Win customized Holiday Season cards from Hello!Lucky


What can you win this week:: Hello!Lucky would like to offer one lucky BloesemKids reader 50 digital destination holiday cards (retail value $145)…yeahhhh a super price I believe.

What do you have to do :: just leave 1 comment stating which Holiday Season Card you like best.

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 9 November and winner will be announced on the following day.

Last weeks winner from the Ses Petites Mains giveaway is : Laura.


Bloesem loves comments
  1. Pablo

    I love the “Greeting from San Francisco” card. It’s my favourite city in the US.

  2. Charlotte

    They are all great, but now that I have to pick one, I have to go with London. I am a London gal at heart.

  3. Dawn

    I love the Holiday Show Poster – what fun. However I love the destination holiday cards – I would think to do London.

  4. alexandra

    I LOOOOOVE the show poster in lucky red & pool. That is absolutely the most fantastic holiday card I’ve ever seen.

  5. Camila F.

    The Word Bubble (Digital Twice as Nice Holiday Photo Card/Lucky Red) design is sooooo pretty! I love it!

  6. NY Emma

    I LOVE the New York card! I live there and can never find good Christmas cards that don’t cost a fortune, these would be perfect! What a great prize, thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  7. Amyhedgehog

    New York, New York– it’s a wonderful town,
    and makes for a sweet, sweet card!

  8. Sarah Benson

    i LOVE the london card in coal, lucky red and pool – fantastic colors and energy!

  9. lisa

    we live in san francisco, so we’re needing the sf ones! what a perfect surprise for the holidays!

  10. susan hwang

    i like the show poster holiday cards in lucky red & pool. i love the fact that hello lucky! uses 100% post-consumer waste recycled cardstock.. what a great idea 🙂

  11. Olya

    I like the Digital Twice as Nice Holiday Photo Card
    Lucky Red & Pool. So cute, and what a great idea to print front and back. It would be an awesome card to send out. 🙂

  12. Tracy

    I love the destination cards, only wish there was a Milwaukee version! Ha! My favorite is the Holiday Scene card because it reminds me of the Wisconsin landscape…

  13. erica

    Oh, what a wonderful find! I Love the San Fran one (in Chocolate, Lucky Red & Pool)…It’s where my hubby and I live. Go Giants!!

  14. Becky

    All of the cities are superb, but San Francisco is my home, so that is my city, and card, of choice!

  15. Rosalind Hughes

    Love the NY card. perfect to subtly remind all my madly jealous friends back home that we live in such a cool city.

  16. Dillison

    I adore the sock monkey christmas card and any of the vintage feel cards make me think of the holidays!

  17. Orangefarmhouse - Maike

    Iedere dag kijken we in het bos uit naar de herten en bij schemering zien we ze in het veld voor ons huis. Ik kan dus niet anders dan kiezen voor “Letterpress Holiday Deer”. Prachtig!

  18. Tara

    oh i have such a mad paper crush on hello!lucky. having such a hard time choosing a fave but i’m love loving the show poster. gorgeous!

  19. Kate

    LOVE the New York one. I hope it will make all my friends and family feel like they’re sipping hot chocolate in Central Park!

  20. Erica grau

    My favorite card is the Peaceable Kingdom. The colors are wonderful! I just left atlanta for nyc…so I would love to give my new friends these cards. 🙂

  21. kristina sexton

    LOVE the ‘Christmas tree/Twice as nice xmas photo card’ in Apple! Just love the look of the tree & everything, so cute!!

  22. ashley lynne

    pft. easy peasy. i choose jolly ol’…London duh 🙂

  23. Joanna Orobello

    I’ll go with the London card, since I’ve always longed to go there.

  24. lauren

    i love the NY cards. they are all so lovely. thanks for introducing me to this site…just in time to do my save the dates.

  25. reni

    Love the New York one, living here, I guess I am partial to the big apple…

  26. Clarity

    I LOVE the “peaceable kingdom” letterpress card- so fabulous and wintery.

  27. Jennifer

    Love them all but the LA girl in me votes for the LA holiday card

  28. Alyssa

    I love Show Poster and all of the city cards – the color combos are amazing. I wish I lived in New York so I could have a reason to give that card to people!

  29. Angelica

    Loving the Greetings From San Francisco holiday cards. Having moved to San Fransisco just over a year ago, it would be perfect! And the Santa with his reindeer flying overhead – nice touch! Not only would I love sending them, but I know they’d be such a huge hit with the recipients.

  30. Anne

    London London London! It’s a lovely place to be at Christmas, especially when it snows!

  31. Sophie T

    Has to be London! Just used a variation of these for our wedding invites so would be great to send these festive cards for our first Christmas as a married couple!

  32. josie

    They’re all so beautiful it is hard to choose but I think my favorite is the folk angel but I also adore deck the halls and oh yes New York is dreamy too! What a great prize!

  33. Heather

    hello! i love the champagne london card! we live in london, but are awaiting visa paperwork here in chicago- it’s taken way to long and we can’t wait to get back “home” to london and our dog, gretzky, who had to wait it out there with friends! here’s to hoping we will be back in london for christmas!!!

  34. Kirsten

    I love the greetings from city cards the best – but I just moved from NY after 20 years – maybe they’ll do a a Philly one?! I’d probably still be partial to NY though!

  35. Jennyroo

    I love all of the cards so much! If I had to pick my favourite, it would be the Folk Angel. So sweet!

  36. Di

    I love them all too – London is definitely my favourite (and since I am going there in 2 weeks it’s a perfect choice for me!) But I also love the Winter Wonderland card – all these retro style cards certainly push my buttons!!

  37. veronique

    they are all gorgeous but being a londoner it would have to be london!

  38. Jodie

    London! We are in the UK for 2 yrs and our family back home in Australia would love to receive these….and I’d love to send them too…

  39. Rachel P

    I love the Greetings from New York- too bad I still don’t live there 🙁

  40. Kara!

    I LOVE the cut-out Seattle ones! So clever, those Hello! Lucky designers are

  41. Jennifer Angel

    They are all so cute. I love the Christmas tree, twice as nice for myself though.

  42. Rion

    I’m from Los Angeles, met my husband in New York City (his home town), we married (and moved to Paris), and then moved to London three years after that! So i love all of these cards and the cities they represent… but my pick is San Francisco (in red, light blue and brown). We *just* moved here to SF one month ago, and I’m going to have our second kid in five short weeks…

    SO! A beautifully-illustrated, San Francisco-themed announcement of our new address and new baby, all while wishing our friends and family a happy holiday would be completely excellent. Three birds with one stone!

  43. jacoline

    I love NY because of the colors and because I really want to go to NY for one time. Until then I hope that I can satisfy my wishes with this poster!

  44. Esther

    I would love the Los Angeles one! But I have to admit the London one is my favorite. I am living in London right now for school but will be back to my “home home” (LA) for good in late November. So I suppose the LA one would work best for me if I did win (fingers crossed). It is super cute.

  45. Katherine Khoo

    The New York card is so turn of the century that it brings nostalgic memories of what Christmas really feels like!

  46. Eveline

    It’s not easy to make a choice…. NY or London…. The London-card! Because of the colors and because I’ve been there.

  47. Zoё

    Cor blimey Guv’nor, it’s got to be the London design for me!

  48. susan

    they’re all awesome! I love the sf ones the most, and it’s hard to choose which of the sf ones is my fave…

  49. oneperfectday

    They’re all great!
    But my favourites would be the hometown cards-all of them!
    Also ‘Noel’ and ‘Joy’.
    I couldn’t choose, they’re all so beautiful.

  50. Jenny Thomas

    I think NY is my favorite one. The snow is a must and it just looks so Christmassy! I especially love the ice skating by the bridge. So cute.

  51. Lisa

    Ohhh, I’d love to send these out to our friends and family around the globe!
    My favourite is the vintage show poster, it’s fun, fresh and funky.
    Thanks, L.

  52. Carla Cavellucci Landi

    Loving all of them, but NY will be my pick: I live right across the Hudson and I can actually “feel” all these images… I’m sure I’d pick one and frame!!!

  53. Colleen Thirkell

    I just LOVE London!
    The print reminds me of all the things I love in the city, the architecture, the river, the people, the parks and the wonderful sense of history.
    If Santa’s sleigh could bring me some of these it would make me SO happy!
    Hello!Lucky keep up the good work, I love it!!!!

  54. Shannon

    The letterpress woodland friends is the one for me! Very cute!

  55. Karin

    This year I gave birth to my daughter in NYC in a room overlooking the east river bridges and all these beautiful lights….I felt empowered and I was ready to welcome my little New Yorker into the world! For me this year’s christmas card would definitely be a New York skyline one!

  56. Kelli B.

    The Mod (in coral and espresso), Word Bubble and Greetings from San Francisco! I really love their collection this year. It’s left me wishing I lived in London just for those holiday cards..

  57. Melissa

    I love the letterpress cards, especially the Peaceable Kingdom and Warm things! So lovely!

  58. Janet

    Winter Pinecones is my favorite! A simple, vintage look that allows the photo to stand out.

  59. Royall

    The Kelly Green Word Bubble! With a short, simple Holiday message I think I could recruit my husband to do holiday cards for the first Christmas since we were married five years ago!

  60. Lana C.

    I love the Cut Paper Christmas card in apple as well as the Christmas tree photo card in turquoise!

  61. Zef

    Holiday greetings, fantastic! San Francisco cards, wonderful! Combining the 2, FABULOUS! I’m a BIG fan of the San Francisco Twice as Nice Photo Holiday card!

  62. Effie maakt

    I love these. So beautifull and also educational ;-)I like the London one best because that one will be the most likely destitation with three smaal kids living in Holland.

  63. tina

    I love them all! It’s so hard to pick one but I love the city holiday cards.

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