Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Erika Harberts

Gifts ideas and Festive Thoughts by Erika Harberts from MikoDesign

*for Babies:  I think this will look great in a baby room
*for Girls: we love giving creative presents, normally we make our own sewing boxes but this one is also nice
*for Boys:  This is so cool
*handmade:  I think these necklaces will make a great Christmas gift
*eco-friendly: these noses and tails are so cute !
*pure luxury :   I’m sure the girls would love to have a bag like this
*less than 25:  These great stamps
*less than 50: we love dressing up
*less than 100:  I love petit pan and these mobiles are so pretty

"We start the Christmas period this year, I think again with a small Christmas at our house, with the girls and Christmas crafts decorate the house and the nice day to gluhwin and cookies with friends, acquaintances, customers and themselves with Christmas just sit with the family eating together."



Bloggers Gift Guide for Kids 2010


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