I don't think I ever showed you my kitchen pots…everyday I enjoy a little bit of Camilla Engman in our kitchen, i bought some of her transfer illustrations over at the Third Drawer Down and some pots at IKEA and please see here the result…

And please meet our latest family member…Lucius #5, he was waiting for me under the Christmas Tree and is now sitting next te me looking what I'm doing all day…welcome Lucius you are just as beautiful as our Babette and hopefully one day we will be able to adopt Lewis too….


Fanja from Le Train Fantome is of course the creator of these beautiful soft sculptures…recently she has done a very nice collaboration with one of my absolute favorite illustrators in the world…Julie Morstad illustrated Lewis and Lumi. This limited edition print is available right here


Julie Morstad is an illustrator based in Vancouver and many of you might know her from the much acclaimed book 'When you were small' by Sarah O'Leary. I absolutely love the prints she sells in her own online shop.

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  1. Wolf and Willow

    Hello! Julie Morstad’s works are fabulous, aren’t they? I want to use her wolf illustration in an upcoming post about adopting a Yellowstone wolf… thanks for this post Bloesem – always inspiring 🙂

  2. suzanne

    I love the illustrations on the pots and the delightful Lucious! I’d be happy to find him under my Christmas tree.

  3. Enia Is (Almost) Here

    thank you for that, i know camilla’s work (your examples are beautiful), but wasn’t aware of julie’s before now. will check it out! hope you are well…

  4. kristin

    Wow, you mentioned all of my favorites in the same post! As always, beautiful & inspiring. Thanks!

  5. fanja

    hi Irene, thank you for your lovely post, I’m glad Lucius is keeping you good company x

  6. babelfish

    I love what you did with Camilla’s illustrations on those pots, fabulous.
    Happy New Year to you and your family. x

  7. Mama Without Borders

    I agree, those pots look stylish and a fun dose to have in the kitchen. I adore Julie Morstad’s prints, particularly “City Walk.” I’ll have to put it on my wish list!

  8. linda

    Oh my gosh! I hate to say or do it, but I’m going to: I’m going to be a copycat. I need pots like that in my kitchen or I will expire from want!

  9. arounna

    that’s what I love about you and bloesem – you are supportive in many ways. warm wishes to you from a cold toronto xo

  10. Paige

    Isn’t Julie’s work amazing! I went to high school with her and she is as lovely as she is talented. Great post!

  11. lesley

    first of all, those pots are way too cool!! love them. second, i am so glad you told me about the collaboration with julie morstad. i am a huge fan, and love her work [and that she’s local for me!!] but have been so swamped lately i haven’t been able to keep up with her latest. thanks for showing these. fun timing, too, as i’m about to hang her alphabet flash cards in my daughter’s room, that have been sitting waiting since last summer to be hung 🙂

  12. Liesl

    Thank you for mentioning Julie Morstad! I have never seen her work before – and am instantly in love.

  13. Sylwia Dziuba

    Just awesome! I think that her prints represent a the very now/next trend, with the nature illustrations still being very popular, I think that it is the human form that will be the next big thing in design (interiors), this girl has some real talent!

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