Win Win Win :: Oktak is GivingAway bundles of Fabric!!


Perhaps you have already noticed these beautiful handmade wallets, purses and bags by visiting Bloesem's new sponsor Oktak…but I'm sure you didn't expect to have a chance to win, well I have to be precise two of you can actually win … these bundles of lovely fabrics. Aki is the women behind Oktak and she is a super professional seamstress making beautiful pouches, eyeglass cases and more, which she sells via her etsy shop. 


So what exactly can 2 of you win :: either a blue bundle that consists of 4 fabrics (3 fat quarters and 1 slightly smaller piece – 20 x 17 inches) with 2 matching ribbons and a plastic flower trim OR a red bundle that has 5 fabrics (fat quarters or slightly smaller) with 2 matching ribbons and a plastic flower trim. And what do you have to do :: just leave a comment letting us know which item you like best from Oktak and which bundle you prefer to win! {ps. do visit her OktakMini shop too I'm sure you will be happy with what you will see} 

This Giveaway is closed :: the winners are :: Katy and Tiene :: both ladies received an email from me.

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  1. curlybirdsong

    I love the bags and the red fabric would be my preference(although the choice is hard…)

  2. Ann May

    The girl’s purses are excellent on the etsy site although everything is beautiful. I’d love the blue fabric.

  3. Sam Butler

    The eyeglass case. In fact I think I’m going straight over to buy one. Ha! Oh yes, the red pack is my favourite too, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my nose up at the blue.

  4. Natascha

    There are a lot of cute stuff there, but I think I like this bag better – and it´s eco friendly too!

    Both bunches are my favourite colours, så I wouldn’t mind any of them – but if I have too choose… Blue!


  5. Linda

    I love the different grocery bags! So many lovely fabrics!
    Please put my name down for the blue bundle 🙂

  6. tami

    beautiful! red is not my color, and yet, i can’t resist the red bundle! hope to win it. tami

  7. kadhy

    medium frame pouch – polka dots on mustard = this is great!
    i would like to win the red pack, please!

  8. Lisa

    I like everything! If I have to choose one, I love the coin purses, especially the floral clusters on yellow pinstripes one. And I’m in for blue pile of fabric!

  9. Maribel

    Ohh! I love the gathered shoulder bag and the elephant purse!

    I would like the red one. I love red!!!

  10. Kristi Allain

    I love the change purses – all of them! I would love the red.

  11. Helen

    I love the mustard mother & baby bird purse best although I love everything – great fabrics! Oh and I would prefer red 😉

  12. Katie

    The big tote with pods on gray is just so lovely. I think I’d like to win the blue pack.

  13. Polly R

    I love the mini frame pouches. I like the orange duck one, the spring bouquet on pale pink, and the seeds on aqua with red ricrac is sooo cute!
    I would love to win the blue pack 🙂

  14. Esther

    I like the black and white large pouch. I like the red fabric too. This is a hard choice because it is all really nice.

  15. Hayley

    wow what great stuff!! I like the the mustard mother & baby bird purse … red is my colour of choice 🙂

  16. Mieke

    Do I have to choose between all those beautiful things? Okay, then I choose the pouches. They remind me of my grandmother.
    And euh … I prefer the blue bundle.

  17. Rachel

    Great pouches! I like the pink flowering tree on gray best, beautiful french knots, just loooove it!
    And I’d like the red pack, please. Thank you. 🙂

  18. hege

    My favourite today was the medium frame purse/pouch – polka dots on blue with button and ribbon.
    I love the blue fabrics, so that would be my choice.

  19. amber

    the coin purses are great, and i would love a red pack!

  20. Meiyun

    With so many lovely items, I am really spoilt for choice! My favourite is the large zipper pouch – note book pattern. As for the fabric, I prefer the red bundle.

  21. Elena

    I am liking the reversable waterproof bags! and the bundles, they are both adorable but if I had to choose I’ll pick the blue one.


  22. MzTallulah

    Really cute stuff! I love the yo-yo covered clutch, it’s a really fresh idea that I haven’t seen anywhere else and a really unique object.

  23. patty

    i love the eyeglass cases with the snap close! i would prefer the blue pack if by some miracle i won.

  24. PetraO

    I love thr purse with the orange ducks! And if I´m lucky to win it doesn´t matter what color!

  25. Sarah

    i could really use a new eyeglass case – especially the mustard with polka dots one. And I like the blue bundle. 🙂 Thanks!

  26. dennis

    i love the small zipper pouch – denim dots on natural so simpel but cooool!

    dennis from germany.

  27. Saige Irlacher

    I love love love the gathered shoulder bags – especially pears on gray 🙂 I could use this everyday for so many things! If I were to win, I would prefer the RED bundle, please!

  28. Erin

    Everything on that page is so beautiful! I’m especially in love with the daisies on gray grocery bag. I’d be thrilled with the blue pack – so gorgeous.

  29. alex

    I really like the long frame purse/clutch in gray woodgrain on natural – its beautiful!
    I’d love the selection of blue fabric.

  30. Julie L.

    I just told my husband I need a new eyeglass case…and I think I found which one!

    I love the blue pack!!

  31. Nico

    those bibs would be perfect for my friend who just found out he’s having a baby!

    red please~

  32. SusanW

    Oh such eye candy. I love the reversable waterproof bag. I think the red pack, super please.

  33. Maria

    I really like the “mini frame pouch/change purse – pink flowering tree on gray”. It is just too cute. Also, if I win I would love the red bundle.

  34. Elena

    From the shop, I like the “Reversible waterproof bag – laminated cotton red flowers / dots on aqua” – useful and cute.

    I would pick the blue bundle 🙂

    Many thanks for the giveaway!

  35. jen

    just lovely! i love the little bears coin purse and would prefer the blue pack.

  36. Alison

    Hiya! If were ever so lucky to win on my birthday, I would choose the red fabric. Have a nice day!

  37. Laura

    I like the purses made with the vintage fabric with orange and red flowers.
    I’d choose the red pack if I am the lucky winner. Thanks for organizing this!

  38. April V

    I love the sweet 2 compartment pouch with polka dots on red with lace and velvet trim. Precious! The blue bundle of fabric is my pick. Thank you.

  39. Julie

    I like the large red bag and would choose the cheerful red bundle!

  40. Meredith

    I absolutely adore the blue elephant purse. Would love either fabric bundle, they both look lovely.

  41. tine

    I want to win the blue one!! I really like it…Her coin purses are the best!! greetings

  42. Abby

    How beautiful! I would love to win the red fabric. Thank you!

  43. Kim

    Love her totes! Especially the one called “slate and grass green stripes”

    I would love the red package because I do not ye have red abrics in my stack. But if you give me the blue one when I win I will absolutely not love it less!

  44. Renate

    Thanks for pointing me towards this shop, I just love, love, love the glassescases. Can’t decide whether I like the blue patterened one or the mustard polkadot one best… Just to make sure both are going on my birthday gift wishlist!

    Just in case I win… Red fabric bundle, please!

  45. Gweneth Branch-Rice

    I love the shoulder bag with the red and black fabric, it’s fabulous! I love both of the fabric packages.

  46. Kirsten

    I love the coin purses, so sweeet! My oldest and I are partial to blue, but I wouldn’t mind either of them, both are beautiful!

  47. Grace

    I am smitten with the wood grain pouch purse (with the locks on the side). Very attractive!

    As for the colour bundles, I can’t resist that blue.

    I wish myself luck!

  48. iris

    I love the “Handmade frame pouch purse – silver dots on gray” and since I have a thing for blue&white, the blue bundle would be perfect!

  49. Amber Hansen

    I love the blue apples clutch and would also love to win the red bundle!

  50. Natalie

    You can’t go wrong with felted apples on a purse. May I have the blue bundle to whip up some goodies for my baby boys room?

  51. Tricia

    I love the sweet little smocks at Oktak. If I won, I’d prefer the blue bundle!

  52. Meagan

    anything in the green line with the mushroom print captures me! Maybe mushrooms are on my mind with Alice and Wonderland in the mainstream again…. (and I’l really love the red bundle). The things in this etsy store are really beautiful!

  53. Angela

    I love all of the little coin purses. Adorable! But what I would probably buy is the eco-friendly grocery bag. lovely! I would love to win the red pack!

  54. Clara

    Beautiful fabrics and lovely bags! I particularly like the large 2-tone pouch with gusset (olives on gray/gold honeycomb) in Oktak’s shop. And I’d love to win the red bundle. Thank you for the giveaway!

  55. Heather

    The reversible waterproof bag is the most ingenious bag ever. A market bag that won’t get soggy…what more can you ask for? I would love the red bundle.

  56. Fo

    ooo! Nice give away :). My favorite on Otak is the: XL frame pouch – vintage summer flowers on green :).
    I LOVE the blue fabric with the flowers and what’s underneath it.

    Ps: please let me win!!! :p

    X Fo

  57. Neda

    Lovely, lovely things! Hard to choose, you know…
    But what I like the most in the shop was the 2 compartment pouch – roman glass aqua and I would go with the red bundle.

  58. J

    I like the handmake coin purse with shrooms on moss. I am in a mushroom mood these days. I also I like the blue pack, please, oh please.

  59. Elizabeth

    Oh, the “pears on natural” frame purse is so beautiful, it wants to be mine. I would go with the blue fabric bundle.

  60. Kathy

    What beautiful products! I love the “Handmade frame purse / pouch – Blue apples: and the red pack of fabric!

  61. Mabel

    I would love to buy the Reversible waterproof bag in red and aqua. What a beautiful and practical bag!! I would also very much enjoy winning the blue fabric set.

  62. Colleen Clark

    I love the vintage shape mixed with the graphic print on the polka-dot eyeglass case. So cute!!! Would love to win the red fabric package. Just moved into a new pad and have DIY fever!

  63. Georgia

    I just love the red bundle!!! The store is so cute!!!

  64. Morgan

    Oooh, fun!
    All the stuff in the shop is so cute! I love the ecofriendly grocery bags, especially the one on the first page with the daisy print!
    So hard to choose between the fabrics… but I guess I like the blue best.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  65. Michelle Brooks

    I love her gathered shoulder bags…especially the red and black geometric bag. She has a very keen eye with laying out the fabric to conform to the shape of the finished piece! Actually, that holds true to all of the work in her shop. Very inspiring! I love reds…and enjoy making small things…so I would choose the red bundle.

  66. Nancy's Clubhouse

    Oh how FuN!
    Having purchase my first set of glasses (gulp)
    I really adore the glasses case 🙂

    I would love to win the red set please.

    Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy!

  67. Jodie

    I love the tote/shoulder bags, the white flowers on gray caught my eye. I’m liking red lately so red pack please.

  68. Ilse

    wow, I love the 2 compartment pouch-pears on grey!

    and would really like the blue bundle to work with!

  69. anna hagmann

    love the glasses case as i’m constantly switching between reading and regular glasses.
    like the red bundle of stuff.

  70. Sheau

    My favoriate is the Handmade coin purse /mini frame pouch – mushrooms on moss. Would love to have the red fabric set for my baby girl.

  71. Jamie

    I don’t think I could choose, they are both equally lovely and I would be more than happy to recieve either.

  72. edina

    Love the reversible waterproof bag with the red flowers/dots on aqua and I would pick the red bundle if I won – thanks!

  73. Elizabeth

    I love the red! Oh, the things I can make with those…

  74. Judy R

    I love the mushroom purses and one that has a blue embroidered flower. Actually, I like most everything I saw in the store.
    I love either fabric bundle. I can’t make a decision!

  75. Kim

    Ooooh I am a sucker for shoulder bags. The white flowers one is too pretty. We would love to win the blue set.

  76. Jen

    I like the black dotted snap purse the most! so pretty!

    I’d love the red package, but truthfully, either are awfully awesome!

  77. Erin

    the shoulder bag, so lovely. i’m crossing my fingers for the blue bundle.

  78. LyndaJ

    I think the clutch purse with the colourful yoyoquilts on it is just adorable, although most of her things are. I’d be inclined towards the red bundle please.

  79. mellie

    Oooh the green fabric with the mushroom pattern is splendid!

    I would be happy with either of those gorgeous bundles- the vibrant blue I will share with my friend or if I had the red one, I’d make aprons and lovely patterns on my scarf!

    These are excellent!

  80. k a t y

    Give me red
    or give me blue
    It doesn’t much matter
    as either one would do.

    I love the coin purse
    orange with pods
    making change
    would attract many nods.

    I’d be so pleased
    if you chose me
    I’ll send love your way
    if you just head my plea.

  81. Melissa

    Ooooooooooh! Eye candy at it’s best (and they look as though they’d hold a lot of the other kind of candy as well! I love the red purse (have a thing for red!), but I think I like the orange bird clutch even better (have a thing for birds!). And (again that thing for red) I would so love to win the red fabric – have already begun dreaming of potentials!

  82. Elaine g.

    I really like the eco-friendly grocery bag – matryoshkas on natural. And I would like the blue bundle.

  83. Soyoung

    LOVE the coin purses at Oktak. would like the red bundle pls!

  84. Christina

    Ooh the ducky coin purse! I love. And I’d love the red bundle, too!

  85. moochie

    What i like best from oktak (means brains in malay haha):
    Mustard mother bird and baby clutch with plastic frame

    And i prefer the red bundle 🙂

  86. Samantha

    Totally diggin the mushrooms on moss series. And that red bundle looks fabulous.

  87. liesel

    I have two favourite items…the pears on gray shoulder bag and the pink chicks and flowers zipper pouch. What a clever gal! I also love the blue bundle.

  88. Yuri

    It is hard to choose because I like everything, but perhaps the double compartment pouches because I think they are sooo hard to make! and the contrasting fabrics are very cute.

    I would love the red pack!

  89. Anne Lise

    My favorite will be the iphone/ipod cozy – embroidered ribbon on yellow polka dots, I think I have to buy it:-) The blue bundle of great fabrics would be perfect for one of my projects. Thank you for all inspiration!

  90. Tania

    The fabrics are beautifull, I love the purses, but the most I like, actually what I need is an eyeglass case. I’d love to win the red fabrics.

  91. marloes

    wow, the products are all made with beautiful fabrics! hard to choose, but I LOVE the handmade frame purse with floral print. love the GiveAway as well. blue or red.. both are very welcome in my home. thank you for this great find!

  92. Sam

    My favourite things are the mini-frame purses / pouches… they remind me of having a really special purse when I was a little girl – where you got to keep all your really precious things and take them wherever you wen; feeling all grown up as it was your own & oh so special! Quite drawn to the orange ducks, but would find it hard to pick which one – kid in a sweet shop & all that 😉
    and blue or red?!! red I think!!!
    Sam x

  93. Rach

    I love that large pouch “retro flowers vines on beige”. I’ts perfect for a summer evening with friends (and of course with my brown pleated skirt ;)!
    Red pack is my favourite.

  94. slinkymalinkicat

    I love Aki’s work. Such vibrant colours. Hmmm, red or blue … if I were fortunate enough to win I would choose the blue please.

    Thank you!

  95. petra

    beautiful blue. i adore the blue purse with white elephants! and i like the blue bundle, pretty please.

  96. Cecile

    I really love her plastic grocery bags- so usefull for kids stuff! and i would lOVE the blue package

  97. Dee

    i love the BIG tote – pods on grey. very nice store. thanks for sharing 🙂

  98. Mamaayanna

    Cheerful products!
    Love most the eco friendly grocery bags.

    And would LOVE to win the red fabrics

  99. sal

    oh dear. I have looked at her shop and I can’t decide which ones I like the most cos I love ’em all! Honest! I love the duck coin purses as well as the mustard polka dots…but i also like the crochet lace ones too. I really can’t decide on just one!

    Ok if i win…i would love the red one please! or maybe the blue one….er…i dunno. Surprise me? 🙂 xo

  100. shafina

    i love the grocery bags!

    and the red bundle looks great 🙂

  101. Bronwyn

    I love the lush colours of the bag, clever placement of the fabric for cutting. If I am lucky I would choose the red bundle. Cheers.

  102. kimberly

    compartment pouches! so wonderfully organizational. i love the mushroom print and that lovely yellow and white polka dot print.

  103. Irene

    oh, wow, I have to agree with Dee:
    Big tote Pods on grey is absolutely stunning

  104. Lexi

    oh my!! What a lovely shop and giveaway! I am drooling over that mini yo yo clutch! Just super fab. The blue fabric bundle suits us best…2 baby boys and I just love the daisy print one the first one 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  105. Ilaria

    You were right! I’m so happy to see what I’ve seen!! 🙂
    My favourite item is the 2 compartment pouch and in particoular the one with polka dots on red with lace and velvet ribbon.
    I would also choose the red bundle.

  106. Noelia

    Wow they are so lovely!! Its hard to pick up only 1 fav ! I think the “eyeglass case snap closure – black dots on white” is one of my choices 😀

    And from the itms to win, im loving the red one ;D

  107. Nicole

    gorgeous fabrics! I love the little frame purses an would love the red bundle! thanks!

  108. gorana

    such beautiful fabrics: blue flowers and orange ducks..

  109. claire

    best item in the shop has got to be the clutch with yoyos on! It’s stunning! + I love the reds most!

  110. Hilke van Lieshout

    I absolutely LOVE the “Handmade purse kisslock frame – pods on red”…it’s my favourite colour combination that I actually use in the logo of my company. It’s super stylish!! Besides, I love the blue bundle most…..
    Thanks! Hilke

  111. Catherine

    I love the blue bundle.
    The purses are fantastic–I love the frame purse with blue apples–perfectly lovely.

  112. Colleen

    What beautiful work! I like the mini frame pouch, agapanthus on blue. The plain blue fabric highlights the lovely flower stitching. Fittingly, the blue bundle would be my choice!

  113. Desiree

    LOVE the mini frame pouch – little ovals on red! and the red fabric set is GEWELDIG!

  114. marije

    My favourites are anytinhg made with the orange duck fabric, it really is great fabric. I would love to win the red bundle.

  115. laren graterol

    I love the coin purse / wallet – vintage pink orange flowers with 2 compartments and about the red or blue bundle, i’d love the red one.

  116. Mirjam

    I really like the purse with blue and white flowers on green. The pattern makes me happy!

    And I love the blue bundle!

  117. kj

    I love the candy dots pouches – they give me such a good mood!
    I like both of the fabric bundles, but if I had the choice, I’d prefer the red one, because in our apartment there are so many green things now that a little red would give a beautiful contrast!

  118. Maria Ostrower

    the blue one,, but I could do either of them!

  119. Theresa

    I looooove the blue bundle! Such a bright and lively color.

    Oktak has many beautiful pouches. I think I like “Handmade frame purse with handle – vintage blue and white flowers on green” the best.

  120. sacha

    I love the little purse with the orange duck print. Would love to win either blue or red bundle! Would love to win!

  121. Brooke

    I love the coin purse! I would love the blue bundle 🙂

  122. Baboon

    I love the ducky coin purse and if I were fortunate enough to win I would love the red bundle!

  123. Eve

    I love the vintage feel of the floral clusters on yellow pinstripes coin purse.

    And the fabrics? Reeeaally difficult to say! I guess I would lean a teensy bit more towards red.

  124. The Pea Green Boat

    I love the reversible waterproof bag (laminated cotton red flowers / dots on aqua)!! And then I would like to have a different little purse for everyday of the week.

  125. Birte

    It’s hard to choose…but if i have to it is the gathered shoulder bag – red and black geometric, i just love it. And i would be soooo pleased with the red bundle!

  126. Lisanne

    PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!! I love fabric!!
    The one I like the most from Oktak is: Clutch / frame purse – colorful yoyoquilts on linen
    So cute with all the different yoyoquilts.
    If I win I would like the red bundle..

  127. Shari

    I love the orange ducky fabric! And I love the blue bundle too!

  128. Dorine

    Love the fram purse, in hot pink with aqua bubbles… and in case I have a little lottery angel on my shoulder, any of your fabric sets would do! Would be happy with any kind!

  129. Marleen

    Hope i’m not to late!
    I love the blue fabrics..crossing my fingers now – hoping i will win –


  130. Silmi Sabila

    Aaah every single thing on Oktak is marvelous but the purses caught my eyes the most. Really really love that quacky purse. I’d like to win the Blue Bundle cause blue is the color of love and the color of my favorite soccer team. (Crossing my fingers rite now)

  131. Min

    My favorite is Orange ducky coin purse!
    I’d love to win the blue bundle 😉

  132. riotyarn

    I like the duck purse. The world need more happy purses. And if I win I would love the red bundle of fabric.

  133. Yurah

    I love the Zipper pouch – laminated cotton red polka dots on aqua (large). It’s so cute! I also love the red fabric.

  134. kitsa

    Oee!! I truly love the big tote-pods on gray and the silver dots on gray eyeclass case! If i’m lucky enough to win I would choose the blue bundle.


  135. Amanda

    As for which item, I was going to say any of the coin pouches because of the darling fabric, but then I saw the cute felt apple cutouts sewn into a bag and that won out. If my name is drawn, I’d prefer the blue bundle please. Thanks!

  136. Tanya

    The yo-yo quilts purse is gorgeous. It looks like a lot of work went into it–worth carrying around and loving for years. I would pick the blue set of fabric.

  137. Joanna

    the mini coin purses are adorable!

    i would be ecstatic with either blue or red bundle – – red would be my natural choice – – but the blue with daisies is pretty irresistible!

  138. heleen

    I love the fabrics Aki uses! And everything looks so extreemly professionally made. I very much like the grocerybags and the zipper pouches (and the smocks and bibs on her other site!!!!). But if I could just choose one thing it will be the ‘Handmade coin purse /mini frame pouch – mushrooms on moss’. So small, so hip, so cute!

  139. heleen

    I forgot to mention that I would prefer the blue fabric bundle, although I would be very very happy with the red one as well!

  140. Beth

    Wow lovely bright colors…i would simply love the red set since i’m in a red mood these days for my favorite color; but the blue is just as wonderful.

  141. Susana

    I love clutch purses, especially this one: Handmade frame purse clutch – pears on natural. I would love the red, but would certainly not say no to the blue. Thanks!

  142. Em D.

    I love the Handmade coin purse / wallet – vintage pink orange flowers with 2 compartments and would love to win the red fabric bundle- though blue is nice too 🙂

  143. Erica

    Those coin purses are to cute… I love the one with the orange ducks.
    And I’m collecting red-and-white-fabrics for a babyquilt for a friend, so that’s my choice!

  144. Plutomeisje

    I really love clutches, but i’m completely in love with the mushrooms on moss-fabric. The medium frame pouch in that fabric is way too cute!

    I like the flowers on the blue top fabric, so blue please!

  145. Sofia

    Beautiful and cute items to brighten our days 🙂 and very professionaly made. It would be difficult to chose my favourites but the Shoulder bag/tote with white flowers on gray would definitely be one of them! Red fabric bundle because red is one of my favourite colours too 🙂

  146. Emily

    I love the eyeglass case frame purse, silver dots on grey. As for which I would like to win, frankly I would be thrilled with either one, but maybe the red one.

    emily @ http://456eleven.com

  147. Linsey

    I love the Reversible shoulder bag – orange and yellow poppies/stripes & would love to win that red bundle!

  148. Janine

    I love the polka-dot eyeglass case!! que bonita! Although both are beautiful I would love love love the red bundle of goods.

  149. Anne Marie

    My favourite bundle is the red one. The blue is pretty too, bu the red still is my favourite. I have a bunch of small projects to use these fabrics. Mini quilts, coasters, and a little purse

  150. andy

    Love these fabrics! Whichever one is taken… I’ll be most appreciative of the other!
    Yeah! Pick me!

  151. Hajni Kele

    I love all the purses and the paisley mini tote! Fab fabrics!!! I would love to have my hands on that blue bundle! Wishing myself luck :)))!

  152. Caitlin H.

    my favorite item is the medium frame pouch – crochet lace on blue flowers. I’m a sucker for lace. & I would love the blue set of fabric!


  153. Noga Malachi

    I liked very much the purse with the ducks!
    I love to get the red bundle! Goodluck with your sallings!

  154. Angeli

    I like the frame purse with the inital embroidery. Nice gift for a special friend. I would love to win the red bundle!

  155. Kathy

    I LOVE EcoBags, my favorite is the avocado stripes – it’s gorgeous!
    As for the fabric – it’s more gorgeous. Red, simply lovely red!!! :- )
    (Great shop, great blog! Thank you.)

  156. carmel

    i love the “medium frame pouch – crochet lace on blue flowers”
    and i wouldnt mind which bundle i would win- as long as i win!

  157. Katrine Ny

    I’m in love with the beautiful handmade shoulder bag / tote – white flowers on gray.
    And I’m also in love with the red bundle of fabrics. 🙂

  158. Shauna

    I love the paisley mini tote and like the blue bundle. Thanks for the chance to win!

  159. gifts Philippines

    Well, I agree with you there, these handmade wallets, purses and bags were really beautiful. I like it too. I am sure many will get interested about this. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

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