I keep apologizing…this time not for not sharing a post, but for postponing a new Let's Get Personal Tour until tomorrow and it's going to be a Fantastic one 🙂 … i'm having too much fun celebrating my vacation here in Oldenzaal, a small village in the Netherlands. But these tablecloths by Onszelf caught my eye today in a new issue of the VT-Wonen magazine and thought you might like them too…


They are made from plastic, normally not my piece of cake, but during the summer and with children I do like these unqiue ones. Onszelf (= ourselves in Dutch) is the design duo Astrid Nieuwenbrug and Claudia Drube who also produced and designed a nice line of wallpapers…have a look here.

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  1. peggy

    very nice, very summer and entertaining!
    love the one with les poissons…

  2. ChantaleP

    These are the best looking plastic tablecloths I’ve seen yet. Fun and whimsical and so much better than the daisy/bed linen types that are out there right now. I wouldn’t mind these on my table.. and you’re right, esp with kids..

  3. Heather

    Nice to find a fellow dutchie around the blog world.

    Love these table clothes – think I might gift one to somebody!

  4. Marjolein

    I like them a lot, I was actually just thinking of one, having kids around the house regularly. But hard to find nice ones. I saw they have a selling point in Amsterdam, so hope to buy one this weekend 🙂 Thanks dear Irene! Enjoy every moment of your well deserved holiday and being with your family. Big kiss, Marjolein

  5. Matthew at Decoration-Ideas.com

    The first tablecloth reminds me a bit of Piet Hein Eek’s table made of recycled wood… I
    wouldn’t be surprised if they would make floor tiles with this motive printed on them some day…

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