Binny is giving away two of her prints…

What can you win :: A print called "Magic Beans" by Binny from a recent group exhibition that
travelled to Sydney and Melbourne, the A3 size print is worth $110 US ++ this lovely A5 size print.

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment and state your favorite favorite design from Binny's new beautiful wallpaper collection

Giveaway is open until Tuesday 7 September and winner will be announced on Wednesday September 8 and notified by email.

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Some exciting new things happened for Binny lately…a fantastic new collection of wallpapers…a collaboration between Binny and Photowall from Sweden and a set of super nice pillows for Go Home junior…available here at my messy room.


Bloesem loves comments
  1. Laura Noble

    ooh, they’re lovely. I think my fave would have to be Twiggy & Bird – Gentle

  2. Mai

    Oh i like so much her work!! I think that my favourite is “Two little ears – bleu” Regards from Chile 😉

  3. Anita_de_tulp

    They´re just wonderful. Would love to be able to frame and hang that in my new baby´s room.From the collection my favorite is “Two Little Ears – Bleu”.

  4. pilli pilli

    Such sweet designs!
    I really love a few of them, but my favourite would be “bear with me” !

    pilli pilli

  5. Rahel Sarid

    Oh-gorgeous! Hard to decide, but I think I liked “Squishy Family – Bleu” the best- you probably could sit in front of it and discover new things again and again. Thanks for the link.

  6. Nicole Williams

    Well, my daughter (nearly 4), loves the swirly girly cosy print. Why? “Because it’s pink”
    Reason enough – apparently.

  7. candice

    i just love Raindrops Are My Friends – such cute little fellas 🙂

  8. Carla

    I love ‘cloud princess’, makes me think of a secret door to a magical world – guess the little princess in me is still there…

  9. tess sherrocks

    I would love to wake up every morning (and go to sleep) with the smiley, happy, interesting and kind faces of the Squishy Family (in Bleu) looking down on me. My children and I would make up stories about how they came to be a part of our shambolic family!

  10. Chantal

    Pups In Cups – Rose = absolutely adorable. I would love this in my kitchen! It would make me smile so much : )

  11. Renate

    Such great ideas! I love all designs! Very hard to pick a favourite, but I’d go with Swirlygirly – Cosy
    Well done!

  12. LIz Williamson

    I can see picture my two little girls being absolutely delighted to have their room covered in Swirlygirly Cosy. What a treat to have that on your wall. That one would be my favourite but very hard to choose they’re all so gorgeous.

  13. Karly

    They are all so gorgeous but I think ‘Twiggy and Bird’ – Bold would suits our shared boy/girl bedroom beautifully!

  14. ksenia

    They all are so cute, but I think Twiggy And Bird would look great in my kitchen :)!

  15. Katie

    A whimsical wonderland, I love them all but Two Little Ears Bleu is especially sweet.

  16. libby hobbs

    Oh these are really joyful and happy designs…..oh dear how can I choose..Lazybones surrounding me in my bedroom would transport me to cloud nine!…..super friendly! x

  17. Sally Mutton

    beautiful beautiful Swirlygirly – it is just heavenly!!!!

  18. melissa

    I was about to choose “swirlygirly-relaxed” because it is just what I am looking for for my bathroom, but my 3 year old noticed me browsing and immediately liked “two little ears-rose”…and she’s the boss! But I have to say I love them all. So whimsical!

  19. gabrielle

    we are just about to start renovations and my girl will finally get her own room so cloud princess would be perfect

  20. Catherine

    All of them are wonderful–so whimsical. I love the characters, but I think I’d choose Swirlygirly, in relaxed and in cosy. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Chris

    I’m lovin Pups in Cups in Rose…but they are all SO gorg I’d take them all!!

  22. WandaFish

    They are all so cute, but I think my favourite (at this minute anyway!) is squishy family bleu

  23. Monica Dreger

    Love your site – logged on first time today and can’t get enough of it!

    I really *heart* the squishy neutral one…

    Good luck with launch!

  24. Miriah Elliott

    I really like a lot of these. They are beautiful. I really like the squishy family and living in a droplet…so cool.

  25. Kristine Corpus

    I LOVE Twiggy & Bird-BOLD.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  26. Alexandra

    LOVE the Lazy Bones design … super cool for young little tackers 🙂

  27. Huili

    Everyone of them puts a smile on my face. I think my favorite is Twiggy and Bird-gentle.

  28. Sarah Dolphin

    oh ……..lazybones for me, so so very cute, but love them all

  29. Richelle

    squishy family (neutral) is super cute. i think it would keep my girl busy for days looking at all the characters 🙂

  30. Prue Barwick

    I absolutely love swirly girly cosy and lazybones! They are adorable, definitly my favourites in a fabulous collection.

  31. Jane Lloyd

    Lazybones is my pick because it is bright and peaceful at the same time. Sleeping on top of a flower. What a lovely way to spend a day! Plus those magic mushrooms remind me of my childhood.

  32. Lucy Thompson

    they are all gorgeous and i love them all, but i think i would love to drift of to sleep looking at lazybones and squishy family – blue

  33. tartankiwi

    Its a tough choice, but my favourite wallpaper is Twiggy and Bird- Bold.

  34. Rachel Beaumont-Smith

    I like squishy, after painting my daughters room the most shocking pink when she was a toddler, I wish I had the subtle tones of squishy to lull her to sleep with..

  35. Tegan Grant

    TWO LITTLE EARS is my absolute favourite. I love all the different faces for little ones to look at. You are too clever!

  36. Eileen Trinca

    WOW!!!! they are all amazing, how can you choose just one. I would have to go with Lazybones in one room and cloud princess in another. Very talented young lady!

  37. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    My favorite is Lazybones. That would make SUCH a cute accent wall in a kid’s room!

  38. Toby McSweeney

    I love Swirly Girly Relaxed. They are all really Cute, Well Done.

  39. Alicia Benedict

    I ove them all! But if I were going to put one up it would be the squishy family (neutral)…soft, delicate, whimsical…and so precious!

  40. Anna McConnochie

    Do I have to choose just one??? They are all amazing but I will cheat and choose 2! Pups in cups blue is so dreamy and adorable and definitely lazybones – I would love my kids to feel as relaxed as lazybones looks. You are just too clever Binny!

  41. Béa

    I LOVE Pups in Cups!!!
    How sweet are they???

    Oh pleaaaaaase pick me so that I can decorate the future room of the baby that is growing in my belly 🙂

  42. Carmenpol

    I love “raindrops are my friends”, very original wallpaper. My fingers are crossed, I hope I win one day !

  43. guusje

    I love, love her wallpaper. It’s just so stunning.

    I love ‘Living in a droplet’ and the red ‘pups in a cup’.

    If I was a rich girl…….. I would buy a house full ♥

  44. Shannon

    I can’t decide between the twiggy and bird gentle or bold (blue or orange) it depends or where I would put it!

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