ryder

    The book looks amazing! So beautiful. I would love to have a copy. There is something about a beautifully put together crafting book that can inspire me and make my fingers itch to get creating like nothing else!

  190. Parastoo

    To see the world in a grain of sand,
    And heaven in a wild flower;
    Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
    And eternity in an hour.

    The opening quatrain of William Blake’s “Auguries of Innocence”

    That’s is why…

  191. Kat

    WOWZER!! Irene! Im Kat from the Dominican Republic. I love your blog! and Im O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with prints. Its very hard for me to get cool interesting books like this from here, so that would be GREAT for me, and for that I like you more haha. you have perfect taste for everything so I know this book is a treasure, and I will be SO happy. xx

  192. Kat

    WOWZER!! Irene! Im Kat from the Dominican Republic. I love your blog! and Im O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with prints. Its very hard for me to get cool interesting books like this from here, so that would be GREAT for me, and for that I like you more haha. you have perfect taste for everything so I know this book is a treasure and I will be SO happy.

  193. V Cseh

    I’m reading your blog post from bed where I lay with a wicked cold and the colours from the book photographs are lifting my spirits. This book would be a great reference tool in my fledgling career in all things design related.

  194. Enney Rush

    This is beautiful and a big step up from my 2 printing attempts. Being at home with wee babes it would be a great me time activity. Thanks for the chance.

  195. Katherine

    Irene, this is so inspirational. words cant describe. you are such a great person:) I will love to win this book. I work with fabrics, prints and this is my life. Im quite poor, this is a perfect opportunity. Thank you!!! I would like to send you some books too! pinky promise.

  196. Brooke

    Oh my oh my… I think I may have stumbled onto the only craft book my two boys would actually like AND do. I love everyone of their stamp kits – this book looks like craft heaven! xo

  197. Vanessa R.

    It looks like an amazing book. I would love to have a copy because now that i’m out of school (BFA) i don;t have the printing workshop/studio that i had available while in school and i find myself looking for different ways to get back etiching and printmaking at home and it’s a bit hard, this book would really open up the posibilities.
    i’m crossing my fingers on this one 😀

  198. Joanna

    What beautiful inspiration these books are. Would enjoy winning one. Would love to print like this – even onto clothing for my little boy. Hmm gots me thinking.

  199. Alex

    I realy like printing. This looks like an amazing book to have.
    Cheers from Germany.

  200. Megan

    Wow this is something I have always wanted to have a go at! Would so love to win this book 🙂

  201. adalgisa campos

    this is lovely. last month, during summer vacations with friends, we did a little “t-shirt printing workshop” with our 4 and 7 y-o boys and the results were super nice. it will be great to have some more ideas for next hollydays!
    i’m crossing my fingers here. thank you for this nice giveaway!

  202. Kristen Lohse

    LOVE this book. Crossing my fingers that I might get it.

  203. iwishihadtaste

    I’d love to win it! I recently moved to a country with a two percent of the shopping options of the States — I’m not exaggerating –, so the book could provide me with an option to create my own fabrics and prints for the new apartment. Yes, please?

  204. naomi goodman

    I’d love to win the book so I could get off my bum and get crafty!

  205. CJ

    Thank you for the chance to win! I have a 20-something daughter who is an amazing artist whom I would like to surprise with this book, so she can set her talents free! CJ

  206. Lindsay Obermeyer Name

    Beautiful! I’m a teaching artist and always on the search for new ideas to bring to my students. I’m already snagging the fab string stamping one featured on your website! 😉

  207. Leah Brau

    I’d want to win because I’d love to learn something crafty but don’t have the time to take a class!

  208. stacey

    i’m a few days away from moving out out of a relationship and to a new city, I welcome all new crafting ideas to keep my mind busy and creative. I would love these books!

  209. Sally Mason

    What a lovely book full of simple but beautiful ideas. My 4 year old daughter and I would have so much fun with this book.

  210. Angela

    how adorable… this is just the sort of inspiration I need to make something handmade with my son. 🙂

  211. Cinderella Patch

    This would be a great book to add to my library. A wonderful how-to book with simple instructions and interesting information. It all looks chic and sophisticated. It makes me want to learn how to make my own stamps right now!

  212. Jenn

    This book just made my heart beat faster. I’ve been feeling a creative itch recently that I haven’t been able to satisfy and this book may just be the inspiration I need!

  213. dawn

    ooh, i NEED this book.
    i just cleaned off my dining table
    and this book needs to help me mess it up again.

    inspire me, please.

    (thank you for opportunity to win.)

  214. Keri

    I would love to experiment with printing my own fabrics for sheets, duvet covers, curtains, pillows, tea towels…

  215. Andrea

    I’d love to win because I have collected all of their stamp sets and I’m ready to up my craft factor!

  216. Crislynne

    I have loved stamping for a long time, but never really made my own with much success. This book would truly inspire me and teach me to create stamps or prints of my own!

  217. Sarah C.

    As an art student, it’s always good to have a book of inspiration.

  218. Julia

    oh my, how lovely – would love to use this book for inspiring creations that i could gift to loved ones 🙂 x

  219. christina@pmv

    I’ve heard many good things about this book… it would be the perfect gift for my sister-in-law, she is just out of college and making a home of her own, these projects would be a nice way to start the decorating process.

  220. Sharon Fran

    I would love this book. Great beauty does not depend on one’s budget!

  221. Henta

    I would like to learn a new craft – something I’m very interested in!

  222. jennifer

    i’d love to win this book! it’s been on my wish list! i’m lacking a bit in the craft department here so this book could be the perfect inspiration. thanks for the chance to win!

  223. leslie

    i love this new book. my gosh. i would love to design some fabric for furnishing my new baby’s room!

  224. Paquita McGrath

    This book looks Fabulous!
    I’ve recently just done some simple potato printing with my 2 1/2 year old son and he though that was really fun. Just looking at the pictures in the post I can tell this book is full of so many more creative printing ideas that I could do with my son, as well as satisfy my own creative desires!

  225. Karro

    I`m a textile teacher living in the north of Sweden and I´m always looking for new ideas to inspire the students. This book looks awesome and nothing would make me happier than to win this.

  226. Mimi K

    Love the look of this book, it could be just the inspiration I need for geeting on with creative projects.

  227. Sini

    Oh my, that Cityscape Pillow Set is screaming my name! What a lovely book.

  228. Yara

    Ok, i’d desperately like to win but since I’ve never won anything in my life I better just buy it. Then again I’d spoil my chance to be a first time winner. So I leave my post in childlike exitement of the possibility to be a WINNER! (and buy one copy as à present for my friend, just to be sure.)

  229. Tanja

    I have never tried my hand at printing, but would love to get some inspiration and expert advice on how to go about it!

  230. Roser Biosca


    I would like to win this draw because I’m introducing on the design’s world. I love to see what the others do, just for curiosity just because I think that in the simplycity we could find the beauty; and this book seems to reflex it!

    keep on showing us what is on the frontline of design, I will be reading daily from Catalonia (Spain)

  231. Daniela

    I just love the stamp sets from Yellow Owl. And now a corresponding book – Oh my…

  232. Tieske

    Hoi Irene,

    haal mij maar van de lijst met kanshebbers, heb het boek net gekocht 🙂
    Nogmaals groeten uit Hamburg!

  233. Ruhi

    I love doing this kind of work as my hobby and this book really inspire me. I have a 2 year old daughter and would love to do have some fun with her with these ideas.

  234. Lisette

    Oh my! This book took my breath away!! I’d love to win it, so I can be inspired to make beautiful things, and also, to catch my breath… 😉


    What an inspirational Blog! Lost of beautiful ideas and very educational!! Love Your blog so much!Thrilled to know who will be the winners of this awesome give aways!thanks for sharing.

  236. wibke

    wonderfull give away! why i should win? because the book is not only for me. i have three little kids (5y., 4y., and 18 month) and they are little artists 🙂 so i think the book is so ispirating, especially the stamp ideas. i think it is a book for the whole family.
    thank you so much for this give away irene.

  237. va

    i would like to win so that i could try these at home .
    i love making fun things

    tumblemumbo at gmail.com
    located intl.

  238. J Koes

    thanks a lot for the giveaway!

    i would like to win the book for my grandmother. she is the most amazing (and 100% self-made) interior designer i can think of. she turned 82 yesterday and this book is an ideal belated present for her. she’s inspired me so many times it’s my turn to inspire her now!

  239. Francesca

    I love yellow owl workshop. Gorgeous looking book. I’m planning on relearning to print as soon as gus is not liable to put his feet in the ink and stamp them around the house! I would love to win it. X

  240. annika

    oh i love it! iam a grafic designer, and in my free time, i love to do creative things with my two children.

  241. Jemma

    I would love to be inspired by this book…my fabric paints have lain unused for far too long!

  242. Bec

    Simply delightful. i love yellow owl and this book would be a perfect starting point for printing with my two boys.

  243. Lotte Enemark

    It simple: just LOVE these prints and stamps.

    Sunny greeting from Denmark :0)

  244. silke

    Ich liebe es! Und I would like to do it! Just now! Sofort! All of it! Germany needs more of this stuff!

  245. Lx @ my mr lugs

    Wow what a great give little away… I have been drooling over this book for ages… drool drool drool.. sorry don’t mean to make a mess on your blog but i just can’t help it!!! Finger crossed I won’t look like a dribbling mess any more.. just in the privacy of my own home 😀

  246. Ana

    always bringing inspiring and beautiful things, Irene!!! I love stamps and printing on fabrics, made a few experiments in the past… this would be a great way to start again! the book seems to have amazing projects!!

  247. Cecile blake

    I would love to win this! I am a mom who wants to earn some money working from home, this is just what i need for some creative inspiration!

  248. Anne @ The Radish Factory

    Fivehundred tiny little creatures descended
    from the first rays of light peeking through my window,
    all the way to my cheek, patting it
    with their miniature feet to give it
    the first spring blush. And then
    they dropped a little golddust between my hairs to make them
    shine. And just before I woke up,
    hanging from the top of my earshell,
    they whispered to me:
    spring is coming, revive those cold little fingers
    and make them create wonderful things
    to celebrate spring that is
    creation in its essence!

    That is why I would like to win this book! My fingers are itching to create!

  249. isabel molto

    i love any kind of printing but this idea is really special!!!

  250. Michaela

    Why wouldn’t you want to win these books look amazing, these are two things i have wanted to do at home for a while i started a sewing course last October, tho did it as a child and also printed as a child, I have been looking to start it up at home.

    My sofa is in need a cushions and my walls, eyes and creativity is in great need of printing. xxx

  251. Marjolein

    I really do hope so to win this great book!
    Since I found out about the world of blogging, I’m often stunned seeing the beautifull prints other people make. So two weeks ago I decided I have to learn this myself. This book will really help me with that.

  252. Eva

    prachtig! mooi om modern en ambachtelijk te zijn, ik bewaar een aardappeltje vanavond … groet uit Amsterdam

  253. Heidi

    I would love a copy of this gorgeous book 😉 I am planning a print project to fill some gorgeous vintage frames I just stumbled upon. Im sure inspiration from this book would take my project to the next level

  254. Tingla

    How I would Love to win this book. I was just looking for something like this at the library but didn´t find anything in the near this. So inspiring!
    By the way, Love your Blog!

  255. Tanya M

    I would love to try printing on fabric. There are so many things it could be useful for, and so much fun! Looks like a great book.

  256. Chrissy

    I have always loved the idea of making my own prints. I’ve experimented with freezer-paper stenciling and making my own foam stamps, but I would love to dig deeper into printing techniques. I love Christine’s style and would *love* to have this book! Fingers crossed. 🙂

  257. Casey

    I back in art school for my BFA and I think some of those project may fit in perfectly with one of my classes… great looking book!

  258. Neeltje

    Last year I started to explore and develop handwriting, calligraphy and printing skills. This book is so 2011. I can’t wait picking it from my doormat…

  259. Wendy

    The book looks beautifull. Why do i want to win this book? Because I plan on making my own fabric patterns voor the stuff I make (iPhone, laptop and tablet sleeves)

  260. Jennifer R.

    I’m just now getting into block printing and carving my own stamps. I would love this book to be able to help me expand my idea of what I could create. Great giveaway!

  261. Marie

    I would love to print on fabrics to make some toys for my kids…

  262. Veronica

    Recently I’ve been so obsessed with stamping that this giveaway is such a great coincidence!! I’d really love to have this book in my hands! 🙂

    Best wishes*

  263. Sato

    I make every cards I send out relating to my son (such as birthdays, christmas cards, birth announcement etc) to give a personal touch and I realised there are not many cute/modern stamps in the shop like some of the ones in the book!! ALso, there are some great idea/designs that I can reference to….I should try to use my stamp collections (very limited) on textiles 🙂

  264. Hannah

    I’m an art student going into fiber and textiles next year… and would love this book as a head start!

  265. claire sibley

    lovely give-away, who wouldn’t be happy winning this? thank you for the chance x

  266. florence

    you give us a very little sample of the book but i really want to discover the other part!!!!!!!

  267. Jannette

    Oh I’ve been coveting this book since I spotted it somewhere in blogland.. I love printing, even with the limited knowledge I have now, and I’d love to find out more. I think I might treat myself to a belated birthday present, but I’d like to enter your giveaway first. Je weet maar nooit..:-)…!

  268. Candice M.

    “This is a book for low budgets and high ambition.” That’s me to a ‘T’! There’s so many new ways to stain my countertops and make messes that lead to beautiful creations.

  269. Emily Flippin Maruna

    I’ve been looking at this book. I’m totally trying to incorporate more illustration into my sewing and fabric art so this would be great for me right now.

  270. Corrie

    Oh this book looks amazing. I’m in the middle of decorating my daughters room and would love to incorporate some of these projects in it!

  271. Georgie Westley

    I have no more reason than anyone else, but….. please oh please oh pleeeaaassseee!!!!!!!!!

  272. Hajni Kele

    Oh This book must be amazing! I have tried my hands on many things but I still am a novice when it comes to printing. I have tried freezer paper stenciling and block printing but boy could I use a helping hand! I am also just starting to decorate my little boy’s room (to “kick him out” of ours) and it would have to be a pretty cool one!!! I could make like 20 different pillows and swap them around between him and ME :)))!

    This is exciting!!!!!!!

  273. Kenna Newman

    I – Love – This – Book! I have been eyeing it forever…..but can’t find the $$$ in the slim budget! Puhleezzzzzz!

  274. unabridged

    Honestly, craft books don’t usually interest me that much. But from what I’ve seen, I just might love this book. It looks amazing!

  275. caitlin

    The story goes as so: It’s been 8 years that i’ve been living in rental units without having the freedom to EXPRESS MYSELF in my home due to the rules and regulations of no holes, no paint, and absolutely no ripping up the disgusting carpet and installing hardwood floors… ok, and so i’ve been a gypsy in my days not lasting more then a year in any single place!
    No is my time to nestle in since i’ve been gifted(as tenant with rent) from my parents a condo and i’ve got room to EXPRESS MYSELF in my cozy little condo! now i create… but i’m a humble yoga instructor who shares my passion but has a very empty pocket fulla pennies:)
    Please help me dyi the crappolla outta my cute lil condo.

  276. cynthia

    i would like to win this book because i am in desperate need of inspiration & need to create! xoxo.

  277. Trinity

    Hi Irene!!

    I’ve been a fan of yellow owl workshop for years, it’s true, my wedding invites were even highly influenced by them. I’d love love love to learn more of their sweet style!

  278. Ana López

    I look at this book with face of helpless little dog. Pleeeeeeease!
    Miro este libro con cara de perrillo desamparado. Por favoooor! 🙂

  279. Kasia

    I’d like to have it for the long anti-stress evenings with doing some art 🙂

  280. Nathalie de Vries

    Wow…what an inspiring book! Just what I need to bring my crafts and love for printing to a higher level… And start inspiring others in return. Who says we cannot make this world better and more beautiful?!

  281. krystal maree

    This book looks beautiful! As of last Friday I’m on maternity leave, waiting to have my first baby in the next 2 weeks. I’m finding it very hard to relax my creative brain, as a freelance graphic designer I don’t usually have time for my own special projects but this might just be the perfect time and the perfect book to get me started 🙂

    PS: thank you for such a beautiful blog, it’s been precious inspiration for renovating our house and decorating the nursery xxx

  282. Maria B

    I’d love to win it for some inspiration for craft projects to make with my kids.

  283. Cony

    Ik kocht net wat kaders en was nog op zoek naar prints, maar dit inspireert om zelf aan de slag te gaan.

  284. daniel deww

    What a beautiful and inspirational book!

    I would like to win a copy because I am ugly and have no friends. If I had a copy of your book, then maybe someone would be my friend.

  285. Donna Chung

    i’d love it for the art room library at my elementary school!!

  286. Rebecca

    I’m a senior in college and when I graduate, I’ll be getting my first apartment and getting married within a year. I’d use this book for inspiration and lots of beautiful ideas!!!

  287. Elizabeth Steen

    I would like to win this book because block prints have always fascinated me….Balthus’ Mitsou…and because these projects look like something I could do with my 6 year old son, who is studying patterns in Kindergarten. And because it is something to DO and usually things you win are already-made products. And because I think I share the Bloesem aesthetic, so anything that Irene recommends sounds good to me!

  288. Ulrika

    The book looks so inspiring! I have been doing some screenprinting before but that’s complicated to do at home. I would love to learn som new techniques!

  289. Mareeky

    It looks like a wonderful book, explaining the basics of printing and designing, and offering templates to boot. I would love to try to recreate some of the projects and learn a new crafting skill.

  290. sylvie

    I’ ve been looking forward to printing my own stuff for quite a while but haven’t put my hands on a book worth my time….but NOW! I have found what I was looking for. This book looks amazing! Want!!!

  291. Lina

    i’m a primary school teacher and i think – no i’m sure- this book would be wonderful for the kids in my class. They love printing and working with ink and paint! My class (and i) would love to win this book 😉

  292. sacha

    After being a teacher in the classroom for years, I am applying for the art position at my school- this book would be treasured beyond all things!

  293. Adriana

    Because it’s simply the most innovative and creative printing book I’ve seen in a very log time (and I own a few of them! 😉

  294. Cassandra

    The presence of this gorgeous book in my library will inspire new approaches to my creating through these classic, beautiful and versatile techniques. I am especially excited to see it on the walls of my home and in the stationery i create for others.

  295. Sigrid

    I love to try all kinds of printing techniques, it seems to have great instructions and to be rather interesting graphically.

  296. barbara

    I too, am an art teacher… no budget this year… a book like this would benefit many in my classroom.

  297. Jenica Leahy

    I’m a college student down in Florida, and this semester I am taking a printmaking class. We are working with linoleum right now (which I love!) and are soon to move onto copper etching.
    I signed up for the class because I love making collages, and I thought printmaking would add an extra element to any future collage work.
    The class is uber fun! I always look forward to my homework. But some inspiration would sure be nice! And this book looks like just my type of aesthetic!

    (Sometimes I am tempted to drop out of school and just make crafts all day, every day. Not the wisest decision…)

  298. Krista Purcell

    wow. i am in love after seeing 2 spreads from this book. would love to have a copy. i am in need of some inspiration.

  299. Natalie Sterling

    I love design and would love to have this book that is just bursting with inspiration!

  300. julie

    i think i have tried most existing mediums but have always wanted to try printing. besides the fact that it looks such fun i love the unpolished results of printing…

  301. sue

    my kids are at “flying the coop” age and I’d love to help them deck out their daggy uni accommodation with something abit handmade and personal. You never know…one groovy room might spread to a groovy apartment which might spread to a groovy campus and then ……..look out world! HERE WE COME! sue

  302. Tasha T

    I have too many kids books in the bookcase(which is not such a bad thing) but I really need a great book for me, but it would probably stay on the coffee table, it looks fabulously creative!

  303. fancypants

    Because it is beautiful, yellow owl workshop’s work is beautiful and I need all the help I can get so I can try my hand at making beautiful things myself!

  304. Katrina

    Not only does it offer beautiful projects, the book itself is gorgeous to look at!

  305. Eline

    Love it! Net gestopt met mijn studie illustratie die ik volgend jaar weer op ga pakken, een beetje inspiratie is nu heel erg welkom! Zou een leuk opvrolijk cadeautje zijn 😀

  306. Maria Prada

    I’ve just finished a two-months course in silkscreen printing. It was nice, but the more important matter I’ve learned was the extents of my shortcomings. I find this book nearby and motivating for a begginer who wants to learn and experiment…

  307. Amanda

    I would love to have this book for the inspiration alone, but then the how-to element is great too cause you can exercise your own creativity… so much potential!

  308. Kathy Anderson

    During my Sunday morning browsing in snowy Minnesota, I came across this site AND this book and it got me thinking that the city scape pillows would be an awesome thing to do with the preschoolers I teach. They adore sewing and have made many projects this year – just finished up polar fleece snowman hats last week. The children sit on my lap and I put may hands over theirs and we stitch away. Would love the book for more inspiration.

  309. dieny

    I have a little lodger in my belly and I’m working on making a beautiful and inspiring environment for my small one to come to.

    The projects look simply beautiful.

  310. allison

    i have been wanting this book since i saw it! however, since we are a one-income family i haven’t been able to buy any new craft books. winning this would be oh so lovely!

  311. ClaireM

    The book looks amazing and great fun. Thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  312. sunny

    I’d like to personalize my home and this book has ideas that would really help me! Plus it’s BEAUTIFUL!

  313. Jessica Reid

    It looks like a beautiful book and I’d love to have a new project to tackle in the middle of this long winter!

  314. Materialist


    Wait… that sounded too selfish and snatchy.

    I want to build a little cityscape out of cushions – animals have had all the cushion fun for too long. I might even share them with this little person in my tummy when he/she gets here.

  315. Brandy

    This book looks amazing. I’d love to use some of the techniques to make cute pillows for my kids (all three), gifts for holidays and birthdays for friends and family and finally create a new business card for my photography business.

    Thanks for the chance!

  316. Anne

    I am a big fan of fabric printing, one of my favorite hobbies! And I am always looking for more inspiration! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  317. Cheryl

    I have been curious about printmaking lately, and this book would definitely satisfy my crafty need to create! I’d love to print on fabric and on paper.

  318. Melissa

    I’ve always been interested in printing by hand and this book looks like it has some wonderful projects to get started with. I know my kids would enjoy it too! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  319. Julie

    I teach art to kids ages 4-8 and I’m sure there are some great projects I could share with them in that beautiful book!

  320. Bec

    The thing I love about crafting is there’s always a new technique to learn!! That stamp of the Crysler building- just perfect!!!

  321. Laura

    Because I’m in love with doing things by my own, because I’m in love with creative things, because I’m in love with colors, because I’m in love with textures,because I’m in love with forms, because I’m in love with experimenting, with knowing new things, new procedures… Because I thing I’ve fall in love with this book…

  322. Nicoletta

    Wow! What a wonderful book!
    I love printing everywhere, on paper, on fabrics and on walls too!!!
    I’m looking for some inspiring ideas for my children’s bedroom and the kids love helping me!!
    Thanks for the give-away and for your beautiful blog!

  323. Lea Moormann

    what a lovely book. a must-have for everyone who loves beeing creative… thanks for sharing!

  324. Nicole

    wow, I’d love to work with stamps and this lovely book is a big inspiration source. my kids will love it too.

  325. trula

    This book looks so exciting. I would love to win this. Oh, the possibilities of learning how to put print on clothes, paper or everywhere.

  326. Lynn

    Wow! I would love to win this beautifully inspiring book so that it would give me the kick in the butt that I need to stop procrastinating and get some fulfilling crafting going! I tend to spend more time looking at inspiring blogs and stuff than doing it myself!?!!!! Thanks so much for this giveaway and good luck to all!

  327. Bianca Rollins

    This book looks amazing! I would love to create some one of a kind textiles for my home. Thanks for the giveaway.

  328. helen

    i’ve seen this book reviewed a couple of times now, and my fingers are itching. my littles and i have had such fun with making stamps and printing – this just seems like the perfect inspiration:) thank you!

  329. Kate F.

    I’m really getting into printing and would love this book to turn my back room into a badass art space!

  330. heleen

    Printing is very tempting to me. I already bought some stuff to do it myself and actually did some, but I find the results a bit disappointing. But when I read ‘Uneven. Imperfect. Just right’ in that book, that gives me confidence to start again! It looks to be THE perfect book for starting printers like me.

  331. cécile

    This is a good reason to improve my English … this book looks great, the few pictures make you want to start doing print jobs …

  332. emily

    I just love the look of this book. (yellow owl are awesome so am sure it’s a treat!)

    Cushions is what I need to make – ones that money can’t buy. Those skyscraper ones look amazing!
    Thanks for the chance.

  333. Annemarie

    Would love to own that book. I’m too intimidated by my gocco, so i need something simple to start me 😉

  334. margaret aitken

    It looks like so much fun, would love to win. I have bought some ink and print tools and have tried a little bit, this book would surely be inspirational.

  335. Priscilla

    Wow! Such a charming and inspiring book! Just perfect for getting back into crafting and creating some much-needed “me/sanity” time away from the stresses and dramas of everyday life. What a way to escape! 😉 Thank you for organising such a lovely giveaway.

  336. Maggie Farley

    I’d love to give your masterpiece to my daughter as a gift! She loves crafts, but especially loves printing, and just recently found an antique print press. She also has her own blog, and I can’t wait to tell her about you unless she’s already found you and your beautiful work! Thank you for the opportunity.

  337. barbara

    krijgen? Ja graag! om in te kijken, te kijken, te kijken en dan … als het ‘s avonds laat is (en stil in huis) uit te proberen. en anders, dan moet ik het zelf kopen …

  338. Giselle

    I love the simplicity of Yellow Owl designs. This book seems to speak to me and I would love some inspiration to get crafting again!

  339. Sari

    I would like to win it because a) i love makeing crafts its my way to relax b) i need some new inspiration and c) i need something to cheer me up

  340. tani P.

    Woo! That looks awesome,a perfect companion to my beloved copy of Keri Smith’s Guerilla Art Kit!

  341. Sera

    O.my.gosh. I have ALWAYS wanted to learn about print work – especially printing on fabrics! I would soooooooo love to have this book to learn, be inspired and maybe even teach others!! Good luck to everyone and thanks for the give-away!

  342. Iris Name

    I find myself trying to come up with innovative ideas for etching. Everything around me jolts ideas into my head. After flipping through the pages of Print Workshop I feel like my creative “juices” would flow more freely.

  343. Silja Kristjánsdóttir

    Wow – I am studying to become a textil teacher in Iceland and this book would be such a great addition to my studies. I have tried a little handprinting but would love to learn more and try it out with my kids.

    (Plus – I am pretty sure no-one in Iceland has this book 😉

    Big hugs,

  344. Karren Hiskey

    I love this book! I am working on printing on clay and this would be a great help with the process as well as a great inspiration! Thanks for the giveaway…

  345. hazeljoy

    i teach art and textiles now, but i will forever be a lover of print

  346. shisomama

    My son and I have been doing printmaking experiments, and we would love to be inspired by this book. It looks like a lot of fun!

  347. Joanne

    Oh! Dat lijkt me prachtig! Wat een geweldig boek om te zien en mooie ideeen, daar kan ik vast heel veel mee doen, al is het maar op de bank hangen en dromen over alle mogeliikheden 😉

  348. Carol

    I would love to win this book beacause I have recently moved and I’m trying to decorate my little cozy apartment with a small budget and lots of love and creativity!

  349. Chrissy Poitras

    I realize that it is technically Wednesday already … however I just found this site for the first time and well since I run a small print studio in Picton, Ontario I thought I should try and win this amazing book for our “how-to” library. They would be great for some of our youth workshops 🙂 Hope it isn’t too late.

  350. Ingrid Meza

    hi! great post! got happy just seeing such beauty things!
    I would like to have this book in the search for another technique to explore and combine with painting and photograph.
    Hope it wants come to me!
    cheers from Spain!

  351. Ines ABASSI

    Great post and very beautiful and interesting book. I’d loooove to win this book first of all because I love arts in general and I’m always looking for new forms of arts and never thought that printing could be something I could do and second because I live in Tunisia (North Africa) and would never be able if I wanted to to buy the book electronically ( we don’t have the option) or in the stores as I don’t think they sell it here. Thanks very much for the discovery anyway

  352. Marie

    I’ve been meaning to get back into printing for quite a while! That book looks fabulous.

  353. Kobuta

    I’d love to own this book. It’s creative and homey and a lovely volume in itself.

  354. Tami

    I’d love this book. I love the images and would enjoy learning to print some of my own designs!

  355. Suzanne

    I was just leafing through this book last night at Urban Outfitters. I almost bought it but then figured I can wait a bit longer… It is a really beautiful book. So simply explained and the projects look to be very do-able and professional looking at the same time. If I received this book I’d get stamping and printing lickety-split!!!
    here’s to give-aways!!

  356. becky farley

    🙂 My mom posted a comment up at the top there Maggie Farley! She’s so precious! She never goes to blogs except mine, but she found yours and actually commented!! She wrote me an email all about it (I of course knew all about your blog;))!! I hope you pick her for two reasons – she’ll never stop talking about it – she’d be so so stoked! and no. 2 bc she will give me the book lol and I DO love printing – my guy and I have a print shop, but I love the old school printing more, but never take for granted the awesomeness of a digital press! If mom my doesn’t win maybe I’ll buy her the book and just tell her she did haha! It’s just make her day!
    ps this is a very cool giveaway!

  357. Vânia

    Oh, I’d love to learn about printing techniques, but I can’t find classes after work, so this book is perfect for me! 🙂

  358. judith

    ohhhhhhhhh i love this book!!!!!!and printing!!!!!!

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