my vintage finds from the Netherlands

Home Sweet Home….yes we are back home and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to sleep in my own bed after being away for almost 5 weeks … not that I didn't enjoy being in the Netherlands and spend time with my family and friends it's just that I really feel home here in Kuala Lumpur, I love the weather, the happy faces, the food and very important the great energy buzz that is more alive in Asia then in Europe I believe…


My favorite part of my vacation in the Netherlands was/were my visits to many thrift-stores…I managed to make some images of some of the ceramic purchases I did….already a couple of years ago I wrote this vintage ceramic read for Bloesem and mentioned the beautiful work by Ulla Procopé for Arabia, one of her designs is 'kosmos' and I just love it very much…hope to find more in the future. 


Not sure about the manufacturer of this coffee pot, but i liked the folksy feel…


My sister gave me this lovely gravy boat and nice milk jug, the gravy boat is from J&G Meakin and the green milk jug is from Ellgreave both potteries from England. I believe my sister bought them in a small shop in Dorkin.


And she gave me more…also this gorgeous sugar pot ( i believe it is but correct me if I'm wrong) from Hornsea from the Heirloom collection… thank you so much lovely, miss you already!


no, these are not made of ceramic, they are small vintage houses that were used as decoration for a model train lay-out, I bought them because they remind me a bit of the canal houses in Amsterdam and I want to use them as decoration in the kids room. 

…and this is just one of the many West Germany vases I bought, I believe I bought 8 in total 🙂 they are currently being shipped together with lamps, chairs, a table a desk and 20 boxes! Not for our home here in KL but for a new project my husband and I are starting in Singapore…surprise surprise, hope to tell you more about it real soon! ps. I have to give a BIG Thank You to Ine, a lovely friend of my mom who accompanied me to all these crazy shops…

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  1. H is for Home

    Fabulous haul! We’ve got some of those Arabia “Kosmos” plates – they’re so chunky & lovely! Also love your railway houses!

  2. Jess

    All lovely! Love the coffee pot and yes you are right about the Hornsea. Well done!

  3. Marina

    Gorgeous finds! I just ran across a piece of Arabia Kosmos a few weeks ago (a cupless saucer, I didn’t buy it). That little coffeepot is so charming. 🙂

  4. Ren

    Really great finds- I also love comming home after visiting home- funny how that is.

  5. Ingrid

    Oeh..I like this coffee pot and the little and the gravy boat and the vase!
    What a treasures you’ve bought there!!

  6. Julie

    Those houses are a dream! Pretty sure I would plant those smack dap in the middle on my mantel so that I could admire them everyday. Lovely!

  7. Patty

    How spooky I should stumble across your blog and see a recent post showing some lovely vintage ceramics & Hornsea Pottery Heirloom. I’m a member of the Hornsea Pottery Collectors & Research Society.
    Heirloom was designed by my favourite Hornsea designer, John Clappison and this range of tableware was in production from 1967 – 1987.
    Because of the number of years it was in production it is actually still quite easy to find in charity shops here in the UK.
    If anyone is interested there is a Hornsea Pottery Nostalgia day this Sat, 28th on the Hornsea Freeport retail park.

  8. BP-511A Battery

    How spooky I should stumble across your blog and see a recent post showing some lovely vintage ceramics & Hornsea Pottery Heirloom. I’m a member of the Hornsea Pottery Collectors & Research Society.

  9. Kajsa

    We had cosmos plates in blue when I was a kid, I had all my porridge from a plate like that 🙂 My in laws have them in brown. They got them as a wedding gift in the 70’s, which was very common back then.

  10. LP-E5 battery

    How chilling I should blunder beyond your blog and see a contempo column assuming some admirable best ceramics & Hornsea Pottery Heirloom. I’m a affiliate of the Hornsea Pottery Collectors & Research Society.

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