Win a Gift Cetrificate EUR 50.- at this online shop…

What can you win :: A generous Gift certificate of EUR 50.- at PSikHouvanJou (= PS. I love You)…one of the best Dutch online shops for children with all the international brandswe like 🙂 … just pick the items you love most when you win!

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item is from PSikHouvanJou

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday July 14 and notified by email.

Last weeks winner from the Fournier giveaway is :: Chris

..PS. I love You..

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  1. souris

    I love the MONSTER HANDS TATTOOS! What a wonderful way to update shadow puppets! 🙂

  2. Shiho

    Aww I love this store! My favorite is Sophie de Giraf series they sell!

  3. Cait

    What a cute store! I love the Keecie leather bag! And the stamps!

  4. Kira

    I love the cards with the cute animal illustrations on them. I have a soft spot for things like that 🙂

  5. pilli pilli


    Such a lovely shop! Thanks for the tip!
    All very nice indeed, but my absolute favourite is “kussen kat” (jammer genoeg uitverkocht…). I’ll have to check back if it re-enters! :o)

    pilli pilli

  6. rahel

    Hard to decide- so many nice things- I liked the iron-on-zoo. Just imagined the cute animals on the t-shirts of my small daughters…

  7. maike

    Tja uit eigen ervaring kan ik zel zeggen dat alles leuk is van PSikhouvanjou. Zowel de eigen label spullen als de andere brands. Ik kies voor het speelgoed van EeBoo als mijn favoriet.

  8. Vi

    I love the ABC-Poster by Enna. It’s been on my wish list for a long time now and I will definitely buy it, once my son will be old enough.

  9. antsje

    Ik ga voor het -helaas uitverkochte- Saw See Sew naaldenkokertje!

  10. Ana

    I love the stamps Stempel blok van 4 western and I’m sure the kids love them too. So nice to decorate all your stuff with them!!

  11. Raegan

    Hi! So many lovely things..but i love the cute balloon bag…gorgeous! xoxo

  12. Evelien

    Ik vind de “playshapes” echt geweldig!

  13. hanneke

    I love(<3) to make handcrafted items, thats why I like the DIY items for presents and gifts.
    Everybody must make things they can be froud of.

  14. meninheira

    What a beautiful shop! I love all! 🙂

    I like this: Janod houten weegschaal 3 jr and this: Bouw je eigen vogelhuisje and … all!!

    Thanks from Spain 🙂

  15. Ilaria

    I think the notebooks are so cute!!! My favourite is the Mini labo schetsboek A5 nacht! 🙂

  16. silvia

    I like the
    Shinzi Katoh tas regen, but also the Mini labo puzzel panda 4 jr/ 56 stks and many others.. gorgeous!!

  17. Focipresley

    I’m a sucker for cuddling with the family under soft blankets…so the blankets featured in the shop definitely appeal to me 🙂

  18. Jen

    LOVE the Janod puzzles – the space + the pirate ones looks fabulous. Thanks!

  19. Sarah W.

    The monster tattoos, the birdie banner, the ABC poster…I love it all. What a great shop.

  20. Darja Charapova

    Wow i love the ‘Keecie leren etui large geel’

    Zo mooi, het is gewoon moeilijk kiezen, maar deze is gewoon prachtig, zou hem de hele dag bij me dragen 🙂

  21. Sally

    Lovely items but I love the cassette envelopes….how retro.

  22. Catherine

    We love all the puzzles and the cat pull toy–what a fabulous selection!

  23. Susana Estevam

    too hard to choose only one but i love the clothes pegs as they seem really easy for litle hands to use it

  24. margaret

    I love the hand monster tatoos. How awesome will those be to play wit?h!

  25. Ruthy Trujillo

    Hello! Wow how cool are those monster hand tattoos!! Ok and those car stamps too.

  26. Allison

    I didn’t have any idea what the navagation bar said, but I managed to find quite a few lovely items. With visions of a little baby due this winter in my head, I’d have to say the item that appealed to me most was the “Babydeken Siep grijs”. It looks so warm and cozy!

  27. Laura Noble

    So much to love!
    Faves have to include; Mr Cushion Large Robot, Dorm Letterbak & Babydeken Aardbei.

  28. Anneke

    Wow, this is absolutely one of the best collections I’ve seen in a long time! love absolutely everything! With my son first birthday coming up I’ll be sure to put the Mini labo kofferset on his list and send the link to grandma & grandpa! hihi.

  29. ivy

    The “Limoon ansichtkaart tuin prinses” is such a cute print.

  30. Heidi Stagner

    Hello! The “Stempels” portion of the store is wonderful. I’m especially enamored with the fantastic Viking stamp. Thank you for sharing such a fun link with me.

  31. sarah wlliams

    i’m pretty sure my daughter needs that set of little suitcases, maybe i do too!

  32. JJ

    Such a sweet, colorful store! There are many thing to like but the first thing that jumped out at me was the ABC poster. That’s what we’re working on in our house right now!

  33. ashley lynne

    sooo many things! but cmon, how cute are those monster hand tattoos! i love those.

  34. anne

    So much to like!! The birdie banner, the baby quilts, the wooden animal pull toys, the art prints…

  35. rimpsukaisa

    What a perfect selection!Hard to choose just one favourite but the mini polka dot suitcases would easily find a good home here.

  36. Jannie

    Love the wool, the felted blankets and the clips (reuzenknijpers)! What a lovely store.

  37. Lucia

    Oh wow! Thanks for featuring this shop, I hadn’t seen their site before, it’s fantastic! I love everything, the kids toys are gorgeous and I would end up stealing them for myself, but my favourite thing are the spotty blankets I think:)

  38. Jessica

    The Monster Hand Tattoos are my favorite thing EVER!!! My kids would go nuts!

  39. Anne

    i absolutly love paper so it has to be the origamipaper by fifi mandirac

  40. Anne

    Thanks for sharing this FANTASTIC website! Great stuff! I love the DIY section, and especially the paper lanterns 🙂

  41. Sang

    What a cute store, I love the little suitcases and the pillows.

  42. Philly

    De ABC-poster en ALLES van Belle & Boo 😉

  43. Reesi

    We love the knitted fruits which are on the advert photo, even though I couldn’t find those in the web-shop at the moment. We had two that were similar to the one shown that we bought for the birth of our little boy, but his older brother decided to throw one of them out the window one day… We found out a few days later, so we like to think that meannwhile it had moved on to make another child happy 🙂

  44. mau

    oh my goodness! I’m in love! it’s impossible to choose one item. i especially love the games and the bags, but the rest is adorable too.

  45. shelley

    Its hard to choose because everything is amazing. Some really unique things I haven’t seen anywhere else. The ABC poster is my favourite.

  46. Élin Almeida

    I cannot pick just one. :$ But I love the “Shinzi Katoh tas leeuw” (the bag with the lion). Wow! 😀

  47. Nela Almeida

    If I can pick just one, I pick the baloon bag. (:

  48. charlotte*

    Finally, my boys can have decent looking monsters on their hands!!! these hand monsters tattoos are a super duper cool idea.
    L O V E I T !

  49. Andrea

    Such lovely items! Hard to pick one favourite. . . turquoise Noah’s Ark print or the ‘Opberg huis’, or many other items. . . thanks for letting us know about this great shop

  50. Helen Kolenda

    I love the Shinzi Katoh tas huis bag but also love the mini labo kofferset set of cases. so much to love:)

  51. keren

    i love this shop and if my daughter could get lost in it for a few days, she would as well…i love the Mini labo stickers

  52. belle

    I love absolutely everything! The Rie Elise Larsen haken groot, are beautiful!

  53. Floddertje

    I love the wooden rocket, but that one is sold out, so I would choose the ABC-poster, which is adorable too.

  54. Maria

    The monster hands tattoos are fabulous – so much easier (and cleaner!) than using facepaints for the same purpose (… ask me how I know!)

  55. Laura

    I would pick some of the DIY products! I specially like the “Cut Out & Make kaart raket”
    I really loved this store!

  56. Tara

    oh i love love love those polka dot crib blankets. they’re gorgeous!

  57. childrens footwear

    Because i love bags,Shinzi Katoh bag rain is perfect especially this coming rainy season here.Actually, i will give it to my little niece.She’s asking me a new bag at the start of school year but haven’t buy one yet.

  58. Pauper

    I love everything in the store! Wow–gorgeous! The first thing that really caught my eye though were the lovely felted wool blankets–just beautiful!

  59. katrina

    I love the “leather plastic bag” and the smaller leather wristlets!!!

  60. Patricia

    I love the little red toy rocket and the beautiful picnic bags. So sweet!

  61. amy t.

    i love all of the picnic bags and mr large robot. fun!

  62. luciana

    i love all shinzy katos bags, the pic nic’s coffers and the letter puzzles.

  63. Lia

    o my o my….how very cute!!! thanks for the chance… 🙂 the stamps are soooooo adorable 🙂

  64. Jennifer R.

    I adore the stamps by Herzensart…especially the little vikings.

  65. Mitali

    Wow!!! This is soooo hard!!!! There are too many things. Fromt he lion bag to the stuffed cats!!!

    win or not I am off to shop!

  66. Lorena Mora

    Wow! Cool website so many things. I love the blankets but I also like the rocket oh but then there’s the monster tattoos oh I can’t decide.

  67. whitney

    i love the Janod houten vormenplank 18 mnd (not sure what that means, but it is an adorable puzzle!) i could browse the shop for hours. 🙂

  68. kirsten vuissa

    where to start. we would love the clamps to make forts and something from herzensart. pretty please!

  69. Miriam

    Hopefully I will some day own a Belle & Boo print of Lola. How beautiful is that!

  70. Lola

    This shop is full of beautiful things!! I love everything: the DIY kits, the stationery, the bags…so difficult to choose!.

  71. Liene

    I wouldn’t know what to pick, but I really like the monsterhandstattoos!

  72. veronica

    hm, I really like the MUZIEKDOOSJEs, since I was planning on making a new born baby gift for a friend of mine..
    really also beautiful is the stationery, especially the book SCHRIFT A5 VINTAGE BLAUW…

    rrr. I would love to shop around…

  73. alyce d.

    so far it’s the abc poster… i can tell that there is a lot of browsing to do!

  74. Dana Beth

    i can just imagine wrapping my son up in the Wiegdeken stippen so awesome

  75. Sharon Rowan

    There are a ton of awesome things, but I really like the paper lanterns in the stationery section.

  76. Jennifer W.

    Ooooh! All the stationary is just perfect!

  77. sacha

    I love most everything- but we need some fun clipboards and can always use colorful hooks and pretty things for the walls.

  78. chantal

    The reuze wasknijpers would make my life so much easier. No more tape leaving nasty marks on our furniture when making “tents” Plus the small hands can handle these bold wasknijpers!

  79. Debra

    Great shop! Love the monster tattoos. What fun my son would have with these 🙂

  80. sarah

    i adore the picnic bag and the monster tattoos. i love that you introduced us to this store.

  81. Kirsten

    I love the little fox on wheels and the fort clips!

  82. Flora

    Oh I have found so many things I like! Little stamps, the retrokat, the big dots merino blankets, Ferm Living cute pillows… All great products!

  83. Tieske

    Wow! How come I never heard of this wonderfull webshop!
    I really like the playshapes on the first page. I remember how i used to love my “mosaiekdoos” (mosaic building box) as a kid.

  84. carmel

    i love the “Wenskaart krokodil” and allthe other animals from that kind

  85. Kim

    Love that store! Whenever I try to order 1 thing there, I always end up buying more. So that gift certificate would be great!

    First thing I would buy is the
    DIY stempel & tags vogel

  86. Lotte

    My favorite item so far is “het bloemen notitie blok” .
    my daughter has gotten one for her birthday and she tries her writing skills on it and draws in it.

  87. Mari

    So glad that you’re featuring a give-away for this site, because I’d never heard of it, but I live in the NL, and I’m pregnant with my first child! My nursery is going to have an owl theme, so I love the
    ‘Zet een uil & uiltje in elkaar’ set!

  88. Norma

    The monster hand tattoos are really wonderful. Imaginative. Thanks for this…Norma

  89. Norma

    The monster hand tattoos are wonderful. So imaginative. Original. Thanks for this…Norma

  90. Moira Millman

    the shop is choc full of super cute goodies! love the bags, and the shopper kitty one especially caught my eye:)

  91. KateRoelse

    This delightful shop arouses the imagination of little one’s fingers and older one’s hearts alike! For my sister’s first baby, the “Nounouille koele kikker” would be so perfect! My husband is Dutch and so our children half-Dutch, and thus this little toy for their first Aussie “neef” would be so special 🙂

  92. Renée Tarango

    I loved the little baby shoes and the special blankets and…everything else! Great blog!

  93. amber

    there are so many great things, but i think my kids would really like the “Cut Out & Make kaart” series!

  94. tamara

    goodness, how could one choose a favourite? the blom diy flowers are lovely. great site!

  95. SaRaH

    “Stempel set van 3 woodland” from The Small Object.
    And so many other things!

  96. Enney

    I cant go past the Millar Goodman play blocks – they have to be on top of my wishlist

  97. blythe

    Stempel matroeska!

    Animals stickers in blik 116 stks!

    Maps stickers in blik 220 stks!

    Post stickers in blik 138 stks

    everything is so cute and cool!! 🙂

  98. Saar

    Het ALLER-leukst vind ik de opberghuizen van Gry & Sif!

  99. sandra s.

    So many lovely things to choose from! The “Colouring-in t-shirt” is my favorite.

  100. Kath Mc

    wee gallery flash cards- those images are beautiful

  101. Janet

    Love love love these:
    Mini labo kofferset
    & Mudpuppy blokpuzzel bos 3 jr+ / 9 stks

  102. Kraftrabbit

    Oh, that is a hard call. What an amazing shop! I would have to say the monster hands tattoos – so awesome!

  103. helene

    wouhaou ! all are so pretty !! but this rocket (Janod houten raket 18 mnd) i love it !

  104. Tanya

    so hard to choose, but I would have to say the Babydeken Fuschia – as it would be perfect for my baby girl due in a couple of months 🙂

  105. Iwona

    Family tree with blue (turquoise blue) frames – it’s lovely!

  106. kim moore

    i love the Ledikantlaken Paddestoel!!! the little toadstool towels! so adorable. 🙂

  107. Eve

    I love the canvas kitty tote – and I’m pretty sure I would have to share it with my daughter, who loves anything with a kitty on it!

  108. Charlotte

    I really had trouble choosing, but I’m going to go with the hand tattoos. I can see hours of entertainment being possible from such a simple idea. My favourite section of the shop is easy … the letterbox gifts …. because there’s nothing worse than coming home to find a note from TNTPost saying they have a parcel for you but it wouldn’t fit through your letterbox 🙁

  109. Pomber

    This online shop is amazing! I really like all of their goodies. Here’s a list with my favourites:

    -Mini labo schetsboek A5 nacht
    -Janod vloerpuzzel alfabet 3 jr
    -DIY kaart vogel turquoise
    -Maak je eigen Clauss

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