Win a girl’s package worth 796!


OMG … yes that is what I thought when Louise from Trifle told me about the PRICE she would like to GiveAway to one of you my dear readers … a little girls favorites pack… filled with gorgeous things for girls 3-7 (ish) … with an VALUE of $796.- AUD … wow, for you who are parent of a boy, please enter anyway … you might win and what is nicer than be able to giveaway again yourselves!

What can you win :: a little girls favorites pack from Trifle, including items *from minimink :: a faux fur blanket – in colour milk *from Li’l Ludy :: a girls swimsuit of winners choice :: *from Yunginz :: winners choice of 2X pairs of girls summer styles :: *from Little Bubble and tree :: a little treasure birdie dance necklace :: *from Let Them Eat Cake :: T Shirt :: *from Little Lotti :: a Jane twirl skirt :: *from Flirty Bird :: winners choice of merchandise to the value of $50 AUD :: *from Elephantberry :: a Starlett dress (choice of colour and size) :: *from RBB :: a reversible dress, empire tee shirt and shrug (size 4T-5T) for the giveaway :: *from Holly Chic :: a Moon Mum wall art :: *from Petit :: a Lace Icing with Sprinkles leggings – coco / size 4 as well as matching headband …

What do you have to do :: sign up for Trifle’s newsletter right here and leave a comment about your favorite designer from Trifle

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday August 26 and notified by email.

Last weeks winner from the Mae giveaway is :: Susie Trinh

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  1. Rachael

    I am loving the hairdo helpies from Flirty Bird. My raggedy 2-yr olds hair rejects all elastics, so might give them a try…

    (and thanks for a fab giveaway)

  2. fiona carson

    as a mother of 2 boys, I don’t know much about girls clothing…but I do know that I ADORE Flirty Bird’s hairclips, and have been eyeing them off for myself!!!!

  3. Passementerie

    I adore the Let Them Eat Cake t-shirt – I have a fierce dislike of babyish clothes on small children, and love witty, sharply designed and genuinely stylish childrenswear – of which there is never enough out there!

  4. Cait

    Minimink makes the best baby blankets – they’re so soft and cuddly!

  5. Neda

    JUst got a love Agoo Australia. Lovely inspiratoned by the ocean, surf and, of course, australia.

  6. jane l

    I iove the lovestamp range of jewellery,each piece looks so meaningful,something to pass on..

  7. erika

    wow, this is a great give away, I took a look at the site and it all is so lovely hard to choose. I like the bags of ‘Mee a Bee’ so much better than those Disney bags you see everywhere 😉

  8. Kylie C

    Minimink is a hot favourite. I love the blanket, so soft and warm.

  9. Rachel

    How to choose!
    Lovestamp is beautiful.
    Little Choopie has gorgeous things my daughter would fall in love with.
    Green Bean Kids is also cute.

  10. Magdalena

    Little Bubble & Tree is my favorite!
    The clothes are cute and I really like the fabrics.

  11. LittleSweethearts

    I like the giraffe rattle from Ollie Rose, but since my girl has outgrown those I would opt for the hair accessories from Flirty Bird.


  12. Suzi

    little bubble is my favourite, I love love those bird necklaces, super cute. xx

  13. jessica

    Hola Irene,

    couldnt miss out on this one 🙂 Hope all is well with your new home and growing family regards from barcelona


  14. Virginie

    There are lots of very talented designers but as we have to choose my preference goes to ‘Maggie and Sparrow’.
    I don’t have kids 🙁 but lovely little nieces.

  15. Prue

    LITTLE BUBBLE AND TREE! LITTLE BUBBLE AND TREE! The range is full of summertime delights. Bring on the sun!

  16. dana

    it’s so hard to choose…but i’d go with Lovestamp. I love their androgynous necklace!

  17. shontelle

    PLEASE! do NOT make me pick only ONE!

    Love so many Minni LaLa, Right Bank Kids, Puku, Puka Puka, Little Choopie


  18. jodie

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Josephine peasant dress from Little Lottie.

  19. pru

    i have 2 sons but it all sounds so adorable i had to comment! little bubble and tree… the absolute height of adorableness!! is that a word? x

  20. Kristen

    I love the flirty bird hair accessories. I am always looking for cute hair clips for my daughter and I never have much luck around here. Everything is beautiful though!

  21. jolene

    I dig the monster kids. Simple design w/designs that both I and my kids would like. I especially adore the babooshka!

  22. Jodie H

    I love the Babushka Rattles by Ollie Rose and I know that my baby girl would adore them too. Especially the little taggy hair as she’s going through that stage where all she needs is the tag on her bib to keep her occupied.

  23. Sarah B

    So hard to choose, but the clothes from Right Bank Baby look like just my daughter’s thing. Cute and funky!

  24. Anne

    Natural Star! Definitely my favourite! The hats are great presents to give away (and to get!)

  25. Sophie

    What an amazing giveaway!
    I have always been a big fan of Minimink… but when I saw Sew Katiepie’s merino sweaters, I knew they were the one!

  26. MzTalllulah

    So much to choose from! My favourites are Agoo Australia, lots of basic shapes and colours which I find are the most practical for baby.

  27. brubrecht

    I love the beautiful clothing from Right Bank Babies!

  28. laura Turner

    How can I pick just one? They are all fabulous, but I like Puku! Thank you!

  29. Meg T

    I’m really feeling the back to school vibe right now so I was immediately drawn to the 1950’s Apple Tee-how sweet!! Thanks.

  30. Debra

    Wow, they have tons of cute stuff. I especially liked the Right Bank Babies clothes–adorable!

  31. Sally

    I really like the designer – And the little Dog Laughed. The blankets are really cute.

  32. Emily

    Wow how to choose just one favorite! I guess I would have to say Let Them Eat Cake. Their Luella jacket is insanely cute and classy!

    Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  33. Sarah B.

    Wow… so many great choices. I really like the Audrey skirt from Let Them Eat Cake. So much fun for a little girl.

  34. sarah

    little lotti is so sweet! hope i am having a girl in december! 🙂

  35. Ruth Trujillo

    I love and “And The Little Dog Laughed” What can I say crochet, ruffles, frilly, elephants and birds all those pretty details get me!!

  36. Quadelle

    Difficult to choose, but I’ll go with Little Bubble and Tree. Everything is beautiful but I particularly love the liveliness of the Pango pants!

  37. Sarah

    I think that the dresses at elephantberry are absolutely amazing!!

  38. moxie

    it’s hard to pick a favorite but i am partial to flirty bird’s clips.

  39. Kris

    ooooh….it’s too hard but I can give you a few of my favorites (there is no way to choose one!). Love, love, love Lovestamp! As far as clothing: Little Lotti, right bank babies, & saurette are so girly and sweet. Itch design is fun/funky/modern which is sometimes hard to find for babies. For boys…Bobinette! Their fun prints can’t be beat for fun boys.

  40. Lisan Van Bauwel

    Little Bubble and Tree is so cute. Love the colors.

  41. maggie

    let them eat cake! the cutest!! love your blog. thanks!

  42. Jill D.

    I’ll choose Little Lottie as a favorite today but it is certainly not the only one!

  43. alexandra

    what an awesome giveaway! the designers, i adore them all! little lotti is definitely one of my top picks though. 🙂

  44. Zime

    Yes please!!! Pick me!! This is giveaway is amazing!!! I really love design from Little Lotti and Puku!!
    Thanks!!! (^v^)

  45. ingrid

    I LOVE ‘little bubble and tree’ products, they’re so cheerful and colorfully vibrant!

  46. Jamie Dunphy

    there are lots of cute things but I would love a bamboo blanket from Babyjo Bamboo. I am gussing that they are super soft because bamboo is great stuff

  47. Jenn

    I love the quilts by Maggie and Sparrow. All of it is very inspired! Thanks for sharing, I would be so grateful for a win!

  48. Bridgette

    I’m lovin’ all the choices for Monster Kids. Owls, robots and flowers, all things my daughter loves.

  49. jenn

    i have a five week old little girl and i would LOVE to win this for her. thanks for the generous give-away!

  50. josie

    It was tough to pick just one, with all those fabulous designers but I’m going to choose Little Bubble and Tree for the lovely fabrics and summer feel to the whole collection.

  51. gridl

    Cradlejam’s “1950’s apple Tee” is top, I love the design. But also Puka Puka makes nice mobiles…. oh, I love them all;)

  52. joanna warren

    the audrey skirt by let them eat cake – my daughter would love it!!!!!!!!!

  53. Florence

    After 2 boys I gravitate towards the girly girly dresses from Let them Eat Cake, and Little Loti. My 18 month old daughter loves the necklaces by Little Bubble and Tree.

  54. brooke

    I love the Trifle designer ITCH design. Such cute patterns!

  55. Anna

    I love the sweet blue dress by Suarette, and all the bamboo by Green Bean Kids. Hope I win!

  56. Kari

    Maggie and Sparrow! The ‘Amore Patchwork Quilt’ is DEE-licious! Amazing fabric color and texture. Might need to order one very soon!

  57. angela

    Let them eat cake! A beautiful and new to me label. Love it!

  58. Mary

    I signed up for the newsletter.

    My favorite designer from Trifle is Alejandra Kearl.

    mfalcon13 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  59. Heatherfrom215

    Wow! That’s a lot. All the world’s girls should be so lucky! Mee a Bee please and Puka Puka! Oh and Free Range Baby. Okay, I pretty much want everything.

  60. antoinette

    ‘let them eat cake’ is the one i love, and not only because my name is antoinette!

  61. Anne

    I am just simply in love with the quilts by Maggie and Sparrow especially the Carnival Times Patchwork Quilt. If only the quilt is part of the giveaway…(sigh).

  62. maurielle

    oh my goodness! everything is so precious but i think my favorite i’ve found so far would have to be monstar kids. i’m a fan of cutesy owls and robots and they feature both of those creatures.

    thanks for exposing this website to me. i’m having so much fun browsing.

  63. shontelle

    I really like Let Them Eat Cake! Adorable things! Love, love, love!

  64. sarah

    absolutely love the maggie and sparrow quilts… wish i had one on MY bed…

  65. Simone

    Maggie and Sparrow, for sure! Those quilts make me wish it was winter all year round!

  66. Hip little one

    I would love a love-stamp necklace to celebrate my twins first birthday (so for me surviving the first year of twins!)

  67. Angie Cousins

    Such adorable things! I love Little Bubble & Tree- the necklaces are so cute and I know that my little girl would adore them!

  68. Jenn

    I love it all!! I have four girls, and they would love it all!! I do love the jewelry- so perfect and simple!!

  69. Alison Crosby

    Lovely things…. but Maggie and Sparrow are my fav…. love the colors and prints (AND the name Maggie…. my grand-daughter’s name).

  70. Danielle

    I love love love the designs from Little Bubble & Tree! I have twin girls and their clothing and accessories are perfect for little ladies like mine.

  71. Amy

    Let them eat cake, not only an adorable name, but the most beautiful range imaginable, scrumptious.

  72. Jenny Panetta

    oh please don’t make me choose! If I have to choose a favorite it might be Puka Puka… but I love them all. Please please please I hope I win these for my little girl!

  73. lee carby

    Being from the South, I am drawn to Little Lotti. The clothes are sweet and feminine, but with a modern flare.

  74. cara

    I’m in love with anything made of bamboo for my little Lila, it’s so soft and silky. so I especially love the cute-as-can-be leg huggers by Agoo Australia!

  75. Kel

    What a wonderful giveaway with so many beautiful labels. I love the simplicity of Let Them Eat Cake. So hard to choose among them though!

  76. Jane Robinson

    Okay, hands down….

    Monstar Kids. It’s just perfect!

    It was a blast looking thru all those designers. What talent!

  77. sarasophia

    I would roll over and die if I won this giveaway.


    Never has such a generous and fabulous batch of cuteness been offered…I am sure of it.

    I adore the batch of creative designers featured at Trifle–they are all so original. My favorite though, I’m pretty sure, is Little Lotti. The ethereal GIRLINESS of the collection is inspiring beyond measure. I feel as though I am being transported to a Jane Austen novel just looking at them:)

    Hoping against hope to win…my Pixie-child would surely be ready for any princess adventure in such perfect prettiness:)

    Thank you for this opportunity.
    I am such a fan of little bubble and tree.

    <3 sarasophia
    twitter i.d. @sarasophia

  78. Mandy

    Petit is my favourite – they’ve got so many great products from clothing to blankets to cologne!

  79. Carmen

    I love “Mee a Bee” because the items can be used for babies, mommies, sisters or whoever! Cute stuff!! 🙂

  80. Bec Watts

    omg, what an excellent giveaway!! it’s hard to choose one, but i’ll say mini la la. she has put such style in a nappy! i love that!

  81. Nadine Atchia

    Since I’m expecting a babygirl for next month, I’m loving everything girly and Little Lottie has really frilly girly stuff to wow any little girls

  82. Susan

    I can’t choose between those divine Czarque baby shoes and the gorgeous bamboo treasures from BabyJoBamboo. Both so lovely!

  83. Amanda

    I’m a fan of Ollie Rose, just gorgeous little Babushkas and giraffes. Love love love them!

  84. Beth Talmage

    So many wonderful choices. Right this minute I’d have to say Little Lotti, though my answer might be different if you asked me tomorrow. Thanks for the introduction to such a lovely shop.

  85. Jacqui

    Oh boy how to choose…love the mobiles at Puka Puka, Mee a Bee’s bags, the wall art at Sticky Tiki, the clothes at Right Bank Babies. Trifle has some seriously nice stuff!

  86. Marian

    I’m loving the StickyTiki wall stickers! So perfect for decorating a kiddo’s room.

  87. Cate Bolt

    My favourite is Babyjo Bamboo because it’s good for the environment, deliciously soft & luxurious and because Jo is just as lovely as her product 🙂

  88. Kathleen

    Oh dear! The diaper bag from Ramalama is a classic! This item is a keeper even whem the kids are grown out of their diapers.

  89. hanne

    i love so much here, today especially “let them eat cake”!

  90. Barbara

    I just love the stuff Flirty Bird makes, especially the cake ponytail holders. I can’t wait until my 8 months old daughter starts growing her hair!

  91. holly

    What an amazing giveaway… can’t tell you how happy I would be to win. I really like the Little Lottie!

  92. Sandra @ {mum space}

    I am loving Trifle. It is so hard to choose just one designer.
    The quilts from Maggie and Sparrow look amazing as does the entire Let Them Eat Cake range. Agoo leg huggers are magic and I do love the tunics from Free Range Baby. See I told you it was hard to single one out!

  93. Sophie

    I just discovered your site thanks to a french friend of mine living in australia, i am very fond of it, and i particularly loved holly chic and the beautiful quilt! I Will come back for sure and put you in My links on My blog!

  94. Zoe

    Oh wow. What delights! The decals by StickyTiki are great fun. I also think the breakdance onsie by itch design is great – lots of gorgeous things on this site.

  95. Lola Echevarría

    I’m in love with Free Range Baby pinafores.
    So many beautiful things, I’m crossing my fingers!

  96. Susan W

    Wow what a site, I could spend hours…So far my favourite is babysusu-because of the cashmere pants!

  97. jessie

    Wow, what amazing things. The quilts from Maggie and Sparrow are just incredible!

  98. amy p

    I subscribed to their newsletter and I love the Designer: Babybaby
    Breast Feeding Pillow the best.

  99. sarah jane

    oh my goodness gracious! you’re kidding! I love this! So glad to have found this great site. Oh what a dream to win:)

  100. Amber

    I LOVE Mee a Bee’s Bags! So cute.
    And Little Choopie’s fabric covered button hair ties and necklaces are adorable. 😀

  101. Sarah

    Love Little Bubble and Tree – gorgeous tunics and cute cute cute necklaces!

  102. Heidi Jo

    No way! Awesome giveaway! My little sister is pregnant and hubby and I are hoping to start a family soon so the chances are that there will be a little girl at some point! I love the designer- And The Little Dog Laughed. Such cute, comfy children’s clothing!

  103. Olivia

    They are all great–I love to see the creative world at work! But I would have to say that I favor Maggie and Sparrow. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for quilts. I slept under one hand-made by my mother as a little girl and on cold nights, quilts (made by my mom and Grandmomma) are what I pull up over our comforter for extra warmth. My mom has made a special quilt for each of my children and now my third has chosen that as her special “blankie.” There is something amazing about all those tiny stitches coming together to make something that is not only beautiful art, but keeps your little one warm!

  104. Rose T.

    Wow. What a great giveaway! Everything is adorable, but I especially love Right Bank Babies’ CFF reversible dress and brick hoodie.

  105. Bree

    My favourite has to be…”let them eat cake”. This divine designer is very hard to track down- so to find out Trifle carries work has made me so very happy. Each time I look at the amazing romantic images I wish I had never grown up and count down the days until my beautiful daughter is old enough to prance and dance around in these beautiful clothes. The clothes, the photographs and the designs…it is a total package of perfection!
    It is so exciting to see Louise support such gorgeous unique designers and their handmade products.
    Thanks b

  106. Tina

    So hard to pick just one but I do love the ‘Let Them Eat Cake’ T-shirt.


    What am awesome prize pack, I would love to win this for my daughter 🙂 thanks for the chance!

    My favorite designer listed is Petit, I just LOVE the blankets they have, especially the Hot pink zebra.

  108. Tina

    my favourite is Little Bubble and Tree as her kaftans and necklaces are gorgeous and will be perfect for our summer months ahead! 🙂 Ps Flirty Bird is a close second!!!

  109. Virginia Spencer

    ITCH DESIGN is the favorite I want to post about because it is soooooooooo unique. I love the patchwork elephant, the pinwheel, the doodle poodle. They are fun, fresh, and unique. These are the qualities I love when it comes to shirts for kids, or myself! Your shirt is a billboard wether you like it or not….so you might as well pick a really cool one!

  110. Sam

    The very girly Little Lotti – I may be able to get my 4 year old daughter out of jeans with those beautiful clothes!

  111. Helen

    As a mother of 2 kids (boy and girl)have to say my all time favourite is Petit, they have a great range of toiletries and loving their new clothing collection!

  112. Jessica Jewkes

    Oh my what an extremely nice giveaway! I am having a girl in November and I am in LOVE with the Modern Baby Co. items. So cute!

  113. Kathy Gibson

    Three Bags Full
    I really like the butterfly and flower graphics on their tees

  114. Sarah

    Yunginz. Appreciation of beautiful things (especially shoes) should start early in life!

  115. Laura

    Mee a Bee has such well made and practical bags. Love the cute fabrics!


    Little Bubble and Tree is the favourite. Beautifully presented website and the outfits are practical and unique. Love the accessories….

  117. Monique

    Little bubble and tree are my favourite. The necklaces are adorable and my little girls look so cute in their clothes!!

  118. Ellen R

    I am a huge fan of Mee a Bee – her own work is amazing and Mee a Bee’s posts and links have introduced me a WORLD of inspiring talent.

  119. KLC

    Oh, it has to be anything by Flirty Bird. Great name and great products. Makes me extra glad that I have a little girl!

  120. Rochelle Monterola-Javier

    Extremely difficult to choose a fave amongst all the awesome designers on Trifle…but, if I must pick just one, it would have to be Let Them Eat Cake!

    I simply adore their “Audrey” skirt paired with their “Let Them Eat Cake” tee — sweet, sassy, and so fun!

  121. Jenny

    Wow! What a fantastic giveaway.

    I’m still looking through the site, but my faves so far are the Frilly Bloomers from And the Dog Laughed, the skirts from Little Lotti and the reversible dresses from Right Bank Baby. Thanks for introducing me to this company 🙂

  122. miranda

    Wow!!! Have a soft spot for Little Lotti but am truly LOVING them all!!
    What a wonderful collection of designers! Fingers and toes are crossed!

  123. Rebecca

    What an amazing giveaway! Lovestamp, their necklaces are gorgeous. Also Little Lotti, such sweet outfits.

  124. Megan

    Little Bubble and Tree – great colours, cute designs and fantastic fabric. My daughter loves the playful accessories.

  125. catherine s.

    Little Lotti is my fav – but there are so many FANTABULOUS designers in this shoppe – I could do some serious damage!

    Fantastique giveaway!!!!

  126. Kym

    I adore Sew Katiepie, it is a lovely, sweet combination of colours in the clothes.
    All signed up to the newsletter!

  127. Mini Gaga

    Oh way too many great ones on trifle, i am going to say and the little dog laughed, only because i have not long discovered her.

  128. Amberlee

    Awesome give away and awsome site. If I had to pick just one I would say Let Them Eat Cake. I would wear an Audery skirt if it came in my size!

  129. Catherine Nakamichi

    I think there is so much incredible talent here it is really hard to pick and choose.
    If I have to say one then it would be Mee a Bee. As with all the artists here, she takes so much care to make every stitch perfect and safe for her target market small children. My kids love her bags so much we rarely leave home without them.

  130. Mary

    Hi my favourite seller is minimink I just love the beautiful organic cotton velour blankets.. they are just amazing ..

  131. Cecile Blake

    I absolutely love the mobiles from puka puka – moving colour magic!

  132. Allison

    These clothes and accessories are adorable! It’s hard to choose a favourite. I LOVE Right Bank Baby’s reverisble dresses and skirts. Ingenious! Who doesn’t love more options?!

  133. Christie

    Mee a bee! I love her bags and will have to get one soon for my daughter! And she has introduced me to all of you!

  134. Melissa Schmidt

    I love the Pillowcase dress by Right Bank Babies, but also the sweet little necklaces by Little Bubble and Tree!

  135. kelly oliver

    I love the designer, let them eat cake! Such edgeness!

  136. Kari H.

    I’m laughingly finding myself pouring over each designer several times attempting to pick a favorite. Although I really adored mimink’s soft textures and warm colors (thick blankets become necessities in South Dakota winters!!), I think I’m wavering towards Flirty Bird. Their use of color is fun, exciting and happy – makes me smile just looking at them! Punches of graphic print, yet simple, makes a great statement and would be screamingly cute on my one year old daughter, Fia. Ultimately, I think I appreciate how all the designers have put amazing thought and creativity into making functional items beautiful (because who doesn’t love that?), but Flirty Bird ultimately takes the cake.

  137. Else

    Trifle have a so beautiful and lovely selection of designers!
    Have a very nice week-end Irene!


    Looking forward to summer with the amazing tops from Little Bubble and Tree. Light cool and practical topped with one of those amzaing necklaces. Bring on Xmas shopping.

  139. Sally

    There are so many beautiful things… how to choose just one?
    The alphabet giraffe rattle from Ollie Rose is too cute as are the rompers from And The Little Dog Laughed.

  140. Cara

    sweet pinafores from free range baby – thanks for the chance to win.

  141. Carrie L

    What a great giveaway! How do we choose a favorite? So much cute stuff! I do like the Sew Katiepie clothes.

    (I’m assuming this is international? I’m in the US.)

  142. sharon shaw

    Love Minimink’s soft, nurturing faux-fur blanket! Beautiful and machine-washable!!

  143. jennijax

    Today I am just loving And the little dog laughed. Especially the handknit soft friends. What fun!

  144. jennifer sheline

    Holly chic! The reversible blankets just must be loved.
    Too hard to choose though. Thanks for a chance.

  145. ning fathia

    WOW! My girl and I would be so happy to win these! I love Mee a Bee’s
    Beetling Along Little Kid Satchel

  146. penny

    I love the twirly skirts from Little Lotti. So much room for a girly girl to run around in 🙂 and of course so much fabric to swirl and twirl. I love these :)))

  147. Jules Haines

    What a tough choice – I would have to say this time Yunginz is my favourite – do they do boots for mums too? The red ‘Buckle em Up’ boots are divine! I think my daughter would want to sleep and bathe in those!

  148. Genevieve

    I find that the little Starlett Black dress by Elephantberry is absolutely fabulous ! I can see it as the perfect little black dress for my daughter.

  149. Kate Tanaka

    I have 3 boys, but adore handmade boutique things for home and child, I have a friend having a girl soon…….
    Trifle is a great idea, the searching has been done for us!

  150. Kate Tanaka

    oops, if I did have a girl I would love Let them eat cake, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  151. Pattij

    It is really hard to choose, but I LOVE the hairclips from Flirty bird! Very cute for my granddaughters!

  152. Beth Martin

    Elephantberry’s things are adorable (and how cute is that name?!). My niece would look adorable in those clothes.

  153. Satu Hummasti

    The Charley pants from Cackleberry Kids—the pants remind me of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid”

  154. Christine

    I love them all but as I am having a boy I will go with Holly Chic.

  155. Marijke

    how georgous is Freerange – beautiful fabric and the endearing pet pocket:)

  156. lauren

    Itch design has some fun patterns! My favorite designer has to be Let Them Eat Cake–so awesome!

  157. Bailey

    I love so many of them!! Puka Puka though, really stands out for me!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  158. katie

    Hard to know what to pick but I loved everything by little Bubble and Tree

  159. Rebecca

    Little Bubble and Tree – for her beautiful designs, not just for girls (yeah!). My little man looks great in her outfits.

  160. Blythe

    Flirty Bird! Flirty Bird! My daughter has the most divine long hair, and I’m always looking for sweet, beautiful hair accessories. Love them!

  161. Jenn

    As a mommy to a little girl that finally has enough hair to play with, I love the little hair accessories at flirty bird! Thanks and what a great blog!

  162. Caryn

    Oh my gosh. So many to choose from but without a doubt my favorite is right bank babies. The girls clothes are alternative but still very girly. Beautiful!!!

  163. Jeanie Taylor

    I love the Right Bank Kids designs–playfully elegant!

  164. carey

    I love the casual but beautiful clothes of Left Bank designs. thanks for the contest — I found your site through soulemama link — this is very cool as well!

  165. cara


    what a giveaway! i love the contemporary monsterkids. and little loti’s feminine style.

    i just had a little girl in june. we are living off of handmedowns. this would be a really nice treat.

  166. beckyk

    someone has to win, right! I think the Monstar Kids stuff is pretty darn cute!

  167. Sarah

    I must say that I have my eye on some of those quilts at maggie and sparrow! Beautiful,

  168. Chelsea

    so so sweet! I am actually expecting a little girl, and these seem like fairly timeless pieces for growing in to… thank you!

  169. Adriane s.

    I’m loving the paddington coat from Free Range Baby, I think i am also biased by the great name! thanks for the great giveaway!

  170. Sarah

    I love the feminine designs from Let them Eat Cake, especially the Luella jacket – just gorgeous.

  171. sacha logan

    OOOO this would be something else- I love anything from Little Lottie (so would my Liza :).

  172. mary

    right bank baby’s designs were very simple, but very sweet.

  173. Kristel

    Wow, I can’t resist entering a give-away like this! I love the beautiful prints of ‘Little Bubble &Tree’.

  174. joykaimama

    drooling over the Maggie and Sparrow quilts! There are far too many cute things on this site to mention! Glad I found it!!!

  175. noa

    Right Bank Babies over and over and over again!
    the clothes are gorgeous and so inventive!
    i am truly inspired.

  176. Katie

    It’s all so adorable but I love the dresses by Right Bank, and the Little Bubble and Tree bird necklaces

  177. Kristin

    How could you go past the wooden eco toys at The Pajama Squid! A fantastic store, really enjoyed browsing.

  178. melissa anderson

    OH too many to choose. So inspiring. I love the necklaces from bubble tree (cant remember the exact name) I love having little girls…sigh.

  179. Julie

    I LOVE bioBabyjo Bamboo. The designs are so sweet and look SO comfy.

  180. karina bania

    i LOVE Little Bubble & Tree. The fish necklace is delightful! My two girls love these necklaces. And the Pango pants are brilliant in pictures! xx

  181. Sarah King

    Hard to pick a favorite, but I think I like the quilts from Maggie and Sparrow the best! A quilt is perfect for the weather here in Georgia and so versatile.

  182. Lisa

    What a lovely giveaway. I think my favorite designers are Right Bank Babies and Little bubble and tree

  183. joohee

    i’ll vote for puka puka mobile. it can work both for kids and grown ups, I think.

  184. gabriela

    I admire all the designers! but Right Bank Babies really manages to accentuate the joy that we all feel when we put something beautiful on our babies.

  185. Ebony

    My favourite would have to be GREEN BEAN KIDS! I haven’t been able to purchase anything from their range yet, but so glad that I have found an Australian Stockist so I can now do that!

  186. heather

    I think I’d have to say Let Them Eat Cake. Oh I love this so much! hope hope hope.

  187. Caprice

    Having 2 daughters is a blessing and a curse, so nice to dress them up but so bad for my credit card, lol, especially with all the great designers you have!
    I’m dying to buy my elder daughter some Yunginz shoes! How do you choose which ones? Think I need them all for each outfit! Im sure with the great quality they will last to my younger daughter and if I get my way and have more!

  188. Kati

    This is so lovely – as a mother of a 3,5 year old little girl I have to comment!

    I love the little Lotti designs – my kids would vote for Little Choopie!

  189. gingerangel

    I´m thinking that I´m perhaps in love with all the designers! The Elephant Safari dress in fuchsia by Alejandra Kearl is the favourite at the moment, both with me and my girls – we have just bought some new lunchboxes with elephants on

  190. Ivalou

    oh wow, what a super nice giveaway! my favorite is Little Lotti! I just found your blog via Soulemama and you have a lovely place here!

  191. kristin kyle

    Little bubble and tree, and also let them eat cake….my 2 absolute favourite designers ever for little girls…also love agoo’s little UV tennis dresses.

  192. Little Miss S.

    So many really great things. I really like the Lolly Blooms Patchwork Quilt. The colors are beautiful and the fabrics are so pretty together.

  193. Sarah Jane

    There is so much great stuff, but if I have to pick I’d have to say I love Little Bubble & tree the most. So cute!

  194. Vani

    I love the designs by Babyjo Bamboo. And what a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for letting us know.

  195. Carrie

    Wow. What a great shop. so many great designers to choose from. I love green bean kids and the puka mobiles.

  196. Kim

    Im loving Little Bubble and Tree, the Happy Tunic is Devine

  197. Cheryl

    I LOVE Right Bank Babies! There designs are chic and fun!

  198. jamie

    I am loving rbb (especially the white linen gaucho). I would love to win. So many cute things for my 2 yr old girl!!

  199. Tracy

    All Amazing…
    Happy Hearts!

  200. elizabeth

    mmmm . . . i love mee a bee. i have one of her bags – it is wonderful!

    and what a very amazing giveaway! i have a 6 year-old girl. 🙂 wouldn’t this be fun to win!

  201. Francesca

    I’m loving the flirty bird cake clips. I know a little gal with golden curls who would love them!!!

  202. Heather M

    I signed up!
    I like Little Lotti and Modern baby Company!

  203. elly

    Hard to choose a favourite, but I do love the Maggie and Sparrow quilts. Really inspiring combinations of fabrics and colours.

  204. Jess Coburn

    I love alot on there but i have to go with Nudey Rudey naps, best i have ever used not a single leak to date 😀

  205. Anthea Anderson

    I’d have to say my fav would be Little Lotti but they are all pretty fantastic

  206. Kylie

    I am the mum of a little man, but I love girly stuff! Let them Eat Cake and Lil’Ludy are my favs : )

  207. Jayne Day

    I adore the Green Bean Kids. Bamboo clothing is just gorgeous and these items are so cute.
    So hard to pick just one though. x

  208. Fiona Dixon

    Okay its pretty tough choosing just 1 designer from such a huge range of amazing talent but if I must choose one I will go with Yunginz because those shoes are just awesome and my 3 year old Daughter would LOVE them… she is very girl and fashionable and im taking pointers from her there days!

  209. Sarah

    Let them eat cake! OOO the Audrey skirt… such dreamy photos. Love it!

  210. Vicki

    Wow there are so many.
    I adore little hoopie, let them eat cake, minilala, ollie rose, petit, little lotti. Adore all these exquisite designs.

  211. Honeybug

    Our daughter received an Ollie Rose toy giraffe rattle when she was born and they have been inseparable – at last count 5 machine washes!

  212. jodi

    It’s so hard to choose! I’m really loving the kimono and wrap gift sets from Westcoast Baby at the moment, so will go with them!

  213. Iris

    All these lovely designs make my mother’s heart weak, but I especially love Let them eat cake, for their adorable, yet big girlish garments.

  214. linda verstappen

    Favorite is ; Stickitiki.
    Absolutely unique, gorgeous designs and the best quality I’ve come across.

  215. Shelley Bacarella

    What a fabulous giveaway, Thanks so much!
    I have a few favourites… Little Bubble and Tree, Mini Lala, Holly Chic, Lola & Ben, Nudey Rudey, Little Choopie… and probably a few more. Every time I look at Trifle I find a new designer to love 🙂

  216. Angela

    They are all soooo cute! Lily-Victoria (Miss 5) & I both agree that the Lil’ Ludy togs will be the ‘Must Have’ beach fashion item this summer!!!!

  217. Robyn Paul

    Oh my, oh my! I have 4 little girls under 6 (and 3 little boys) and I love so many of your suppliers’ products, especially minimink – quality and beauty at its best.

  218. Andee

    Wow! What a give-away. I am the mom of identical twin girls and would use every bit of this one, but for my dear friends with a boy I just love the hoodie by And The Little Dog Laughed.

  219. sanne

    whuut whuut for the perfect bamboo basics and diaperbags of ramalama!!! I have a boy but lots of friends with little girls; winning this giveaway would make me the best auntie ever:)!!

  220. shelle

    I am a wee bit selfish, I am loving the vitality oil by Genki, it sounds wonderful, as do the teas and the whole product line!

  221. Shimmy Shake

    Oh how I adore this giveaway. I think my favorite designer…although how do you pick one from such a great list…is Little Bubble and Tree. Oh, I hope I win!

  222. Else

    … I love the clothes of “Let Them Eat Cake”, the AUBREE Dress is absolutely lovely!

  223. Vanessa Summers

    I love Trifle! I love them all and it’s so hard to puck one so I’ll go with my last purchase, Little Choopie! I was over the moon when everything arrived it was hard to put them into presents to give away!

  224. Vanessa M.

    Oooh! So many to choose from. I think the hair accessories from Flirty bird are so cute!

  225. Carin

    Love the gorgeous quilts in Maggie and Sparrow! What a generous, beautiful giveaway.

  226. melissa

    there are so many wonderful things … thanks for the introduction !A dress from Righ Bank caught my eye ….

  227. Anisa Makool

    WOW! what an incredible giveaway! I love everything at Trifle, the clothing especially, it’s so much cuter then what we have here in the states.

    My favorite designer is “Let Them Eat Cake”, I’ve been loving that line for a long time, the skirts are nice because they are unique and a bit sophisticated, but the t-shirts, I’m so in love with the sad clown, it melts my heart!

  228. Emily J.

    I have three children (a girl and two boys) this is all darling. I love it all, Flirty Bird just to name one.

  229. Helena Hooper

    Little Lotti, absolutely gorgeous, divine designs for beautiful little girls!!

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