Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst


Last weekend I spoke (well emailed) with Dutch photographer Marjon Hoogervorst about her beautiful images from her collection 'spaces' … I particularly liked this image above, because my husband and I often discuss the possibility of placing different Persian rugs next to each other… the first time we saw this was of course in the home of Charles and Ray Eames, I'm not sure this is the way I would do it, but the image does convince me how nice it can look!


Marjon Hoogervorst is one of those talented photographers who creates and produces her own shoots, she works independently and is always searching for nice places …if you know a house that Marjon should come and photograph please send her an email, she will be in The Dutch Antilles soon, so if anyone know a beautiful house on one of the gorgeous islands 🙂 …most her productions are for sale online right here…

And I have never seen a bookshelf like this, have you … do you like it? Thanks Marjon for letting me show your images.

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  1. Shelley

    The floating books remind me of the Umbra conceal bookshelf: http://bit.ly/dJwtk. I have only one in the studio but it really is something, books just floating there on the wall. Looks amazing en masse like that.

  2. Ren

    Love the bookshelf but not sure if I could color code my books in the same way. Persian rugs together I can speak from experience, we tried this (I tried it and my husband suffered not very silently) it did not work for us because everytime our monkeys walked, played, breathed on them they were all over!

  3. Shokoofeh

    I think that bookshelf has just a wonderful idea!
    Love it. And that little cozy window place is fabulous! thanks for sharing!

  4. Sharon

    I am loving the bookshelf, and also loving this blog… how lucky I feel to have come across it – it is a feast for my eyes! Thankyou for sharing your incredible taste.

  5. helen rawlinson

    I would happily swap my sad book case with this one, come to think of it I need a new kitchen too!
    Beautiful space and gorgeous photos

  6. Emma

    Love the relaxed sofa and floor pillows! Of course, the amazing architecture helps as well. Look at those stairs, windows, fireplace! Oh my!

  7. Sophia

    Wow! Wat een prachtige ruimte! Die boekenplanken zijn inderdaad geweldig!
    Een beetje een late reactie op je vraag maar natuurlijk mag je de foto’s van mijn huis op Bloesem laten zien! Ik zou het super leuk vinden!

  8. Charlotta

    I agree with everyone on the bookshelf – especially with the books all colour co-ordinated like that.. 🙂
    Am however left with the amazing staircase – what a masterpiece. Makes the room!

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. Agent Elli

    I have to agree. If you are one of those people, who love clean lines and minimalism you should inspire yourself by these pictures. White coloured walls combined with wood and some colourful accessories can make over every boring and cold interior into modern and trendy home. I like the idea of the bookshelf. Chosen colours and the concept of book usage turned it into an art object which is now the eye-catching detail of the room. Thank you for sharing. It was really inspiring. Now we can see that we don’t have to be afraid to do experiments in our homes.

    Best regards,

  10. engagement rings

    This is really good to see the color combination of the wall and the floor, I’m delighted I came across it. I’ll be back down the track to check out other posts

  11. cheap nike

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