Congratulations 101 Woonideeën


101 Woonideeën is celebrating it's 10 year anniversary…Congratulations! Actually, the history of 101 Woonideeën goes much further back…in September 1957 the first issue of DIY, a monthly magazine, was born. What I truly love about 101 Woonideeën is not only the fact that they have the best DIY tutorials they also were and are the first who truly reach(ed) out to the Bloggers community. For instance during this weeks Living Fair in Amsterdam 101 Woonideeën invited some of the most creative bloggers from the Netherlands to join them in their home (stand) to show their craftiness and let visitors be able to talk to the bloggers.


…and when I say great DIY tutorials I mean this tutorial for a stacking bench and other simple furniture. Marjan Verboeket from studio papas is the designer and creator of the tutorial, which you can find right here. and this is the link for the English translation.


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  1. Karen

    And they have great customer service too! I once emailed them asking for the plans to a table they had in their magazine years before (when it was still Doe Het Zelf) and they sent it next day!

  2. SD400 battery

    And they accept abundant chump account too! I already emailed them allurement for the affairs to a table they had in their annual years afore (when it was still Doe Het Zelf) and they beatific it abutting day!

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