Giveaway: 2 Dresses from Winter Water Factory


What can you win this week :: Two dresses!! The Schoolyard Dress in Winding Flowers (red) and the Birds and Flowers dress in yellow from Winter Water Factory

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment stating which Winter Water Factory print is your favorite?

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 23 November and winner will be announced the following day.

Last weeks winner from the Villa Figura giveaway is : She is Thrifty

..Winter Water Factory..
..Winter Water Factory shop..

{ps. big thanks to Tiffany from the Pajama Squid who organized this giveaway for us}

Bloesem loves comments
  1. rahel

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!
    How I love these happy fabrics! I like the yellow “Winterberry Dress – Birds & Flowers”.

  2. Bea

    My favorite print is the yellow birds and flowers one and I think my little girl would be nice with the dress…

  3. Laura

    The schoolyard dress is my absolute favorite! All of these are so cute and pretty <3

  4. milimelo

    I love bold pattern… but I think I prefer the ” Birds & Flowers Yellow”

  5. Peggy

    great give away… I like the June Leave Navy print the best and my daughter would be happy to wear these as she now started to talk about school (still some months left to enter) 🙂
    fingers crossed!

  6. ksenia

    My most favourite colour is yellow, that is why i would go for this lovely birds & flowers yellow print!

  7. MzTallulah

    Such beautiful and cheerful prints! My favourite is the Birds & Flowers Winter Blue on Navy, but I also love the brighter colours. Thankyou for the giveaway!

  8. Caroline

    Birds & Flowers (but the June Leaf Navy pattern has to be my favorite of all your dresses)

  9. Katie

    my little molly would look so cute in any of these, but the birds & flowers print in yellow is definitely my favorite! so graphic and cheerful

  10. Stephanie

    Oh, what a lovely giveaway! I adore the Winding Flowers print. What beautiful fabrics/prints – thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Brit

    The birds & flowers are the BEST! The mustard yellow color is great right now.
    We are getting ready to have a baby girl and I cannot stop buying cute clothes like these.

  12. Spencer Cantley

    My daughter would look so cute in these! My favorite is the big pink dot but I also love the birds and flowers.

  13. Lisan Van Bauwel

    They are all so beautiful. I think I like the Schoolyard Dress in Winding Flowers red best. It’s so festive and very child-friendly.

  14. Bettina

    what a happy collection! i pick danish flower winter blue as my favorite!

  15. Seana

    I like the Schoolyard Dress in Winding Flowers red, its sooooo pretty and would be adorable on my sweet girl.

  16. Karin

    I would love to see my little Mabel in the June Leaf Navy dress. And she always looks scrumptious in violet.

  17. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    My favorite is the Birds & Flowers Winter Blue on Navy print.

  18. janessa

    OOO My favorite, which was super hard to decide on just ONE, is the Danish flower red!

  19. Maureen

    how beautiful; do they come in grown-up sizes, too? i love them all, but perhaps like birds & flowers a tiny bit more than the others!

  20. Jamie

    I like the birds & flowers winter blue on navy the best. LOVE the style of these dresses — so simple and sweet.

  21. Britta

    The yellow dress with birds and flowers is our favorite! Emily, Paula & Britta

  22. Melissa

    I love the Birds and Flowers in yellow. My daughter is spunky and loves nature so the yellow fits her. I could see her loving this dress.

  23. Beetlegirl

    I am always a fan of polka dots…so the big dots is my favorite…and it would match the rosy cheeks of my wee one.

  24. Catherine

    My daughter and I both love birds and flowers in blue. These dresses are perfect for my girl. Thanks for sharing!

  25. chacha

    Super, j’aime beaucoup le modèle Winterberry Dress – Birds & Flowers Yellow ! Je découvre et j’aime beaucoup : )

  26. Cami

    Those are incredible. I love the birds and flowers in yellow. It is so sunny and fun!

  27. lizzieloo

    I love love love the Winterberry Dress – Birds and flowers in Yellow. It’s like a little dose of happy sunshine as the chilly weather starts here in England! x

  28. Squeaks

    Oh my goodness – the Birds and Flowers in yellow took my breath away. I adore the navy June Leaf print too!

  29. de Oontand

    Wow, love them all! But even more the yellow Winterberry Dress – Birds & Flowers. But I know that my daughter is better with red, so let’s say… Winding Flowers Red.

  30. Amanda Chavez

    Wow, I love them both, its hard to decide… I think I like the yellow one best.
    They would look so sweet on my little girl.

  31. de Oontand

    Wow, love them all! And even more the yellow Birds & Flowers. But I know that my daughter is better with red, so let’s say… the winding flowers red.

  32. Tine Diederich

    They are all so lovely!!!!!!!!!
    The yellow dress with birds and flowers is our favorite! Tine, Greta and Mia

  33. Sarah

    The Birds and Flowers Dress is fabulous! I love the cheery print, it makes me smile!

  34. Elizabeth

    What adorable dresses. I have to say the yellow winterberry dress is a favorite. I love yellow (one of my favorite colors) and I love yellow clothing for Emery.

  35. melissa

    Wow!!! I love them all! but if I have to choose I think I’ll pick the Winding Flowers print. So great that they are made of organic cotton too 🙂

  36. Katarina

    Birds & Flowers Yellow. Predictible, I know, but it’s just how smal girls are: shining, giggling and making you feel so glad!

  37. Maria

    All gorgeous, but I especially love the June Leaf in Navy – can you start making that one in adult size too please!

  38. Beth

    The Winterberry Dress in Winding Flowers Violet is my favorite! I can picture it on my little girl right now!

  39. Anne

    Danish Flowers, Red or Blue!!! What a generous giveaway, thanks for the chance 🙂

  40. Mim

    Ah, I’m so glad I have a girl now (though my boys are lovely too, of course)! I’m loving yellow everything at the moment, so I’ll have to say my favourite is the birds and flowers in yellow.

  41. suzy

    Those dresses are so beautiful! What a great giveaway. My favourite print is the birds & flowers. I love the Big Dot too!

  42. mirabelle

    Love the Big Dots Pink – and I don’t normally even like pink!

  43. Julie R

    LOVE. These prints are ALL fabulous! The June Leaf print is my fave, but I’d take any…so would my daughters! 🙂 Great giveaway!

  44. silver salazar

    I like the red dress because it’s not very common to see the color red on little girls. I like the red print more… although, I DO like the bird on the yellow print. My final decision will have to be red because red looks great on my daughter and her closet needs more red! The dresses are very creative and I like all of their bold prints. Gorgeous!

  45. Sarakatriina

    Oh my, can’t choose, they’re all perfect! If I had to choose anyways, I’d pick Bird&Flowers, yellow or blue, sooo cute <3

  46. Laura Noble

    Wow! difficult question! I have to say the Danish Flowers or Birds & Flowers, just lovely!

  47. sacha

    Hard to choose- I like the June leaf navy, but my girl would love the Winding Flowers in Violet!

  48. Christy Davis

    I like the June leaf navy and the Birds and Flowers in any color.

  49. Julie

    LOVE the yellow birds and flowers dress, reminds me of one my Finnish grandmother made me when I was a kid. drool worthy indeed!

  50. Dillison

    All the designs are so great – but, if I had to pick the big pink dots dress is so sweet!

  51. Juli

    I love both of these patterns but the Birds & Flowers is my favorite. If I won these for my littlest, I’d be over the moon excited!

  52. Henni W

    I love the Carthweel pink and Winding flowers!
    Come home to me, beautiful dress, come home to me.

  53. Diana

    My daughter said her favorite is the h winding flowers in red. Such beautiful dresses. Hope we win!

  54. NY Emma

    What beautiful dresses! I love the cartwheel design on pink, it’s adorable 🙂

  55. JuliaF

    The big dots are really cute but my favourite is Birds and Flowers!

  56. kristi

    winding flowers. I’d pick blue but my strong willed daughter would most definitely pick the purple 🙂

  57. Shelley van Benschop

    it is difficult to pick a favourite… i love the birds & flowers, and the danish flower… and I really wish the digger print came on dresses as well… i wish they came in mama sizes too. We have our fingers crossed! xo Shelley & Clover

  58. Corenne

    I love the yellow one with the birds. My daughter and I love yellow. The only way I can get her to wear a dress (she doesn’t think dresses are clothes) is if it is yellow!

  59. Lisa C.

    Winterberry birds and flowers are my favorite! Thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Stephanie

    I love the yellow dress with birds and flowers. It is so cheerful!

  61. jennifer waller

    The yellow dress is so cute and sweet I would love to see my lemon drop wear it!

  62. Wendy

    I love the red Schoolyard dress — so cute. But I do love little birds, too – very hard to choose!

  63. Cindy

    The winterberry dress in cartwheel pink, very appropriate for my pink loving little one!

  64. Callie

    I love Winterberry Dress – Birds & Flowers Yellow and the Winterberry Dress – Big Dots Pink.


  65. sarahjane

    Ahhh! I’ve been coveting the yellow birds and flowers print! I almost purchased one on gilt last week but couldn’t pull the trigger. Please, count me in!

  66. Emma

    The birds and flowers in yellow is my absolute fab! My second daughter is completely in love with yellow and would look so cute in this!

  67. Nyree

    Birds and Flowers Yellow is my favourite. My 2 year old daughter says it is “like shunshine (her pronunciation) stuck on a dress” I agree too. You can never have too much “shunshine”.

  68. Lori Danelle

    I love the birds & flowers print. . .especially in yellow! So umm, I kinda would like to have one running around my house. . .please? 🙂

  69. Karen Rockness

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the birds and flowers print! Why? It would look oh so sweet on my littlest girl, Wren. Why else? It looks like sunshine, and we could use a little bit of sunshine in Portland, OR.

  70. Tania

    I’ve had my eye on their yellow bird & flower print for awhile now! It reminds me of an Otomi Indian print. Gorgeous!

  71. Cate

    I love the birds and flowers print. I can’t decide between the yellow and the navy though.

  72. Karen Rockness

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the birds and flowers print! Why? It would look oh so sweet on my littlest girl, Wren. Why else? It looks like sunshine, and we could use a little bit of sunshine in Portland, OR.

  73. Clare

    I love the yellow birds! How beautiful, the design and the colour.

  74. Megan

    Winterberry is definitely my fave. They’re all super cute though!

  75. Olympia

    Every dress is so nice but just in case I prefer Winding Flowers Violet

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  76. Mª José

    I have fallen in love with the Birds and Flowers pattern in yellow!

  77. Kelly

    It’s hard to pick just one! I would have to say that Birds & Flowers Winter Blue on Navy is my favorite though.

  78. Heleen

    cool prints! I love those bright colors as well. For my blond-haired oldest girl I would prefer the yellow one, she loves birds!

  79. naomi

    Umm, they are all so darn good!!
    But the Birds and flowers in yellow is simply amazing.
    June Leaf Navy would be so bold and striking on a small child too- love it!

  80. Carmenpol

    I like crane grey and forklift natural tees, june leaf navy top and dress, and for the giveaway, my favourite is the yallow dress

  81. jmds

    All are lovely, but the birds and flowers in yellow is such a such happy print it just stood out.

  82. jmds

    I like the june leaf in navy but the sunny birds and flowers in yellow really stood out. It makes such a lovely, happy dress.

  83. sydney

    i adore the birds and flower dress. and i’ve been stalking the construction red pattern for months now.

  84. Cara

    Birds and Flowers Winter Blue on Navy – classic, modern and stylish all at the same time

  85. Stephanie Johnson

    so hard to choose a favorite! I think the flowers and birds in yellow!

  86. Laura

    June Leaf is my favorite!!! It’s bold, fun and in the best color – navy! 🙂

  87. Cindy

    The Birds and Flowers Winter Blue on Navy is my absolute FAV and a MUST HAVE!!!

  88. Anna

    Everything is so cute! My favourite is the bird and flower design. x

  89. Erin

    favorite for my daughter: birds and flowers
    My son’s favorite are te construction vehicles.

  90. Sally

    They’re all such beautiful fabrics but I think I’d have to go with Birds & Flowers in yellow as my favourite.

  91. Vicki Stuart

    The The Schoolyard Dress in Winding Flowers is my fav….Can see my beautiful granddaughter twirling around in it.

  92. Grit

    i would love to win the red flower dress for my daughter Nora 🙂
    i think it would be the best choice of colour for my curly brown haired girl.

  93. Tosca

    They are all gorgeous, but the yellow birds and flowers dress is my favourite!

  94. Maija

    Definitely the Birds and Flowers pattern, mainly because it’s yellow – the perfect colour for kids!

  95. Tanya

    I love the June Leaf navy. It’s graphic and not overdone. Very cute dresses!

  96. Jane Marsching

    Ahhh… danish flower winter blue. Blue it so sweet on girls…
    thank you

  97. Maiko

    My favorite is Birds & Flowers Yellow! I like yellow and bird. Their graphic design is great.

  98. Carolyne

    Oh wow! the Winterberry Dress – Big Dots Pink is my fave. My little kiddo would look adorable in it!

  99. Fran Lin

    My daughter will look gorgeous in the Winding Flowers red dress!

  100. WandaFish

    They are all gorgeous and the giveaway dresses are simply adorable – thanks for the chance to win. I can’t decide whether my absolute favourite is the birds and flowers print or Danish flower – stunning!

  101. Rachel

    The Birds and Flowers dress reminds me of something I would have worn. Cute and nostalgic!

  102. holly

    Oh fingers crossed I have two girls!! I love them all but my five year old loves the yellow bird and flower one

  103. Shannon

    Hmm, it’s close…I think birds & flowers yellow wins (but june leaf navy is close behind)!

  104. anne

    I like danish flower in red! and the birds and flowers in yellow 🙂

  105. sonia

    Definitely the birds and flowers in yellow (winterberry dress)!!

  106. Christy

    I love them aaaall! But if I had to choose just one, I’d choose birds and flowers in yellow. Or navy. I love that hoodie.


    Love the one with birds and yellow flowers! Thanks for the chace…gina F

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