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D:: Danish is…a very difficult language  to learn. Snowy cosy winters and a bright cheerful spring and the country where my beautiful son was born.


A:: Art I like to buy…is mostly illustrative work or very textured bold pieces like Mark Rothko's amazing work.


N:: New in my home is…a lot of wonderful wedding gifts (I got married 2 weeks ago), a nice little blue Royal Copenhagen ceramic frog and a bunch of Swarovski penguins.


I:: Imagine, I could live in a different place or home, where or what kind of home would it be…difficult to say.. I do love  our home very much. Could swop it for a town house in Notting Hill though..

S:: Snack, my favorite Danish snack is…scraped raw beef on rye bread with onions, beet roots, raw egg, and fresh horse radish.

H:: Home means to me…the place where my husband and son play with the dogs, an ever changing pad always tempting me to start a new interior project as well as a huge comfort zone for me. 


H:: hobby, I always make time for…reading books while drinking sweetened white coffee and  dog walking by the beach.

O:: outfit, my favorite thing to wear is…my wedding band.


M:: magazines I love to read are…Vogue Living, Rum, Marie Claire Maison, Cover, Vogue Paris, Lula.


E:: enjoy, I can't live without…my Studio, MisseMai Prints, my family and the dogs, sweetened white coffee, praline chocolate, textile design, creativity and my wonderful friends.

…………Thank You Mia-Louise……………


MisseMai Prints is a design studio located in a corner of Copenhagen founded by Mia-Louise Mailund… a lot of the gorgeous black and white prints are influenced by Danish writer H.C.Andersen’s love story ”The Snow Queen”… i really love the prints on the striped bedding, which is nice for children but also for grown-ups like me 🙂 … I haven't decided yet which print is my favorite, too hard to choose…but I think this Flax print is really cute and what is there not to like about the Deer.. Bodieandfou

And an image from the home of Bodie and Fou over at Decor8 with a print from MisseMai hanging in their room…you see how gorgeous!

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  1. make my day

    intricate story telling in her images…yet they come accross as simple and unassuming. It draws you in to look more closely.beautiful work. cheers kari

  2. BODIE and FOU

    Mia-Louise has such a lovely home and her Old Oak’s Last Dream print works everywhere in the home. The image above was from our flat in London but now I’ve put it in a white frame and it looks stunning and more contemporary…lovely tour, thanks Irene

    PS: I could spend hours on your blog….

  3. NB-1LH battery

    intricate adventure cogent in her images…yet they appear accross as simple and unassuming. It draws you in to attending added closely.beautiful work. acclaim kari

  4. Carl

    hello. your home is lovely thank you for sharing. would you be so kind as to share where is the play kitchen from? thank you so much.

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