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What can you win :: this adorable Lonny crochet dress handmade from vintage fabrics from Baby Bean Vintage perfect for the summer…(size 6 months to 8 years)

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from Baby Bean Vintage is.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday June 23 and notified by email.

The lovely Christine would also like to offer you a 20% discount off at the sister shop Little Bean by entering BKIDS at checkout June 16th & 17th.

..Baby Bean Vintage..

Last weeks winners from the Tokketok giveaway are :: Ish & Marta

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  1. Laura Borrowdale

    Without a doubt, the Katie Bow dress… or maybe the Heidi Ruffle Neck dress… or maybe… It’s hard to pick a favourite!

  2. Laura Noble

    oh my goodness, adorable! the Lonny Crochet Dress & Virginia Dress top the list for my 2 yo!

  3. Megan O

    I like the Bessie Daydress. So vintage and classic!

  4. Lisan Van Bauwel

    That garden romper is adorable, but the crochet dress is just gorgeous!

  5. bockstark.knits

    my favorite is the ruth halter dress. sooo adorable!

  6. naomi

    everything is so lovely! I would have chosen the Lonny Crochet dress or the Garden Romper, just gorgeous!

  7. Cait

    Lonny Crochet Dress- love the crochet and fabulous fabric. I also love the Sophie Tank and Bloomers set-Love bloomers!

  8. Allison

    I like the Holly Jumper… it seems very versatile.

  9. mel

    they are all so adorable! i think my fave is the lonny dress though. i love the crochet work.

  10. casey

    Love the Ruth halter dress, pockets! I know my daughter would love that (and so would I!)

  11. Jen

    LOVE the Janet playsuit – what a sweet fabric & design! Thanks for entering me.

  12. Alissa

    the lonny crochet dress would be my 6 year old’s favorite, but the virginia would be her 3 yr old cousin’s… have always loved this line.

  13. Iwona

    All dresses are adorable, but my favourite is the pocket skirt – sweet and practical 🙂

  14. ivy

    i loooove the Olivia Tux Dress in the Fall section!

  15. maike

    OMG the Lonny Crochet Dress in red is soooooo adorable!
    Love that!

  16. margie

    Love the lonny crochet dress best, but the play suits and bloomers are so cute!

  17. Catherine

    Love the simplicity of the Rosemary dress. All are darling!

  18. Focipresley (Bon)

    It’s a tie! A tie between the Janet playsuit and the Katie Bow dress… adorable swoon!

  19. Barbara

    I love the lonny crochet dress , thank you! barbara

  20. Lola

    Wow, I love everything from Babybean!!!. The Ruth Halter Dress and Lonny Crochet Dress are my favorites.

  21. MzTallulah

    They are all lovely, but my favourites are the Ruth Halter Dress – so summery! – and the Award Ribbon Tank, such a cute idea.

  22. Laurel

    Oh my! How to choose… I absolutely LOVE the playsuit, but they are all so sweet!! Lovely shop.

  23. Rae

    LOVE! The Katie Bow dress has been my fave since I saw it in Small mag last year!

  24. amy t.

    love love love the ruth halter dress. so sweet.

  25. MrsMillerTime

    ADORABLE!! The award ribbon tank & grace pocket skirt are too cute!!!

  26. sibora

    All these clothes bring me back to my childhood. My mom and my aunt made a lot of my clothes and in fact they still do, even now that I am an adult. But I digress, my favorite is the Ruth Halter dress.

  27. Teresa

    The Lonny dress is so lovely — but I think my favorite is the Ruth Halter Dress — loving the neck tie, pockets and adorable little trim at the hem. (A woman after my own heart with the vintage fabrics – love the concept!)

  28. Karen

    ooooh, so hard to choose! i think my favorite has to be the fun and playful farrah bow dress!

  29. Julie R

    oh goodness, could all those dresses be any CUTER?? the lonny crochet dress is my fave! also love the fall 09 collection. just gorgeous.

  30. Carrie

    I do love everything, but my favorite is the Ruth halter dress.

  31. Hayley

    All adorable. Love the Lonny Crochet Dress. So fresh for summer.

  32. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    I like the Bessie Daydress. I love those vintage fabrics!

  33. Riley Hall

    Everything! In fact I wish they had them in grown up sizes too but since I have to pick just one, the Janet Playsuit

  34. Miriah Elliott

    Seriously adorable. I think my favorite is the Ruth Halter Dress, but the Farrah Bow Dress is a close second!

  35. ariel

    this dress is breaking my heart! so sweet! i love the virginia dress too.

  36. meg

    love the lonny dress, and also the farrah bow dress. darling, darling.

  37. hanna

    the farrah bow dress and bessie daydress are adorable!

  38. Jill D.

    The clover embroidered dress and the little bean crochet dress are my favorites!

  39. Misty

    I adore the Ruth Halter dress. Those big, playful contrasting pockets are wonderful!

  40. Cherie

    The Janet playsuit and the Lonny crochet dress, both so sweet

  41. elizabeth

    Love the Virginia Dress and the Ruth Halter Dress…they’re both so sweet.

  42. Robin Collins

    I love the Rosemary Dress but, all are sweet. My daughter Clara would be thrilled to wear any of the lovelies.

  43. Kelli

    I love the Garden Romper. . . along with everything else on the site! So cute! The romper would be so sweet for the summer days.

  44. Jeanne

    I love the Lonny dress AND the Katie Bow dress.

  45. Rosie

    I love the Olivia Tux dress – gorgeous! (Sorry if this comment posts twice)

  46. sandra s.

    The Lonny Crochet dress, most definitely! It reminds me of a dress from my childhood. Those fabrics are oh so *lovely*!

  47. Ana

    Everything is adorable!!!! The Garden Romper is so sweet!!… but the number one is the Ruth Halter Dress, I love it and that mustard color would look so good on my little daughter 🙂

  48. Rita

    I love the Lonny crochet dress. The best part is the beautiful vintage material. Love it!

  49. Amy Breedlove

    My favorite thing is the Farrah Bow Dress. I love the print and the style…so cute!!

  50. Leanne Hatch

    Love the Lonny Crochet Dress. Expecting a baby girl this fall and can’t get enough of little dresses.

  51. jess

    The Ruth and Lonny dresses are my favs but truly every dress is so lovely…
    Thank you for the chance!!!

    ~ Jess

  52. sacha

    I think the Ruth Halter is about the greatest thing I’ve EVER seen!

  53. Valerie Hebert

    I love, love, love this Lonny crochet dress. Wonder if they’d make one in MY size?! I also love the romper. I’m especially drawn to the throwback of days gone by. Very nice, Baby Bean Vintage :o)

  54. Mandy

    I love the Grace Pocket Skirt. My little girl is always looking for a pocket to put her latest treasure.

  55. Jill McLaughlin

    It’s a toss-up between the absolutely adorable janet playsuit, perfect for my 3 yr old AND the garden romper in anticipation of my new little one arriving in 2 weeks!!! Every piece is so lovely.

  56. selina

    The Lonny Crochet dress is my favorite. But I also love the day dresses!

  57. Diana

    all the clothes are great but we love the Grace pcoket Skirt and the Ruth Halter Top. Gina, my 5 year old loves the big pockets she can fill with her jewellery. Diana and Gina

  58. Iris

    The Lonny Crochet Dress is “super cool” (quoting my 4 year-old).

  59. Kris

    I love the Virginia dress and the Janet playsuit. Ofcourse the Lonny crochet dress is fabulous too!!

  60. Mel

    I just loved the little garden romper! Perfect for a hot Aussie Summer!

  61. Pablo

    I love all of them but the The Ruth Halter Dress is really the coolest one.

  62. julie

    i really love the rosemary dress the most. lovely site!

  63. joanna

    i love it all! the bessie day dress is pretty adorable though… and the fabric comboc are great.

  64. chelseahelsea

    I have to say the Ruth Halter dress stopped me dead in my tracks. It couldn’t be more my style. But really, all of her designs are so lovely.

  65. Leah

    How can you choose just one? The Lonny Crochet Dress is pretty close to perfection. Also love the Award Ribbon tank…it puts a smile on my face.

  66. victoria

    Definitely the Lonny Crochet dress for us – how would I choose though with two very different aged girls!?!

  67. Bianca

    Just one?? Every item was my favorite! Beautiful stuff. The Lonny dress is amazing, and the Olivia tux dress is way too adorable! Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway.

  68. Caterine

    Has to be the Lonny dress, although I wouldn’t mind the Ruth Halter dress for myself..!

  69. Jamie Brodd

    all the dresses and rompers are so cute, but I think the rosemary dress is my favorite

  70. Adrienne

    the virginia dress is the sweetest thing i have seen!

  71. SusanW

    These dresses are amazing. I love the rosemary best.

  72. gretchen

    these are amazing! i love the lonny dress most, but the mustard pocket dress is a close second. thank you!

  73. szolongo

    I just love the Ruth Halter dress, so intensive color with the nice pockets

  74. Katie

    All beautiful but the Lonny dress is absolutely wonderful.

  75. anne

    I love the Janet playsuit!! Reminds me of many old pictures of my sister and I 🙂

  76. Melissa

    The Virginia Dress and the Garden Romper are both so lovely and seriously cute!! All the design and fabrics are wonderful though!

  77. sigrid

    I love this dress the most! Perfect for my godchild Elise, to bad it won’t fit me!

  78. Reesi

    The Lonny and Ruth Halter dresses are most beautiful! The Lonny dress is summer sweet and the mustard color dress is very stylish.

  79. stephanie

    Definitely the Lonny dress for older girls and the garden romper for little girl nuggets! Adorable! Love ’em so!

  80. Nancy

    i love lonny crochet dress the best and the janet playsuit and garden romper are also adorable

  81. Renae Halland

    the lonny dress is my fav, but the sophie tank and bloomer set is totally adorable!

  82. augusta

    the grace skirt is adorable but the pockets for my daughter’s rocks= essential.

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