Giveaway : Wee Wonderfuls Book by Hillary Lang


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Giveaway is closed: lucky winner is : Melissa

Something special today…I'm very happy to giveaway this gorgeous craft book from Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang to one lucky winner. All you have to do is leave a comment and let us know why you would like to receive this book. We will choose one winner randomly on Tuesday November 16 and announce the winner on the following day here on Bloesem.

For you who have never heard about Hillary Lang please let me introduce you to this super crafty lady who also runs my absolute favorite craft inspiration blogs that I have been following ever since I stepped into the blogworld myself. 


When I received a copy of the book I was not a single bit disappointed… and my expectations where high 🙂 …no the opposite happened I was even more impressed by the whole book. The lay-out, the bright and warm images and the easy steps and great patterns…it's not so much that the dolls themselves are hard to make it's the whole scenery in which the dolls are

being portrayed that inspired me…so much care, love and personal touches … a true appreciation to Craft in general …and I believe craftsmanship like this is what we all need in our lives, so thanks Hillary for helping us see this and encourage us to do the same…






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  1. pilli pilli

    Oh, This is sweet beyond words!!! Pretty and whimsical…
    So, please, count me in!
    I would love to own a copy of this book!

    & have a wonderful day!
    pilli pilli

  2. Musa

    So… I would like to win this little book because.. it’s my birthday in a week, I’ve never won something and it’s a trick for me to speak in English.

  3. Shirley R

    To be the owner of this book would not only be fantastic, but I think it would also help fulfill that need to make beautiful things out of simple materials.
    provides: inspiration, de-stresses, art, happiness. if i won this book, that would be awesome (and lucky)

  4. Roos

    Of course I’d like to join this amazing giveaway! Why? I’m all about recycling and these books provide so much more new ideas for leftover fabrics 🙂

  5. Laura

    Oh! It’s lovely. Perfect for my daughter. She loves sewing dolls and make fantastic cute and strange characters. A book full of fun!
    (from Berlin)


  6. Laura

    I would pass the book onto my mother-in-law, who actually can sow, unlike me. After I have marked all the lovelies that I would like her to make. First in line would be the kitty with a flowery coat. Maybe she could even teach me how to make it myself.

  7. Gemma

    Oh I would love this book! I’m on maternity leave with my little one and looking for crafty things to do while I’m at home.

  8. Joyce van Nispen

    Not so long ago I discovered this book and all the wonderful things Hilary makes via Purl Soho and mentioned it at our blog :forever friends http://bit.ly/caxLy0

    As my daughter of 6 saw this beautiful Marie Antoinette doll on my laptop screen she decided to make one for me for my birthday on her own little sewing machine & crafted little details like a necklace, roses & even a small paper fan on it by hand.

    So you can imagine that this book & Hilary take a very special place in my heart & I really really love to have it (speaking for my daugther Tinker as well of course).

  9. OrangeFarmhouse - Maike

    Leuk, leuk, leuk! zo jammer dat er in NL zo weinig mooi vormgegeven en inspirerende boeken zijn op dit gebied (en als ze er wel zijn, kan ik ze jammer genoeg niet vinden). dus dit boek zou meer dan welkom zijn!

  10. willemijn kleijn

    Oei, dit boek is perfect om mn zwangerschapsverlof mee te vullen. Ik ben naar zweden verhuist en daar krijg je 18 maanden verlof en ik was al bang dat ik me zou gaan vervelen.


  11. kindelfind

    I’d love to win that book! These dolls would make great gifts for my daughter and all the other children in our family 🙂

  12. Marjolein

    Prachtig! Ik zou het boek heel graag winnen. Met de geboorte van mijn kinderen is ook mijn creativiteit tot leven gewekt. En nu ik meer tijd heb, ben ik voortdurend op zoek naar inspirerende ideeën, mooie patronen en leuke dingen. Met de foto’s die ik hier zie staan, kan ik direct aan de slag. Mooi! Dus: heel graag!

  13. Saskia

    What a great giveaway! I had my eyes on her book for a while, but winning one would be nice! So, me please! 🙂
    Have a great day!

  14. Kylie Loy

    Oh well, the question is why wouldn’t you want to win this book. You can feel the heart and soul that has gone into it. I am si inspired by it on so many levels. I am also a new blog follower.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  15. Emma

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a gorgeous book 🙂 I’ve just had my first daughter & have been sewing a few things for her in the limited nap times! I would love to make her some of these cute toys too 🙂

  16. saskia

    Dit is een superleuk boek om cadeautjes uit te maken voor mijn drie kleinkindertjes!

  17. Elisha Niven

    I would love to win this book so that my daughters and I could make some dolls together. THey are 5 and 8 and love to sew. I have made one of these dolls before, so amazing.

  18. valentina

    i’ve been a big fan of hilary’s since oscar was tiny! that’s my reason for wanting the book, apart from that it is awesome. 😉

  19. Patricia

    Ik wil ook heeeeel graag mee doen. Ben benieuwd wat voor leuke dingen ik kan gaan maken.
    Duimen maar!!!!


  20. Z

    Such a lovely book – I’d love to make some of these for my niece and my own soon-to-be-here little one!

  21. seyda

    It’s lovely , if I have a chance I would like to win , I2m from TURKEY

  22. brooke

    So many comments so early in the morning! There must be a giveaway! This one is too WEE WONDERFUL to pass up!

  23. Carmenesque

    There are no words of how much I love the Marie Antoinette doll, so I would like to win this book in order to sew thousands of her and decorate my home with them :)))

  24. Suzen

    This looks like a winner! And my granddaughter Ava might just like something made from it!

  25. Jordan

    I would love to learn how to make one of these dolls and give one away to a friend who is expecting her first baby!

  26. Camila F.

    Oh my, this is amazing! How adorable! I’d love the possibility of learning to make such beautiful dolls. Perfect book.

  27. Ana

    Her work is lovely!! So sweet and joyful! This book would be my perfect christmas present 😉

  28. chrissy

    Hilary’s one of my first craft heroes from way back in 2004 – I’m just so tickled she’s got a book. I’d love to win, so thank you so much for the opportunity – you both rock!

  29. julie s

    What a terrific giveaway! This book is so beautiful and I’d love to make one of everything in it!

  30. Jeannette Graves

    Wat een geweldig mooi geillustreerd boek! Ik zou hem heel graag winnen voor mijn schoonmoeder. Zij heeft met 63 jaar haar alcoholische man verlaten en moet het nu alleen gaan verdienen in een land waar ze de taal niet spreekt. Ze is fantastisch met naald en draad en wil graag mooie dingen gaan maken om te verkopen op de markt. Ik vind haar dapper dus ik hoop dat ze hem wint. Zelf kan ze niet met een computer overweg dus doe ik graag mee uit haar naam. Jeannette en Nel, Spanje

  31. Meredith

    I love to make toys for my daughter, and I could always use some new inspiration!

  32. Marisa

    What a wonderful book! I’d love to delight my niece and nephew with their very own dolls from Wee Wonderfuls!

  33. Floddertje

    I got good news today, and i was just thinking how to celebrate it, and of course I nice gift like this would be a great way of celebrating!

  34. Stephanie

    I would LOVE to win this book. I only recently learned to sew and my first project was little hand-sewn birds for a mobile. Since then I have fallen in love with little hand sewn dolls


  35. tanïa

    I’d LOVE to win! This is the best inspiration for being creative in the coming dark winter period!!

  36. Kristin

    I’ve been eyeing this one. Looks like it is chock full of fabulousness!

  37. MzTallulah

    Hillary is a real wiz with fabric, and her book is realy sweet. I’d love to make the Sleepover pals, they are incredibly cute and just what my littel one would like!

  38. Carrie

    Thank you for the chance to win such a lovely book! I would love to have this book in order to make handmade gifts for our daughter and her friends!

  39. Sally

    Oh I would just love to win the book. I would use it to make cute toys for the kids but also for birthday for family and friends. I just love Hillary Lang’s creations.

  40. Beetlegirl

    We are moving into our new apartment in a week, and I will be sharing sewing space in my daughter’s bedroom. I spent many hours of my childhood plopped on the bed in my mom’s sewing room, watching old movies, and watching her sew a doll, a dress, a patch on, for me. It is my turn now, and this book is full of many afternoon’s worth of projects to inspire my wee one’s imagination, and to keep my sewing machine humming away for her.

  41. Audrey R.

    Awww, this book is so adorable!!! I’ve been a huge fan of Wee Wonderfuls for years and I congratulation Hillary on getting the perfect book out! I am a huge knitter, but I’ve wanted to move into the world of sewing forever. It would be a huge motivation to start with something from this fantastic book!

  42. Marloes

    I would love this book! My sewing machine and I had a break, but I really want to start MAKING things again. It would be great if I can get my inspiration going with these lovely creations. It is one of the most relaxing things to do for me. Great find!

  43. Keren

    Such lovely projects. my boys would love to pick out something to make from this book!

  44. Merkle@pobox.com

    Looks like a wonderful reason to pull out the sewing machine as the weather turns colder here!

  45. holly d

    this auntie would love to start making dolls and toys for her nephew and neice. i was just gifted my mother in law’s mother’s sewing machine and would like to put it to work!

  46. Kelley

    I’m a newish sewer and I’ve been wanting this book for a while to learn to make little cuties for my niece.

  47. aimee

    I have been eyeing this book every time i’m in the bookstore…

    My little sister is pregnant, and i am already on the road to completely spoiling this kid. I’d love to overrun her house with scores of handmade toys, hehe! 🙂

  48. umur

    I have a three-year-old daughter who adores dolls. We can pick and make together some of those dolls in the book

  49. grace

    Yes Please. I have always be captured by these wondeful dolls. It would be such a treat to make them!

  50. kelli

    I would just love to get my hands on this book! It looks like alot of fun crafting times ahead for the lucky winner!! Got my fingers crossed 🙂

  51. leah

    this book has been on my wish list for a while now.
    i’m really into making dolls/softies for my own kids and also nephews/nieces and friends.
    a great giveaway!!!

  52. Katrien

    Fantastic! Not only do I get to know the blog of Wee Wondersful, There is even a book to win…Hope I’m twice lucky…

  53. Maeva

    This book seems to be an incredible source of inspiration for one’s mind and hands!!
    I would love to be the lucky winner of this giveaway because I have two cute little nieces who live 2500 km away and to whom i enjoy sending as often as possible home-made toys, dolls, clothes..

  54. jessica

    That bear in the first picture seems worth the price of the book! I’d love to win and make a bunch of those bears for gifts this year!

  55. Sarah C.

    This book looks soo lovely. It would be great to have this on a rainy day.

  56. Eileen Lyons

    Nothing does the heart so good as creating something small and soft.
    A book like that could keep one feeling warm and happy for quite some time.

  57. Joanna

    gosh and all i noticed were the macaroons in top pic.. must be hung-er-ey!

  58. Stephanie

    Oh! I would love to use this lovely book with my 11 year old daughter who delights in doll making! Such beautiful inspiration, thanks for sharing!

  59. kat

    oh, i’d so love to win this- i love everything Hillary makes and her dolls are so adorable. makes you just want to cuddle them and go ‘SQUEEE!!!’

  60. Kim L.

    i would love to make such lovely dolls!! xo

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  61. Johanna

    I would love to make a different doll for each of my nieces and nephews!

  62. Bryanna

    What a fantastic book! With a new baby on the way I’m eager to start some crafting for kids and this is the perfect inspiration!

  63. oneperfectday

    I’ve been a huge fan of Wee Wonderfuls ever since I came across a book called ‘The Crafter’s Companion-tips,tales and patterns from a community of creative minds’ a few years back and Hilary lang was one of the featured artists.
    Who can forget that pink velvet piggy on wheels?
    The woman is a genius!!
    This book looks absolutely wonderful.
    Thanks for the give-away!

  64. Angharad

    oh I heart the pictures & designs from this wee wonderful book!!!
    I could have been crafty last night and made a little red riding hood when my daughter reminded me it was book character day today (we found a mini top hat and she went as the mad hatter)maybe next time?. xo

  65. Irina F.

    I am always on the lookout for craft books and projects for my 6 y.o. daughter. This book looks great, different from most books we have seen, very fresh and exciting!

  66. Camila Nadine

    I am developing a great passion for crafty stuff and trying to learn all by mayself. This giveaway is amazing because I was just planning to make a doll to give my best friend´s new born baby girl!

    And also these books have such beautiful pictures that it inspires me to do more and more craft!


  67. charlotte

    I love Hillarys work – I think its the kind of inspiration work that can make your daughters childhood that bit more special and more memorable – which for me is the point of crafting!

  68. mamidelux

    wow! I have been following Wee Wonderfuls for quite a while. She is amazing. This is a great deal. thanks 🙂

  69. Liz B

    In the midst of the craziness of 4 little children and 1 with serious health issues at the moment, I find that sewing is my outlet – the crazier it is, the more I sew apparently. I would love to sew some of the little darlings from this gorgeous book for my little darlings!

  70. Anke

    Gorgeous! Since I have a lot of pregnant friends, it would be great to make them a nice doll as a present!
    Hopefully me and my friends will be lucky through me winning the book!

  71. Theresa

    Pick me! Pick me! I was just telling my iron man that it is terribly unfair that he has a project to occupy his hands (he is making a metal lathe) and my little hands are empty. Sigh….I do so enjoy little projects!

  72. Holly

    Seeing that red riding hood cape has made me seriously want to see the rest of the book!

  73. Megan Longtin

    What a sweet book! I’m a doll lover and doll maker… I’d love to add these patterns to my collection.

  74. Maria Jose

    I love creativity, it makes me feel full of energy and happiness.

  75. kat

    I am preparing for a new baby and would love to make their first friend from the book. Love Hilary’s work, have used her pdf patterns before and they are amazing.

  76. Alecia

    I would LOVE to win this book. It’s one I keep picking up in the store thinking that I’d LOVE to make some of the projects but I always end up putting it back thinking I don’t have anyone to make the projects for. Winning it might be the perfect inspiration now that I have hopes of having my own wee ones soon!

  77. Tanya Martsenyuk

    I have three little kiddos to make these dolls for! I feel that making something with your hands is good for the soul. It’s very gratifying and therapeautic. We should all do it more often, myself included.

  78. Jane

    wow I would love to use the projects in this book to make beautiful toys for my friends children – they are having so many at the moment and I find myself frustrated by the abundance of plastic on offer in the shops… maybe I can change it a litte at a time!

  79. Roula

    I am a crafter and I’d like to create some interesting objects for my little niece…

  80. MIns

    My Daughter (she’s 7!) and I made a vow this evening not to spend anymore money unless really necessary! and have now just stumbled across this post and give-away! Synchronicity me thinks! We’re both trying to be conscious consumers and have decided to make our own toys (and fun!) This beautiful book is choc full of amazing inspiration and would be great to get us started on our new initiative : )

  81. Adela Simova

    Hilary’s toys bring joy from colours, children-friendly simple shapes and delicate details. I would love to have a chance follow her patterns.

  82. Tieske

    This would be the perfect gift for my girlfriends birthday next month!!

  83. meg

    I was lucky enough to be a pattern tester for one of the dolls in the book! I recently got a look at the finished book and it’s gorgeous. The teddy bear would very much like to be under the tree this year, so here’s hoping I win the book!

  84. Sara

    Oh lovely! I borrowed this book from my local library, it’s so beautiful, so I would love to have my very own copy, please :O)

  85. Asmita

    I would *love* to win this. I have a two year old who is so into dolls, and she also like what I make for her:-) Hoping I win this one.

  86. Martine

    Gorgeous! That’s all I can say.
    I heart Hillary (and love the yummie macaroons too)
    and think this book will make all rainy days turn into sunny ones.

  87. frances

    beautiful! would love to make those dolls for my wee girl 🙂

  88. Crista Jaeckel

    What a great giveaway. I love this book and made the Mermaiden doll for my little girl. She loved it!
    Easy clear pattern to follow. Thanks Hillary for a great book!

  89. Mieke Bronckers

    Hi, because I am learning embroidery and this seems to have a lot of great ideas, I am trying to win. Thanks for this give away, which I love to winn.

  90. SaRaH

    I have so many kids around me, lately. Just a special year with loads of birds!
    So many kids to make happy…not only kids, after all.

  91. Penny (Pocket Carnival)

    Amazing! I actually already bought a copy of this book for my mum, and I’d love to be able to give another copy to a lovely friend who has a baby girl and is learning to sew!

  92. melissa

    I’m thinking my 2 year old needs a handmade doll this year for Christmas. This book would be perfect! I’ll cross my fingers…

  93. Leigh

    This book would be perfect to inspire me to actually take my new sewing machine out of it’s box and sew some gorgeous toys for my 4mth old daughter!

  94. Christy Davis

    I have two little girls that would love, love, love to play with these dolls.

  95. Heather Kilpatrick

    I made my first stuffed toy for my son recently, a felt fish. I don’t know I am ready to step up to this level, but would love the inspiration!

  96. Anna-Karin

    What a wee wonderful book! I am in desperate need of some doll making inspiration, this book would do the trick!

  97. Miriam

    In the next month or so I have to make things for:
    :: my daughter’s third birthday
    :: …and the contents of her party bags
    :: Hanukkah
    :: Christmas (we are a two festival house)
    :: My husband’s birthday
    :: my blog ayearabovetheshop.blogspot.com

    oh and a baby to keep fed and happy and not ignore too much while I make things for all of the above!

    Do I want to win this beautiful book? Yes yes yes.

    With love from Miriam in London

  98. Melanie

    I love Hillary, she is so creative!

    I am definitely notvas creative as she is, but to be able to do the projects in the book would help. And my little one fell in love with the puppets when I showed him… I gotta make them for him!

  99. Anne

    This book looks absolutely amazing – I would love to win a copy!! either way it’s going on my Christmas list…

  100. Andrea

    This is a fantastic book and my question is “who would not want it?”. I have three little ones that would love some of these wonderful creations and I would love making them. . .

  101. Agnieszka

    Lovely book by so creative person. I’m big fan of Hillary works, it would be so nice to try one of her patterns, and ther is one little person around to sew for:) Thanks for great givaway!

  102. sacha

    I love the ideas- some of them I could even do WITH my little girl- how fun!

  103. Zoe

    Thanks so much for introducing such a wonderful book and such a creative lady.
    Cross fingers for my book.

  104. A

    Help! everyone around me is giving birth and i need to make gifts for them! Next baby in line is expected around new year, so i think i can make it with the book. With my mother being a seamstress i could finally do something with all those patches of fabric, and i bet she would love to borrow this book from me! 🙂

  105. Bea

    My life as a crafter with two children is which make me to love this book. I adore it and I want it!

  106. Suzanne

    wow! Of course I would loooooooooove to win this fabulous book! It would definitely inspire and motivate me to keep on making cute dolls and cuddle toys! I think it’s lovely! Thanks for the blogs, bloesem, keep up the good work!

  107. Melissa

    I would absolutely love this book and it’s definitely on my holiday wish list. I just recently started making simple soft toys for my kids and it’s so satisfying to see them play with and enjoy handmade just as much (if not more) than commercially produced toys. I also like for them to see the process of the toys being made. Hopefully they will want to start making things too!

  108. Squeaks

    Oh I am DYING to get this book – it looks so fabulous. What a talented lady!

  109. Margie

    Oh this book is on my Christmas list, but i’d love to get it early that way I can add some hand made goodies under the tree for all the kiddos in my life. Plus, everything Hillary does is fabulous. My fingers are crossed. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  110. emily b

    Oh, Hilary is my hero! She constantly amazes me how she can take cuteness to the next level. Her book has been on my wish list for a while now, but maybe luck will be on my side for this one! Thanks!

  111. Wendy B.

    My G-ma made a teddy bear like the plump seated bear at the top of this post for every one of her great grandkids. Once my eldest son left his bear in a hotel room and was despondent. I’ll never forget the look on his face when it was returned in the mail, wrapped in a discarded tee-shirt. Since the pattern for this bear has been lost, I’d love to win the Wee Wonderful book and carry on my G-ma’s tradition. I adore these soulful, lovely creatures and so will my many nieces, nephews and future grandchildren.

  112. Morgan

    I’m pretty sure I would absolutely adore this book. I can’t wait to make everything in it!

  113. Elena Shushin

    I would be happy to win this gorgeous book on my BD (16)!!!
    Yesterday I’ve received the Bunny patterncard that I’ve ordered and it is so cute and easy to sew! I’m definitely in love with it!

  114. Maaike

    This book looks so inspiring and my fingers are itching..
    What a great giveaway!

  115. Lara

    What a wonderful wee book! I would love a copy so I could get busy before Christmas for some handmade dolls for my wee ones.

  116. mireille

    look at all the great dolls, I’m sure my daughter would love her mum to make them all!

  117. Eilis

    My little girl would love everything from this book…it is totally on my wishlist!

  118. Jennifer

    Thanks for the chance to win this! I have 2 little girls, and I would love to make some of these fun dolls for them.

  119. Jadejing.blogspot.com

    Oh wow, thanks for sharing the Wee Wonderful blog and book, they both look wonderfully inspiring! I can’t believe I am only learning about Hillary now, but can’t wait to get crafty and learn more from her!

  120. ema

    ooooooh! i have just discovered this book and have been dreaming of making my daughter her first doll for her first birthday. Would love love to receive it and dive in + so many little ladies in my life who deserve a new beautiful handmade gift 🙂

  121. agnes dyah wijayanti

    Why I want this book? Because this book will help me a lot with my doll sewing hobby, I’ll learn something new from her book. I’ve made some for a gift for my nieces, and it will be a wonderful birthday gift for any children.

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