New Bloesem

Welcome to my new Bloesem….wow such a wonderful milestone for me,  as a person and for my journal that has grown into this online space that I’ve loved working in every day for the last four years… as I said before this weekend, it was not easy saying goodbye to my pink girl but it is wonderful to say hello to my new Miss 'b', a fragrance I already love wearing…hope you will like her too…


Together with the super talented Ben Lambers from Dutch Studio Aandacht I have been working on new Bloesem and BloesemKids…It only took Ben a short while to understand the new direction of Bloesem that I was dreaming… I very much enjoyed working with Ben… although I was probably one of his more difficult customers… 🙂 .., many thanks Ben for understanding Bloesem and being committed to this project!

When all was finished I asked Ben the following 3 questions:

*What were your initial thoughts when starting to create a new logo for Bloesem?
Pink. Positive. Fresh. Fun. Friendly. Feminin.

*Why the parfume bottle and Elephant for BloesemKids?
The parfume bottle sprays a little bit of happines all over  the world.
I first started out with type made from pins and pink thread.
But it got to complicated, in the end only the 'blossem' spray stayed.

The Elephant stands for Kualalumpur.
When moms in Holland read a book for their children and they finish their last sentence
they ask the elephant to 'blow the story out…'
This elephant doesn't blow the story 'out', but starts it…

*What would you like to see be added to the BloesemBlog in the future?
Moving images.


Now, where do we go from here…my vision is for Bloesem to be a place for you to come to and find beauty and imagination. 

Look. Pause. Dream. Bloesem. 

{ps. a big Thanks to the Typepad team, Colleen and Laura, they have done an amazing job in building the new blog templates for both Bloesem and BKids. I have been a typepad user since I started blogging and I was thinking of moving to wordpress, but am so HAPPY i stayed with typepad, thank you guys!}


Bloesem loves comments
  1. Alex Wijnen

    Oh, I love your new logo and look! I’m a graphic designer so I definitely appreciate all the effort that must have gone into this! And I love the back story of knowing how at the end of a book, the story wordt uitgeblazen 🙂

  2. Lila

    Such a fine, clean, modern and “witty” new logo! I truly enjoy the contrast between the black block print-like logo and the scribble looking, almost like hand sewn girl-like bright colors puff.
    Very much looking forward to read the “new” B. & B. Kids.


  3. Mallory

    i was so excited for your redesign to be unveiled – and it’s just as wonderful as i imagined it would be! congrats on having an amazing new blog “outfit”, haha!

  4. OrangeFarmhouse - Maike

    ik vond de andere layouts prachtig maar deze….. ooooh wat een prachtige frisse start, alsof ik een nieuw blog heb ontdekt waar ik me direct thuisvoel. Combinatie van een nieuwe liefde maar wel onder die vertrouwde warme deken.
    Prachtig Irene en team! Veel succes met de eerste stappen verder in de nieuwe Bloesem wereld, ik loop graag een stukje met je mee….

  5. Di

    It looks great! l love the perfume bottle idea – very clever and pink, not usually a favourite of mine, but here it looks great!

  6. francesca

    bloesem has always been a place for me to come to and find beauty and imagination, still one of my very favourite blogs. v exciting logos. welcome home!

  7. judith banon

    It’s wonderful. Bravo for your new creative jump, Irene! C’est très frais!

  8. Marjolein

    It looks great Irene, super fresh, modern, stylish and YOU, I love it! Big big congratulations, enjoy and hurray for Bloesem and Irene! Big kisses

  9. kate so

    Oh, this is so nice. Well done. Love the graphics and how user friendly your site is. Can’t wait to check in every day.

  10. angie

    * brilliant * those two marks are the best i’ve seen for a women’s lifestyle blog and children’s blog. way to go. * delightful * *a

  11. Julie

    Congratulation Irene! I love the new design and layout. It’s very fresh, clean lines and big images. It works!

  12. yvon koolen

    het bestuiven van de bloesem, als gevolg daarvan een schitterende oogst.
    een prachtig ‘beeld’ in een bijzonder mooi vormgegeven logo.

  13. Petra

    De nieuwe blog-look en je heldere uitleg daarvan maken dat ik nog meer een fan van Bloesem ben. Echt prachtig!


  14. Jihan

    Hi!!Where in KL do you live?I’m in KL too and I love reading your blog!keep on writing ya 😉

  15. Orange Pop Design

    What a great collaboration, the results are beyond great, fresh and fun. Truly love the new branding, logo and concept behind it. Yay for Ben, yay for Bloesem! Well done!!

  16. charmita

    Amazing transformation!!! Well done!!! Congratulations!!!

  17. brie

    while I love the new perfume bottle logo and color choices, i feel as though the bloesem kids logo isn’t up to par with your beautiful new bloesem logo, specifically in regards to the green “puff” – maybe it’s the color that’s throwing me off, or maybe the form doesn’t seem as crisp as the pink puff, but it just doesn’t seem as vibrant or fresh as your concept statement. i think the elephant is very cute and fitting, just not the puff around it.

    also with regards to the bloesem kids site itself, the “about” drop down menu drops directly down into the green puff, making the menu very low contrast and hard to read especially for those who have less than perfect vision.

    anyway, i know in my design i’m always looking for feedback and i thought you might want some as well? everything else is fabulous, thank you!

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