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Yes we were again in Singapore last weekend and again we have had so much fun! Perhaps getting to see our new apartment for the first time from the inside really helped 🙂 Yes this is my little secret, last year we bought a small apartment in Singapore. The main reason for us is to have a place in Asia that is our own home, no matter how small our big it is our little haven were we can go to whenever we want to. We will keep on living in Kuala Lumpur but are planning to spend as much time as possible in SIngapore once the apartment is finished. This city is perhaps the greenest city in the world and makes it possible to spend a lot of time outdoors in the parks, beach- or riverside?  We don't have the actual key yet but I have started making mood-boards for the interior decoration. Will keep you posted!

On our way back home to Kuala Lumpur we stopped at Sentosa Island to grab some lunch at this super beautifully styled beach-club called the Tanjong Beach Club, only ten minutes away from the city! The decoration of the restaurant is absolutely gorgeous and I hope I will have a romantic diner their with Rik sometime soon 🙂






Above images were found at the Facebook page of Tanjong Beach Club.

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  1. pawling print studio

    so exciting! we lives in singapore for six years in primary/secondary school and absolutely loved it. definitely looking forward to more posts so we can spy on all of the changes since we were there!

  2. ChantaleP

    What a beautiful place! Definitely one of the places we would love to travel to. Congratulations Irene! Can’t wait to see more pics of your soon to be new home.

  3. Ann Thomas

    Congrats on your new home, Irene! Perhaps we’ll see you writing more about your fab finds in Singapore; – sure would be lovely to see things here from your fresh perspective 🙂

  4. Mariella

    Sounds wonderful, I love in China so I sort of crave green, more than ever! Congrats on the new apartment!

  5. jacqueline yeo

    Nice nice! Congrats on the flat, that clubhouse looks really interesting 🙂 You should def explore here much more….. hope to see you next time you’re down!

  6. meiyi

    oh wow, you’re coming to singapore! welcome to our tiny island!!! 😀

  7. Vina

    Wow, congratulations :). I have been following your blog for a while now and I happen to live in Singapore (we’re on our 6th year now). If you need any tip or advice, please don’t hesitate to ask. Have fun fixing up your new place 🙂

  8. wikkie

    WoW! What a beautiful place! Very special and stylish. I can imagine that you can’t wait to decorate it. Enjoy!

  9. Victoria

    So good to see this post. We arrived back from Singapore on Saturday morning after a 12 day visit to see if it could be our next home!!! My first time in Asia. Loved it. We had 5 days on Sentosa and the rest in the city. A great combination. Your apartment looks amazing. I’d love to know where about it is in the city as we shall be home hunting over the coming months once all the details are finalised.

  10. Tina Fussell

    That is very exciting news! I think if I could have an escape it would be in Spain. It always felt like our home away from home!

  11. Mariela

    Very nice! congrats!, Singapore is a great city , my husband went there twice and he said is very nice.

  12. jennifer

    wow congrats!! i travel to singapore frequently to visit family—so jealous! such a beautiful city…

  13. Chris

    Hi! welcome to Singapore! I’d be happy to meet you and share my experience next time you’re around.

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