New Series: Fashion Stories: Noemí from Cozy&Free


A new column here on B:Kids and it's all about the talented people behind the fashion labels we like to buy for our children. I have sent invitations to several kids fashion designers and aksed them to share some images with us 'from-behind-the-scenes' … and answer a few short questions.

Hope you like the series. Today we kick-off with Noemí from Cozy&Free … please enjoy!


A Fashion Story by Noemí from Cozy&Free

C: Cozy&Free stands for… feeling comfortable and free. There’s no one without the other.

O: Originality is… Sticking to your guts in spite of what everyone else tells you.

Z: Zipper, zebra or zeitgeist and why… If I have to pick one I guess that would be zeitgeist, though but by the minute, not a time or era.

Y: Years from now I will… Still be curious and use all of our senses and maybe add a few more.


My-office-in-SF_1  Cozyandfree2 At-SeeMe-tradeshow_CFFW10 Cozyandfree With-my-son-Theo-in-our-SF-home


A: Accessories are… Little fun touches.

N: New collection is something I start thinking of when… Before I’m done with the next collection.

D: Dreams I have for Cozy&Free are… I want it to be soulful and meaningful.



F: Fashion is… Temporary.

R: Relaxing I do when… When I sleep or I get to enjoy the now.

E: Examples of great brands are… I admire the effortless and comfortable feel of Isabel Marant’s androgynous pieces.

E: Energy comes from… With-in.



..Thank You Noemí from Cozy&Free..

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  1. Brooke

    oh my goodness. I love this collection. My kiddos would be so happy to rock those ensembles while tossing about all over the place! So comfy! I wish I could look this cute as an adult and be that comfy! The office/studio space looks divine as well. lovely story – as usual. xo

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