Sinterklaas the best Dutch tradition


I’m in a Dutch mood lately and that is all because of this man: Sinterklaas.

 Almost impossible to explain to non-Dutch people what this tradition means to us…and before I start to give it a try I would like you to visit this post on Babyccino written by Esther, because she has done a super job in explaining. I hope you will be just happy with the images I’m sharing here with you today…


Koekchocolade Muskunst Haikje Stylecookie2

HomeMadeHapiness is the perfect place online to get some very pretty printables to create wrapping paper, wish-lists and transfers for t-shirts…


The traditional treets for Sinterklaas…images from ‘Koek&Chocolade

I didn’t know you could even get Sinterklaas playmobil until I saw them at Mus handmade...loving her gift tags too…


I find this a brilliant idea…re-usable wall stickers with a Sinterklaas theme…great idea to decorate your home in the SInterklaas theme…they are designed by Studio Haikje and available here… {ps. they also have Christmas Decoration wall decals}


And over at Style Cookie you can get in the mood for some serieus Sinterklaas shopping too…just did a write-up about Style Cookie on Bloesem, if you are interested click here

Would you like to see how Sinterklaas was Welcomed this year (like every year) in the Netherlands  then watch this movie… we even have a Sinterklaas News every evening the week before his real Birthday is celebrated on December 5.

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  1. Maria

    so interesting,thank you for sharing with us 🙂 and the pictures are lovely. have a wonderful week-end, Maria

  2. peggy

    we went to see him, Sinterklaas, on Sunday but the kids are afraid and it was raining 🙂
    I still have to get used to the early start of Festive mood here in Holland…
    Happy week end!

  3. Petra

    We’re totally in the mood now. Our children are very involved in the storylines of the Sinterklaasjournaal…Love to read about it on your blog. Love to read your blog anyway. Maybe you want a quick peek on mine, which is also about this subject.

  4. Karien

    We are also getting on the mood properly, this is the time of the year I miss the Netherlands… so I was very happy to find you can watch all the Sinterklaasjournaal and the intocht online! My toddler are now finally starting to get it. Get out the shoes and the carrots tomorrow!

  5. Hiskia

    Also in Switzerland we watched “de intocht” live on the internet, super! I’m so in the mood for Sinterklaas!! 🙂

  6. Victoria

    We are fully into Sinterklass now, although we are originally from the UK, we’ve been in NL for a good few years now. Its a crazy time for us, as my son’s birthday is also 5th Dec, and then of course we’ll be celebrating Christmas big time as usual – December madness!

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