Giveaway: 3 prize packs of AUD 200 each from Nanny Pickle


What can you win this week :: 3 prize packs to the value of AUD 200 each from Nanny Pickle. The packs contain the gorgeous Signature Flocking collection featuring the Sleepy Bunny wrap; Sleepbag; Long Sleeve Long Leg Footed Jumpsuit and a Short Sleeve Legless Jumpsuit. Winners can choose from our beautiful Duck Egg Blue or our Berries and Cream Pink.

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment answering the following question: What is the most important factor when you buy your baby a new outfit?

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 7 December and winner will be announced the following day.

Nanny Pickle also would like to offer 10% off purchases when quote code 00TB in the promotional code section of the checkout of their online shop right here.

Last weeks winner from the ecojot giveaway is : Suzi

..Nanny Pickle..

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  1. Isabelle

    Unfortunately, I have to say that price is the number one factor. I wish I could say cuteness… I love this givaway!

  2. Romina

    It’s a toss up between quality and price. Too cheap and it won’t last anyway…too expensive, even if high quality, seems wasteful given how much wear they get out of certain items. Love this give-away since all my friends seem to be pregnant right now.

  3. Grit

    If I buy a new outfit for 5months old Minime Nora it has to be as colourful as possible!

  4. Meg T

    As much as I love white clothes, I’m starting to steer away from them. It seems baby spit stains shows up way more. I know there are ways to get it out, but colors help. Also, comfort and cuteness are tops in choosing baby outfits, thanks!!

  5. Carolyne

    Number one factor? Well, price unfortunately, but comfort is a close second with simplicity following close behind. I love babies in a simple outfit without any obnoxious stripes, color combinations, or animals. I love nuetral, simple clothing.

  6. Michelle G

    Can I quickly change a diaper in it? That’s what I’m thinking as I’m shopping…

  7. Lola

    Comfy, natural and cute! I’m expecting a little boy so this giveaway is just perfect for us!! Thank you!

  8. Sarah

    frankly, for me anyway it doesn’t really matter how cheap or cute an outfit is if it’s impossible to get the baby in or out of when they’ve had a diaper explosion and are screaming bloody murder, kicking and turning purple with rage!
    so practicality is my #1 deciding factor in choosing clothes.

  9. beka

    it would have to be a combination of price and quality. i look for something that is reasonable but will last me a while. 🙂

  10. Yoli

    Comfort and how well it is made. No point in spending any money on something that will deteriorate in a couple of washes.

  11. Megan

    Affordable + quality material (esp. since some articles will fit longer than others). Our boy blew through 6-12 month sizes & as he approaches his first birthday it’s all 24 mo or 2T! Surprise babe is coming in April, so the giveaway is a sweet treat.

  12. Magdalena

    The outfit has to be comfortable and well made. I also try to find items that would match something that my kids already own.

  13. Karin

    Price, mix-and-matchablity with clothes they already have, cute/age-appropriate, comfort, quality.

  14. wild cherry jam

    Comfort and ease of putting on/ taking off. Amazing how many baby clothes seem to have big clunky zips or uncomfortable necklines. These look super soft and practical though!

  15. Kristen

    The softness of an outfit wins me over…as long as the price is right!

  16. Allison

    What a beautiful prize package.

    We’re expecting our first in January, and so far I’ve been looking for things that are comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and affordable… although there have been a few splurges along the way.

  17. tartankiwi

    WOW! What a great giveaway!!!

    For a newborn, neutral colours are important as I am one of those people who doesn’t find out what they are having (so exciting that way!!!) Also very high on the list are comfort, practicality and natural fibres.

  18. sacha

    I have to say that I think the most important feature of baby clothing is the fabric quality, texture and softness. It is also nice if changing diapers is easily managed- not too tight…

  19. Carly

    Comfort first. At around age 18 months I might be tempted to plump for style/ design over comfort (but only occasionally!). The best brands don’t leave you with this kind of dilemma… xx

  20. Catherine

    Comfort–soft, no scratchy seams or tags, easy on and off. These are wonderful!

  21. rahel

    The clothes should be comfortable and if possible from soft fabric. They should be good for an every-day-use and I also need to consider costs. If I would have a bigger budget I would also go for more organic fabrics, handmade and fair-trade items.

  22. Madeleine Poulin

    The fabric most be super soft and organic ! with cute color and design also

  23. Lixa

    How practical is the outfit: it might look ok in the photo or store, but it has to be good for a day by day usage – the pants not to gather up at the diaper after an hour of wearing; the blouse not to get tangled or gathered at the shoulders; the onesie to have good snaps that hold, but not require 2 people to unsnap it… and so on.

  24. Giselle

    If it was my choice it would be the cuteness factor, but since I need to choose clothes for my baby girl, I would have to say comfort. These outfits sure do look comfy and soft, so she will love them!

  25. Anne Maynard

    I look for quality first and by that I mean 1. a good design; flexible neckline for easy dressing, no uncomfortable buttons or zippers at the back, sleeves long enough to keep her arms warm at night etc and 2. quality materials.

  26. Hanna

    I want my kiddo to be comfy and cute, so I look for something that wont result in “baby wedgie”! Baby clothes are an addiction for me… I just can’t stop!!!

  27. Magdalena

    The most important factor – definitely soft fabric, followed by: organic, comfortable, cute.

  28. Huili

    I always like to touch the fabric to test if it’s super comfortable on the skin. Most of the time I go with cotton. Then the price, cuteness and practicality, not in particular order, one of these three will determine if I’d buy it or not.

  29. miss boui boui

    I think I am interested in the colour of the item I buy, and secondly, the softness of the fabric !!! Love this giveaways, thanks Irène !

  30. Jill D.

    Comfort…no fastenings on the back. Soft, natural fabric. Prefer not to have over-the-head to get on.

  31. Gemma

    Comfort for my baby son is number one – I like soft, organic natural fibres. Great giveaway!

  32. Michael H

    The duck egg blue is a great colour. Most important factor is comfort, then ease-of-use, then price.

  33. Anna

    Quality and cost are the first factors for me. Great giveaway, thanks!

  34. Clare

    Must be comfortable for bub and look good too. This prize is fabulous!

  35. Maria

    Comfort is always the most important thing (babies should never have to suffer for fashion!), though quality, style and relatively reasonable pricing rate highly too.

  36. Bec

    Comfort, safety, organic credentials. Every time!! These outfits look so lovely!

  37. Brooke Mullins

    These days, because most of my baby girl’s clothes are hand-me-downs of my best friend’s baby, and she is the first granddaughter after four grandsons, I steer towards anything that isn’t pink!

  38. Dillison

    The most important factor for me when I buy a baby outfit would be a tie between the aesthetics of the garment and the quality of garment -softness – as well as the functionality of the outfit – thank you for such a nice giveaway!

  39. Sue

    Softness, durability and character (and don’t forget – bought with love….to hand down again, again, again, again & again).

  40. A.

    Natural fabrics for keeping the skin of the baby as soft as a blushing peach and for comfort! If it’s mad with love it also shows in the aesthetics.

  41. Laura

    I think the most important things for me are comfort, and safety. I also consider price and prefer simple things made from natural materials.

  42. Adrienne

    Being the receiver of some fabulous second hand goodies I like to look for things that will have a long lifetime and see plenty of ware on a few babes so I can pass on the goodness.

  43. Melissa

    Style & comfort are the two big factors for us. It has to look good (and being fairly original/unique is a huge bonus), but has to be comfortable enough to run and play in. Natural fabrics are also important!

  44. Indra

    The quality and the fabric are the first things I pay attention to.

  45. Nel

    Comfort! For the child as well as for the mother! So soft and stretchy fabrics and easy to put on and to pull off.

  46. sonia

    I would say Comfort is the first thing I look for when buying my baby’s clothes but if I find Comfort, Quality and Good design in one outfit, it is usually a winner!

  47. vreni

    expecting twins I would say price and comfort. and the clothes really have to be wash-and-wear easily.

  48. Briony

    Quality in stretch fabric & snap fastenings and PRACTICALITY! Love clothes to be durable and wash n wear so I can use for all my kids then be able to pass them on to cousins in the future. Gorgeous, understated design seals the deal for me, which is why I am entering this giveaway! Thanks so much.

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