New BloesemKids

Welcome to my new BloesemKids….wow such a wonderful milestone for me,  as a person and for my journal that has grown into this online space that I’ve loved working in every day for the last four years… as I said before this weekend, it was not easy saying goodbye to my pink girl on Bloesem and leaving my old design on BKids, but it is wonderful to say hello to my new Elephant and my new Miss 'b', a fragrance I already love wearing…hope you will like her too…


Together with the super talented Ben Lambers from Dutch Studio Aandacht I have been working on new Bloesem and BloesemKids…It only took Ben a short while to understand the new direction of Bloesem that I was dreaming… I very much enjoyed working with Ben… although I was probably one of his more difficult customers… 🙂 .., many thanks Ben for understanding Bloesem and being committed to this project!

*What were your initial thoughts when starting to create a new logo for Bloesem?
Pink. Positive. Fresh. Fun. Friendly. Feminin.

*Why the parfume bottle and Elephant for BKids?
The parfume bottle sprays a little bit of happines all over  the world.
I first started out with type made from pins and pink thread.
But it got to complicated, in the end only the 'blossem' spray stayed.

The Elephant stands for Kualalumpur.
When moms in Holland read a book for their children and they finish their last sentence
they ask the elephant to 'blow the story out…'
This elephant doesn't blow the story 'out', but starts it…

*What would you like to see be added to the BloesemBlog in the future?
Moving images.


Now, where do we go from here…my vision is for BloesemKids to be a place for you to come to and find beauty and imagination…

{ps. a big Thanks to the Typepad team, Colleen and Laura, they have done an amazing job in building the new blog templates for both Bloesem and BKids. I have been a typepad user since I started blogging and I was thinking of moving to wordpress, but am so HAPPY i stayed with typepad, thank you guys!}



Bloesem loves comments
  1. ChantaleP

    Wow! This is so different but new and fun! Congratulations Irene.. Looking forward to see where your journey and ideas take us..

  2. Joslyn

    Love the new look! Congratulations Irene, I’m sure it was a test of patience and endurance but it looks like you persevered with a PUNCH! xxx

  3. sandra

    what a beautiful look! I love the elephant and I love to read the story of this new look! thanks!!!!

  4. wikkie

    Gefeliciteerd! Het ziet er supermooi en doordacht uit en erg leuk om de gedachtengang erachter te lezen. Ik blijf fan en volg je blogs met veel plezier!

  5. Bubbles&Creams

    W O U A O U H H H H H H H ! ! !
    F R E S H
    L I G H T F U L L
    M O D E R N
    B E A U T I F U L L
    …E V E N I T S M E L L S G O O D !!
    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!

  6. Baboon

    The new design is lovely…but you should test it with Firefox because is completely off-centered and that makes it very hard to read…sorry to write something negative…

  7. ellen

    Super, zusje. Het ziet er prachtig uit en wat lief dat ik een klein beetje deel uitmaak van Bloesem, feel honoured… Ellen x

  8. Lindsey

    Love your new look! So…fresh and new and just never seen anything quite as cool as this before…. well done!

  9. Claudia@StonehouseLove

    Congrats Irene! When I clicked, I got this great feeling…so fresh and I LOVE THE SIZE! very clean, very stylish…I wish you the best…go forth and inspire!

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