Frankie and me in Singapore


The last two days I was in Singapore … and I really enjoyed spending some quality time with my almost 4 year old son, who loved the flight, the hotel, the taxi's and excitement…I loved the small streets in china-town, the big shopping malls on Orchard Road but above all i loved reading Frankie, which I bought over at Books Actually (one of my favorite stops in Singapore) I don't think you can buy Frankie in KL, but I'm going to subscribe


Frankie is such a beautifully curated with something inspiring on every page, the photography throughout the whole magazine is of very high qualtiy and truly a feast for the eye, of course I always like finding new online links the issue I bought (jan-feb 2010) even came with a very nice poster, 30 cats, illustrated by the talented Anke Weckmann, very nice collaboration indeed. Thank you Frankie from Australia for giving me some very nice down-time!

ps. you might have noticed some irregularities on Bloesem lately with fonts, lay-out etc….my apologies…but the good news is that hopefully in 2 weeks from now a new and fresh designed Bloesem will appear for you…working on it as we speak 🙂

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  1. Littleclouds

    I loved Singapore too when I went, did you go to the zoo? They have one of the worlds best zoos according to Steve Irwin! If you didn’t go you should next time because there is a fantastic free range orangutan bit which was amazing.

  2. miss dzine

    I agree, when I used to live in NZ, I’d subscribe to Frankie, which is a great “alternative” read with very cute illustrations. I just wish I could purchase it here in the UK without it costing an arm and a leg.

  3. Mavis Seah

    I live in singapore btw may i know where is that books actually store?

  4. irene

    Hi Mavis, there is a link to their website in the post, but it’s very near Ann Siang Road. Have fun. Irene

  5. jaron

    Frankie is such a beautifully curated with ari jordan something inspiring on every page,

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