Win a cute set of 3 Bento Boxes


Perhaps you have visited my sponsor Japanistic already … I love this shop, because it sells the cutest goodies from Japan that are not easily available in every country. Well today you are lucky you have a chance to win a super fun set of three Bento Boxes, a large, a medium and a snack Bento box!

All you have to do is leave a comment here what your favorite item from Japanistic is and we will pick a random winner next week on Wenesday April 14….Good Luck!


This Giveaway is closed. The lucky winner is :: Vanessa

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  1. kadhy

    super! thank you for giving away such a great thing. my favorite item are these apple pagemarkers. cute!

  2. celina stang

    i adore the idea of Choki Ori: Farm Friends…

  3. teri

    I love the Elph’s block greeting line so much. I want them all!

  4. Gizel

    It’s really hard to choose but I love the new water bottles with the Papier Creatures. And the orange bag with the Lady Bug. And the Epha bento boxes. I love it all, thank you for the freebies!

  5. Jenny

    I love the Elph’s posters….they are adorable! And these Bento boxes are fantastic!

  6. kristina

    omg! I love all of the bpa free bento boxes! I’ve been looking for cute bentos in non-icky plastic! I think Elph might be my favorite:)

  7. Jen Snow

    Japanistic has so many wonderful cute things! I particularly love the pear clutch, reusable fabric gift wrap, and of course all the cute bento boxes! I hope I am lucky enough to win these! Fingers crossed!

  8. lexi

    It’s a tough call – there’s so much great stuff.. But if I have to say one thing that I dig on right this minute: Shinzi Katoh placemats. Cute to boot!

  9. Kathleen

    I love lucky cats – so I have to pick the lucky cat piggy bank. Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Tricia

    I’m so glad they have BPA-free bento boxes! So many things from Japan are made of the worst kind of plastic.

  11. Laura

    Nearly impossible to pick one favorite! So much cute goodness. The Shinzi Katoh stamps, the iron-on patches, the adorable tote bags, the cut-out animals! I can’t stand it. I have been wanting to get some bento boxes for my littles so I might have to pick the those as a favorite.

  12. sammy

    hai,i like the vegetable cutters!!for my kids,partner and lovely parties!!!!

  13. Estelle

    Hard choice !
    I think my favorite item is bento box with bee or ladybug. But the one with cat and mouse is also original.
    Have a good day 😉

  14. pamela

    There is not a thing in that store that could not find its way into my life! But the bento boxes have always been my favorites!

  15. Jenn

    Love the apple tree banks! Cool give-away, my DH loves everything bento.

  16. Jetta

    I love the apple banks, geofry the giraffe plush, the pear clutch and the pencil cases. And the bento boxes are always a plus!

  17. Loopy

    SuperHeadz DIY Camera!!! Holy Moley! You can BUILD your own camera??? How cool is THAT!!!???

  18. Jess

    Shinzi Katoh!!! I had no idea they made totes and stationary and everything else. I have some of their place mats. Theyre DARLING!!! Im so excited!! Thank you for featuring Japanistic. My niece would love the bento boxes.

  19. Jill D.

    My favorites are the individual onigiri cases and all the bento pieces with the bee. Thanks for drawing my attention to this site.

  20. Clara

    It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite, but I love their totes in particular, especially the Apple Tea and Jiji & Peren totes. Wonderful goodies. And the bento boxes are so practical and perfect!

  21. Valerie

    The pear and apple clutch are pretty. They are the kind of thing that would be a nice little splurge for a friend or maybe even me 🙂 thanks for offering the fun giveaway.

  22. Dbummy

    How fun – I think the Giraffe Bento Box is the neatest, I have boy crazy about Giraffes.

  23. Hilda

    I love the papier land MIO boxes! They are very darling. Very smile-inducing!

  24. Mabel

    Kawaii! My favorite items are the ELPH’s Friends bento boxes – so adorable!

  25. Elizabeth

    I love the Red Riding Hood bento–good size, and cute design.

  26. melanie

    I love the Bento boxes, especially the heart shape EPHA bento, but I’ve been wanting the Fish and Car egg mold for a long time!

  27. sarah

    I love the apple and pear clutches. so very cute

  28. Lynn

    elph and epha….the tennis bento box is very cute and great for snacks!

  29. simona

    japanistic has such great things, but i love bento-mio!

  30. johwb

    I love..and will be my next purchase i think the Tokyo rail map poster!

  31. Lila Ferraro

    Way cute! My mother in law used to live in Okinawa and she’d send my daughter puffed stickers. So awesome!
    Lila Ferraro
    Queen Bedroom Sets

  32. Anne Marie

    So many fun things they have! It is difficult to choose but the Oval Bento box “Daniel and Danish” is very very cute.

  33. jade

    very cute!! my vote goes to the heart shaped bill bento box =)

  34. kat

    Only one item? Apple banks (and everything from Shizi Katoh!!). Lovely giveaway. x

  35. Mallory

    hmmm… such a hard choice! i guess my favorite would have to be the mr. chelful single container – ‘cuz that guy is so cute!

  36. Jen

    Wow, they have such cute things– I love the japan map on the homepage (i’m a sucker for maps) and the veggie cutters! amazing!!!

  37. Elaine g.

    I really like the Jiji & Peren Shinzi Katoh tote!

  38. jo

    i’m in love with anything shinzi katoh. i especially like the little red riding hood bento. how cute!

  39. Mandy

    so much to choose from, but i’ve always been a sucker red riding hood.

  40. Vanessa

    I think the circus water bottles are very cute and useful, although maybe everything in the store is.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  41. Jess

    Elph bento with the sleeping bear! Kawaii desu ne… And I love Little Red Hood stuff too!

  42. Samantha

    I’m quite taken with the Las ponchas card series.
    Great giveaway

  43. Erin

    so…what’s not to love?
    i think the elph block sets are my fave…

  44. Sleeping Cat

    I fall in love with the wood figure barrette! I think it was cutable in the curly hair of my baby girl.

  45. Andres Santiago Alvarez Rodriguez

    it is hard to have a favorite one… japanistic offers a lot of nice products..
    I think my favorites are the pencil cases…

  46. lyn

    I love the third one! Bento boxes are hard to get in holland… And the 14th is my birthday! 🙂

  47. petra

    I think the handkerchiefs are awesome and I also really like the Onigiri Cases. All very cute!

  48. Alex

    My favorite is Shinzi Katoh Stamps: Today. My little guy would love to get his hands of those!

  49. Renee Alam

    I would LOVE to win this…my 3 daughters take their lunch to school,so I could give them each one.We are trying to avoid buying ziploc bags and make more environmentally friendly choices so this would be perfect! I love everything at the site, but I guess since I can only pick one,I’d pick this- ELPH’s Circus Water Bottles….these are too cute! 🙂

  50. Roula

    I love Shinzi Katoh Stamps! I already have some good ideas where I can use them…

  51. Lies

    What an adorable website! Being fond of postcards, i love the zoo congratulations greeting cards!

  52. Maria Ostrower

    I love every single thing but my favourite is the Tokyo Railway Calendar and Poster, wicked!

  53. susana alverdi

    I love everything about “Japanistic” but my favorite is Heart Shaped “Bill” Bento. I love the colors, shape & design.

  54. Jasmijn

    Wow what a cool give-away. I realy like the mio boxes, called Set of 4 Papier Land Bento – MIO, on the website. Big smile to you!

  55. Amanda

    I can’t decide between a Shinzi Katoh bento or those adorable water bottles.

  56. Corrie

    These are very cute boxes and I love the textile handkerchiefs, especially the blue floral one, the most!

  57. Renata

    I would like to have one. Just found out about bento recently. I love it.

  58. Kate R

    those have the ability to make lunch taste better without any cooking alterations!

  59. Caroline

    Love it all, especially the Wonderland of Oz Bento set.

  60. Marcia Souza

    I love the bags in special the Clutch in Pear.

  61. Amanda

    I love this site!! I have had my heart set on the Wonderland of Oz Bento and the Paris Metro Mugs for a while now. They are so cute!!

  62. grace

    LOVE the bentos and everything, but my favorite would have to be the pear clutch 🙂

  63. Debbie Allison

    I am particularly drawn to the single onigiri bento boxes. But my second favorite is the talking girls tote bag. You didn’t think I could really only pick one, did you??

  64. Regina

    Love it! The bento boxes, chop sticks and vegetable cutters are probably my favorite. Also like the water bottles.

  65. Meiyun

    The card or coin case is my favourite. It is also just perfect for any slim and light weight handphone.

  66. Ingrid

    But there is oh so much to love!
    It was a hard choice but I am going with the apple bank. It would help save my pennies to buy all the other things I want.

  67. Jamie

    I’m in love with the bento boxes and the gift wrapping hankies, I’ve always wanted to try both.

  68. Holly

    Only one? I love almost everything.

    But especially the Tokyo Railway Calendar. Awesome!

  69. Julie

    The Bento boxes are great, but my favorite item on their site is the Inflatable paper balloons. So great!

  70. Elisabeth S

    The Jiji and Perren tote!! oh and the orange tote too! so cute 🙂 (l Love japanese stuff, so cute and nice prints, too, and always simple 🙂 )

  71. tiffany cain

    I love the My Favorite Hood tote with that crazy little Red Riding Hood!

  72. carla

    Is it possible to choose only one product?
    I just felt in love with ELPH and so I choose ELPH’s Circus Water Bottles, ELPH’s Letter Set and the ELPH’s Block Greeting 🙂

  73. Estelle

    Oh my god, there is so much people here ! I love the bento with an elephant.

  74. Gina

    I love all of the Elph + Epha items. I love elephants, and these are just too adorable!

  75. LyndaJ

    I love their hankies, particularly the red floral ones – just adorable!

  76. alison

    My favourite item on Japantastic is the Happy Gloves book by Miyako Kanamori – what a cute little squirrel on the cover! Such a good idea too – creating and recycling at the same time 🙂

  77. Gweneth Branch-Rice

    I love, love,love these Bento boxes and the water bottles on the website are too cute.

  78. Alicia Xiong

    Hello!I LOVE YOUR SHOP!!! U guys sell the cutest things!! I tell my friends so much about your online shop it’s adorable! I especially love your bento box and egg shape molders soo cute! I’ve never actually ever had a bento box! I always wanted one ever since i heard about them in 4th grade! If i could win one I’d make it my lunch box and make recipes to go with it! >_< <3

  79. Jennifer

    This is so cute. I love the black cat and chopstick set. Perfect for everything. My kid would go gaga over this. I absolutely love it.

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