Salon Maison & Objet by Stephanie Rammeloo


A guest post today by Stephanie Rammeloo

End of January I (=Stephanie) visited Salon Maison & Objet in Paris. It is a big trade market with a lot of home design, where you can find the latest trends on interior fashion. A tiny part of the fair is Objets de Mode, with small boots for little design companies, like La Cerise sur le Gâteau, Zoe de las Cases, Miss Print and Numero 74 . The designs are all really personal and authentic. But, if you want a general trend, there's a lot of humour in it and a lot of colour.(right image by coco amardeil)

La Cerise sur le Gâteau makes home linen, like dish cloths and bed linen, but I like the pillow cases best. With which you can add a light, funny and colorful touch to your house.



Zoe de las Cases makes inventive, cute objects for your house. Like posters, bags and boxes with beautiful old family pictures printed on them, or a game with different scents. Her latest design is this stamp kit, which you can use to cheer up you paperwork. (Like contracts or bills, for instance.)


I loved the wall paper and fabric by Miss Print. The fabrics are all hand printed. The wall paper Dandelion, shown in this picture, is also available in yellow and grey.


Numero 74 from Italy restores (and sells) beautiful vintage children's furniture and also makes lovely soft hand knitted blankets and toys …


While I tried to skip a few halls I got lost in the hall with all the big fabric producers. Luckily, because otherwise I would never have met the wonderful fabric designer Marie Riche of Lalie Design. Unfortunately her booth was too full to take a good picture of it, so she sent me and overview of some of her fabrics.


I also stumbled upon these wonderful, handprinted pillows by Geneviève Lévy édition.

Thank you Stephanie … tomorrow another post by Stephanie about the trends she spotted at Maison et Objet.

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  1. Beth

    Hi Stephanie, I love the fabric on the wall & chair by Miss Print!!! Adorable. Also, love the Numero 74 knit goods! Great post! Beth

  2. lauren

    The wallpaper! I love it!
    Thank you, I’ve been searching for the perfect print and this is a new contender…

  3. coach purses

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  5. joaoBESSAmarques

    Maison & Objet exposition it’s an amazing event that connects the worlds of architecture and design with innovative, contemporary interior products.
    Don’t miss this big event, where Boca do Lobo will be present, a brand, that I’m a fan. It’s a brand that fuses old world handcrafting with modern age aesthetics to produce artistic pieces of furniture. Wherever you put Boca Do Lobo’s pieces, they should elevate the room’s decor.
    This is a brand that you must see, visit http://www.bocadolobo.com and get in love for them awesome pieces.
    When art becomes furniture pieces, your room acquires an evermore inspiring atmosphere.

  6. kevin

    I really like the brand that joaoBESSAmarques was talking. They are incredible indeed. Other brand from Portugal that I quite like is Delightfull. It’s a lighting design brand that uses the imaginary around the music and the 40’s until 70’s decades. They do a wonderful job, you must see it. Take a look at http://www.delightfull.eu.

  7. Jordan 1

    This really is an wonderful written write-up, Thanks for yet a different insightful post, as consistently!

  8. Filipa

    These pieces are gorgeous!! I really enjoy to see this! At this year it will attend at the Maison et Object the brand Boca do Lobo. They are incredible in fusing old styles with contemporary aspects. Visit http://www.bocadolobo.com and get in love!

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