You can win 4 items from June Craft’s shop


What can you win :: 1 Mabel doll + 1 long dog doll + 1 retro wiener dog print + 1 sewing supplies print all from June craft, an absolute favorite of mine 🙂

What do you have to do :: just leave a comment telling us what your favorite item from June craft is.

Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday June 2 and notified by email.

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..June craft blog..

I received so many nice responses to my call for new giveaways that I can promise you many many nice things can be won during the next months on Wednesdays!

Bloesem loves comments
  1. hanna

    I like the little finger puppets and the banners.

  2. Cher

    I loooooooooove the long dog doll. Couldn’t be cuter.

  3. kit chase

    Such a lovely scandinavian feel to all of her work, it’s hard to pick just one thing. I think I really have a crush on the finger puppets though-adorable! 🙂

  4. Carmel

    I love Mabel. She is so shy but her pants give her a boost of boisterousness!

  5. Bea79

    Precioso todo! me encantan las telas, las ilustraciones y las guirnaldas!
    Gracias y besos!

  6. koosi

    I really love the longdog from June craft. It reminds me of a story called “Pluk en de Petteflet”(Dutch) with a horse named longhorse(langhors).
    I also like to drink the wine Longue dog(a Langedoc wine).
    Greetings Koosi

  7. carmel

    i love the “Monsieur Norman – Limited Edition Digital Print – Yellow and Pink”
    but i realy love every thing so i add that shop to my favorits

  8. Caroline

    Long Dog – Would love to make a longer one as our house has insane drafts!

  9. Dee

    miss mabel doll…she looks so calm and collected 🙂
    lovely giveaway, thanks

  10. Pinar G.

    Bashful Mabel Doll No. 013 – Eco Friendly is my fav.

    And also, Limited Edition Art Bibs – especially Spring Garden- are cool.

  11. Mel

    I love the Bashful Mabel Doll. I can just see my little girl carting her around the house, tucked up under her little arm. A real little girls treasure.

  12. Laura

    my favourite has to be the recylced happy scrappy quilt – so cuddly & cute!

  13. Kalinga

    so fun and so cute! I ♥ it all. The finger puppets are totally unique, but I would have to say my favorite is the long dog too.

  14. caroline

    Oh it’s too tricky to decide- all soooo lovely but the wiener dog print and the sewing supplies print in teal get my vote.

  15. Liina

    Hello from Finland! I love Mabel Doll, and I am sure that my 8 months old daughter loves it too 🙂

  16. Focipresley (Bon)

    Awww, I like the limited edition baby bibs! So cute!

  17. Shelley

    The bibs are so sweet. But my favourite item has to be the Recycled Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt.

  18. Jen

    love, love her pear screen print (limited edition). pears were the theme at our wedding, so they always have a special place in my heart – what a delightful shop!

    thanks for entering me.

  19. Kenza

    Bashful Mabel Doll is adorable!!!! I would have loved to have such a darling little doll when I was a child (THAT long ago??!!):D Thanks.

  20. dana

    love mabel the doll…she’s too sweet but i also love all the screen printed fabric…such lovely colors!

  21. Becki

    My favorites are the Folky Medallion screen print and the Pear Wreath screen print. I also love the bibs and the Bashful Mabel doll.Love!

  22. jenn

    it was a very hard decision…I love the long dog but I have to say the finger puppets are my very favorite!

  23. margie

    I love the long dog doll, but that happy recycled quilt makes me smile.

  24. Bianca

    I love, love, love, the stuffed weiner dog
    -too cute!

  25. christy davis

    all the wiener dog stuff is my favorite. I had one growing up – for 17 years.

  26. MzTallulah

    I love the bibs – and we go through so many at home, with our very squeamish toddler!

  27. Stacey

    My favourite has always been the long dogs! And now, one of my very best friends is expecting, so I can’t wait to get her one for her new baby!

  28. Tanya

    My favorite is the Scandinavian folk gocco print in gold. It’s cute but simple and I can just see it on the wall. The Mabel doll is pretty great, too, I have to say.

  29. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    My favorite is the #2 Cheeky Bird Banner. 🙂 Super cute!

  30. J

    I love the mabel doll… And I think it was meant to be because my great-grandma whom I loved and adored so much was named Mabel.

  31. Crystal

    oh I love the Cheeky Bird Banner and the Bashful Mabel doll! sooo cute! Thank you for the chance!! xoxo!

  32. Cocoa

    How could anyone not love June’s Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt?! It looks perfect for a little outdoor tummy time with baby on a nice day! 🙂

  33. JJ

    I love the OOAK Recycled Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt No. 1 and the cotton finger puppets!

  34. Catherine

    Everything is perfect–thanks for sharing this great shop. I love the Sewing Supplies pring.

  35. Barbara

    I love the Red Sweater Retro Wiener Dog print!

  36. erica

    The retro wiener dog print is by far my fave. We have a basset hound named Owen, and this print reminds me so much of him!

  37. Corinne

    The quilt! Definitely the sweetest thing I’ve seen in quite some time!

    But I love bibs, too. Hard decision, no doubt about it.

  38. Mae

    I really love the Make Your Own Long Dog Kit. It will be a great addition to my nursery. We are expecting twin boys and it will super adorable in their cozy room.

  39. cnh

    bashful mabel & the retro dog prints — great style on the whole site…

  40. Nathalie

    I love the long dog print! It reminds me of my most favorite little girl Dolce! She is the most fab stylish 4 legged chicky out there. This print would look great over her bed.

  41. Cami

    I love the blue long dog print. It would be perfect for my son’s room.

  42. Sonia

    I love Kayanna’s creations ! My favorite from her shop right now is the Screen Printed Craft Panel Fabric Art on Natural Cotton – Red
    thank you so much for the chance to win 🙂

  43. suzanne

    scrappy happy lap quilt & the finger puppets. though, EVERYTHING is so, so cute. smile worthy, indeed!

  44. Jane Cardie

    I love the scandinavian folk gocco print in red, in fact I may have to buy one! I have a wall in my house that really needs it. Also (how cheeky does this sound?) it is my birthday on June 4th and the giveaways would make such a nice gift to myself!! Whoever wins though – enjoy!

  45. Anne

    The Pears fabric is so extra cute! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway 🙂

  46. Jennifer

    Love the Monsieur Norman print (because he looks more like a beagle here…yes we have a beagle). Oh and the lap quilt – precious! One more: the banners. All great, obviously.

  47. Jill D.

    To tough to decide between the Mabel doll and the banner!

  48. Sara

    Fav is anything with a wiener dog on it!!! So freakin’ cute. Awesome giveaway!!

  49. Laura

    I love Mabel and the Finger Puppet Friends!!

  50. Kathy

    I love all the June craft prints, the colors, the finger puppets and who could resist the wiener dogs?!
    What an amazing giveway!

  51. leigh ann

    I love the Retro Wiener Dog Digital Print. so cute!

  52. Smita


    I like all this items!
    Bashful Mabel Doll is really beautiful!

  53. erin

    So hard but my favorite has to be the Monsieur Norman – Limited Edition Digital Print – Yellow and Pink.

    Fun yet classy!

  54. Maria

    The cheeky bird banners are gorgeous – so much more fabulous than regular bunting.

  55. Sheau

    My favorite would be finger puppet forest friends. My baby girl loves simple songs with hang movement. Those would be great.

  56. julie

    i love, love, love the long dog and also the finger puppets!

  57. Ali

    I adore the long dogs in any form, they are all gorgeous.

  58. Tasha

    I think the coffee cup drawing is perfect, but as a mom of two toddlers, the finger puppets would get my second vote 🙂

  59. Hayley

    I love the ‘sewing supplies digital print’ – that looks great!!
    Thanks for your give-away!

  60. Fiona

    I just discovered June Craft through her blog a couple of days ago – everything she produces is amazing but my favourite is the pears fabric

  61. jean

    the retro wiener dog print and the golden forest print are lovely.

  62. The Merry Blog

    Oh! I love-love-love June Craft! It is honestly one of my favorite Etsy shops! But what item is my favorite? Well, that’s an extremely difficult choice, but it’d have to be the finger puppet friends.

  63. Ali Bird

    The Organic Cotton Finger Puppet Friends are cute – but I do have soft spot for Retro Weiner Dog in the Red Sweater.

  64. sacha

    I love the cheeky bird banner- I just made a banner for my nephew’s first birthday and I love looking at one that’s totally different and ever so cute!

  65. Rūta

    Everything is just lovely – no wonder why Jane is your favorite ♥
    I really like Bashful Mabel Dolls

  66. Laura

    I love the Spring Garden bib… it’s winter over here and I miss the sun!

  67. Monica Gava

    I love the Bashful Mabel Doll No. 013!

  68. guusje

    I love the Retro Cups Gocco Print Red, for my kitchen!

  69. Nikko Moy

    The Organic Cotton Finger Puppet Forest Friends would be so fun to play with my son Isaac!

  70. Julie R

    oh my, what gorgeous goodies in her shop! i love the Mabel dolls!

  71. victoria

    Mabel doll classic, but the long dogs are something else.

  72. karen

    I really like the red and aqua fabrics and wish the calendar motif for May was available as fabric.

  73. meg

    I think the Folky Patchwork Print – Yellow and Brown is cute as a button and would look adorable hanging in my craft room!!

  74. Robyn

    I am partial to the wiener dogs but I love absolutely everything! What a lovely giveaway!

  75. Molly

    Favorite?! Wow, that was a tough one …. I love everything at June’s shop. I guess I’d have to say Monsieur Norman in orange and blue. (I only picked him because my dog was watching)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Megan Lane

    ooo i love her shop! my fave item is the happy scrappy quilt. it would be so perfect for a picnic!

  77. amy t.

    the happy scrappy lap quilt is super sweet. and the pear screenprinted fabric is a peach!

  78. laura

    My favourite is Make Your Own LongDog Kit – Brown.
    I like your giveaways because there are always cute stuff!
    I hope to win this time…

  79. Rose

    I love the forest friends finger puppets. Such a cute shop!

  80. Karine Tachdjian

    My choice has to be the ‘Organic Cotton Finger Puppet Friends’. Cute, playful, plus it combines together the dachshund and the bashful dolls!! Lovely..

  81. jinnie

    Make Your Own Long Dog Kit is my favorite! Thanks for this wonderful chance~

  82. Elaine g.

    The Monsieur Norman print is my favorite.

  83. Lisa

    I love all of June’s prints and the dog one is so cute.

  84. Jamie Brodd

    my favorite is the recycled quilt and my second is the make it yourself long dog 🙂

  85. Emily

    As a lifelong owner of wiener dogs (there are photos of me in my crib with my pet dachshunds- all wearing baby tees), I LOVE all the wiener dog stuff!

  86. Kate Armstrong

    I like the golden forrest print, and the make your own long dog fabric!

  87. ulli

    i ♥ ‘wiener dogs’!! so my fav is the ‘make your own long dog kit’. but it’s all so cute…

  88. maike

    OMG al 150 reacties! kleine kans om iets te winnen, maar ik vind de “Make Your Own LongDog Kit – Brown” zo geweldig schattig dat ik toch maar een poging waag….
    bijzonder leuk allemaal

  89. Béa

    I L.O.V.E. pretty much everything with Monsieur Norman on it! How very very cute is this dog??!!

  90. Clare

    The Spring Garden Bib is my favourite, although I’d happily take almost everything in the shop 🙂

  91. Lauren

    eeeee! so glad you’re doing this awesome giveaway!! Kayanna is one of my favourite designers. I love sweet Mabel the best, she’s super cute 🙂

  92. Saskia

    I love the monsieur-norman-print and the long-dog-doll!

    Wish you a happy weekend!

  93. Vanja

    Long dog is really cute!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  94. Liz

    Hard to choose but I’d love to play with those finger puppets!

  95. Di

    The sausage dog is my favourite too! My friend has just bought a daschund – very cute in real life too!

  96. jennifer vallez

    I am swooning over it all! I have to say I love Mabel the doll the best though!! So cute!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  97. Sam

    So many gorgeous things… but I think the LongDog kit wins – I’m a sucker for anything that gets me to make something, & this dog is sooooo lovely 😉

  98. Dr Frankenbaby

    Thanks for the introduction to this lovely shop! It’s tough to choose, but I’ve gotta go with the Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt. I love the combination of fabrics and its random, whimsical feel. What a fun, pretty blanket.

  99. Sara

    oh wow – thanks for the heads up about this amazing artist. I love her! I especially love the Cheeky bird banner. But anything with monsieur norman is also tres adorable! thanks for the chance to enter this exciting comp too!

  100. Alex

    My favourite item is the Scandinavian Folk Gocco Print in Red..

    Best regards,

  101. slinkymalinkicat

    I love everything, but if I must choose it would be the bashful mabel doll No. 013.

    Thank you!

  102. Carey

    I adore the Mabel Doll and the dogs, but everything in June’s shop is just divine! x

  103. Miriam

    I love the brown long dog kit – and my favorite part is the surprise vintage fabric that comes for the backing…too much in life is planned – how fun to have a surprise when you open up the package once it arrives!

  104. scatterbox

    I think I have to go with the retro cups print, but everything in the shop is fantastic! Just marked it a favorite. 🙂

  105. Kris

    Oooo…this shop is already in my favorites. I love the long dog and Mabel doll!!

  106. Elizabeth

    I love the OOAK Recycled Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt, the fabric choices are beautiful.

  107. Jane

    oh,can I say I love them all? Because I do! Love the dolls especially.

  108. Lisette

    That’s fun! I’m in. And I like the Folky Patchwork Print – Yellow and Brown the most 🙂

  109. Liz

    I had a wiener dog when I was a kid! Love them. I really like the cheeky bird banner.

  110. Chrissy

    I can’t say enough about my love of June Craft and they ultra-sweet Kayanna. I love everything she makes. I will pick her mabel doll, but that’s just today’s fav! Love Bloesem. Love June Craft Mwha!

  111. Eugenia Ramos Psijas

    The long dog and doll silkscreen are wonderful. I like this objets because I have stem of female child.
    I’m sorry, my english is bad.

  112. Abby B

    I love the DIY long dog fabrics! The dogs are adorable.

  113. Beth in Seattle

    These are adorable. Thanks for the opportunity to win AND for the link to their web site. I see some shopping in my near future.

  114. Belle

    the dolls are beautiful, but I like Recycled Happy Scrappy Lap Quilt best!

  115. NY Emma

    I love the red long dog pattern, adorable!

  116. Tess


    tesskcarter (at) gmail (dot) com

  117. Mitali

    The Mabel doll and the finger puppets!!! Too cute!

  118. Mel Y.

    What a great shop! I love pretty much everything but absolute fav is the mabel doll.

  119. Lana C.

    Definitely the Folky Patchwork Print in red and blue!

  120. victoria

    I wouldn’t really want to choose just one, because I love them all, but the Scandinavian print design really appeals to me.

  121. Daphne

    I’m in loooooove with the make your own long dog kit! The fabric is so cute! *_*

  122. Lucia

    Arrghhh! that make your own wiener dog is too cute and the cheeky bird banner too – I’ve got just the spot for those goodies in my new house:)

  123. Caleb

    All of the weiner dog pieces are my favorites.

  124. kristel

    I just love the happy scrap lap quilt. And the bibs would be perfect for my little brothers soon-to-be-born baby.
    And, I think, this give-away would be perfect for me… ;-D

  125. Linda

    PRECIOUS!!!! I have three mini weens, black and tan, tan and piebald so I’ll have to choose the three ween pups as my fave but everything is ADORABLE!

  126. Meghann

    The organic finger puppets are so precious!

  127. Kirsty C

    The Retro Wiener Dog Digital Print. My fiance’s mother breeds miniature dacshunds and the print is a lovely representation of their personalities!

  128. Cynthia Kuhl

    I love Mabel and the crafty digi print and the quilt and the fabric panels and…and… OK, I just love all of her stuff!

  129. Oli

    I fell in love with the long dog doll but I really like the Scandinavian gocco print and the finger puppets, too. Those forest friends are too cute. 🙂

  130. Melinda

    Hi, I just can’t go past the Bashful Mabel doll – she is so cute! Although, I do love the Monsieur Norman prints, too…

  131. Noa .d.

    I love the “Make Your Own LongDog” Kit, it such a simple pretty project!
    Maybe I will win it 🙂

    thank you!

  132. Emelie

    Me and my three-year-old daughter Hedvig are totally in love with the long dog doll! Marvellous!!

  133. meg

    I love the finger puppets, but really I love everything she does. My desktop is even by her!

  134. Eve

    Well, aside from EVERYTHING? I love those screen printed pears.

  135. anneloes

    Hi – I like all the items from June – but for now I would choose the Art Bib – Folky Flowers, for my just born twin cousin and nice

  136. Carol

    i love the beautiful prints! oh and the bibs!!!

  137. Maria Ostrower

    Long dog is just gorgeous, it’s my favourite. xxxx

  138. Jeannette

    I also love all the items in your store. But most of all, I love the cheeky banners that she created!

  139. caleena edkins

    I have always wanted a sausage dog,and those stuffed ones are perfect,cute as without the mess,love them!!

  140. Ksenia

    I have a wiener dog from Kayanna and absolutely adore it!
    And I am totally in love with LongDog Kit 🙂

  141. Susan

    Love the weiner dog kit!What a great give away,good luck everyone!

  142. Charmaine

    I adore everything! But what caught my eye most was the beautiful retro quilt, what better to give fabric remnants a second life as a beautiful patchwork quilt!

  143. Emily

    Wow I love it all! But I think the long dog toy as my little boy would love it, he is sausage dog mad for some reason x

  144. louise

    Oh please can I enter from the uk? I so love the Bashful doll, but it is all so wonderful, thankyou for introducing us!

  145. Lizzet

    Can I enter from the UK? Difficult to choose a favourite item but I must say that Folky Patchwork Print – Yellow and Brown it is by far my favourite!

  146. Lindsay

    i’ve had my eye on a couple of her long dog kits for my boys. love them. and the folksy look of all her prints. but my fave has got to be her monthly desk top calendars she posts on her blog. such a happy addition to my computer space!
    love, lindsay

  147. Becky

    By far, my favorite design of yours is the little wiener dog. So, naturally, I love Monsieur Norman. The cute pint of him, on the bright, textured yellow paper.

  148. julie

    I love them all but especially her calendar downloads. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Lane Gower

    The retro weiner print and the long weiner dog. I cannot believe you are giving them away! i LOVE them. THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! omg you seriously don’t know how obsessed i am with the WEINER DOG THINGS! they are SOOO adorable!! I have the perfect spot in my room!!

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