Giveaway: Adorable baby set from Bunnies by the Bay


What can you win :: this adorable baby set from Bunnies by the Bay. The set includes a swing coat, bunny muff, bunny ears hat, book and “My Dream Coat” storybook box with picture frame. Embroidered inside the coat: “Once within this dreamy coat, Danced a dainty lass. Remembering all the glad dreams, To her daughter, the coat will pass.” (value $144.-)

What do you have to do :: leave a comment stating what your favorite item from Bunnies by the Bay is.

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 1 February and the winner will be announced the following day.

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  1. britain

    i’m in love with the skipit’s salty suit—always love sailor inspired items.
    if i had a boy, i would totaly purchase it.

  2. Rahel

    This coat looks super-soft and cuddly! I like the Emmit’s Babe-n-Suit- what a gorgeous orange colour!!!

  3. Allison

    Adorable! What an awesome giveaway.
    If I had to choose one item from their shop, I think it would Bud’s Bunnysack for my new little boy.

  4. Bea

    My real rabbit Ernestine would LOVE my little one in this!
    This set is my very favourite and I also love the Skipit’s Snugs!!

  5. Ricki

    So sweet! I think the Bunny Booties and Bunnysack Hat & Gown set were sooo adorable! I have a baby girl coming this Spring and would love to clothe her in some of these sweet pieces.

  6. sharon s

    i love the buddy blankets and the skipit’s Bucket Hat and the… evreything
    and i love thith blog.

  7. ymesther

    my favourite; the storybook, a great giveaway in this digital world

  8. Danijela

    Lovely giveaway.everything is so beautiful,my favorite is Bunny Booties.

  9. Callie

    Oh my goodness what an amazing giveaway!
    I also love the Emmit’s Babe-n-Suit, the Skipit’s Salty Suit, the Tadbit’s Babe-n-Suit, and the Fun in the Sunsuit!

    All are adorable!

  10. Tatiana

    This baby set looks so cute and comfortable, it almost makes you want to be small again yourself !
    I would cuddle my little daughter even more than I already do, if she would wear this =)

  11. Erin

    I love the coat and cap in this giveaway so much. I also must get a pair of the Cuddle Toe Slippers. They are the cutest!

  12. susan

    OH, the little muff! I used to have one just like it when I was a wee one! It took me back in time to a very very happy place!!! thank you for the giveaway! be blessed

  13. Marta

    My favourite item from Bunnies by the Bay is the Bao Bao with Blue Blanket, it’s really sweet.

  14. Reagan

    What an adorable company with such sweet clothing and toys! My favorite items are the Silly Bunny stuffies and the bunny coats.

  15. thepricklypinecone

    I adore so much but the Blossom Blossom’s dress really stands out!

  16. christelle

    All is so cute on this web site ! so hard to choose, but i love the Original Cuddle Coat …so Alice in wonderland.

  17. Jan

    They have so many cute things. I love the set shown and also my first party dress set is so cute. The bibs and hats are to cute!
    Thanks for a great giveaway, Jan

  18. Martha Cardenas

    The buddy blankets are so cute! I also loved the books perfect for my little grandaughter she’s only 5 months but it’s never too young to start reading to them.

  19. Dario Cordova

    Books, I love gifting books so I always check out the books in any shop. Perfect for my niece.

  20. annie

    Going to the shop was my dream come true…and it did NOT disappoint!!! The cuddle coat is a favorite, but I love everything BUNNY BUNNY much!!!!

  21. susan friedel

    I love all the items by Bunnies by the Bay. My first grandchild is now 5 months and she has been a Bunnies by the Bay baby since the day she was born. I just ordered her the “My First Party Dress” gift set and can’t wait till she wears it. But I think my favorite item she has is the
    “Cuddle Coat”.

  22. Sara Thorpe

    I just had my first child on September 8, 2010. She is a true gift from God, as my husband and I were told we may not be able to have children. Adelina was born just before out 1st wedding anniversary.

    My mom was the first “Pink Bunny” in our family (a name her mother gave to her), I was the second and now we have a third generation of “Pink Bunny”. Adelina has a great selection of Bunnies by the Bay clothes, and my favorite has to be her “Cuddle Coat”. Her Nana just ordered her the “My First Party Dress” and I can’t wait till she can wear it on her first birthday.

    All the Bunnies by the Bay items are adorable!!!!

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