The best Amsterdam Guide ever…Amsterdam: made by hand


A new book on my bookshelf…'Amsterdam made by Hand' …yes I'm one of the lucky girls who got it in the mail a while ago. Dear Pia Jane Bijkerk asked me whether I would like to review her latest book from her city guide series …made by hand. And being born in Amsterdam myself it's an absolute honor to do just that. 


Let me start by saying that the photography in the book done by Pia herself is simply stunning and perhaps even more important the information is superb! Pia introduces me to many new distinctive and unique places that a design- and everything-creative-lover as myself just loves to know about.

How wonderful to read about new shops like boekiewoekie, Happy Red Fish and Swarm. Just reading Pia's warm and sincere words about them inspires me and brings me to their websites. I guess although you are not planning in going to Amsterdam any time soon, this book is just a rich inspiration source by itself.

(just a small note the guide doesn't come with a map, but gives the addresses, phone-numbers and opening hours)


This small treasure will definitely travel with me to my beloved Amsterdam when I visit my hometown again in the summer…Pia has written so nicely about the city that it gave me goosebumps…you can order the guide here… thank you Pia!

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  1. Masha

    This is so amazing! I think every city need a guide like this – these are the places that I look for and want to visit when I travel…

  2. jonahliza

    i love paris made by hand, and pia’s work is so stunning <3 can't wait to check out the new amsterdam made by hand. it looks great! thanks for the review.

  3. Galit

    I love Pia’s vibe and styling and think she’s a great writer and photographer. Such a great job!
    This goes right to the top of my wishlist!

  4. margarita

    Amsterdam is a very charming city,and this book a must I am getting in as I am planning to visit very soon!!

  5. amanda

    Oooo I love the Amsterdam Made By Hand book! Must get one…going to Amsterdam soon in about a month!

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