Wise Words by Kids


Kids can be quite funny and their logic is often very appealing…, I am sure you can relate to this. Kids can say things that just leave you lost for words…, so I thought it might be nice to open every week.. starting today…with one or two wise sayings by our little loved ones… my eldest…, Lode, is up first…, but I would love for you to send in quotes by your kids to inspire us and perhaps letting us relive our own childhood innocence for just a few brief moments…




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  1. Noa Weintraub

    this is not a quote (as my daughter has just turned 2) but she tried to put one of her tiny hair clips on our stuffed mink the other day. just as good as a quote in my opinion!

  2. michelle

    I love the new site redesign! It’s super fun…beautiful!
    Here’s Clara’s (4) quote from last night after she couldn’t sleep. She crept up to my room, laid in my bed and whispered very softly, “I love you. No one could hear that because I was so quiet…no one in the world.” It was sweet because it was just between the two of us 🙂

  3. Griet

    My daughter Lou and I were taking a walk, there were cows grazing in the meadow next to our house , she looked at me very seriously and said: “Mom, if you want to buy a cow then you look at the price tags on their ears, so you would know how much they cost….”

    Lou is now (2 nov) turning 8. but when she said that thing about the cows she was only 4 i think.

  4. Seda Vash

    My Daughter Jewelene who was 4 at the time…while we were on a road trip from San Jose asked, “Mom, why is the sun following us?? It’s too bright…”

    –Seda Vash

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