Giveaway: Three of you can win a copy of Sewing School

Finally a new Giveaway for you today…


What can you win :: Three of you can win a copy of this great book! Sewing School by Amie Petronis Plumley & Andria Lisle

What do you have to do :: answer the follwong question by leaving a comment; 'What was your favorite item you made as a child?'

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 18 January and the three winners will be announced the following day.

Winner from the Sonny Boutique giveaway is: Staci A.

..Sewing School..

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  1. Hutsefluts

    My absolute favorite thing was a cat I made out of clay. It has a tail made out of little clay beads on a piece of wire. The cat still lives in my fathers livingroom. I cannot get it back and believe me I’ve tried. I also had to fight my little brother who wanted to take it with him when he moved out.

  2. myriam

    As a child I liked to sew skirts and dresses from the fabrichankies of my Grandpa for my dolls 🙂

    The book looks very fantastic!

    Lovely greetings,

  3. Sue

    My favourite were busts I made of my sister’s heads – that my dad helped me mount on wooden platforms – and a clay lady, complete with skirt, apron & bonnet…who holds her hands together so you can put flowers in them. My Mom still has the latter on display.

  4. Magdalena

    I loved to make outfits for dolls from fabric scraps. They were always a great gift for my younger sister:)

  5. Jo

    My fabric covered sewing box. My memory is awful but making this box and the finished project remains a strong and enjoyable memory!

  6. Laura Noble

    When I was 12 my mum helped me make an apron, with a house appliqued on the pocket, I still wear it sometimes 🙂

  7. Iris

    I had a kids sewing machine, but it was a crappy one, so it broke very often. My favorite thing to do was to take it all apart, fix it and put it back together. Often, I would end up with some spare parts that didn’t make it back in, but the machine functioned anyway 🙂

  8. lingonsmak

    a picture out of fabric and felt, where you could drop things with buttons or open or … for example put a cloud in the sky or drop the flower or open the house door … nice, that you make me remember that – will do it with my son! katrin

  9. Steph

    Making large pockets with a shoulder strap to carry my pet rabbits…..poor creatures in hindsight! Dont tell the RSPCA!!! Still I still love sewing useful, pretty things to this day!

  10. 100%heppie

    I have lots of drawings with horses. I made them over and over again to make the perfect horse (and used ‘te hooi en te gras’ van Rien Poortvliet for inspiration). Now I like to sew and try to motivate my kids at school to sew little projects. So… love this book !

  11. Elena Shushin

    Clothes for every doll I have found!
    Great book, thank you for a chance!

  12. Charlotte

    every holiday I would make myself a new pencil case. I designed them all myself with all sorts of pockets, zips and velcro closures. It was so much fun.

  13. Dee

    barbie clothes.
    i don’t know HOW i could do it when i was a kid because i most certainly can’t now!!
    thanks for the giveaway ~ 🙂

  14. RachelM

    My favourite thing was a mole I made from felt, when we were reading The Animals Of Farthing Wood at school.

  15. Kirsty

    i made a model ‘T’ car using a tea packet, popsticks and sticky tape. i think i loved it so much because my mum thought it was pretty cool that i’d made it.


  16. ksenia

    my most favourite thing was a pincushion which i made for my mum on mothers’ day.

  17. Cate

    The teddy trousers I made with my grandma on her treadle machine will always be my favourite!

  18. Girl on the Moon

    My favourite thing was a hand painted silk cushioncover. I had a wonderful hand-skill-teacher (don’t know if this is an English word) at school and she had always the best projects to make. The cushioncover doesn’t live anymore, but I could save the hand painted silk part and framed it 🙂

  19. Andrea

    As a child I made many pom poms with old yarn my grandma had left over. They were hung all over my bedroom!

  20. Andreia

    I made lots of clothes to my dolls. My mother taught me how to cut the fabrics and how to sew them manualy. That was the way I begun sewing…I still remember the first scarf I knitted without help!

  21. corinne delis

    I loved to draw and I loved clothes so I draw several girls, cut them out and draw clothes for them with those flaps on them so they would cover the dolls(are they called paperdolls in english?). I could play with them for hours.

  22. Bec

    What an awesome giveaway!
    With a Mum who was a home-ec teacher (sewing. & cooking) I was introduced to the sewing machine pretty early. I loved making pillow cases for my bed- bright and colorful ones! I always remember going to sleep-overs and feeling very proud to bring my own customized pillow!!

  23. Nicky

    I remember fondly making applique pictures with some friends. I made a brightly coloured clown that I can still remember today – 40 odd years later!

  24. se7en

    An old lad up the road taught me to crochet squares and we made millions of square blankets together… I wish I sewed better and I think my little girl and I would love this book together!!!

  25. J. Morris

    I wish I could boast a sewing project however, I was not exposed to sewing at all. Hopefully, although the know how skipped me, it won’t skip my daughter with a book like this.

  26. Jo Brown

    My mum was a very good dressmaker,and used to let me use the scraps for clothes for my dolls.I remember making a very sixties type patchwork outfit for my Action Girl doll out of pink and blue crimplene!

  27. Mary S

    Hi, my family moved around with dad’s work so we were always in new schools and mum and I sewed for the school fetes. I thought all children sewed for fundraisers. We made sausage dog’s, humpty dumpty’s and lots of little animal softies. They were really popular with small children. My favourite sewing would have been the humpty’s they were about 2 foot high and 2 foot around, made from contrast velvet fabric and with big eyes.
    Congratulations on your lovely book. Mary

  28. Liesbet

    I can’t wait to start sewing with my daughter and this looks like a lovely book to start with.
    My favourite sewing project as a child where little puppets. I made their bodies in colourful tissue, filled them with fiberfill and then tey got wooden beads for heads, hands and feet. Some of them I put in a plastic ball.. I remember being very proud of my creations 🙂

  29. Rahel

    This is not easy- too many things- some of them I don’t even remember. And I don’t remember a favourit. But I liked a long snake I sewed in school, a wooden board game I painted and a long shawl I knitted for myself.
    Looks like a great book!

  30. Pamela

    I remember a thread art project I made when I was young … it was a circle with nails and string of different color looping around the post … I was pretty amazed at the patterns that formed … thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  31. leah

    Granny Squares! My great aunt spent a whole winter holiday sitting next to me and picking up my drop stitches as I learned how to make these in a range of designs. She was patient, answered each and everyone of my questions and helped me build a passion for knitting. I still have the blanket I made over that fortnight, wrapping my newborn son in it and then my daughter when they were born. They never got to meet my Great Aunt, but her love and patience was able to hug them through that blanket.

  32. dawn

    Hmm,I remember making a soft doll with awful fur hair that was fun. The neatest thing was my hand out of clay, my mom still has that.

  33. susan h

    definitely friendship bracelets. i used to make them for all my girlfriends 🙂

  34. dana

    my favorite item to make for myself and all my friends was scrunchies. i would sit in the sewing room for hours picking out fabrics and sewing my little creations.

  35. MzTallulah

    Yes please! The book looks really fun. I wasn’t at all crafty as a kid, I preferred to read books sitting on a branch of my favourite tree, but I do remember “helping” my mom to make biscuits and cakes.

  36. Floddertje

    I remember i made an elephant out of grey clay and i was so proud of it. Recently my mum gave me a box full of stuff That i made as a kid and there i found my elephant back!

  37. millie johnson

    My favorite thing to make when I was little was a quilt for my dolls. My mom had found an old fabric sample book in the trash and we tore the small squares to make a quilt. I will never forget how proud I had made something so special. I hope soon my little girls will love to sew. The book looks like a delight.

  38. Vita

    After me and my mom visited Devil museum which is in Lithuanis, Kaunas, I made a tiny devil from the yarn. And was sooooooooo proud of myself, I was about 5 or 6 years old…

  39. barbara

    Well, i use to dress up all my dolls, teddy bears, and so on!
    I would love to have the book, now that i am re-descovering my crafty side.
    Thank you for the chance.

  40. Lola

    My mum was a weaver and a very crafty person. So she would bring us to make all sorts of crazy projects.
    But i remember taking particular care in making a little doll out of threads,a bead for the head and a piece of cotton for the dress.
    She was absolutly white and her name became Luna.
    I wish i knew where she was hiding…

  41. Meg T

    My grandmother helped me make a dress that I loved!! I still remember going to pick out the fabric and those little red buttons.

  42. rosa

    My favorite thing I made was a jean skirt for my Barbie. I loved my Barbies and I loved that I was able to make her clothes from scraps of fabric.

  43. Catherine

    A painted pinecone with lots of glitter for the Christmas tree. I loved sewing too, and my 4 year old is eager to learn–this book looks fantastic. Thanks!

  44. Stephanie

    I made a dress for my doll with a green skirt and a coordinating polkadot bodice. I still have the dress!

  45. Donna

    I made clothes for my teddy bear (Ted). I was also very good at making little pillows! I was very proud of a little crazy quilt that I sewed for my bear. I lost all of the things I made, but my bear still sits on my dresser in my room (30 years later!)

  46. Susan

    I love to make anything as a kid (come to think of it, I am still doing this…)

    I think the favorite thing that I made as a kid was a Victorian style dollhouse that I made from cardboard boxes. I think I ordered a kit that had wall paper to use in the house. When I finished the house, I set my hamster up in residence–this seemed like a good idea at the time!

  47. Jennifer

    Growing up, we had crafty people living in our back apartment. Hartianne helped me make a small loom and taught me to weave. Smitty carved tiny miniatures and made scenes with them. With her I carved a one inch tall salt shaker which I painted pink with a flower on it.

  48. Stephanie Harvey

    My favorite thing was a tea towel i made for my mom. It was my first time learning to crosstitch, and i was so proud of it!

  49. Carrie

    My Grandpa had a shop where he did upholstery and I loved to make pillows out of the fabric samples. He would help put the pillows together on his machine. I would then get to stuff them and sew it up with a curved needle. 🙂

  50. janessa

    I loved to cross stitch! My mom made me this beautiful cross stitch when i was a little baby and I have always loved it! So I made her teach me!

  51. Serena Michelle

    I wasn’t exactly a young kid – but in 7th grade we had home economics and we learned how to sew. I remember making a stuffed soccer ball and I really loved it! 4serena at gmail dot com

  52. Bea

    I was about 7 or 8 and went to a children afternoon care in Germany. One time, we made a little animal that was called “ich bin ich”, meaning “I am me”.

    We had to choose everything from the form to the fabric to the button-eyes and at the end every animal was very different. Mine was “me”, the other’s animal looked very different from one another.

    That was supposed to teach us that everybody is different, but that it doesn’t matter.

    Today I think that it was a beautiful way to teach us openess and multiculturality!

  53. Anja Kahlki

    I had to knit a scarf…. Mostly my Grandma knitted. 😉 But it was fun to do things with her and I loved the scarf!

  54. Sofia

    when I was a little girl I pretended that I was a veterinary and I made a little box with lots of tools including, apron with a drawing of the vet logo I created and several other things, including – and this was the special thing – stamps I made out of corks with the logo that I have invented and I made one with the logo and a dog, other with the logo and the cat, and a turtle and a sparrow, etc…. Together I made something like 10 stamps :o) I was very proud with my creation and I truly believed that my imaginary animal friends were to.

  55. JJ

    I would love to win this book!!!

    My favorite item made as a child? Paper stained glass windows. I’m not sure if I loved making them so much (although I did make a bunch) or if I loved that everyone I gave them to still has them!

  56. Melissa Lockett

    A stuffed dinosaur I made in home ec class. I still have it 20+ years later and my kids play with it. It is green and black plaid. I also treasure a pillow I made with my grandmother when I was 10 or so. It is heart shaped with lace trim and the main part of the pillow is teal satin covered by eyelet lace. I still love eyelet to this day!

  57. Patricia

    I would make really adorable pieces of clothes for my dolls, usually for Barbie. My mom used to think I would be an stylist as grown up. It turned out I am not one, but still dream about being…

  58. robin

    I particularly remember a drawing of a horse in crayon that actually had pretty good proportion, considering that I can’t draw. Also I remember a lego man creation – somewhere I have a picture of him. 🙂

  59. homemoma

    i remember making dresses and other clothes for my tiny dolls and animals. and as first school project i made a stuffed elephant. i do not remember what grade.

  60. Jill

    My favorite thing I made as a child was actually a drawing of my family on the 4th of July. My mother framed it (it captures our family so well) and I love that we still have it today.

  61. Skye

    My favorite thing was making Christmas ornaments with my mom… we did every year when I was little.

  62. Marjolein

    My favourite self-made items were made of Nesquick-boxes (chocolate-milk-powder). I made a car and beds for my Barbies. To me, they were almost as beautiful as the real ones in the shop.

  63. anne

    I once made a doll out of this crinkly paper… can’t remember what it’s called. I was so proud of myself and thought my color choices were so pretty 🙂 My mom was always trying to get me to sew – maybe if we’d had such a fun book to work from!

  64. antoinette

    a rabbit, of a blue-and-white flowery fabric. it lost a leg, due to my bad sewing skilss, but still: a beauty!

  65. Mia-Louise

    I made a ballet costume out of blue tulle for my favorite pony when I was about 9 years old. It was a huge skirt I tied around his tummy and a little ‘hat’ which was actually just a tiiiiny skirt I tied around his neck. He looked CUTE!!

  66. Tanpopo

    I remember making a small japanese garden on a large tray with sand, little stones, leaves, sticks … Ponds were made of aluminium foils and bridges of matches glued together. It took me some time to get the result I wanted ! I also remember how my small porcelain animals happily played in that garden when it was finished!

  67. Mia-Louise

    I made a ballet out fit out out of blue tulle for my favorite pony when I was about 9 years old. It was a huge skirt I tied around his tummy and a ‘hat’ which was actually just a tiiiny skirt I tied around his neck. He looked CUTE!!

  68. margaret

    My Uncle helped me make a oak shelf. It was small but I used power tools and stained it with his encouragement and teaching.

  69. Tanya

    I used to cut up ads and magazines and make collages or just keep the pictures I loved. I’d wait for the Sunday paper that had lots of shiny ads in it, and cut out little treasures from it. I will always remember that.

  70. Lindsay

    I used to love making friendship bracelets from embroidery floss. But most exciting was just collecting all the different colors and saving them in my craft box!

  71. Bethany

    I used to love making colorful potholders using my plastic loom.

  72. Emmy

    I made a marvelous elastic band plaid skirt with matching hair tie when I was about nine. It was the best.

  73. Ellen

    I’d love to win this book!
    As a child I was always busy making things: I cross stitched birthday gifts for my parents, made patchwork pillow cases, knitted a ballet doll and even cross stitched a whole carpet. Wish I had time to make a carpet again…

  74. Jennifer

    What an amzing giveaway! I wasn’t crafty as a child (I’m making up for lost time.) I did, however, make my mom breakfast on Mother’s Day and attempted to sneak it up the stairs to her to surprise her when, BAM! I tripped and the whole tray fell and made a mess. Luckily, my compassionate mom was not mad.

  75. JennyH

    My paternal grandmother had such patience and taught me how to sew, my first project was a Raggedy Ann doll that I still have. My second favorite project was a Teddy Bear I made for a highschool boyfriend, I made him give it back when he broke up with me… what?… I put a lot of love into that bear!

  76. Bianca

    Thanks for the giveaway! Looks like a great book-my daughter is just learning to sew so it would be a great resource for her.

  77. Maria

    What a great book. I’ve already been looking at sewing machines for my 3 year old! My favourite thing to make when I was small was free-form hankies which I gave to the neighbours and wrap skirts for my dolls (which I think might have involved sticky-tape!).

  78. Megan Longtin

    I sewed lots of things as a child… doll clothing, little pillows but my favorite thing to make was dolls… some sewn from white nylon socks and stuffed with facial tissue and some made with yarn.. fun memories!

  79. Melissa

    I was very into cross-stitch as a kid. I joined the school cross-stitch club when I was 8. I designed a flower and little note that I stitched and framed for my mom and she still has it on her bedside table.

  80. Theresa

    Making fairytale, character puppets for a school project in grammar school! And making christmas ornaments.

  81. Cindy

    My first and only sewing project was my prom dress! It looked terrible but I wore it proudly. My 4-year-old son is showing a lot of interest in sewing and knitting so I would love to win this book. Maybe someday he can sew his tuxedo for prom!

  82. Janet Chin

    When I was in Primary school,my mum taught me how to knit,so,I love knitting scarfs for family and friends.

  83. Justine

    A really cool Macrame Owl, which embarrassingly my mum still has on her wall after 30 years !

  84. sacha

    I made two ribbon pillows for my grandmother with my mother and it was very fun. I remember agonizing over the ribbons- they were all so pretty- how could I pick just a few????

  85. Lindsay I.

    My brother and I would rummage through my mom’s scrap material and together we made bean bag snakes with rice, button eyes, and a ribbon tongue. They may not have been the prettiest things, but we had fun making them together and its the memory thats important! 🙂

  86. Megan

    I think my favorite things I made were clothes for my dolls. I became pretty creative! Now my daughter does the same with her Barbies!

  87. Lana-Marie

    I loved making daisychains. Puts a smile on my face just remebering it:)

  88. Nicki N

    Taking sewing in school was considered torture, I mad a pillowcase, not my favorite, but maybe the only thing I made. I hope my kids have different memories.

  89. Rikke/Frk. Hverdag (Miss Everyday)

    I never really played with dolls, like the rest of the girls. But Ohh my drawing. I loved it. After many years of pause, I started drawing/painting again. It was like it never been gone.
    I love it.

    Frk. Hverdag (Denmark)

  90. Bea

    My favourite thing was an enormous wool blanket. My grandma taught me to knit and all I wanted was knitting all day long so the blanket was so big that all the family could get inside. (sorry about my poor english)

  91. jen

    my mom taught me to sew by helping me make a pair of bermuda shorts. long live the 80s!

  92. Camila F.

    I made a very sad looking bracelet when I was 8 and loved it!!! I thought it was super cool and used to tell everyone I had made it!

  93. Randi

    I sewed a little dress for my doll and my daughter still has that dress in with her doll clothes. What a neat book – I’ve been wanting it!

  94. pimpelwit

    what a great book, so great that I would love to have this! specially cause when I found out I was pregnant of a baby boy I got worried, cause I really like flowers and textiles and self make project. So when I red of this book I thought maybe it’s gonna be a great opportunity for me how I’m gonna prepare myself on learning my boy these great things too 😉
    what I remember of my childhood, besides a room full of horse pictures everywhere I also loved making horses out of bread. There is a lot of salt in it. so you can’t eat it. But you can paint it and bake it in the oven. really great material to decorate your room with.
    Can’t wait till the 18tht
    greetz form marieke

  95. Wendy

    papermache – i remember making all sorts of things with that messy craft. we would blow up balloons and start cutting and tearing strips of newspaper… in then came the dipping of the paper in the glue and water or sometimes we would make the glue from flour and water… those days were so much fun!

  96. annuh

    Oh so many, but really special was the pencase(etui dus)! And in second place an dutch “windhaan” (weathercock??is it a real word in engelish?)but of course not with a rooster but with a pony, as it should be for little grls!

  97. Karin

    A bookmark made of green fabric with different lines made of different stitches. (first embroidery project)
    I decided to give this first project to my dear opa (grand dad) who was a writer… He used it every day. Now after 30 years it’s back in my books.

  98. Julie R

    i’d love this book! my kids love to “help” me sew and made each other pj pants for christmas. growing up i remember HAND stitching an apron for one of my dolls. it took a long time, but i felt so proud!

  99. Amanda Bohack

    The one thing I remember best from my childhood is making a small heart pillow with my Gran! I am still fortunante to have both of my grandmothers and be able to aske them questions about sewing, you never know when you are young that you will have a billzillion questions when you get older and decide to start sewing!

  100. Lucia

    I embroidered (just regular stitches) a multicolored elephant (only the shape) on a small throwpillow, I was very proud of that. I was good in working with clay, paper and paintings, but never in knitting and fabrics, so this was a true achievement for me!

  101. Amy

    I did a charcoal drawing of a dragon in school. I was so proud of it, they even hung it in the school hallways…only a few were selected for this! I used to draw much more when I was a kid, now I have other hobbies that I didnt have when I was young, to include sewing! I do want to teach my daughter, she cant wait to learn.

  102. Maureen

    My kids and I will LOVE this book!

    When I was a little girl I LOVE to sew, knit and chrochet on school.
    I was busy to make little babyclothes for my children later.
    Because when I was a little girl, I already knew, I wanted one thing…….become a mother of many ;o))

    I keep my fingers crossed 😉


  103. Mary P.

    My mum showed me how to wave paper and from then I made EVERYTHING just weaving paper, so many purses, and boxes, rugs, and even a cushion. But from all I really loved my waved paper bags.

  104. sarah

    In kindergarten I made a needlepoint picture with yarn. A few years ago I found it again (because don’t we all keep way too much stuff) and framed it. It is now hanging in my craft room with my 6yr and 9yr old daughters’ works of art.

  105. Kandyce

    I have never been much of a seamstress, but my 12 year old loves sewing. I think she would enjoy this book. As a child I only made a handful of sewn items, but my favorite was a pillow that looked like a turtle. I, like many other made some doll clothes…but, they were pretty pitiful. I did, however, love to latch hook.

  106. Stacey

    I was not taught how to sew as a child but have so enjoyed helping and watching my girls learn how to sew. Our favorite was sewing stuffed animals.

  107. kate

    I loved making clothes for my My Friend Mandy doll (and now for my daughter’s My Friend Jenny doll). Also, any miniature food from Fimo, doll house accessories, and writing and illustrating my own little stories. I have great memories of crafting with my grandmothers and my mom. And now that my daughter is six, we are enjoying a lot more crafting time together.

  108. Jessica

    I made a mosaic button planter for my mom and she still has it to this day with a little prickly cactus in it.

  109. Qing Xue

    The favorite item I made as a child was a piece of paper cut of a panda. I learned it with a traditional paper cutting craftwoman, a grand-aunt. I probably still keep it somewhere in my notebook.

  110. annelies zee

    When I was 10, I got a little sewingmachine for my birthday from my parents. From that moment I started to sew some fancy dresses for my barbie-dolls.
    I’m still smiling when I think about it. I hope my 3 daughters will like “creating” as much as I did when they’re gone be old enough!

  111. Dawn

    When I was 5 or 6 my sister and I needed a Mother’s Day gift (of course we had no money). We found a cigar box, some paint and some sea shells. So we decided to make her a jewelry box. Great idea except that the paint we found in the shed was old but it was all we had so we used it anyway. It was quite “chunky”. It’s the thought that counts. Not the prettiest but it’s the one I remember…

  112. colleen

    I made a pillow from a piece of fabric that batik-ed in elem school art class

  113. tukimu

    when I was a child, I made a turkey from pinecone,x-ray paper and little dough (for head and feet). Now, I think that I can not…

  114. r. schick

    i remember making marbled paper in art class in elementary school. the results amazed me. i’m going to have to do this with my children soon.
    this book looks like so much fun! thanks for the chance to win!

  115. Lisa

    A skirt out of a pair of jeans — there were instructions in Seventeen magazine.

  116. Lissy

    I still have the underpants I made for my favourite teddy bear with a J embroidered on the front for his name!

  117. Etta

    What a fun book!

    I loved making headbands, and remember almost missing the bus one morning because I (thought I) needed to have one to match my outfit – so I sat at my moms sewing machine and whipped one out just seconds before the bus pulled up.

  118. tamara

    my favorite very favorite thing that I made was an egg…deep purple with sky blue flecks. I loved purple. It came back from being fired and I burst into tears because I thought it was so beautiful. I still to this day love, love, love the egg.

  119. Janna Kerr

    I made a Barbie “mansion” out of cardboard boxes. I also handmade all the furniture and house accessories (bedding, curtains, pictures). It wouldn’t have sold for $100 like the store versions, but it was priceless for me as a little girl.

  120. Diana L

    I made a macrame belt. Not sewing but, it was really cool. As a teen I learned to sew by making a blouse. I loved the satisfaction I felt when wearing that blouse.

  121. Teri

    Before I received my junior sewing machine, I used tin foil to make clothes for my Barbies. Probably not very comfortable, but she looked pretty cool!

  122. ana

    I loved to build houses where I could go inside and stay protected! I used chairs, tables, sheets, blankets…they used to have rooms and corredors. It was so cool 🙂

  123. Emma

    My favorite item(s) to make when I was younger were friendship bracelets from string. I need to make some more. I still think they are cute!

  124. Haelyn

    PAPERDOLLS! I have fond memories of making paper dolls and their clothes for me and my sister to play with. I always named them Annabeth, Kellibeth or Emilie. 🙂

  125. Lisa

    I remember being too short to reach the sewing machine pedal, so I’d sit on my mother’s lap and I would guide the fabric throught the machine while she operated the pedal. I made a skirt and peasant blouse out of Strawberry Shortcake fabric – I thought it was so cool! Now my daughter is ready to start sewing, and I need to get with it and start teaching!

  126. Dana Beth

    i used to have a fisher price weaving loom as a kid and i made the most lovely rugs on it.

  127. Heleen

    I had such a little sewing machine that you had to turn by hand. I made dolls clothes. But the favorite thing I made was knitted: a super cute pair of pants for my little nephew. They were stripped in red and blue and knitted in garter stitch, I still remember exactly how they looked. I was ten years old and my grandma just learned me how to knit and sew. I loved it, and now, 30 years later I still do!

  128. tartankiwi

    At art class at school we painted canvas and then turned it into a tote bag. Mine had a huge big bumble bee on it and I loved it!

  129. Emily Flippin Maruna

    we made a train out of a refrigerator box and kept it in the basement for months. all the kids in the neighborhood would come over and go for “rides”

  130. Kristie Brock

    My Mamaw taught me to crochet when I was a little girl. I still have the doll blanket I made under her instruction. I must have picked the color for it as it is a bright pink and white varigated yarn, and pink of course was my favorite color! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a lovely book! I have four little ones of my own now and love crafting with them.

  131. Melissa S.

    Letter Pillows with my name. They were purple with polka dots.

  132. Helen

    I embroidered a bookmark for my Granddad. I found it years later after he died and was so touched that he had kept it all those years.

  133. julie

    i took my latch-hook rug making kit with me everywhere. i think it took me months to complete one. it had an image of a panda bear on it.

  134. Tanja

    In third grade I made some salt dough doll furniture – a table and a trunk – I remember being so amazed that I could make furniture out of flour!

  135. emilia

    I used to make sequin necklaces that I gave to my friends on their birthday.

  136. Lisan

    My mum used to buy me colourful scraps of fabric which I turned into clothing for my Barbiedoll. I couldn’t really sew yet so it was just cutting holes in strategic places, using ribbon and attaching buttons.

  137. Ann

    My own version of M.C. Hammer pants. When I wore them to school I really felt like, “you can’t touch this”.

  138. Ricki

    Definitely my Christmas stocking! I never had one of my own to keep until my parents (aunt and uncle) took me in to live with them. So this was a very special sewing project, especially since my cousin/brother helped me.

  139. Mary Ann in Vermont

    I’m 55, and as a child, Barbie dolls were perfectly fine for girls to play with, mind you, it was the 60’s and the Barbies were an okay roll model at that time. I would take scraps of fabrics and make the most amazing dresses for my Barbie. I did all the sewing by hand with a needle and thread. That began my life long love of sewing. Now with 3 Grandchildren, I find myself sewing for them all the time. This book would be just wonderful to have to begin to share my love with my Grands!

  140. jill s

    I used to love to paint ceramics! My grandma’s sister had her own kiln and an awesome set up of paints + TONS of ceramics to choose from!

  141. jenna

    i made my mom a leather token holder and even though the nyc subways no lobger take tokens i still have the holder with 5 tokens in it.

  142. Lynn

    My most favourite item that I made from my youth was when I was 11. My Mom’s friend taught me how to crochet (which I’ve been doing ever since and I’m now going to 50 in a few days!), and I quickly crocheted up hundreds (at least it seemed that way) of beautiful squares which I painstakingly (for an 11 year old!) sewed together as a wonderfully warm and colourful bedspread! Thanks so much for this fabulous giveaway, by the way and good luck to all!

  143. Gail Saunders

    maybe not favorite but makes me laugh. I just learned to use a sewing machine and decided to make some shorts out of a straight skirt I had. I cut a slit through the front and back of the skirt, stiched inner leg seam….tadah! shorts!!….one problem; no room for my butt!!

  144. erika~ the inspried mama

    i made a woven coaster out of pine needles for my dad and he acted like it was the most wonderful gift he had ever received! i remember feeling so proud. he used that coaster every single day until it fell apart a few years later.

  145. Madeleine

    Definetly the little beanbags filled with rice to throw in a bucket. They were supposed to be squares but mind ended up all crooked and rhombus shaped! I made some for my children to play with just recently…they are much better thankfully!
    ps. Thanks for the chance, the book looks fabulous!

  146. Min

    I remembered making puppet faces out of brown paper bags. Me and my sis will make our own characters and pretend to be that character in our own “show”. And use props like pots and spoons to pretend to be having a picnic in the forest. 😉

  147. Skillian

    I stayed with my grandparents most summers as a child. One summer iDisk,t pack a single shirt. So we sewed together some halter tops to get by…. Loved those tops!

  148. Lisa

    A book that I wrote and illustrated in 3rd Grade. I made covers out of cardboard and covered those with fabric. Such fun!

  149. Patty Rasmussen

    A sweater that I knit with my Norwegian grandmother- she was teaching me how to knit and it was my first project (after a really really long scarf)- I still have that sweater and I cherish it so much.

  150. Sarah in Colombo

    A dried pumpkin seed and bead necklace for my mum when I was about 5. Looking through her jewelry box recently I saw that she still has it – 34 years later!

  151. strongrrl

    I constantly built dollhouses out of double album covers and furnished them with boxes I’d decorate. Thanks for helping me remember that!

  152. Debra

    We were always creating! I remember making a snowy white bunny stuffie when I was a child…This would be perfect for my daughter who will begin a sewing class w/ friends this week 🙂

  153. Heidi Jo

    There was a boy at my school in a grade above me with the most adorable chipmunk cheeks. In my ceramics class, I decided to do a bust of him. I don’t think I ever talked to the boy, but to this day, I still have a his head forever crafted into clay with big, puffy chipmunk cheeks.

  154. Via

    My favourite item is a a doll house I made for my beanie bear using old carton boxes. I painted it and even cut out windows and doors and made tiny bedrooms for beanie bear and her friends to have a tea party inside. I was inspired by my favourite Enid Blyton’s stories.

  155. Zan

    This book looks awesome.
    I have a little girl who would enjoy learinging to sew.
    My favorite thing I made was a quilted frog pillow. I still have it.
    My children still like it and love to look at it.

  156. Lew

    what a nice book, will be thrilled to win it!
    I love reading storyboooks and I remembered drawing pieces of drawings using crayon and then punch holes in them and bind them together with threads, and turning it into my very own storybook.

  157. Holly

    When my grandma moved to a nursing home, I made her a stuffed bunny with a heart appliqued on the front to keep her company. She slept with it always.

  158. Ron G

    I made a doorbell to my room using a greeting card music device connected to a switch. made me feel a home owner. I was eight!

  159. Emily

    When I was a little girl I made a doll based on a doll that my mother had as a child named “Arabella”. It was one of the dolls with the pattern printed on the cloth that you cut out and sew together. She had it since she was a little girl and I loved it so much.

  160. Sarah L. Rose

    a basket I made when I was 8 years. We were learning about native americans and doing a hands on project. I still have it displayed in my guest room.

  161. Shannon

    I used to try to make Barbie clothes by just making up my own pattern. It was fun, they didn’t always turn out pretty, but it was great practice. Thank goodness my mom let me experiment on her machine!

  162. nico

    we made a dollhouse with my dad, it was a combination of wood and paper

  163. Sandra

    what a lovely book! i used to take up my skirts and pants and use the cut off material to make matching clothes for my barbies. the most fun part was drawing the little patterns.

  164. Allison

    Very nice! As a child I enjoyed using a “toadstool” to knit and make coaster for my relatives.

  165. Heather

    I used to make all these great animal pillows. They were shaped like monkeys, dogs, rabbits, you name it and I’d add felt details and embroider the details on both to fasten the felt parts and to decorate. Then we’d sew them and stuff them. I made caboodles of them and even sold some…

  166. elisa

    Am I still in time? Unfortunately in my childhood no one taught me to sew but the item I made entirely by me and the one I remember so vividly was a paperweight ladybug painted stone. It was the gift for my dad on father’s day, I was 7.
    Kids are able to create with nothing but I hope to pass on my little girl enough curiosity and notion for an early approach to knitting and sewing.

  167. MaryAnne

    I sewed a beanie baby style toy, a lizard – I was so proud.

  168. JillAnn

    I made a small hippo, out of clay, from our Missouri backyard. My older siblings told me it looked just like a piece of poo, but I could see its hipponess.

  169. Loreal Barker-Brown

    I embroidered the words ‘I love you mom’ on a piece of blue
    leather with tan thread…it took me forever and I was very
    proud of my work. I was 8 or 9? I had never seen anyone
    embroider but a character from a book I was reading at the
    time was doing ‘handwork’ so I looked into it!

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