Fabric wallstickers for you to win today


These Give-aways are so much fun for me to organize and it gives me a lot of pleasure to know that every week somebody gets something very beautiful like the fantastic artwork from last week and this week you can win a set of the gorgeous FABRIC wall stickers from mae. This Australian based company came with the brilliant idea to make wall stickers from fabric to add some extra warm and cozy feel to the walls …

What can you win :: a set of the lovely Forest Critters, girl or boy version
What you have to do to win :: just answer this question in a comment below, which season dress up dolls would you pick and why?

Winner will be announced :: Wednesday August 19 and notified by email.


Peta, the lovely founder from Mae also would like to offer a 10% discount to anyone who mentions BloesemKids when purchasing a set of the completely reusable fabric wall-stickers.

Last weeks winner from the kindergallery giveaway is :: Carmen Rigby

..Mae..            ..Mae online shop..          ..Mae stickers also available here..


Bloesem loves comments
  1. jane l

    i would pick the spring doll because its all pink and girly,i like the picnic basket too!!

  2. Jette

    I love the spring doll. Just love yellow and pink. So I would pick the spring doll and long for sping.

  3. Lulamali

    I would choose the winter doll. In the wintertime cloths are most important! I love to put on cosy cloths like the coat, the cap and the scarf!

  4. Alice

    I pick the winter dolls! Because we live in Dubai which is really really hot at the moment so we’re craving for Winter weather 🙂

  5. cate

    Oh it’s so hard to pick I love both, however the most important girl in my life loves the spring doll.

  6. jessi

    most certainly i would pick autumn as there is nothing better than a splash of red in a girls wardrobe!

    i blogged about these a month or so ago. i love them!!!


  7. sarah and ruby

    Although I like bits of all them…Im opting for the Spring ladies…because of the colours, birds and the little tea cup

  8. holly

    oh probably spring dolls since that is the happiest time of year!

  9. Hani

    These are just beautiful! I’d pick the fall doll because I love the outfits she has, and because I’m dreaming of the day the weather turns cooler!

  10. Pattij

    I would love the spring dolls. My granddaughter would absolutely love these for her room. Great idea!

  11. Annie

    Those are fantastic- I’d seen them before but somehow didn’t realize that they were made of fabric. Kind of genius. I like the autumn doll- her umbrella is pretty cute.

  12. judith b

    The dolls and all the fabric stickers are quite wonderful, but, unlike absolutely everyone else, I prefer the summer doll. I find the others a bit too grown up, whereas Miss Summer has a sweet, more unstudied look about her that I find appealing. And with her two “wigs” she can be two dolls: when you’re playing, that’s a real plus!

  13. molly

    I love the summer doll — the striped bathing suit and swim cap is so cute. They are all lovely though, the little red maple leaves in the autumn collection are really sweet too.

  14. ginny

    I would pick the summer dress up doll because she can be either a blonde or brunette. How fun is that!

  15. Mary Pat

    These fabric stickers are really quite ingenious. Lovely things! I pick the winter doll. She looks nice and cozy all bundled up in her layers, and possibly like she has a sweet secret to keep!

  16. janet

    Spring because it’s just round the corner for us in Australia. Can’t wait for warmer weather!

  17. Leslie

    Oh, Autumn, for certain!! (I’d like a wardrobe for myself like that, actually!) 🙂

  18. rachel

    oohhh.. i think spring, it is on its way here in melbourne

  19. Kelly Z

    Oh, Spring. Spring is the season of rebirth and birth. I am fortunate to live in an area where I experience all 4 seasons. But Spring is so special to watch all that has died grow into to something new and beautiful!

  20. Jen

    I would choose the summer doll. I love the red stripe bathing suit with the orange swim cap. This reminds me of old fashioned summers of days gone by! Oh, the simple days of childhood summers!

  21. mari

    I posted about these dolls on my blog just a little while ago – they’re amazing!
    I agree judith b, the summer dolls seem the most child-like. But I love the winter, even though there’s no skirts/dresses?

  22. Tara

    Autumn all the way. My yummy comfort season. We are in Texas and dreaming of cooler weather; relief from the heat!

  23. Beetlegirl

    Oh, definitely autumn. October was always my favorite month, most especially because of the leaves and the wind. Besides, once you have rain boots on as a kid, you can do just about anything.

  24. eco-stylista

    Definitely the winter one! She is so chic! These fabric stickers are amazing, they would look so lovely in my son’s bedroom! Fab giveaway!

  25. Viv

    Summer! Because I love the sun! 🙂 (I hope I win because I have been drooling over these beautiful wall stickers on etsy!)

  26. Kim

    I would go with the Spring doll, as her clothes are my style and full of color.

  27. DonnaT

    I would pick the autumn doll….it’s a lovely time of year and I love the way she looks

  28. Annette

    winter definitely. more fun clothes, scarves, hats, etc….

  29. Rachelle

    It’s the spring doll for me! I live in Edmonton, Canada where winter sometimes seems to drag on FOREVER and the promise of an eventual spring is always on our minds…

  30. dana

    **i would choose spring! i love the colors, the outfits are adorable and i love the picnic basket!**

  31. Kris

    I would pick the Spring doll because living in Minnesota, USA it’s winter here almost half the year so it would be nice to have a reminder of Spring all year round!

  32. Seattle Mommy

    These are fantastic!!! I would pick Spring. My daughter has some leftover birthday money…now I want to see what she would pick.

    Great giveaway~

  33. renee

    I would love the winter doll , since the colours suet me and my livingroom better, but they are all great

  34. Amy

    I would pick summer, because we live in Southern California. I’m so excited, though, because I was not aware that Mae was offering dolls by the season! This is wonderful! I love this doll collection and this way I can spread out the expense, if necessary. Thanks, both of you, for the give-away…

  35. Sarah

    I would choose spring – it’s the nicest time of the year!!

  36. Shawna Handke

    I would choose the Autumn doll, because it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Plus, the colors are so vibrant!

  37. Dawn J.

    Oh, Autumn. We’re here in Central Texas, and we love it after the hot hot hot sky when the fall leaves start flying and the clouds blow in crisp and cool.

  38. Susana Silva

    I would pick the winter doll cause I always loved the raincoat and the wellingtons, specially the really colorfull ones (I once had some yellow wellies and they allowed me to make my way to school a true adventure throught the rain pools!).

  39. amy

    I would definately choose the winter doll. Her hair is awesome and I love the coat and boots.

  40. Jayne Barbour

    I would pick the Fall/Autumn gal-what a cutie! It is the most wonderful time of year in my opinion. And when it is sweltering hot outside there is nothing better than getting a catalog in the mail with Halloween items inside-that just means Fall is on the way!! Or seeing Halloween items in a store in August! Nothing better! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. Heidi Jo

    I would choose the winter doll. I love the glasses and cute warm clothing!!

    P.S. I love the forest critters!

  42. Marieke

    I like the winter doll most. Because I am also a winterdoll 😉
    With a nice cup of hot chocolat!

  43. Keri

    So cute – fabric is a weakness for sure – and decorating my sons’ room comes in second!

  44. Rose Tomek

    Really love them all, but I would pick the Spring Dolls because I really love the outfit combination.

  45. Katie

    Such a great idea! I love the spring set! Fingers crossed and thanks so much!

  46. anne

    I love the sunny pinks and yellows and the birdie accessories of the Spring dress up dolls 🙂

    This is a fantastic giveaway, thank you!!

  47. Megan G

    Oh the Autumn Doll collection for sure. I just love the black and red. And I’ve always wanted a red peacoat.

  48. Tricia

    Ha! My sister just showed these to me this weekend! I love that they are fabric & they look so fun to play with. I’d pick the winter since we live in MN. We love playing outside in the winter… not everyone gets to enjoy the snow and a frozen pond in their backyard. Thanks!

  49. Annisa

    Ooh I think I’d have to go with the Autumn girl. They’re all so lovely, but she has a fun Parisian look to her! 🙂

  50. Jessica Jewkes

    Oh my! I have actually been in LOVE with these for awhile now! I adore the summer doll because I love her swimming suit and swim cap. What a WONDERFUL fun giveaway!

  51. gridl

    Ohh, it’s hard to decide, but my favorite is the spring doll -the colours and the details are sooo wonderful. I cross my fingers!!

  52. Kat

    I would pick Autumn as my girl has a red coat every year.

    Fab stickers, thank you. xx

  53. Hannah

    Oh my how gorgeous!
    As a Swede raising two little ones in Australia I would pick the Winter doll as it would be perfect for our “Hour of Origin” story time.

  54. deb

    I’d go for the Summer doll being from the South of France, and those flowers and stripes are just so gorgeous!

  55. annie

    i would pick autumn/fall. there are so many cute accessories one could add. rainboots, mittens, scarves, knitted hats. too cute!

  56. Meredith Spring

    Love the SPRING doll (because I am partial to Spring), but love Winter clothes…beautiful site and beautiful fabric stickers. I absolutely adore the birds.

  57. Natalie

    I love the summer doll – her outfits are so cheery yet stylish, especially the striped bathing costume. Gorgeous!

  58. Jenn

    Eee! I love them all but would pick the autumn doll – my favorite time of year! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  59. Sandra @ {mum space}

    Those wall stickers are absolutely beautiful! I would choose Spring because it’s about to visit us here in Australia and it’s my favourite season.

  60. DanielleQ

    Winter – I just love the hat and scarf combo, and the cute selection of boots 🙂 Plus being a Melbourne girl, it’s all Wintery here right now and I’m loving it!

  61. Elaine g.

    The winter doll, because of the cozy looking clothes.

  62. Mari

    I would have to say the summer dolls. My two little girls are never happier than when they are stripped down to the bare essentials, and when their dolls are too. Freedom!

  63. Tricia Z

    My favorite season is autumn- so I would choose the autumn doll- thank you!

  64. anne

    would have to pick the spring collection because my daughter would love the picnic basket

  65. Mary Bienko

    I would definitely pick the winter doll. I moved from NY to TX just avoid living through another cold winter. Having the winter doll on my all would make her that much more magical.

  66. Debra

    I’d go with the spring, it looks the cheeriest and the colors are nice and girly. Very cute.

  67. Virginia Spencer

    Although it seems as if the summer has the most options, and I absolutely adore the little birdies with the spring girl, the winter girl is the cutest and has the best facial expressions so I would choose her!

  68. Satu

    winter doll for me–I miss my home country of Finland…

  69. Helen

    I would pick the summer doll. I’m just such a beach girl just like my dughter so I’m sure we would both have hours of fun with this one. They are all gorgeous though….

  70. Susie

    Spring doll, because she looks the most girly, the colours are wonderfull, and most important of all she has the bird stickers which very much represent ‘mea’ line cuz whenever there’s a website that post about mae the first thing they post is the twitters set. So definitely spring doll 🙂

  71. Katherine

    Charmed, yes we are by Mae’s pretty dress-up dolls. We live in hot, humid Kuala Lumpur and although my girls and I dream of cool, breezy days like autumn and a snowflake or two like winter, but we simply adore the spring doll with her sleeveless tops and dresses, picnic basket and ‘twitter’ bird! Charming indeed!

  72. Angel

    I am an autumn girl, but for this particular collection, the spring definately took the cake. The birds are adorable (and no other set has an animal) and the spring clothing is by far the cutest. I’ve never been a lover of pink, but this made me like it anyway. (Though that red coat is cute too and I do like the autumn girl a little better.)

  73. Naomi

    It’s a toss-up between Winter and Summer but I’d choose Summer because she has more options…

  74. Clare

    I’m going against the tide with picking summer.Its the lolly pink dress that gets me : )

  75. silvia

    Oh I’d pick the winter one…soo lovely! Besides it’s 40°C here in Italy so I need a bit of winter somehow 🙂
    Awesome wallstickers, also great idea for an original present!
    Thank you,

  76. Nadine

    I would choose the Autumn because she’s sassy and fashionable with great colours !!

  77. Beth Talmage

    Such a difficult choice! I was tempted by the autumn doll, as I’m always on the lookout for dolls with tan complexions, but the winter doll and outfit are irresistible.

  78. steph brederode

    the summer collection just oozes fun, beach and sun, but they are all great because it would finally give me the chance to dress a girl. boys are way less fun for that!

  79. Kate N.

    Love the winter stickers – I have only boys, but I think it would be quirky and fun to “play” with these stickers on the inside door of my own closet 😉 Great giveaway, thank you!

  80. Susan W.

    I would pick the fall doll. For all the smells and cozy sweaters.

  81. Brooke

    I would pick the spring doll, I just looove the pink and yellow color combo, and the basket and tea cup are adorable!
    these wallstickers are adorable!!

  82. Julie R

    Autumn! Who doesn’t love sweaters and cozy layers on a crisp autumn day?? It’s the NY girl coming out in me…

  83. Dayna

    We would love the Autumn doll! It’s our favorite season!

  84. Terri

    Oooh so hard to pick one! Probably winter because I love to bundle up in winter. But spring is so fresh! I’ll go with winter.

  85. Sarah B.

    I’d pick autumn dolls. I like summer weather the best, but layering with autumn knits and scarves is so much more fun than putting on shorts and a tank top.

  86. Jamie Brodd

    I would choose the summer collection because my little one was born in the summer so I am guessing that will be her favorite season. I would get fall for mine and add some pumkins.

  87. Cassandra d

    I would definitely pick winter. All things snow and tights. Coming from Melbourne we don’t see it as often as we would like.

  88. Melody

    autumn, absolutely hands down autumn… there is no better time of year for clothes and accessories!

  89. Lulu B

    I would dress the Winter doll – she has the best hairstyle and lots of lovely clothes to layer (which is precisely what you do with dressing dolls).

  90. Casey M

    I love the winter doll (how fashionable is she?), but I know my daughter would choose the spring!

  91. tyler

    i just discovered this lovely shop as well! (and posted on it). hmm, i must say autumn. i’m biased as we’re expecting #2 in early november. was thinking of making a purchase to adorn the new nursery. pick me, pick me!

  92. Ngarie

    Autumn! That’s when my daughter was born so it’s my favourite season for sure 🙂 Fantastic!

  93. meg

    Oh – autumn, for sure. Sweet Canadian Maple Leaf!! Truly I’m a fall-lovin’ Canuck and her outfits are too lovely!

  94. Erica Himaya

    Aaah such pretty pretty stickers. Hard to choose…but will go for WINTER. Lovely colors.

  95. Camilla

    I would pick the winter doll. Because I loved the look and the clothes best. And because I live in a winter wonderland-Norway.

  96. Aqua

    Have never seen these before and love them! I would defintely pick the Summer dolls as Summer is my favourite season and seems so far away at the moment…

  97. Lyndal

    Would have to be Winter to dress up not only do you get to choose many layers of clothes but add a great jacket, gloves and boots at the end to brave the cold.

  98. tiel

    i would pick autumn for sure. lots of layers. scarves, short dresses. Oh, how the day could change from sunny to overcast, cold to warm.

    A U T U M N!!!!!!!!

  99. jenn

    That is so funny you should ask, I was telling my kids the other day about paper dolls and punch out valentines. Simple fun (if you didn’t rip them) and a little imagination! I would chose spring for the cute and colorful clothes.

  100. Melissa Schmidt

    I would choose the Spring doll because of the little birds…I’ve always wanted a little bird to sit on my shoulder……

  101. joanna warren

    I would pick spring because I could never look that cute in these clothes and my daughter has me totally into pink so she would be happy too!

  102. Diego' Dad

    Growing up, my sister had tons of paper dress up dolls. Once in a while I would sneak some playtime, they were so much fun! Add fabric and stick ’em on the wall..whoa…great idea!!
    I vote for winter, you can alway pile on more clothes. How about a boy’s option in the future?

  103. Maegsta

    These are adorable and as an Aussie living in the USA I am loving seeing amazing Australian artists showcased. I would definitely choose the summer dolls as we now live in San Francisco where there is little to no summer. I am hoping that if my daughter gets to play with these she can learn about summer clothes!!

  104. kelly oliver

    I would have to choose the Spring doll! It just screams girl to me!

  105. Leigh

    Love the summer ones! Makes me feel a million miles away from this dreary southern Australian winter!

  106. Natalie

    My daughter would pick the spring dolls because she loves dresses..especially pink dresses.

  107. Dora

    Spring doll is wonderful,so cute,warm and girly…I like the dress,so chic!!All seasons are great!!Each one of them has something special. The outfits are really lovely and so real!!!I would like to have all of them for my wardrobe..Love your work and ideas..In Greece, we prefer summer definitely!!!

  108. Tin Lai

    I love the Spring doll because of the beautiful pinks and yellows. My little girl would love them for her room!

  109. danielle

    what beautiful images and colours, it is a hard choice to make between the ‘summer’ collection as I love her swimsuit and goggles and the ‘spring’ collection because of the devine picnic basket.

    lovely, lovely, lovely


  110. Jennifer

    Love them all but if I had to choose one it would be Spring. I was feeling the love from Fall but then I saw the little bird with Spring and I was sunk. Lovely!

  111. cara

    most definitely spring… then babygirl could have a picnic in the forest with her new forest friends. 🙂

  112. Jacqueline Cherie Moules

    I’m all for spring, that chartreusey zing,
    A flirty pleat skirt in hip-circling ring
    Clear daffodil yellow
    ‘Mae’-pink, rich and mellow,
    Bird chest, bird on shoulder
    Rose-decked hair, eyes that smoulder,
    Befrilled picnic to go,
    Teacup poised just so –
    How can I resist?
    On spring I INSIST!

  113. Renate

    Wow, I really love these fun fabric stickers! I would pick the winter doll, love the outfits!

  114. katie

    Spring for me because Melbourne is warming up and I’,yearning for a picnic

  115. Diana

    I love all of them – so stylish – but I am so looking forward to Spring and my little girl loves pink, so I would have to say the Spring Dolls.

  116. carolyn

    I would love the summer wardrobe. How nostalgic yet modern to have hip clothes hanging on the line–very summer.

  117. Anna

    These stickers are so beautiful and it’s so hard to pick one of the dress up girls but I think I’d have to pick winter doll because my little girl was a winter baby and we love to rug up.

  118. candice

    i would pick the autumn doll, (a) because i love that season – not too hot & not too cold and (b) because those are the colors in my wardrobe!

    thanks for a lovely give-away 🙂

  119. Melanie Chittester

    Winter – so much layering and fun stuff to choose from!

  120. Jolene

    winter for sure… It’s all about the layers… Layers, layers, layers. Layers with all different colors and patterns. No rhyme or reason.

  121. yael

    i like them all! so hard to pick, but still spring is my favorite time of year.

  122. Susana

    It’s really hard to choose isn’t it? I think I would choose the winter doll cause I just love the colours her clothes, specially the hat!

  123. Colleen D.

    Oh, I love the summer set. Who can resist the striped swim suit and lovely cap. Depending on your mood, you can be a blond or brunette. I love summer. Thanks for the thoughtful giveaway.

  124. Rebekah

    ohhh i love the spring ones! Everybody needs a little fashion in their life! I live in outback south australia, middle of winter, its hot and just red dust up here!

  125. CK

    I would choose the Autumn Dress-up Doll. She looks very stylish with great colours and autumn is my favourite season.

    Thank you for this great give-away.

  126. Fiona

    Winter definitely! Not that we get much of one in Queensland, Australia. Perhaps I just like the “idea” of winter. But I do love the colours of winter girl’s s outfits and her attitude!

  127. Marisa Livesay

    The summer doll because she can have multiple hair-dos, and summer is so lovely with its luscious fruit, leisurely time at the beach and of course, the ice cream as she has in her holster! awesome!

  128. Jenny

    Summer! Looking forward to some warm weather and the chance to wear summer frocks down here in Australia.

  129. kristine

    The Spring Doll set is lovely and to me, the most versatile color scheme. The colors are mid-toned and would look lovely in a dark or light color themed room.

  130. catherine s.

    Oh! These are fab – we will soon be renters again as we sold our house yesterday…and our 2 year old daughter would love these as she transitions to her big girl bed.

    I would be an autumn girl – love the options of the layers!

  131. Carey O.

    I would choose the Autumn dolls since we’re about to begin a new school year and we’ve just opened a brand new environmental charter school in our community. That set of Forest Critters would look lovely on one of the new kindergarten walls!

  132. Rebecca

    I would choose the spring doll, it’s my favourite time of the year.

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