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Three ladies, Masami, Naomi and Miho from Japan…one of them is living in the Netherlands…are the Driehoek. They decided to make books showcasing the lifes of creative families in the Netherlands..their first book was about Pascal's live and their second book is this one: Nederland, mijn interieur (=Netherlands, my interior) …Twelve families opened their homes and we are lucky to get a glimpse. Most of the women in the book are bloggers themselves or are know for their creative talent…


The book is truly a lovely piece on our dining table and I often scroll through the pages to get some ideas and every time I do see something new. If you would like to order a copy too then click here.


of course Nina's home is in it as well…so many patterns and colors.


perhaps my favorite home from the book belogns to Diana van Ewijk..you know the lovely lady behind HomeMadeHappiness and Ozowiezo


the home of Jantine from Tas-ka…more pictures here on BloesemKids from her home…


This beautiful book not only shows the 12 homes of artistic Dutch families but also some great shops throughout the Netherlands. Very useful tips!


The book is available here and don't worry about the Japanese, it mostly about inspiration and eye-candy why you would like to give this to yourself 🙂

Thank you very much ladies from the Driehoek …I hope many more books will follow!

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  1. Zazie Mute

    I was a “little” busy for some weeks… I’m just amazed by your new Bloesem. It’s really fresh, simple, just that I imagine!

  2. Masami

    Thanks for posting our book! We are really thrilled to see our book in your site!

    Here are some tips how to purchase the book for those we are interested.
    In NL, you can buy the book at Japan Bookshop in Amstelveen: Kostverlorenhof 12, 1183 HE Amstelveen, TEL: 020-6799238
    In Singapore, you can buy it at Kinokuni-ya.
    You can also order by Amazon Japan.
    Thank you!

  3. Bjør

    Thanks for your post!
    Our home is in the great book as well. Such a nice people of Driehoek. We had a great time!

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