Corners of our Home in Kuala Lumpur


Hello, how was your weekend? We just got back (literally an hour ago) from a long weekend in Singapore … and it was truly wonderful. I have come to love that city a lot and am deeply impressed by the high quality of everyday life in Singapore. What I liked best is that we spend almost all our time outside…in the park, the beach or walking along the river and sitting down for a coffee or a glas of wine while the kids were playing in front of us. 


Bloesem111 Bloesem1 Bloesem5 Babypillowbamboochair 

I love living here in Kuala Lumpur but that is something I really miss here. I didn't visit any shop so I couldn't make a city guide for you but next time i'm there I will do. Today I also wasn't able to share a new Let' Get Personal Tour with you so I thought why not show you some images that were still waiting in my archives from our own home…to be honest these images are a bit outdated, I have moved the furniture around already….will show you the updated version real soon :) 





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  1. notabilia

    I just moved from the US to Singapore and am slowly discovering this wonderful city. Any must-see, must-do things you discovered this weekend?

  2. peggy

    I really like that lamp incl the lovely colour you chose to paint the wall.
    And I like the way you hang up the frames, there is something special about it which I cannot name…
    nice airy, fresh and light… wonderful place!

  3. els

    I love it, I love it, I love it,

    …but…..how do you keep it so neat and tidy? I my house it is always a mess with my atelier, a rabbit and two adolescent girls.

    Have you ever seen the floorcloset pictures of girls in the Dutch journal “NRC Handelsblad”. That is how their rooms and a great part of our house look like.

  4. BODIE and FOU

    I would love to go to Singapore. I have two very good friends there and another one who is relocating there with her family in December plus there is some people with great tastes there as we shipped two Paulistano chairs there recently 🙂

    I love your home, very nice and calming so does it mean that you’re going to send me pics of your bedroom corner! 🙂

    I spent the weekend on the look of my bedroom but I think I’ve cracked it now…

  5. heleen

    Leuk om nou eens jouw huis te zien! Prachtige kleuren heb je gekozen voor het schilderwerk en natuurlijk ook prachtige decoraties!

  6. Bloesem

    Re: ‘when skies are grey’: funny that you notice…i do try to keep our home very de-cluttered and only buy things when i truly love them, of course there are corners and shelves in my home that dont look so organized 🙂 perhaps fun to show them next time.

    Thanx all for the lovely comments! Irene

  7. shalini

    A beautiful home that feels very warm and welcoming yet modern as well. Love the round chair and cushion in the last photo.

  8. Miriam

    Impressive combination of highchair and shagpile carpet! I bet it looks as clean as that all the time, right? ; )
    Kind regards from London,

  9. Space by Eliana Tomas

    Lovely spaces we have:
    love the old tiles on the shelve on the first picture;
    Love the mix match stairs (i do it myself too)
    Love the blue colour wall
    Love that last photo with such cute chair and cushion.

  10. Katell

    I LOVE IT ! Your “mix and match” style, some bright colours items among the pure white environment, the warm sensation you can feel. Well done !!

  11. Mary Kim

    I really love the curvy WHITE BED in the child’s room. Can you tell me where you got it?

  12. irene

    Re: Mary Kim: the child’s bed is from IKEA … 🙂
    Re: Miriam: the carpet is 100% pure cotton, but looks like shagpile…this is easy to cleaan with water, a must with kids. Irene

  13. caroline

    Bonjour! Wouaou Bloesem in Singapore! We have just moved in Singapore a few months ago. (we were in Hong-Kong before). I would be very happy to meet you if you come again! I don’t know the city very well but I could recommend you a few places that I think you would like…
    Hope to see you one day!

  14. mirjam

    Ik vind de lamp (tenminste ik denk dat dat een lamp is) in de tweede set met foto’s ook echt heel mooi!

    Wie is de ontwerper?

  15. Judith

    so beautiful. I really like your vintage mix
    and the lovely marimekko bowls. thanks
    for sharing. all the best from hamburg, ju

  16. vivien

    hi! i am from malaysia and currently working in kuala lumpur. i absolutely love your home. it’s really beautiful and all the furnitures are one of a kind 🙂 just wondering, are you and your family staying in kuala lumpur permanently now?

  17. Emma

    So wonderful to see your house. I hope you do a Let’s Get Personal tour soon of your updated home! I see you have an obsession with chairs as well!

  18. sya

    Hello, Irene! I’ve always loved your blog because I find it so inspiring and current. And to be able to peek into your home is such a pleasure- thanks so much for that! I’m not a house owner yet, but I would definitely want my home to be as beautifully quirky as yours one of these days. Did you bring most of the furnitures pictured here from your home country? Otherwise, was it easy to scout some beautiful mid-century pieces here in KL?

  19. Tieske

    Prachtig! Mooi, de kleur op de muur in combinatie met het rieten stoeltje en het kussen.

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