Erin reporting from Los Angeles


Another special day today…one of my favorite bloggers is reporting from her hometown…Erin from Design for Mankind doesn't need much introduction…I'm sure most all of you know exactly who this incredible talented women is…I believe that her blog is the most passionate and inspiring of all…Erin lives in Los Angeles and reading a little bit more about the street were she lives will definitely put a smile on your face!

"I live in Los Angeles. Which is fine, but really the only part I like about it is how it will sound at my ten-year high school reunion. Because I think people automatically assume that if you live in Los Angeles, you're (a). following your dream, (b). famous, or (c). brushing elbows with other people that are famous.

I'm (d). none of the above.  Although, I must admit, L.A. has its perks.

My favorite spot of LA is the street I live on. It's so so diverse, and on it exists my favorite people:
1. Saisha from the corner market, who never charges me the extra $.06 of tax when I stop in for some juice.
2. Hugo, a homeless man who knits the most beautiful sweaters for children. I'm trying to start a shop for him, but we're still working out the details. He's promised he'll knit one for my future child, and I promised him I'd spread the word about his talent. You owe me one, Hugo! 😉
3. Tony, the cobbler who fixed my heel last Thursday and saved me from a MAJOR crisis… all in just under an hour and $10!
4. Scout, the BEST. DOG. EVER. He co-owns the thrift shop down the street and always finds me the best deals. Maybe that's why his name is Scout! 🙂
5. Kate from Cucina Calabrese— a yummy local Italian restaurant that I frequent with my husband. I swear she gives us extra breadsticks, but don't tell the owner! 🙂

Although LA isn't my hometown (I'm a southern Indiana gal), these five people [ok four and one dog] make it as homey as it could EVER be. Indeed, I'm a lucky gal!"
{ps. and I've attached a map of my street— it's in the south bay of LA, a mile from the beach, Artesia Blvd}

* * *Design for Mankind

{originally posted on 14 May, 2008}

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