DIY customized table ware from 101-woonideeen


I was scrolling online through the February issue of 101-woonideeen, one of the best DIY and interior magazines from the Netherlands at the moment, when I spotted these plates, I send Anne-Marie from 101-woonideeen an email asking her whether I could share this DIY project with you … yes of course she said, so here you go…make your own customized art plates!

What you need::
*Used or vintage plates with a floral pattern
* Adhesive foil, white mat 
*Spray Paint  *Templates   *Scissors *Cutter
How to make::
Prepare the baking plates by making them grease-free. Trace your pattern or template on the adhesive foil
Cut it out from the adhesive foil and paste it onto your plate. Make sure you rub the adhesive foil securely, there should be no paint running under. Spray a thin layer of paint on your plate, it is fun when the original pattern of your plate shines thorugh the paint. Allow the plates to dry and then carefully pull the adhesive foil.

Thanks 101-woonideeen………

{The templates used for the plates are from the book Stencil 101 Decor by Ed Roth}

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  1. maz

    this is a rad idea! Do you think it would it be possible to eat off them or would you need to coat the surface in something first?

  2. Jolijn Design

    How funny… I read this in the magazine too and thought: I want to try this! Great!

    Maybe I wil blog about mine when I have time to try this…

    And I don’t think you can eat of them or wash them.

  3. Becca@ny-londesign.com

    I saw this and loved it! It’s a way to make plates like Sarah Cihat at home- I just wish you could eat off of them!

  4. gabrielle

    I love this idea!! Where can one get the ultra hip templates? These are all so fun!

  5. tf

    You can’t eat off them or wash them; the spray paint will chip off (I’ve made the mistake). you could try to coat on something to seal it up though… a great idea for mismatched dishware!

  6. Josie

    I’ve never heard of adhesive foil, where would you get this? any craft store or is it a specialty thing?

    these are gorgeous by the way! I’m dying to give them a try!

  7. Rebecca

    I don’t know what adhesive foil is either, but perhaps contact paper would work? I’ve used it to block out designs on glass before etching with acid etching cream. I’ve also found that cutting out the designs with an X-Acto knife enables more accurate cutting than scissors.

  8. Melissa A. @ Design Delights

    I am so excited that you shared this here. I’ve been wanting to do something with plates in my kitchen, but nothing has caught my eye and I don’t want to spend a ton of money. This is exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. Marilou

    Excellent idea!!But i have one question.Does anyone know how i can hang them on the wall?If anyone knows how, please answer…

  10. Julie

    @Marilou, you can find plate hangers at most crafts stores, Wal-Mart, etc.

  11. Steve Flores

    perhaps after you painted them you could cover it with a thin layer of resin? maybe that would makes these plates actually usable?

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