Win the new poster from Ink+Wit


What can you win :: A beautiful Aesop's Fables Poster from Ink+Wit by Tara Hogan
What do you have to do :: answer this question in a comment below :: What other pattern and color(s) could a zebra be?

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday 9 September and notified by email

Tara also would like to offer all the B:Kids readers a 10% discount off all custom baby announcements and shower invitations. If you are interested just send Tara an email for details.

Last weeks winner from the Children of the World fabric wall decals is :: Jane Luca


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  1. Jenn

    Orange and turquoise are my favorite colors right now – I think a zebra would look fantastic with a coat of those colors! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. linda

    How about plaid zebras? Complimentary colors like blue/yellow, green/read would work well…cool! 😛

  3. Flora May

    Rainbow stripes…after all those years of just being plain black and white, imagine how chuffed they’d be!

  4. JJ

    Maybe you could make splats, like when you take your paintbrush and flick paint off of it…I love orange so let’s pair that with blue or brown or pink!

  5. Maureen

    Sage green and very dark brown. See No Such Things by Bill Peet for inspiration!

  6. susan

    a pretty collage of multi-colored stripes on purple, pink and blue backgrounds. I think I have seen them in my dreams…

  7. Moose

    A “traditional” Zebra in black and white with it’s name spelled out for the stripes, with a hint of red!
    Tail Wags.

  8. Annisa

    Ooh… I’d love to see pale blue and yellow stripes separated with thin dark blue lines. 🙂

  9. Katie

    How about a hidden image of some kind? I like the idea of keeping the black and white or grey and white with a pop of color. maybe a poppy red or golden yellow.

  10. Diego's Dad

    I’m thinking a combination, like the Okapi. Keep the legs as they are; for the body do a leopard print with black spots and bright orange background.
    call it the Zepard

  11. carin

    I love a simple tartan plaid– or maybe black and red plaid, aka woolrich coatlike? A zebra from Maine 🙂

  12. lesley [smidgebox]

    oh, i think a houndstooth zebra would be very chic! it could stay traditional black + white, or go really fun in orange or yellow with white!

  13. catherine s.

    A light yellow and gray herringbone – a MUST for fall!

    Or how about a fun patchwork zebra – prints, stripes, dots, plaids…oh the fun! Its mane could be all sorts of different ribbons in various colors and types…

  14. Eve

    I’m thinking that zebras could be printed with little mini zebras all over. And the mini zebras would have minier zebras!

  15. sacha

    What about toying with the animal kingdom a bit- like leopard spots, or diamond back scales on a zebra?

  16. Virginia Spencer

    I would have to say a very pale violet base color with swirly turquoise for the “girl” zebra and then a very pale mint green zebra with chocolate rick-rack stripes for the “boy” I also like the idea of a giraffe in its norm colors but with hidden pics like a bird peeking out from behind a stripe etc.

  17. allison-lee

    I think zebra’s are quite lovely as they are, but I also enjoy the idea of a rainbow striped zebra.

  18. Renee

    Hmm–a patchwork zebra with some favorite prints thrown in 🙂

  19. Jess Satnick

    Hmmm… Like the stripes still but what about mustard and persimmon??

    Love this giveaway!!

  20. Mitali

    You gotta have stipes!!! Railroad stipes would be great!!! In any kind of monocrome.. Grey on black, Light blue on dark… Lemon on lime!!! Fun fun!!!

  21. hanna

    Hmm maybe blue, green, and white stripes… Maybe red in there, too.

  22. Beth

    I was thinking of concentric circles, like ripples on a pond, perhaps in soothing mossy green or ocean blues. I think I’m just longing for something peaceful tonight, and a peaceful zebra is appealing.

  23. Kim moore

    I would like to see fleur-de-lis in gold on a black, white or even baby blue zebra. Also another cute idea would be a sky blue with puffy white clouds 🙂

  24. Meg T

    For fall a zebra would look great in an argyle of brown and orange. I decided to keep the colors native to his surroundings so he would still be able to hide from predators and not have to die for fashion.

  25. Rebecca

    My son thinks “all the colours of the rainbow”. Sounds good to me!

  26. Molly

    Houndstooth Orange and Green!

    We used to play this game on the way home from trips, “Oh look, there’s a purple and Blue striped Horse” (it was always a horse for some reason;))

  27. Nic

    I would like to see a spotty zebra, with pale green spots on a tomato red background.

  28. Elke

    Salt and vinegar! It would make a wonderful pattern of small, salty-white scattered dots and generous balsamic-brown splashes. Uh, and imagine the smell!! Well, and how about the taste?!! That pattern would make your mouth water!

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