Bloesem in Amsterdam


Our world tour starts in Amsterdam… view on Keizersgracht… from our room at Miauw suites… in the heart of the canal area.. Miauw is for sure the best place to stay if you want to spend a few days in Amsterdam… located in a beautifully restored old canal house, very bright, spacious suites, wooden beam ceilings… contemporary furniture… you will feel right at home in your own Miauw apartment …. you may not  want to leave again…  enjoying a latte in the ground floor reception area which is actually a huge library of fashion magazines and design books…. the reception area regularly features special projects… fashion boutiques or art… when we were staying there sprmrkt had just "opened" a small mobile boutique with the latest designs by known and new designers… no coincidence we were in Amsterdam…celebrating the birthday of the Queens mother…. 30 April…. if you have chance plan your trip during this period… the one day in the year all Dutch go crazy at the same time…. in a good way of course…. the whole country, and especially Amsterdam becomes  a huge outdoor flea market, concert hall and big chaotic get together of thousands of people… click here to see more images from the Miauw suites…
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…looking for vintage tableware, jewelry, furniture or anything else vintage you can think of… this is your chance…take a few hours to browse through all stalls and turning over piles of old clothes and other stuff that was hidden in attics for years… you can really find some great bargains at the so called 'Vrije Markt' = 'Free Market' during Queensday in the Netherlands…click here to see more images from the Queens Birthday Party 2008 in Amsterdam…
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..Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hope to see you back on Monday together with Francesca  from Mrs.ElliotBooks reporting to us from London..

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