Win a lovely soft-doll from little BIG pants


What can you win :: The lovely "Audrey is Thankful" soft-doll handmade by Terra K. LaChance from little BIG pants
What do you have to do :: just leave a comment below below and let us know what your favorite item from  little BIG pants is.
Winner will be announced :: next week on Wednesday February 10 and notified by email.

Terra also would also like to offer you $ 5 off on all DOLLS at her etsy shop (discount will be valid from one week from your posting) , please leave "bloesem kids" in message to seller to receive the discount. I will reimburse their discount through paypal after paying.

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Last Weeks winner from the BimBim giveaway is :: Miss Isabell

Bloesem loves comments
  1. laure_anne

    Waouhhh! your dolls are really sweet.
    I love “Oliver at the museum”, boy’s doll are so cute .

  2. Katrien

    I really like aunt birdy! She is looks like the perfect, crazy but sweet aunt.


  3. susana

    I love bunnys, so Marco is my favorite item! But I couldn´t resiste to make littlebigpants’s Shop one of my favorites on etsy! They are all so cute…

  4. Saskia

    Marco the stuffed bunny is so cute! And I love the photobooth-magnets as well!
    Thank you for introducing this great Etsy-shop!!

  5. N.

    Oh gosh, all the dolls are terrific, but my fave item has got to be those photobooth pix/magnets are hilarious! So clever!

  6. noa .d.

    the dolls are adorable, and the dog sewing pattern is also on my wish list 🙂

    thank you for introducing this shop!

  7. vania

    i love the dolls, esp oliver w the bow ties – but the threesome with the cameras are so cute!

  8. Sarah Barber

    Gabriel bunny has oodles of personality.. would like to see her visiting the photo booth with marco !

  9. Betsabè

    I like rag doll, eleanor moves in.
    thanks for this chance.

  10. meninheira

    this shop is sooo beautiful!!

    I love the Olivers!! and Audrey goes carolling is amazing!! and what about audrey and oliver go antiquing ornaments? and the magnetic button necklace? Oh please I love all!! 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway, I cross my body 😀

  11. Tara

    I love the one of the 3 of them w/ their cameras… too cute (and all in one, though it’s really only for the camera..). Also, the photobooth shots are a HOOT! So cute, and SO creative. Here’s to hoping it’s my lucky day…

  12. Snowflake07 (Audra)

    My favorite is the rag doll, Audrey goes carolling. I adore all the dolls. 🙂

  13. Molly

    I’m a sucker for softies! I like Fern, the Marsupial Bunny. Cute!!

  14. Samantha (-:

    Hello! (-:
    I must say, I love all of your creations equally ~ Your style is a delight for the eyes & your titles are very sweet & clever. I’m so glad to be introduced (-:
    My baby though, he loves ‘Audrey is thankful’ the best; says he can’t wait to see her in real life..


  15. Krystal

    Those are the cutest little dolls I have ever seen! I love Audrey at the lemonade stand. So adorable.

  16. Sunny

    i totally love the magnetic button necklace, i need to get one

    and the photobooth shots are just adoreable. i am amazed!

  17. MzTallulah

    I love the Audrey doll, especially in her caroling suit!

  18. Catherine

    Audrey Goes Caroling, for sure, though everything is so lovable. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Anne

    I would say “Eleanor at he lemonade stand”. Great pattern and nice colors! Thanks!

  20. Karla

    I just love these dolls! My daughter is loving Audrey goes Carolling.


  21. Mitali

    I love oliver and audrey in the photobooth!!! its priceless!!! =D

  22. One Crafty Mumma

    Audrey is beautiful, thankyou very much for the opportunity to win her. She would be perfect for an upcoming 9th birthday gift for my little girl.
    My favourite from the store is ‘eleanor takes a walk down memory lane’ – I love her dress!

  23. dreambird

    so hard to choose. i’m thinking it’s got to be gabriel, the stuffed rabbit though. yes. hands down.

  24. Mallory

    while audrey is indeed the cutest of the cute – oliver at the museum is darling as well! i’d love to take a stroll around a museum with him!

    thanks for the giveaway 🙂 i know a little lass who would love if i won this doll!

  25. carmel

    aunt birdy rag doll, turquoise
    is great! i wouldlovea doll like that on a shelf in my house

  26. Meg T

    I love “Audrey has a girl’s day out” She looks like she is ready for fun. Thanks, these are really sweet.

  27. billie

    Audrey makes me happy! Photobooth shots are brilliant!!! I love them.

  28. lucia

    so cute this doll. i adore the rag doll, audrey goes carolling.
    hugs from italy

  29. katie

    oliver at the museum is so sweet…yay for including boy dolls, too! 🙂

  30. Karen Thibodeau

    My favorite LBP item is Aunt Birdy with her purse of “contraband”. Saw her at Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago in December and now I’m savin’ my pennies! 🙂

  31. Michele Hill

    Love the sausage dogs and the photobooth pics (very Audrey Tatou…Amelie)

  32. doris c.

    How can I choose what I like from little BIG pant?

    I love them all!!!

    But if I have to choose, Audrey caroling

  33. iyang

    LOVE everything, but especially the cameras-what a great accessory!

  34. Anna

    LOVE Audrey at the Lemonade stand. Looks like my daughter! THANKS.

  35. Beth

    Gosh, it’s hard to choose. The dachsunds are very sweet, and remind me of Duchess, the dog of my childhood.

  36. sera

    i absolutley love them all!! But the little dress on eleanor moves in totally does it for me!!

  37. Allison

    Audrey all dress up for her girl’s day out is my favourite.

  38. Ilaria

    I love the little BIG pant’s camera pack… they are so sweet!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  39. Jess

    Love, love al the dolls… But really love the cameras for the dolls!!!

    Too cute!

    ~ Jess

  40. Stacy Iest Hsu

    I love Audrey at the Lemonade stand…it’s hard to pick just one…super cute!

  41. heleen

    aunt Birdy is my favourite! If she would come to live her she just has to stop smoking ;-D

  42. Nonie

    The dolls are all so sweet! But my favorite is Marco, the stuffed bunny.

  43. JillAnn

    I would go caroling with Audrey any day…I love her and her little coat the most-est, but everything is adorable.

  44. Camilla Duff

    Hmm… my favs would have to be a duo of Audrey and Oliver. I would love to take them on my trip to Paris in May and photograph them sipping “chocolate chaud” in a Parisian cafe, smooching in front of the Eiffel tower and holding hands in the Tuilleries.

  45. alli

    favorite has to be oliver at the lemonade stand. there just aren’t as many cute BOY dolls out there.
    ps. and eleanor at the lemonade stand! get out. LOVE her dress.

  46. amber

    i love the eleanor doll! we have a baby on the way and the name eleanor picked out. this would be a wonderful gift to set aside for the baby!

  47. Charlotte

    I have to say that Oliver at the Library is my favorite. My youngest son Oliver (Ollie) is about to turn one but already loves books … so I’m a little biased.

    Having said that, I’m also loving the photobooth photos – I have added them to my wishlist!!

  48. kristineW

    Love toys the way they use to be made…with natural materials and lots of creativity. All of the Audrey dolls are darling, but my heart belongs to Oliver in the library!

  49. Lucy

    how cute are these photos!!
    I love oliver in the photobooth. I hope I win!

  50. Bridget

    The lovely rag doll, eleanor takes a walk down memory lane looks a bit like my daughter. They could become best twin-friends !

  51. Tara

    I love everything, especially the rag doll, eleanor moves in.

  52. Lisa

    Oh Please, my little girl needs a doll. I love love love the camera pack…sooo cute. l.

  53. Focipresley (Bon)

    I think making the Dachshund dog and puppy would be fun – they are super cute!

  54. susana

    Aunt birdy, in a turquoise dress! Although I really like Audrey in all her incarnations, too.

  55. Jennifer W.

    Oh, my heart sang when I saw Oliver at the museum. He is just perfect. If he were mine, I would have trouble sharing him with my two little boys.

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