Once upon a time … you can win Cinderella’s shoe pendant in 18K gold


What can you win :: This beautiful Cinderella shoe pendant in yellow 18K gold from once upon a time…yes see it right this giveaway is worth more than eur 200.- ! Such a fantastic Christmas present!

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment and let us know which Fairy Tale story you would like to see added to the next 'once upon a time' collection?

Giveaway is open until Tuesday 14 September and the winner will be announced on Wednesday September 15 and notified by email.

The lovely Juliana from once upon a time also offers a 15% discount on the entire Cinderella collection if you buy something before Wednesday 15 September. (prices you see are already the discount prices)

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Last weeks winner from the Binny giveaway is :: Guusje

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Lisa

    The Cinderella collection is beautiful. I would love to see some Snow White pieces, a gorgeous gold apple in particular!

  2. MzTallulah

    Just lovely… What about Goldilocks, with little bears, bowls, and spoons?

  3. Amy

    My daughter loves all things princessy and this would be a wonderful keepsake for her. My husband is just introducing her to Aesops fables and so I think we would add The Tortoise and the Hare the other fairy stories.

  4. ChantaleP

    What a beautiful giveaway! My daughter seems to really enjoy the tale of the Gingerbread man. It would be cute to see a tiny little version of him running!

  5. bess

    wow – the cinderella pieces are gorgeous! i’ve always loved sleeping beauty – roses, fairies, dragons – wonderful! 🙂

  6. hermine golle

    The apple of snow white would be my favorite one, but in our family we also love the three little pigs!
    bravo for your work!

  7. Focipresley (Bon)

    Oh, how about the Wizard of Oz! So many lovable characters!

    These collections are so sweet. I have never come across anything like it!

  8. susan hwang

    for the next collection, i would like to see characters from the princess and the pea. i think peas in a pod would make a nice charm. thanks so much for the giveaway 🙂

  9. Bubbles&Creams

    I loooooove this giveaway!!!!
    …what about “Alice in wonderland”?…tea pots, cups of tea, cookies…and so many magic things!!!!

  10. Catherine

    All so charming. My daughter’s favorite is the princess and the pea.

  11. Christy

    I am in love with Peter Pan. Action, adventure, love. All the things that make a great story.

    I also love Snow White. Such a beautiful classic. Her dress it the prettiest.

  12. lizibeth

    ooo! One of my all time favorites is Beauty and the Beast … but Princess and the Pea would be darling!

  13. Maria

    Ah, so many possibilities. The Musicians of Bremen would make a great collection. Or how about a Rumpelstiltskin collection?

  14. D-A

    I too would love The Princess and the Pea. A lovely necklace of little peas or a tiny studded mattress charm. And, how about something like the Polar Express – you could even do a couple of things for boys – like a tiny train charm or a drivers cap?

  15. Kelsey Page

    I love the Cinderella story… wrote papers about it in school and own all Cinderella movies and books I can find! What a great collection!

  16. Cathy

    I have a lot of favorites, the little mermaid, little red riding hood are among them.

  17. andrea

    would love to see snow white! which is my favorite!

    andrea d
    drea8685 at yahoo dot com

  18. Ruchi

    I would love to see the Beauty and the Beast. That is my favorite.

  19. anne

    So many good ideas here 🙂 I always loved Rumplestiltsken (sp??) but a Princess and the Pea collection would be so sweet!

  20. edina

    How about The Princess and The Pea? Crown/tiara or pea pendants would be darling!

  21. Ingrid

    What a fun idea! Id say the three little pigs could be cool.. Make a bit of a collection!

  22. Jay Willis

    My niece would love this and i think she would love a mermaid theme too!

  23. Oli

    I’d vote for Snow White. There are many tiny elements in the story that could grab a jeweller’s imagination.

  24. Holly Bailey

    I think either the Princess and the Pea, Beauty and the Beast or the Frog Prince would be a fantastic addition to their collection. This is a great giveaway!

  25. joh

    Alice in Wonderland! Alice in wonderland Please!!… little cakes that say eat me…..a little pair of silver gloves……….. a croquet stick with a flamingo head….oh so cute

  26. Leah

    I would love to see the characters from the The Princess and the Frog.

  27. Elsa

    I’d like to see The Three Little Pigs. An all time favorite. I both loved the story and loved reading it to my once upon a little girl… A now bride to be. 🙂

  28. Ruthy T.

    You know what collection I think would be cute? Chicken Little! My little girl loves that tale!

  29. J Koes

    How about Anderson’s The Snow Queen? My personal favourite!

    The other two suggestions would be A Little Prince, and Mowgli.

  30. Edith

    My fave is Beauty & the Beast.
    I absolutely love Juliana’s creations. Thanks for sharing these pretty boutique.

  31. raku

    A Peter Pan collection could crossover for boys and girls, pirates, fairies, mermaids, peter, etc. Thumbelina is also a beautiful story and doesn’t get as much attention.

  32. Heleen

    Rumpelstiltskin! definitely! Finally the straw could turn into gold for real!
    (Allthough I think Alice in Wonderland has more inspirational props to make juwelry…)

  33. Naomi

    So simple and elegant…mommy might need to keep this until my princess is older!

    I’d love to see a necklace with layered charms to represent the princess and the pea.

  34. Valerie Gudorf

    As a little girl, I never tired of the story of Cinderella, and begged my mother to read it every night. I covet that gold slipper!

  35. Cheryl

    The Fairy Tale story that I would like to see added to the next ‘once upon a time’ collection is The
    Snow Queen.
    Please count me in for a chance to win the
    Cinderella’s shoe pendant.
    Thank you.

  36. Kleanne

    The collections so far are gorgeous but I would also like to see Snow White and the seven dwarfs!

  37. tess sherrocks

    The Little Mermaid. Imagine all the lovely charms and jewellery that could be created to complement an aquatic theme! Seahorses and whales, dolphins and fish, seaweed and coral, boats and seagulls, shells and mermaids. A handsome prince. Exquisite details made to last a lifetime!

  38. Lisa

    Wow, what a beautiful way to wear a favourite fairytale! I’d love to see Thumbelina come to life as part of this collection. Simply lovely.

  39. Ange

    I would love to see Princess and the Pea. The Cinderella shoe is gorgeous, I had a glass ‘slipper’ on top of my wedding cake!

  40. Lorena Mora

    I’d vote for Snow White my all time favorite. Please count me in for the Cinderella charm giveaway.

  41. Susana Cardenas Ochoa

    Maybe the Princess and the Frog? That would be a cute one. Please enter me for the cinderella giveaway.

  42. Martha Cardenas

    What about the 3 little pigs? Oh I know I just read Pippi Longstocking to my grand daughter that would be a cute one too. Hope I win.

  43. Dario Cordova

    What about Little Red Riding Hood, that has always been a favorite in our home. Thanks for the chance to win.

  44. Jose L. Lopez

    Gingerbread man was a favorite in our house. All the princess ones have also been favorites in our home, like Beauty and the Beast. Here’s to hoping I win, my little girl would love this charm.

  45. Wendy

    These are adorable! I think the Frog Prince could make for some cute jewelry.

  46. Carla

    I adore these! I just read The Princess and The Pea for the first time & me and my daughter can’t get enough of it. I could see a sweet charm of a pea, a gorgeous bed. Lovely possibilities.

  47. Lupine Swanson

    I would love to see sleeping beauty or little red riding hood, I think the little houses would be so darling.

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