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Dutch :: is … in Holland we all seem to live in fishbowls: no blinds, no shutters, hardly any curtains. Everyone can look in – and even through – our houses just like that! I love waving to the neighbours when I am in the kitchen, I am very Dutch


Entrance:: When entering my home you will notice that my house is small, the walls are white (to make it look bigger) and that I love retro ceramics.


Style:: means expressing your ‘soul’ in mixing colours, shapes and materials. Every authentic style is beautiful!


Inspiration:: comes from childhood daydreams, nature, art and almost forgotten traditions.

Gourmet:: is … my family and I live a rather hectic life and food connects us around the table!


New:: in my home is the kitchen. Simple and white, easy to clean. With grey stone and a sturdy wooden shelve. The two red lamps are Kaj Franck originals. Still waiting to find number three.


Hobby:: my work is my hobby. You can wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me to make a new pattern design: I’ll do it!

Outfit:: my favorite thing to wear are short blue dresses with cool shoes like Hasbeens, mostly accompanied by a vintage button-bracelet or necklace made by my friend Bjørke.


Make:: I start creating when my workspace is tidy and my mind is overflowing with ideas. I can only start creating with a pot of spicy herb tea next to me.

Lights Pillows

Enjoy:: I can't live without my three men, my friends and family, birds, paper, textile and colours!


………Thank You Jurianne Matter………..

Ever since I saw these little wishboats for the first time, this talented, stylish and friendly women from the Netherlands got my attention.  Every-time when she brings a new design to her fabulous paper collection I'm in awe… as you can clearly see from her house above, her style is impeccable and her products are of super high quality and perfect to the last detail. To find your nearest stockist please click here…or visit BijzonderMooi.

ps. I'm somewhat flattered here…Jurianne told me that her latest design Blom is a Tribute to Bloesem wowowo can you believe this 🙂 Thank you dear Jurianne.

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  1. Verity

    I find what Jurianne says about Dutch houses being so open so interesting. Here in Istanbul I find many houses to be so closed. Fine curtains are often drawn (I guess part of this is the population density here). I feel a bit stange at times here with my open curtains! I don’t know if one way or the other is better I just find the difference interesting.

    And I love what she says about the authenticity of style – I want to print this out and put it on the wall! I love it!

  2. Verity

    ps And her work is gorgeous! You can definitely see that authenticy of style coming through in that too!

  3. Ingrid Jansen

    I’m a big fan of Jurianne’s work and have her paper-art-work in my home. It’s nice to have a look in her dutch house 🙂

  4. mady dooijes

    lovely story to read. sooo dutch.. gluuren bij de buren. als ik ‘hier’ in australie vertel over de spiegeltjes 4 hoog, kunnen ze het niet geloven! ah and ofcourse jurianne’s work is absolutly gorgeous. thank you again. i love reading bloesem. mady

  5. francesca

    oh i have her christmas angels and they were such a hit this year on the tree. love her work, and her house is just as beautiful. so colourful. thanks for this irene.

  6. Emma

    What an inspiring home. Her collection of vintage ceramics is beautiful. And i love her Blom flowers – thank you Jurianne and Bloesem.

  7. louise

    I love this home, there is so much to inspire that I keep popping back for another look. The blue painting above the sofa is perfect, I have to get my paints out!

  8. suann

    oh wow – love seeing her home! its just as lovely as her work. thanks for sharing!

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