Giveaway : Five Fox Prints!


What can you win this week:: Five super cute Fox themed prints from Oh Hello Dear.

What do you have to do :: Leave two comments stating which item you like best from Oh Hello Dear.

This giveaway runs until Tuesday 26 Ocotber and winner will be announced on the following day.

..Oh Hello Dear..
..Oh Hello Dear blog..

Due to the transition to the new BloesemKids I completely forgot to announce the winner for the wonderful giveaway from Little Baby Company two weeks ago, but the winner is:: Tess

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Carmenpol

    First to comment ? First to say your blog is great ! And that I llove the royal fox from Oh Hello Deay. Good luck (to me !)

  2. Carmenpol

    I also love the rabbit and the elephant, these prints are so cute !

  3. rahel

    I like the one with the girl and the baloon: “Hang on Very Tight”- but others are cute too.
    And congrats to your new look!

  4. Peggy

    Great give away!
    these prints would be lovely in the kids room, perfect red for the fox…
    favourite coming in 2nd comment

  5. barbara

    Well is hard to chose…
    My little daughter love “My Foxy Friend”.

  6. Andrea Falcke

    i love your blog and my favourite is sleepy fox prince!

  7. Saskia

    But the alphabet print is super and the bear back ride as well!
    Thank you for this sweet gieveaway!
    Love your new look!

  8. MzTallulah

    Favourite Story and Autumnal Stroll are my favourites, they are just so darling! Thankyou for the giveaway.

  9. Dana Beth

    i have a friend whose last name is Fox who is expecting a little girl this winter. Would there be a mre perfect shower gift?

  10. Olya

    I really love the Fox and His Boy one. My sons would adore it, I think. Sleepy Fox Prince is really cute too.

  11. Olya

    Oh, for my second comment – Take Me Away and Let’s Pack our Bags are my other two favorites. All these prints are so cute; would love to have them up in their room! Thanks for setting up the giveaway!

  12. Angela

    I’ve had this shop on my favorites for a while! Love the “Little Fox Girl Brunette”. Thanks!

  13. MaryAnne

    O love the “my foxy friend” and the “i love you” print. So adorable!

  14. Damaris

    losot aceo
    the one where the where the baby box is on the shoulders of big fox

    adorable illustrations

  15. Christina

    My absolute favorite is Studious ACEO. The owl is too cute.

  16. Christina

    Alphabet Print 8X10 Colorful Archival Print is also very nice.

  17. sacha

    My favorites are The Snoop and Animal Parade. What a cute opportunity this week! Also, I love the new look!

  18. Anna

    I love Snowy Owl ACEO and Favorite Story print with the fox and owl. My class’s theme is owls and these are the best prints!

  19. Melissa

    Star Bright would be perfect for my daughter and her little stuffed bunny!

  20. Sarah

    However my daughter would actually prefer the Fox.

    Im thinkng either ‘Fox and his Boy Archival’ or ‘Mr Blue Bird’
    (Combine fox and a bird definately win over my daughter)

    She is a little fox and hound obsessed. She has a tiny cheap plastic toy dog that she insists is a fox and wont be swayed. However it is slightly embarrassing when she still pronounces fox as fock.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  21. Meadow

    My daughter, who looks a lot like the little girl in the last print, has an imaginary friend who is a fox. The picture showing the little girl with a fox would be so perfect for her!

  22. Laura Noble

    lovely pictures! my faves would have to be Fox Girl Brunette & Rainbow Raindrops – gorgeous!

  23. Anna

    hmmmm it is tricky. number 1 favourite would be Follow Me ACEO

  24. Anna

    #2 I just found my hands down winner. It is that smart little owl: Studious ACEO. Genius!I know you don’t want 3 favs but it would be literary club….

  25. Willa

    I think favorites are really hard!
    The originals……would lead the list Follow Me or Bear Hug!
    Love the foxes. And the elephants.
    And all the pieces.
    Delightful. Appealing.

  26. Willa

    This time
    Hang on Very Tight!
    is the favorite.
    Told you it is hard to choose.

    love the foxes in the giveaway too

  27. Jomhealy

    Oh what lovliness!!
    My son is named Casper Fox…how perfect!?!

    We are loving “Boy and his Fox” xo

  28. Elizabeth

    And ANY of them with bunnies!!! Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  29. Diane

    I love, love, love Royal Fox Slumber. It’s so adorable I just want to curl up with the fox!

  30. Diane

    We prize reading in our house, so I love “Literary Club” or any of the ones with the animal characters reading. Everything is utterly adorable!

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