Win a $50 Gift Certificate from Ginko Papers


This Giveaway is CLOSED winner is :: ARLYN

How fun is it when you can give something away … Garin Hussenjian from the lovely shop Ginko Papers would like to offer one of you a free shopping spree worth USD 50.- … I guess you understand that this gift certificate will allow you to choose a lot of greeting cards, funny erasers… or Japanese Masking Tape


I did some searching for Japanese Masking Tape and I never knew so many of you nowadays use it in so many creative ways… if you would like to win this 50.- gift certificate just leave a comment below below and let us know what your favorite item from Ginko Papers is…Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday March 3 and notified by email. {image left}

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  1. Degroote

    I love masking tape. The Japanese Masking Tape – Floral Brown from Ginko Papers is the one I love the most.

  2. Tuulikki Titine

    My absolute favorite items of Ginko Papers are the Shinzi Katoh decorative packing tapes ‘fragile’ and ‘puppy’.
    Ciao, Hedy

  3. Holly

    I love the masking tape… so many ways to make things more interesting

  4. Gizel Maimon

    It’s very hard to pick only one item from Ginko Papers but if I absolutely have to I’d say decotape. I love the colors and how it makes anythng just pretty!

  5. momnipotent

    What a lovely shop! I’ll be bookmarking them for sure…and March 3 is my birthday! (not to put any pressure on that random number generator, lol)

  6. karen L

    What a nice give-away!
    I would choose a lot of masking tapes, especcially the japanese ones with the flowers.
    It’s difficult to find it in Belgium, but a couple of weeks ago, I bought my first masking tape, en I’m excited about using it. I would like to add some morge collors and different patterns to my collection.
    Thanks a lot,
    Karen from belgium

  7. Alana Fletcher

    What a fantastic giveaway! I have a soft spot for all the items (I lived in Japan for about a year), and it’s taken me back…the attention to detail is what always amazes me.
    If I had to choose one item, I think my favourite would be the Shinzi Katoh lunch Box – Orange Tree. My daughter will be starting school in September and what a lovely way to have lunch!
    Fingers Crossed.

  8. Ann May

    This place is great – thanks for introducing me to it. I love the laser cut letter sets and the cat purse bags my daughter would love.

  9. Christina Ritchie

    The thing I love best about Ginko Papers is the variety of colors and textures in which you can find a card or stationary. They have beautiful color pallets and interesting graphics. Everything you want when you’re sending a thank you card to a friend.

  10. Meagan

    I loooooooove me some Japanese craft supplies and paper and pens and and and… I used to live in Hawaii, and we could get fun Japanese stuff there easier. I’ve moved to Madison, WI for grad school, and am sadly at a loss for finding fun and different craft supplies. They all feel kind of generic here. So I lean on the web. And your site rawks. My favorite? The tape – totally the tape.

  11. maaike

    i love japanese masking tape with a passion.. but the item on ginko that really made me smile most is the:

    Shinzi Katoh Picture Books Notebook

    thanks for this blog. i really enjoy getting inspired by all your posts

  12. maz

    omigosh! it’s all so lovely!
    Would have to say my favourites are the Night Owl cards and as I have an eraser collection, the tempura soba bowl and tea ceremony erasers are to die for!!!

  13. et cetera

    That’s a really difficult task – but i think I’ll have to say the Japanese Masking Tape – in Candy Colors Orange & Blue … those colours assures me, that sometime it’s bound to be spring again …

  14. Raleigh-Elizabeth

    ahhh! i’m a bloesem kids follower and ventured over for this amazing giveaway. i had no idea gingko papers even existed! my favorite items – i can’t choose between them – are either the old fashioned letter set or the airmail silver tape. my boyfriend is an officer in the marine corps (soon to be husband), and he is stationed in virginia while i’m getting my phd in international relations/journalism at columbia in new york. we see each other every couple weeks, and he’s often in the field during the week so we don’t get to talk by phone much either. the saving grace of our relationship is that old-fashioned standby, letters. i write him a letter every day, and i love to draw, so they’re usually something handmade. (like this one: http://dcwhip.com/post/407348290/letter-58-to-quantico) he told me at christmas he loves collages, so i’m trying to get into that, too. (like this one: http://dcwhip.com/post/405297943/letter-57-to-quantico) but the most important part of all these letters is the base i start out with. and while, on my budget especially, that usually means index cards, crayons, and ingenuity, sometimes i’m able to muster up something else. these papers are just the kind of icing on the cake i love to save up for. they’d go to such good use. and i love writing letters, and he loves receiving them. being ivy league-educated dyed in the wool liberals, we’re not the standard marine corps family, but there’s something of a history to this business of being seperated by war and only being able to keep in touch through letters i love.

    “In an age like ours, which is not given to letter-writing, we forget what an important part it used to play in people’s lives.” ~Anatole Broyard

  15. Chitownknittergal

    It’s so hard to choose! I love everything in the shop. But, if I had to pick, my favorites are all the tapes and the orange tree lunchbox. SO CUTE!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  16. Jamie

    I love the ‘Anne and Cat’ Shinzi Katoh Letter Set – so cute!!!

  17. Pamela B.

    I’ve always been a fan of those wooden postcards- they just make sending a note that much more fun…

  18. Brigitte

    My favorite item?
    I love the Chirimen Cherry Blossom Mousepad!

  19. norma

    i love loads of their stuff,but the mini colouring pencils in the wee capsule are sweet…

  20. vania

    What a generous offer – i love things like this! Great stationary, cute masking tape, fun desk ‘tools!’

  21. Kirsten

    I always love the masking tape, but the papers in the first photo are calling me!

  22. Catherine

    What a great shop. I just love Shinzi Katoh, and that mermaid card & envelope are adorable. Thanks!

  23. Sam Butler

    So much to choose from. I’ll go with the Apica classic blue notebook.

  24. Anna

    I absolutely love the Old Fashioned Letter Set in Turquoise. But everything on this site is gorgeous!

  25. andrea a.

    the tape! I love all the tape. I want to wallpaper a room in it! 🙂

  26. pamela

    There is not a single thing on the Ginko Papers site that I don’t love! I am especially drawn to the masking tapes and the Shinzi Katoh lunch boxes! Wonderful spot and wonderful give-away! Thanks!

  27. Kathryn A

    I love the Happy Birthday to You Card – as well as pretty much everything on the site. Thank you!

  28. L. Wilson

    I love the Salvia Squirrels Letter Set! My sorority’s mascot is the squirrel and it’s so hard to find non-creepy squirrel stuff. The letter set is perfect for long thank you notes or to send letters to sisters studying abroad. It really makes my sisters happy!

  29. Jessica

    I would love some Japanese washi tape in orange and blue. I only recently discovered it (http://bit.ly/aBpbKF) but I would love to experiment with it in some of my design projects and my sketchbook.

    Thank you.

  30. Clara Boza

    I love paper goods, and Ginko Papers’ selections is exceptional! It’s impossible to pick one thing. I’d start with a supply of the Shinzi Katoh Orchard postcards, add several of the blue Apica Twin Ring notebooks (love them!), an Old Town Square mini bag, an adorable Chirimen bag, and the Pink Knot Traditional gift envelopes. A truly wonderful collection of products. Thanks for introducing me to Ginko Papers, and thanks for the giveaway.

  31. Connie

    ginko papers is my fave
    paper, stickers, erasers, tape

    would love to win the shopping spree
    if i won i’d choose a midori

    set of maple leaves or ginko
    or maybe just a blossom doll

    either way, i’d feel blessed
    to send letters that look the best


  32. denise

    I totally love the lunch boxes & cherry blossom doll, to say nothing of the paper & tape!!!

  33. Renee Alam

    Well,if I win this fantastic giveaway,I’ll give it to my 13 year old daughter who is crazy about anything Japanese.We’ve even tried looking for a pen pal from Japan…we recently got one from Korea…close enough,right. 😉 Anyways,I just know she would love the bear in garden notebook and the Enlightened Deserts Erasers just to pick a few…I know that if I am chosen,I will have to spend more than the $50 we win b/c I know she would love so many of the items for writing to her new overseas pen pals.Winning this prize would cheer up my daughter so much who has started at a new school that she doesn’t like,so this would definitely make her day! 🙂

  34. robyn

    THE TAPE! all of it! i can’t get enough of that lovely japanese masking tape and wish i could be one of those ritzy people to own every single pattern and just use it willy nilly to seal things and make them more lovely! love it!

  35. connie tacazon

    So many things to love but I think I’ll stick to the current trend of Japanese masking tapes. So many things you can do with them.

  36. Mel

    Ginko Papers is such a great place to shop! I’ve gotten my washi masking tape from there before, and it’s fantastic! I have to say that their greeting cards are amazing though! (Especially the pop ups ones, like the Bus Pop Up Birthday Card.) Thanks!

  37. tiffany

    I heart the Shinzi Katoh Lunch Box – Orange Tree! Love bento!

  38. Casey

    Who wouldn’t love getting a handwritten note on one of the letter sets? I know my family would much rather receive thoughtful letters, especially on such stylish paper, than a quick e-mail.

  39. emily

    Everything is beautiful.. but my favorite might be the Japanese Paper Beach balls. Thank you for hosting this give away!

  40. Margaret Cowan

    The japanese masking tape has been on my wishlist for ages!

  41. Sarah

    I love all things Shinzi Katoh! The pieces always bring a smile.

  42. rachel

    I love the tape and I can’t decide what ones I like the best because I want them all! I love the bright reds and oranges the best.

  43. richelle

    i love the shinzi katoh “fragile” tape. it would add such a sweet touch to packaging items from my shop ♥

  44. emily

    I bought some Washi tape when in Japan, but I wish I had bought more… now I know where to get some when a trip isn’t around the corner. That would be my pick!

  45. Shelley

    Chirimen (Crushed Silk) Tape – Large Flowers design really caught my eye. I would use that for my daughter’s 1st year album.

  46. Kate Riopel

    I LOVE the perched bird notepad. It would do wonders at brightening up my desk. I use little notes like that all the time at work and that one is SO cute. I also love the four leafed clover and lucky lady bug magnets. My sister is studying abroad in Ireland and I’m sending her a St. Patty’s day care package – that would be the perfect addition!

  47. Katie

    Pretty site with LOTS of pretty items! I’ve always been a fan of Shinzi Kato, such great illustrations, and have been coveting Japanese masking tape online. I have yet to get any in my hands though :).

  48. Heather

    I would have to go with the fairy tail notepads. The Red Riding Hood ones are my very favorite. It was hard to pick just one favorite.

  49. M.F.Peterson

    I love the owl prints! I think everything from Ginko is my favorite 🙂

  50. Lindsey

    It is so hard to pick just one favorite item but the Japanese Masking Tape in Candy Colors Orange and Blue make me think of spring

  51. MaryAnne

    I adore Japanese stores, and so wish I could purchase more from them on a regular basis. I would love to win – such lovely items!

  52. Courtney

    it is painfully hard to choose one item.
    i do love the little mini bags and the tape of course – ohhh I hope I win.
    thank you for the giveaway. so lovely

  53. Angie

    Such a fun shop. I think the 2010 pull-out desk calendar is just the cutest.

  54. denise

    wee! what a great giveaway! my favorite item that i always go back to is the bear circus postcard. it’s so cute! but so is everything on the site!

  55. Mary L.

    I love the letter sets and notebooks. I’d pick up a bunch of the apica classic blue notebook.

  56. erin g

    i have been wanting some decorative masking tape for ages! I would have to choose their Japanese Masking Tape – Airmail Pink … so sweet!

  57. Amber Hansen

    I’m a huge fan of their tapes!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Sia Rijke

    The Summer GoldFish Card is my favourite, because the little net separates from the back of the card… How cute!

  59. Liz

    I love the letter set, but my oh my there are many pretty thing on that site..!

  60. Katie Gonzalez

    My favorite item hands down is the colored and patterned tape. My art students created FANTASTIC sculptures out of colored tape last year – if only we had known about this tape then!!!

    Here is the site I created to showcase the sculptures my students made out of tape:

    Also, here are some observation drawings that my students created using of colored masking tape – I love these!

  61. Laura

    I have a serious crush on the Japanese Masking Tape – Candy Colors Blue & Pink. It is so bright and colorful! A great way to brighten up packages.

  62. jennifer sheline

    All looks positively fun, would love a chance to play w/those supplies! Thanks!

  63. kw.

    So many pretty things! I love the Salvia Pear Coaster card, the Blue Rabbit notepad, and the Mod Apples Zipper Bag.

  64. Eliane T.

    The Pink Rabbit Stamp is my favorite. Aww so cute!
    Thanks for the chance.

  65. Megan

    My favorite item is the Shinzi Katoh lunch box (Orange Tree). So cute! What a great shop!!

  66. mirabelle

    Oh, the other day I was just looking at the Shinzi Katoh Postcards to frame and decorate the nursery.

  67. christine campana

    I love love love Ginko Papers. I used to draw on plain masking tape when I was little to decorate packages my sister and I sent to my aunt in FL. Flashforward 20 years….These are way more adorable! Genius. 🙂

  68. Courtney

    I really like the Matryoska 2010 Desk Calendar. Too bad it’s sold out… And I LOVE japanese masking tape!

  69. Miss V

    Oh those Pull Out Table Calendars and the Vegggie Erasers set are to die for. In these dreadful times they will certainly pick you up everyday.

  70. lindsey k

    I agree Japanese masking tape = amazing. I would love to get my hands on a few of those washi tape sets of three.

  71. Meta

    I really like Shinzi Katoh’s work so anything from him. I also really like the little house pop up card.

  72. Yoko

    I love the Japanese letter sets and tape, my son loves them even more! Thank you.

  73. Erica Dyar

    Words are chosen with such care when I write to those I love. How much more enhanced it would be to write with such lovely provisions! Presentation is the glowing touch of the overall feel of a product. These supplies are ideal for execution of such desired finality.

  74. Jill D.

    My favorites are the Shinzi Katoh lunch boxes and of course the tape!

  75. kalir

    i love the japanese masking tape, all of it! and the mermaid birthday card. thank you!

  76. Pomber

    My absolute favourite items are:

    ‘Birds in Tree’ Postcard
    ‘Owl in Tree’ Postcard
    ‘Bear in Tree’ Postcard
    ‘Giraffe and Tree’ Postcard

    But I also really like the ‘Bird Orange Peeler’ and the ‘Three Little Pigs Notepad’.

    Great giveaway!

  77. Sara

    The Salvia Matryoshka post-it notes are too cute! I love this store.

  78. Ashley

    I have to pick just one thing? I love the stationary and the tape most of all. Oops! That’s two lol!

    I don’t think I can choose between the two 🙂

  79. Michelle

    I love the Shinzi Katoh “Elephant” 2010 Desk Calendar. Everything on the site is super-cute.

  80. melissa

    The japanese tape is mighty tempting, but I think would also get the Old Fashioned Postcard Set in pretty pink.

  81. Helen X

    Love the Japanese Masking Tape – Floral Turquoise and the Japanese Masking Tape – Green…. hmm… and the farm mini bag please~

    Thanks for such a great give away!

  82. sunny

    This is a tough one. I love Japanese stickers and calendars. But the Salvia or Night Owl greeting cards are my favorite.

  83. meg

    I adore the salvia summer apple letter set I would love to send out a few lovely letters on that very fashionable letter paper!!!

  84. Lorena Mora

    I love the tapes, they are so beautiful, I will keep my fingers crossed.

  85. Koekeprinses

    Very nice! I like the Masking tape.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. veronica

    I would really much like to have the masking tape – so far I dcould not find it anywhere in Germany, and I also cannot order on US-websites…

    Therefore: wow, please let me be the lucky star, and have a chance to choose from all these masking tapes @ ginko.


  87. Sarah

    Yes, the masking tape is too cute…along with everything else on the site.

  88. Karla

    Love, love, love everything – especially all those pretty tapes!

    Great giveaway – thanks!

  89. Cherie

    I am a big fan of the Shinzi Katoh calendars, lunchboxes and cards. They are so fun and whimsical! I also love everything Salvia works works does. It is so unique and and wonderful! I love japanese design!!

  90. se7en

    I just spent about an hour browsing away – oh how delightful, have you seen their erasers!!!

  91. Tanya Martsenyuk

    There are a lot of really fun things to choose from, but the Japanese tape is what I would pick for myself. I like the pink set because I could scrapbook with it for my two daughters. But the Shinzi Katoh calendars are really really nice, too. The Japanese are great illustrators, I love it!

  92. caroline

    Oh, I love Ginko Papers! I love the tape I’ve bought from them and I use it all the time. I just saw on their site that they now have Eiffel Tower print tape – swoon.

  93. marly

    I looked through everything and keep coming back to this one! It is so whimsical and springy that it makes me want to get tons of flowers to put in every corner of my house!Shinzi Katoh Letter Set – Watering Flowers

  94. jenn hill

    I LOVE Japanese masking tape! I treated myself to a little package of two colors to see if I would use it and I’m happy to say I do! It really sweetens up packages and envelopes that I send out, but I find I use it for practical things, too. Lately it’s come in handy in lieu of post it notes, and much prettier to look at.

  95. Lesley

    Oh, such amazing treats! Even if I don’t win, I will certainly look forward to picking up some of these great items! My little one would just go crazy for the tape! She loves tape! Thank you for the opportunity!

  96. Magdalena

    Japanese Masking Tape – Candy Colors Orange & Blue is my favorite! Thank you for such a nice giveaway!

  97. Meg S.

    I would love to win this gift certificate- how generous!!! I would definitely use it to buy masking tape, choosing the color would be the difficult part! I use it for everything!

  98. jenny tiffany

    I adore the Shinzi Katoh Lunch Box – Orange Tree. It’s almost as lovely as the masking tape. I have some masking tape that i use for gift wrapping and when i mail letters.

  99. Meg T

    That site is pure joy! I love the vegetable eraser sets and the animal calendar. Thanks!

  100. Shannon

    The floral turqoise and brown tapes are gorgeous. I love this blog – so many great ideas. Thanks!

  101. Mimi

    All of the items are wonderful, but I have an especial soft spot for the old fashioned letter set. What a wonderful giveaway, thank you!

  102. Chanell Bethley

    Salvia Matryoshka Letter Set
    I adore items with Matryoshka dolls on them. I collect them all along with owls

  103. Janne

    Love it all!
    My fave at the moment would be a letter set, either the Samla Skina(fantastic!) or Shinzi Katoh: My girls grandparents live in a different country and it is always nice to “deliver some happiness” by mail

  104. Kelly

    How lovely! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!
    I have a soft spot for letter sets right now… so I’d probably have to go with the new aqua squirrel set but I like the retro looking Shinzi Katoh set also…too many choices!

  105. Colleen K

    Oh please pick me! While I love everything that Ginko Papers offers, I have bunches of friends getting married soon and I would love to give them some money in an elaborate envelope like the “Traditional Gift Envelope – red flower” instead of a boring drugstore card! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  106. kate

    I looove the Japanese masking tape!! I first saw it on Little Green Notebook as a way to decorate apartment walls. I even did a post about it because I was so obsessed! I’ve been planning to order some and just haven’t had the time, this would be absolutely perfect!!

  107. Kate

    Oh my, I must say I love everything. But the Japanese masking tapes are just insanely beautiful. I’d love to win!

  108. Sheau

    It has to be the “Enlightened Deserts Erasers 1”. Can imagine how sweet they would be for little hands. : )

  109. Ashley

    OH the tape for sure. The day I discovered is most definitely one of the best days of my life… Yea for giveaways!

  110. catherine s.

    I love anything and everything by Shinzi Katoh…I’d use the $50USD to buy a menagerie of Shinzi Katoh goodies!!!

    catherine s.

  111. Wendy

    I’m not really sure how I can choose; love the Matroyshka coaster cards, as well as the pull-out calendar w/ the Eiffel Tower. Thanks for introducing me to this site!

  112. katie

    more pretty tape for my daughters to wrap around their heads and to occasionally tape their eyes shut? i’m in.

  113. meg

    Wow, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I really like the matryoshka post-it notes and the enlightened dessert erasers.

  114. Jayna S

    I love the mini bags – the pears and apples! So cute. Also beautiful paper ALWAYS comes in handy.

  115. Camille

    Oh, that blossom calendar is gorgeous…along with everything else in the store!

  116. Samantha

    Wow! This is an absolutely awesome and wonderful giveaway (: Ginko sports the most lovely papers n’ such ~ Yay! Please pick me,, an avid paper lover… ^__^

    Woo hoo!

  117. April

    moí? i love their letter sets – particularly the envelopes (it’s all about the packaging).

  118. Ninotschka

    Hard decision since there are so many adorable products in this shop, but… my favourite is the ‘Sorry Cat Stamp’. I can see myself stamping it on Post-Its, notecards, T-Shirts,… So,cute!!!!

  119. Rachel Santos

    I love all of the patterned Japanese Masking tapes! So much fun, and soooo many possibilities!!

  120. Mary Marraccini

    I don’t think I can pick just one thing I love…but having $50 to spend would let me pick more than one thing and start to narrow down my favorites!!

  121. barbara

    i love the eiffel tower red tape, and those calendars are pretty awesome too! actually… that whole shop is sweet!

  122. Paula

    Thanks for an inspiring blog and the opportunity to win such a lovely gift!

  123. Jen

    The apple bag would be a perfect gift for a special teacher I know!

  124. sacha

    I have been after some Japanese masking tape for awhile (haven’t gotten it yet though:))- maybe this is my lucky chance…

  125. Jade Sheldon

    Oh wow!! I have a few of their letter sets. I’m addicted to stationary… I would love to own the Black Cat Letter Set…

  126. Michelle

    Wow! After perusing I have a mass of favorite things from this wonderful shop. I loved the look of the Orange Tree Shinzi Katoh Lunch Box:) Fun!

  127. ann

    Oh what a great giveaway…I have to say the tape is my favourite, I have the puppy packing tape already…so sweet!

  128. Elaine

    All their products look fantastic, but I love their masking tape the best!

  129. Beth-Emily

    I love the eraser vegetable sets 1 & 2. I’m pretty sure I had something similar when I was little girl. Oh… AND the sushi eraser set. The cuteness is going to kill me. 🙂


  130. Muffin

    Loving the Shinzi Katoh Lunch Box – Orange Tree. Stinking cute! My daughter would love to carry that around!

  131. Leslie

    I love the tape…I wish I was crafty enough to know what to do with it.

  132. Olivia

    The Flying Balloons letter set is too adorable! That and the awesome tapes 🙂

  133. Rebecca

    The lunch boxes are gorgeous and the masking tape looks amazing!

  134. tartankiwi

    I have heard wonderful things about Japanese masking tape and would love to get some for my daughter! My favourite design would have to be the Japanese Paper Tape – Blue Flowers.

  135. fairuz

    Next to the tapes, the old fashioned letter set in turquoise is my favourite. Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. Amy

    i adore the tape! The ‘handle with care’ is my favorite. Who wouldn’t give special treatment to a package with that tape?!

  137. jane l

    Wow what a site, i like the japanese masking tapes in floral and Salvia Matryoshka Letter Set.
    Thanks for introducing me to another great site

  138. Ann

    Thanks for introducing me to Ginko Papers, as for my fav. I’m a big fan of the Shinzi Katoh postcards

  139. yasmin

    The letter sets are adorable. Find the maple leaves one quite striking.

  140. Ingeli

    Super giveaway!

    I`m in love with the masking tape. so many things you can do with them… i`m keeping my fingers crossed, hope to be the lucky one..

    Thanks, Ingeli

  141. Pebbledash

    Oh, so much lovely choice! But I think it has to be the tape, especially as it’s not so easy to find in the uk. Thank you!

  142. alison richards

    i can never get over that washi tape… its soooo cool and was such a simple idea! i’ve never seen anything like it in person – only on the net.

    with that said, my fav thing is the floral brown set of japanese masking tapes – i can just imagine all the crafty things i could do with that!

  143. Adele

    Good lordy lord lord – there are far to many cute things to pick a favourite!! Its all very cute.

    I do like these though – Salvia Squirrel Post-It Notes and I dont think you can ever have enough post its 😛

    Thanks !!

  144. julia

    the masking tape is gorerous!!!
    it´s my favourite…. but it´s followed by all the great things in this shop!
    … the erasers are pretty cute, too…

  145. Ellen from Boston

    oh my gosh – thank you for turning me onto Ginko papers! I love it all! Pick me, Pick me 😉

  146. amber

    it all looks so appealing, but i would love to have a stash of notecards to tuck into my kids backpacks or send off to an unsuspecting friend!

  147. Natalie

    I love the letter sets! Letter writing is such a lost art now. My favorite is the Old Fashioned Letter Set in Turquoise.

  148. tatjana

    These supplies look amazing! I have a four year old tape specialist at my house,and that’s what caught my attention. Thanks for so often introducing me to new beautiful things! (I keep up with the kids blog)

  149. Mariana Swart

    I have two favourites – those fantastically stylish Sticky Notes (never again a yellow one for me!) and the candy coloured Masking Tape. Aaah – beautiful.

  150. Jenny

    i love everything! especially the apica notebooks. so nice and simple. and love all the russian doll stuff. *fingers crossed*

  151. susan

    The cards are so colorful and everything so well designed. I am secretly lusting after that tape though…

  152. Megan

    I am definitely obsessed with the Old Fashioned Letter Set – Turquoise! Soooo freakin’ cute!

  153. silk

    Great giveaway! They have so many lovely things to choose from… I especially love the tapes, of course (the floral and Eiffel tower ones), but also the postcards! The Geisha Postcard Book looks very cute! 🙂

  154. Henna

    Great giveaway! I love all the papers, the graphics are gorgeous!

  155. Muoi

    Hi! I just adore the tape and would love to use it to send packages in the mail, how pretty would that be?

    Thanks for the chance to win some.

    *fingers crossed*

  156. Gina

    I love the magnet sets…can’t quite pick which one I like best because they’re all so cute! The origami set was a close second, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for origami.

  157. Holly

    My favourite thing would be the Salvia Summer Apples Notebook, and the masking tapes are so pretty!

  158. Lisa

    I love this shop…how come this is the first time i’ve heard of it?! I love the airmail tape! i have my fingers crossed. l.

  159. Inger

    I love the salvia retro apples cards! But actually I love everything in the shop….

  160. Anne Marie

    I am absolutely on love with the 2010 Pull-Out Desk Calendar!!! Thank you for letting me discover it through your blog. The masking tape, and rubbers are also adorable.

  161. Katja

    Recently ordered a few letter sets and the little japanese paper balls from Ginko. They are really lovely as is the rest of the collection. I have given away some of the stuff already as a present and it was highly appreciated!!
    The winner can really look forward to this giveaway…

  162. ric

    Owl in Tree Postcard / Zoo Magnet Clips / Salvia Summer Apple Letter Set / anything from Shinzi Katoh…all simply marvelous.

    But my # 1 has to be the Origami Kit. Great patterns. Will order loads, do some origami-meditation and make my own tas-ka-esk birdshade, jehey!

  163. spicklebee.blogspot.com

    EEEK! I love this! Loving the whole “night owl” series. So cute! I love the printing on wood. I did that for my wedding invites many years ago!

    Awesome giveaway – thank you!!

  164. Emily Lorraine

    Hmm – well, I like almost all of it but especially the masking tapes, they are stunning against brown craft paper. Oh but the erasers…!

  165. Amanda

    Oh what a fun giveaway! The lucky cat bags are darling and what’s there not to love with the Japanese paper tape.

  166. Ela

    I LO-o-o-o-ove the tape! The deliscious, droolworthy, uber-fantastic, wipe-the-noseprint-from-the-screen, I-can’t-believe-masking-tape-can-be-this-lust-worthy masking tape.

  167. jen

    oh what a lovely treat that would be. my current favorite is the die cut 2010 calendar I have from there…

  168. melissa

    Love the double-ring Apica notebook in light yellow- it’s perfect.

  169. Christine

    The tape and pencil cases! Of course the letter sets are lovely. It really is all precious and delightful.

  170. Kate

    Oooh, how lovely! All kinds of paper crafting would be so much fun with that masking tape.

  171. kate

    I love the masking tape in the orange and blue candy colours but my favourite thing would have to be the bento lunchboxes.

  172. Judith Tops

    I heart the Matrosjka post-it notes. Have a nice spring!

    Love, Judith T

  173. Jannette

    What’s not to love…! I hadn’t seen the washi stickers before – very cute.. And the notebooks are lovely too. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  174. Caroline

    Very nice products, I love the washi paper tapes in particular, I hope I will win that time !

  175. Zime C.

    I love all Japanese!! Tapes are my favorites!!

  176. KC

    “Japanese paper tape – green flower” is my favorite. It reminds me of spring, which is what I need right now:-)


  177. Vanja

    I adore the Shinzi Katoh decorative packing tapes and what about those lovely lunch boxes!

  178. Keri O'Hara

    So many awesome products. I am totally in love with that wooden cutlery set from co.zen but I think my favorite thing at the moment is that masking tape. I’ve never seen it before. Looks like loads of fun!

  179. Maryvonne

    I love almost everything in the shop, but the stickers and letterset with matryushhka are my favourite! Greetings from the Netherlands

  180. bls

    I’ve always had a thing for owls so the Night owl items are my favorite! (crosses fingers)

  181. Emma Jo

    I want so much from the shop! I could easily spend 50.- there!
    This is what I want: Japanese Masking Tape – Candy Colors Blue & Pink
    And with it I would make my ugly laptop computer look super sweet! 😀

  182. Susan

    Well, the wonderful tape is my fave, but I thought the funny bird orange peeler would be handy! Thanks for the giveaway

  183. Abby Bookham

    Its hard to choose but I love the Midori Maple Leaves Letter Set

  184. Ellie

    I am all about the snail mail – letter sets for sure… It was a little hard to choose though, there is so much cute stuff there.

  185. Michelle

    I absolutely adore the masking tapes. I use them often to decorate packages/presents/cards…etc.

  186. Mildred V

    What a great giveaway! I am a paper lover and i think everything they sell is just so lovely. I am biased toward the tapes.

  187. Elbereth

    I love their letter sets, especially the Midori Maple Leaves set. Beautiful!

  188. Rose Magdalene

    I love the Matryoshka post it notes but evrything is gorgeous!

  189. Heather Shaw

    I LOVE Japanese paper and stationary! I really want go to japan but i know if i do i will come back broke! Why is everything so cute there?? ^-^

  190. åsa höjer

    Jesus, sooo many comments =)
    Must say, I LOVE the Blue Rabbit Notepad, and I qhote the Ginko papers website ” Carry this around everywhere and you’re sure to capture something wonderful!”

  191. sinead

    I and my children write all the time! I think it’s beginning o be a lost art. I’d love to win! Sinead

  192. Gyda

    Simply LOVE the candy color masking tape – that bring a touch of SUMMER and SPRING to me!

  193. Lily Perry

    EEEEE!!! I want EVERYTHING, but I’m partial to the tape. Great giveway, happy birthday cards ROCK!

  194. Allyn

    OMG, I can’t believe I’ve never been to this adorable site. It is a very tough choice picking just one. I’m a big Shinzi Katoh fan, love his “Friends” sticky notes and his decorative tapes, love the letter sets & precious erasers. In the end it’s between Cake Shop Gift Box, Japanese pop-up bunny card, Rabbit magician postcard & chick eraser. Will go with Chick eraser, just too sweet!! Really hope i win 😀 Thanks for sharing, will surely shop there in future!

  195. jan n

    I love (and bought) the Yellow Chirimen Mousepad and a Strawberries Japanese Fan. Oops! Some cat sticky notes snuck into my cart as well.


  196. Melissa Gazi

    They are so cute 🙂 this voucher will be great for cardmaking for my friends 🙂

  197. Leanna

    I spent quite some time looking through this lovely site. I love, of course, the masking tape but also the notepaper is charming (Shinzi Katoh Letter Set – Balloons Flying). Thanks

  198. Arlyn

    I love the Midori Ginkgo Leaves Letter Set and all of the Salvia Coaster Cards. I hope I win because 1) I never win anything and 2) I really like these beautiful items!

  199. Kim @ stellacake

    Oh, that “Shinzi Katoh Lunch Box – Orange Tree”! I have been keeping my eye on Shinzi Katoh bento boxes, and would love to send my little ones off to school with their very own!

  200. Carol

    I’ve just died and gone to heaven. What a great shop. I’m just loving the Salvia summer pears notebook, the tape – pink airmail collection & pink flowers.

  201. Catarina

    I don’t know what I like the most, everything is so gorgeous! Hope I’ll be lucky this time;) Thank you!

  202. elise

    I do love everything on the site, but I am loving the japanese masking tape!

  203. Alejandra

    Ths shop is sooo cute.
    I love the Matryoshka Letter Set
    thanks for this awesome giveaway.

  204. noa .d.

    It was hard to choose but I love the Shinzi Katoh tape! thank you for the chance to win 🙂

  205. Jane

    Hi! I just ordered my first lot of Japanese Masking Tape from Ginko and plan on using it in two ways. One, Easter egg decorating and second, candle making! Can’t wait! Hope I win the gift certificate!

  206. aqua

    Defintiely the masking tapes, but the lunch boxes are adorable too! Cute things

  207. Katie

    The Lucky Cat Mini Bags are sooooo cute! I really need a new makeup bag (the one I have now is falling apart). And of course the masking tape is awesome– I can think of a million DIY projects it would be great for. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  208. mariana

    I knew Ginko papers before…. I found it due to the wonderful patterned masking tape but… the Zoo Post Notes have been on my wish list for a while!!

  209. Kelly B

    I adore all things Shinzi Katoh. I also love the pop-up cards and gift boxes. This site is teaming with fabulous items! Thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention! K

  210. Caterina Trujillo

    OMG I had never seen this type of tape before! It is so pretty!
    I am a huge crafting freak and I am getting ready for my post summer scrapbooking session with tons of pictures and souveniers.
    Hope I win the giveaway it would be awesome to have it!

  211. Colleen

    My daughter and I started ‘Silly, Snail Mail’ when she first left home…we continue this but now my grandson is also included. Even his postie knows when there is a letter or parcel from ‘Nanna’ He would love to receive ‘Gingko Paper’ cards. I particularly like the rabbits pop up card.

  212. Susan W

    I would love a color injection like this! Thanks.

  213. Heather

    Thanks for sharing this. They have so many great things on their site. I love using the japanese tapes!

  214. Em D.

    So many things in their store that I love, but I especially like the Salvia Matryoshka Coaster Cards

  215. maria

    The tape is awesome! There are so many cute things to look at Ginko Papers!

  216. TreeCookies

    i love the salvia squirrel coaster set and balloons flying letterset, which i think i saw on a tea towel once- and thought was so darn cute <3

  217. Teg

    I am in love with all of the Japanese masking tape, not to mention the Ginko paper… I don’t think I could keep my order under $50!

  218. Lily

    I love 2010 Pull-Out Desk Calendar, but everything is so nice.

  219. Bekka

    I love the old fashioned letter sets! So cute, but the Apica notebook comes in a close second.

  220. dawn roberts

    there is no such thing as just TAPE and GINKO know this xx

  221. Lisanne

    This was my first time visiting Ginko Papers. So many cute things! I’m a primary school teacher and I know my students would love these papers. I like the Colorful Animal Diecut Desk Calendar the most!! It would look really good in a classroom.

  222. Emily

    My goodness- how cute. I would love to win! Thanks for the chance.

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