Let’s Get Personal in the Netherlands with SnorPublishers


The home of Claudette Halkes from Uitgeverij Snor … SnorPublishers

D:: Dutch is the language in which we (Snor Publishing House) publish most of our books. Snor was founded in 2006 by my partner in crime and business Annemarieke and myself. We love to make quirky books and have a great time together doing that. And from now on we will also publish books in other languages. World, here comes Snor!


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E:: entrance, when entering my home you will notice that our home used to be a primary school. The living room has high ceilings and the windows are big and high positioned. So in former days the students wouldn't be distracted by looking out of the windows during the lessons. It's a special feeling that our living room was used to teach children writing and reading for years.


S:: style, means knowing what makes you feel comfortable, happy and beautiful. Knowing what suits you best, in fashion, living, everything. And style also has to with to be able picking beautiful little things out of a bunch of crap.


I:: interesting places in my city Utrecht are the wharfs and canals. For foreigners it's nice to see that you can wander around the city by the canals everywhere. A very quiet and beautiful surrounding is de Nieuwegracht/Museumkwartier and the Singel. I live nearby. In the museumquarter you can also find the Central Museum with a good collection and the famous Nijntje Museum in front of it. The Domtower is the highest tower in the Netherlands, you can climb to the top. For the rest: good coffee at Broodnodig. Good food at Eetcafe Te Koop and Luce. Good shopping: Strand West.


G:: gardening is something I'd like to do more, but most of the time I buy plants and stuff and than my husband puts them in the soil after some days… But I love our garden (a piece of the backyard of the former school), with sun and a big tree in the backyard. It's a very quiet place in the centre of Utrecht. With our 'school-neighbours' we share another piece of 'garden' behind our gardens. The children can play together there and once a year we have a big street/school/garden party together with a pot-luck dinner, bbq, drinks and music.


N:: new, in my home are the screenprints of Sue Doeksen. Sue is a very talented young illustrator and we from Snor are happy to have worked with her. We made a book: 'Cheerful in 3 1/2 months' and Sue did all 107 illustrations for the book. We made screenprints of 4 illustrations.


H:: hobby, I love to cook!

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is right now a leather skirt! Never had a leather skirt before, I bought it in Antwerp and I am very happy with it.


M:: magazines I love to read are Elle Decoration, ELLE Decor, Jan, Wallpaper, CUT magazine, Vogue. Actually I love to read magazines, at Snor we get a lot of inspiration from magazines, even if they are not so high standing.


E:: enjoy, I can't live without good coffee and of course my husband, children, family, friends and last but definitively not least: Snor.


Just some of the books they have published

..Snor online shop..


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  1. Christiane

    Wat een mooi huis =)
    Minstens kan ik mijn Nederlands hier een beetje oefenen.
    Ik hou van Nederland stijl, zo gezellig! <3

  2. Modern Country Lady

    Wat een prachtig blog heb je zeg, reuzeleuk!!Wordt helemaal nostalgish, ben al zo lang niet in Utrecht geweest #zucht#- woon al jaren in Engeland..
    Ik ben hier gekomen via Twitter via Bloesemblog – ook al zo leuk.
    Ik ben nieuwe in blogland en ben net begonnen met mijn blog,
    Kom maar eens langs en laat eens weten wat je ervan vindt- en wordt follower als je het wilt.Ik wordt zeker follower van je- zo’n mooi blog wil ik niet missen.
    Groetjes XXX

  3. -N-

    Looks really nice! I especially like that green wall. I just discovered this blog and some nice posts you have here :).

  4. Kees

    What a nice blog, pictures and text!
    You can feel your excellence in writing and in photography!
    It looks all in harmony, peaceful and inspiring.
    Have a nice day!

  5. tiny

    ik als oma Tiny vind de kamers van Faas en Jet het allermooiste.

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