B:Kids Banner Design Contest

…here they are… these are all the entries for the B:Kids new Banner Design Contest… 27 artists and illustrators from all over the world have sent in their beautiful designs… so what do you think… would love to hear your thoughts… which design do you think is the 'new' B:Kids… this is not a voting competition… but I will make a final decision listening to your voice too of course … quite hard to pick a winner… I will let you know Friday by April 2….



by Homemade Happiness :: Homemade Happiness blog :: etsy shop



by Nicole Ray :: sloe gin fizz etxy shop



by Noisette Marketing :: Noisette etsy shop



by Verity Heysen Kizek :: the light Garden blog




by oh smile by Eva :: oh smile etsy shop


by Sugar and Cream ::  Sugar and Cream etsy shop


by Flora Douville :: Flora Douville blog :: Flora's shop



by Beth Emily :: Beth Emily's blog :: Beth Emily etsy shop


by Joy ever After ::  Joy ever After etsy shop


by English muffin blog :: Enlish muffin etsy shop


11_Binny_new 11_Binny_banner


by Binny :: Binny blog :: Binny etsy shop



by fold here by Miro Chun :: fold here blog :: fold here shop

13_kayannanelson_banner 13_kayannanelson_banner

by Kayanna Nelson :: Junecraft etsy shop

by Showler and Showler :: showler and showler blog

by Lily-X ::

by Suz Sanchez :: Little Blue Day blog


by Kit Chase :: lullaloo blog



by Mariana Oppel blog :: Mariana Oppel etsy shop



by Mary Anne Lloyd :: Mary Anne Lloyd portfolio


by MJ interactive design :: MJ's illustrations

by Sannsku ::

by Kate Larsen :: box of birds blog

by Mariëtte Strik ::


by Sarah Banach :: Sarah Banach etsy shop


by Julia Humpfer :: Julia's etsy shop Herbstkind



I have to explain a little bit about this entry, the above banner is a short movie, click here to view it

by Pesto Design :: pesto design banners

by Beerlala :: Beerlala blog :: etsy shop


by Barbara Ruiz :: an elephant with a pen blog

Advise please, who do you like best ? Tomorrow I will announce the winner 🙂

Bloesem loves comments
  1. Petit Eco Kids

    Hi Irene! What a great response! They all look great.
    My favourites: No 11 by Binny (love her work)
    and No 22 by Kate Larsen – very cute!

  2. Trista

    I like #15 the best, but they are all fabulous!

  3. Jamie

    I like 1, 3, and 11 best. Tough choice though–good luck!

  4. chelsea

    Wow- how will you decide. They are all adorable! I think my favorites are… 1, 25 (bottom), 17, and 7. 3 also though:) sheesh, glad I’m not the one deciding!
    Can’t wait to see who you pick.

  5. HomemadeHappinessNL

    Cuteness overload!

    Ofcourse I think you should pick no 1… (don’t blame me, I still love the cute & nosy mice…) but I think no 19 is great too! The top one, with the bold lettering. And I love the elephant, but I think elephants are scared of mice… 😉

    Poor Irene, such a hard choice! BEst of luck to you!

  6. Camille Dawn

    #22 is really eye-catching! i love that it incorporates the old with a modern, bright, cheery new twist!

  7. Sara Moriarty

    I like 1 and 19b. Tough to choose though as they are all lovely. I can’t wait to see what you decide on.

  8. Lorien

    I keep missing seeing you in real life so I will look at your banners instead…. I like 7 or 25. They are all lovely but as Bloesem is a funny spelling in English I think the script has to be very clear.

  9. Lola

    Oh, embarras de richesses! I’d choose entry 25 as it’s puristic and elegant, but also appropriate for children – and that’s just how I feel Bloesem is like.

  10. hayley

    Number 26 is clever and has a lot of imagination. I love that it tells a story. 🙂 woop woop 26!

  11. danielle

    Oh My!! I dont know how you could choose they are all unique and devine, but number 17 I think was the nicest, I love the illustration. Good Luck in your decision

  12. Sarah G

    What a gorgeous selection! I love #1 for its whimsical interpretation of your graphics and of course the adorable mice.

  13. Sarah

    They’re all so great! What a wonderful collection of talent. 🙂 Though I’m tempted to list my favorites, I’ll practice some restraint and place my vote towards number 25. It’s organic, playful, fresh, elegant… cute without being cutesy… perfect!

  14. lenneke

    for me…25! it has everthing.
    it’s simple, compact for a logo, light, it’s just lovely,
    it’s bloesem…
    good luck picking!
    x lenneke

  15. Ellen

    Hard to make a choice… Great that you had so many entries! I think I would go with no. 1 (keep it Dutch). But, 11 and 12 are nice as well. Although I like the animated banner I wouldn’t pick it, it’s always a bit disturbing while reading a blog.

  16. Anne

    3, 10 and 17 are all gorgeous, I couldn’t choose

  17. DOCKA

    They’re all great!!! My favourites are (in this order) 26, 1 and 21!

  18. Hedy

    Number 1 and number 3 are my favourites. They are in Bloesem colours, clearer and with the animals it looks more child focused.The movie is very original.I love the message.

  19. Lobke

    Wow, they are all so nice.

    But my favorites are number 8 en 13. I think they really tell a Bloesem story..

    Good luck!

  20. Kel

    What a talented bunch! You are certainly spoilt for choice. If I had to choose one it would be entry 3 but there are so many that would be lovely.

  21. April

    They are all just fabulous and I have a few suggestions. #3, #4, #9 and #27. At least you have great ones to choose from.

  22. judith b

    Many lovelies but 1, 4 or 12 are my faves! It looks like a consensus for number 1 is coming together here, with 10 votes (11 including mine)!

  23. Miltsch

    I prefer No. 25, but both of them. I’m very excited, who will win. Good luck…

  24. Suz Sanchez

    its hard to choose one, all of them are amazing!!! they are a lot that i like.

  25. Magda K

    I’d definitely go for Entry No.1 – mice are soo cute!

  26. LaTribNL

    They all are lovely, but I do like no. 1, and then no.3. Yes hard to decide, good luck!

  27. Katy

    oh dear! they are all so cute. However will you pick! I think my favs are 3, 7, 8, 11, 15, 16. good luck choosing!

  28. Minnike

    … no.26 🙂 … Such a Bloesem mommy feeling…
    I guess this is why you made this special kids part..So we would share some time with these lovely little people..and receive the best thing in this world…

  29. István Szép

    Thank you for featuring it here Irene 🙂 It was a lovely process to create the animation. Good to see my work in a great company! Number 1 is my favourite, and I love number 19 also!

  30. Siem & Zo

    Wow, difficult choise you have…
    I prefer 7, 19a and my favorite is number 22.
    Love the colors!

  31. Beth

    Wow! I see the problem of having to choose. They’re all wonderful. My favorites are 2, 8, and 11.

  32. Reka

    difficult difficult! 🙂
    I like nr.1,3,11,13
    Good luck with choosing!

  33. erika

    they are all so nice Irene, I really like 1, 11 and 7. Good luck and I can’t wait to see the one you choose!

  34. Kathleen

    #1 seems like the best fit. Love the illustrative style of #2 though, and out-of-the-box thinking of #12:)

  35. Di

    I like number 1 and number 10 the best! Can’t wait to see which one you decide on because they are all great.

  36. Karen

    God this is difficult! So hard picking only one. They are all excellent banners but my heart goes to number 13 with its Alexander Girard style. I’d give it a twist though – I’d build different shapes with that cubes, like pixelated icons where each pixel is one of those cubes. Well, just an idea.

  37. lulabird

    Some beautiful designs. I love all the entries but if I had to choose it would be 2, 13 or 22.

  38. lindsay

    I like #17-Kit Chase & #22-Kate Larsen. They’re both beautiful and go really well with your category buttons!

  39. maree

    number 3 definitely for me. i love how clear and clean the design is (and cute!), while still giving you a strong idea of the aesthetic behind the name

  40. kim

    hello! what a hard choice! i like no 7, no 9 and no 22 but i think no 1 is my defo my fave – the mice rock! good luck choosing!

  41. bluelaugh

    As a designer I had to look at these logos/ banners ad few times through.

    most of them had the art work they wanted on one end and the art work you wanted on the other. I would have liked to see it become one.

    After I took out the bad I came up with the good and these are my numbers: 1, 4, 12, and 25.

  42. lauren (pen.ny)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE #2 by Nicole Ray. I adore the font used in # 7 by Flora and I am a big fan of The English Muffin blog so #10!

  43. sansku :)

    entry #12! love the font (!!!) and the design in general.

    if i had realized you were going to post my quick drawing (#21), i would have done a better job. i did it in two minutes just for fun. how surprised i was to see it here. i guess it’s a thrill anyways to be included. thanks. 🙂

  44. Carrie

    They are all cute, but entry 13, by Kayanna Nelson is definitely my favorite!

  45. Isa Maria

    Thank you to everyone who has commented so far. I’m so pleased you like my banner (No. 3).

    If I was going to choose one that wasn’t mine I would choose either no.1 or no.22.

    Good luck designers!

  46. Sallie

    Hi Irene, I really like the first 3 along with number 8 and 14. Good luck. What a hard choice.

  47. lola

    #15! love that it is different medium from the rest.

  48. Kenneth

    absolutely no. 15, like how the banner is not the typical classic look of most banners.

  49. Carla

    I like number 1; 14 the second (=the blue one) and 22

    Good luck with your choice!

  50. topher

    you do realize the company name looks like it could be pronounced “BLOW SOME KIDS” right?

  51. deanne

    number 2! i like that it is bold, yet still completely fits within the palette of the site.

  52. carina

    no. 17… but they are ALL so great.. what a super idea to have a contest! look at all your talented followers!

  53. Tiffany

    Number 17 has the most simply yet beautiful approach to the banner. I love the little kids on the swing, since it is the Bloesem Kids!

  54. Lara J

    Love 1, 3, 9 & 25 but the movie (26) is fabulous! I would love to see the winning entry with this video

  55. Gridl

    oh, it is not easy. But 3 is the winner and 22 the second.

  56. susan

    1,3, & 22 seemed to have the best readability and cohesiveness to me.

    But everyone sees the world different. :o)

  57. sandra s.

    Wow, so many good entries, my top three: 1, 7 and 25.

  58. Valerie

    1, and 17, probably 17 is my favorite, simply but also about kids…

  59. Molly

    Tough tough decision. I like the following (I can’t choose just one):
    1, 11, 12, 22

  60. Katie

    Number 17 is really really sweet, and Nos 1 and 16 are lovely and whimsical.

  61. sharearls

    All very cool designs but I think #4 stands out, its so simple and still fun and I think really well suited.

  62. kitty kilian

    # 11, the upper one, is my favorite, very stylish and well balanced, but may be not colorful enough for a shop banner. # 13 has great colours but should be wider. I don’t think the letters are in balance with the drawing. Interesting how everyone’s opinion differs! So you het to pick for yourselves..

  63. hanna

    I like them all, but my favorites are 1, 9, 11, 15, and 25!

  64. Vicki

    So many fabulous and creative designs. Too hard to make a choice. I would love someone to design one for me.

  65. kelli

    Are you kidding – they are all cute, but come on how can you not choose #26 the movie is sooooooo…soooo..sooo adorable!!

  66. Dearest

    number 3, 4, 8, 11, 15, 16, 25 and 28 are the best IMO. If I were to pick one of those it would be 11 I think. Both are nice, childlike, naturalistic, whimsical and different 🙂
    Second choice would be 15 if it wasn’t for that yellow thing to the right. If the yellow was part of the rest of the banner it’d be my first choice 🙂
    I’m also charmed by the Kite on number 4 🙂 So simple and clean with an excellent font choice ^^

    Best of luck on deciding!

  67. Mariana

    Thank you Irene, it was a fun experience to participate.

    Wish you the Best,
    Mariana Oppel

  68. Renee

    Is it too late for another voter? I like 9, 10, and 22; but I think I like 22 best of those.

  69. eli

    1, 9, 11 and 15
    I think that no 1 is the one that seems to be really linked the best with the original bloesem, while at the same time having its own color.

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